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Baki Dou 123 translation

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I have words to share with my dear friends! And they are words that also serve as translation of this chapter!

Hajimemashou, or, like, whatever, lol
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don't scare a pickle
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My rush to page 10 is really something, isn't it? Fucking cancer-ass "this is your ____ tonight" and whatever else shit
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somebody bump this for me
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and this week's useless character biography page: Kaku Shunsei.
and this week's poem is "Each Whining Thing" by Paul Bowles:

"When strip├Ęd snakes shall creep upon us
And the nervous screams of birds
Make silent all the fountains and the orchards and when these
Have caught upon the wing each wing
That flutters from the sky
Then shall I and then shall I
Rip out the smiles from garden walks
Transform the minnows into hawks
Tarantulas and bees
Then shall I and then shall I
Unmake each whining thing."
-Bowles, 1929
thank you, really enjoyed this one, ready for more butchering of common sense
Is it any good? the art looks like something out of Toriko
It's good and the art is good; it's not like what anyone expects. I swear.
>art looks like something out of Toriko
Nah, Baki has really distinctive style and it looks a lot more crazy than Toriko.
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>a lot more crazy than Toriko
It was the best of pages, it was the worst of pages
oh shit bois
well, she got what she deserved
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yes; a really funny fight scene where her body flops around aimlessly
Finally after all these years it's time for Motobe to shine
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Oh! I totally fucking forgot that I was gonna mention this. Musashi makes a stupid-ass pun here (which is why he's grinning), and it made me hate him even more. The word for ghost is "mononoke", and the word for warrior is "mononofu". He's playing on the similarity of the words, and I hate it.
I lol'd
>not rooting for Motobe, the underdog since literally like chapter 6
even his only victory before Dou was stolen from him by Yuujiro
he's earned this
Time for the Motobe to shine.

It's way more fun in both story and art. That's not saying too much considering how shit Toriko is.
A meme is a hard thing to kill.
The art is an aquired taste.
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I swear to god if the mememaster jobs

I'm feeling a mixture between hype and a prediction of future disappointment.
>Can someone say interrupted fight?

You know it'll happen. What I wonder is who the next big bads are gonna be. Cyborgs, aliens, spirits?
I'm leaning more towards the first, given just how fast this has developed. We're heating up; heading towards a conclusion, methinks.
There's been technically 3 interrupted fights in this arc so far. I can't possibly imagine Itagaki doing it again during such an absolutely hyped fight.
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 24

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