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>character A says something unexpected >character B falls over

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>character A says something unexpected
>character B falls over
You don't like face faults?
Sailor Moon's were the best in this case.
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>camera pans to the sky
At least it isn't as obnoxious in manga
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>MC confesses in the first episode
>guy walks in on girl changing
>guy gets punched in the face

>girl walks in on guy changing
>he still gets punched in the face

Just kill me.
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>girl makes a mistake in front of the boy she likes
>"he must hate me now"
That hasn't happened since Ranma.

Even Rinne doesn't do that anymore.
>Main Character finally going to choose best girl
>Someone burst through the doors
>"Did I interrupt something?"
It's ancient japanese comedian punchline and they'll never let it go.
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condorito plop.jpg
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Can someone explain this spelling delete wrong meme?
The end to the original to love Ru damn you yabuki
>shitiest english ever
>wow your english is so good sasuga
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>no one has ever seen MC's parents again after they went on that business trip to Mordor
Can you explain why you're a massive newfag?
I think it comes from pretending you're an angry kid.

I think the whole meme started from this:

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>girls heart gets fluttery and goes doki doki around x-kun
>she questions why this is happening
>she doesn't realize that she's fallen in love
>someone needs to point this out to her
>she's totally shocked and denies it when they do
This was a very 90's trope. Don't see it much anymore.
Kill yourself
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>it's a Christmas episode out of season
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drake umaru.jpg
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>girl treats kun like shit and always uses him
>kun never sticks up for himself
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>he doesn't like this
Pleb detected.
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I tried to do that once in school.
This, and the continuation where she is yokata and in tears because she realizes he doesn't hate her
>characters are put to shame / betrayed
>their jaws drop and make an audible "gah-" sound
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>Flashback chapter/episode that attempts to make the reader/viewer sympathize with the antagonists and it was done badly
How did it go?
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>character starts a monologue of highschool philosophy
>evolution is mentioned
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>main heroine calls MC a pervert
>main character freaks out saying that's not true
damn, that's some great smug
Condorito es lo maximo, no jodas.
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>Schrödinger's Cat
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>character A says something bad about himself,
>character B contradicts it with some generic line
>character A widen his eyes, looks at character B face and says "Eh?"
>character A then proceed to give a generic "cheer up" speech
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keep going
>Has non-consensual sex with a youkai who is obviously pissed about being in this position and not aroused in the least bit
>Does not die during or at the end

That shit doesn't even make sense in fiction.
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As expected of stage one bosses.

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>Literally entire series leading up to the point where MC kisses heroine
>Kiss happens offscreen or is conveniently obscured
>Good can't exist without evil
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>best girls falls into coma
>it's not going to be daijobu
>best girl falls into a coma after getting mind-controlled AGAIN and then getting blasted apart by a deus ex machina piece of shit new character who comes from out of nowhere with no foreshadowing and gets to sit out of the show for roughly a quarter of the rest of the show
>meanwhile deus ex machina character derails the plot and forces the rest of the cast to undergo training and learn moral lessons they already learned as a side character goes around the world searching for lost artifacts relevant to their quest and only comes back when he's finished
>main character and their group have no reason not to go with said side character on said quest
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>main character doesn't fuck the deux ex machina piece of shit new character after screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and gaining some overpowered strenght
What a pleb.
Pic unrelated
>Hurrr durrr look, I made another greentext thread complaining about anime cliche again

Fuck off back to your Murrican TV shows.
>If you paid for this you got ripped off
>MC confesses in the first episode
>she accepts it
Has this ever happened?
Momokuri recently.
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>Character finally understands something
>Gesture in gif happens
Ichigo 100% i think, i remember it was all the way in the beginning
>accused of looking at dirty pictures online
>tries to claim that they accidentally clicked on weird ads
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>MC actually wants to have fun time with girls
>pussies out every time he has an opportunity to do so
What if the girl is an ageless being of darkness from beyond space?
Oh my god, wow. I thank my lucky stars I've never played video games with little shitters like that.
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>characters running in the op
nothing special really, they thought I was retarded and the girls laughed at me
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>things happen during the episode
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>MC says something
>other character says MC's name and nothing else
Why is this so common?
I actually like this meme. Really drives home the idiocy of the other person
please I just need one ending where the response is "yes you fucking muppet I was about to confess to supporting-character chan" followed by getting his ass beat for not telling her sooner
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>not for sale, rent or ebay
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>thing X is perceived as a grave threat to everyone
>plot thickens everything is at stake
>nature of enemy is explained in some episode around latter half
>rest of show contemplates on our so ephemereal existence and what it means to be human with visible references to Germanic philosophers that have nothing to do with anything
I thought she was cute as fuck

Daughteru material

Then I found the source

Fapping felt weird with the sequel

Maybe I was imagining things but her physical maturity seemed much less of a gray area and I couldn't just pretend anymore


but the regret continues

Senjougahara confesed to Araragi very early on in bake.
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>Glasses wearing character get's serious about something
>Pushes up glasses
>Blinding light reflects from his lenses
>character B
Try this
Fujiyama-san wa Shichunki.
Hello 1990 and early 2000's
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Can I laugh at you too?
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None of the colonies should have been spared.
>witches were magical girls
>sea monsters were space humans
>sibyl system were psychopath humans
>mars people were earth people

Hajiotsu, though it's not a real confession.
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>character does something vaguely competent
>"ahh, as expected of _________" (insert "our class president", "a member of the ___ club", etc)
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>browse /a/
>there's a /v/ thread
sou ka
>its longer than 13 episodes
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Everyone does
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>Episode/Chapter ends with world-changing cliffhanger
>Next episode/chapter, within ten seconds cliffhanger is resolved and/or it was a misunderstanding all along.
>It's never mentioned again and the episode/chapter is about something else entirely.
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>girl outright requests sex from MC or is lewd in any way
>does everything in his power to run away as quickly as possible
Life fibers are ancient aliens.
Is there a name for the trope where someone either does, recalls ,or sees something really fucked up and everyone's eyes go black?

It happens a lot in Gintama and Nichibros.
>character A asks something unexpected like "can i remove your headwear"
>character B gives a half assed answer like "it would be very unpleasant"
>character B is a big guy
>omae ga da
Imagine how bad their german is.
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>girl walks in on guy
>guy punches her in the face
>gets sent to prison
>harem becomes a prison break

Why hasn't this happened?
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>opening actually contains spoilers
stop this shit
Ore Monogatari, though I think it was in the second episode
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>Characters not even looking in the general direction of the person they are talking to let alone making eye contact
kek, my fellow sudaca
I love that shit. Fuck off.
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make it happen
>opening contains really subtle, impossible to catch spoilers that wouldn't be found by someone who didn't already know about it
continue this shit
Yeah Nisekoi sucked we know
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>beck adaptation
>ray has terrible but technically passable engrish despite supposedly having lived in america for 10 years
>characters who are actually american speak english even more poorly
>glasses-wearing character gets serious about something while wearing a full facial helmet
>makes the motion of pushing up his glasses on the outside of the helmet
>not doing this in real life
although the only time it's happened to me she was 100% crazy and also fat and ugly
>character is about to do something awesome in a fight

>character is about to pull some shenanigans

>character has an idea

>character is being cheeky or smug but hasn't actually done anything yet
>teeth flash
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Thread images: 49

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