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New chapter is out. Panic Level:0 Lewd Level:0

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New chapter is out.

Panic Level:0

Lewd Level:0
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Panic Level:0

Lewd Level:0
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This thing is so mediocre. Why all the hype?
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I don't see this been discussed very often.
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It's been sold to me as a mix between mushishi, jintai and kino journey but in reality its just:
>lobotomised-ask-man MC
>she is a special snowflake among special snowflakes
>the guy she likes has the emotional capacity of a sasuke
>she is slowly converting the guy into a more into a more humane guy and teaching him emotions
>every bit of MC's characterization, her every motivation and reasoning behind everything she does is: "I was an unwanted child"

It's nothing more than a generic shoujo with a few superficial changes like the main guy and the setting.
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And you are right in most of those statement. But just love the setting. It's nice to see fairy tale creatures that I've heard about, plus I really want a cotton fly as a pet
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Then leave the thread. Let the people that enjoy the series discuss it.
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I'm just mad since it's the first time in years /a/ managed to play me like this.

But to give to give the manga some credit, I did realise it was mediocre after 5 chapters but I still read all of it.

>stop ruining our fun and our circlejerk with valid criticism
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What's the name of the evil wizard at the end of this chapter? i don't remember
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To some degree, all threads are just circlejerk and fun.
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It's usually lauded and posted pretty frequently in OPTs.
Like most manga on /a/, people only talk about it when a new chapter is released, and even then the quality of the discussion depends on what time of day it is.
It seems to be generally liked, but it isn't popular enough to get hype threads before a chapter or to have circlejerk threads in between chapters. Par for the course of manga on /a/.
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Oh yes thanks. I hope that with him back there will be some drama and the story will progress. The latest chapter were boring except the vampire girl arc.
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Next chapters will be quite interesting, I'm guessing on some sort of clone or disguise to infiltrate/fuck with MC's house. seen on how Cartaphilus took some samples off the new girl(blood maybe?).
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Panic Level:1

Lewd Level:5
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Gorgeous Sidhe/old man love relation is not mediocre. Did you have your eyes closed while reading ?
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>It's nothing more than a generic shoujo with a few superficial changes like the main guy and the setting.
Oh, I remember you. Your arguments are still bullshit.
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>Elias can use tentacles
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I find the bite more erotic
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Panic Level:9

Lewd Level:0
>Elias will never wrap you in his tentacles and gently nibble on your collar bones

Just kill me now
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Panic Level: Dunkirk evacuation

Lewd Level:0

And with that, its finished. lets brace for next chapter.
Is it just me or does he kind of look like her now?
Nothing makes me depressed like these Naruto fags coming in here saying its mediocre because it doent have enough head protectors and katanas.
nah that fucker just built like a trap.
Like 80% of ''men'' in this manga
>The shit I like is so good there can't be more than one person with negative opinion of it.
As expected from a delusional fanboy.

If SAO dared to "pay homage" to Eva I see no reason why a much better product shouldn't.
Jealous Elias is so moe
How do I become a magus? Or a wizard?
Where to start learning the occult?
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My friend, you seem quite vocal on your dislike of this series.
Well son it depends on the country, down here you need to kill someone you love first, then you go to Colombia to drink the rotting innards of a corpse Exhumed from a no christian graveyard.

Ain't that magical!
I'm from Italy desu
I tried reading "Introduction to magic" by the UR group since Evola was part of it.

Fucking jews
That text showcases magic as something positive, I do not share that point of view.
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Well, you've given your valid criticism. We've seen it. It's very nice.

Now the fact that you persist so ineffectually makes this more of a circlejerk for you, wouldn't you say?
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Thread images: 41

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