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Are you there, brothers?
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Iroha is best girl.
Volume 12 will never be released. Just accept that and move on already. Watari has all but officially canceled the series.
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Hiratsuka best girl
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An absolute goddess.

A miracle in 2D form and the undisputed crown jewel of the Yukinoshita family.
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Haruno end when?
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Saki got shafted hard in the anime...
What show?
MC is a fag, so let's talk about best boys.
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Would you date a female 8man (8girl?)
Yukino loves Pan-san and 8man loves MAX COFFEE.
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hachimachi 1.png
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>r63 hachiman
>not post-tragedy timeskip komachi
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Yukino loves Pan-san and have genuine feelings for 8man. Also, Yukino best girl.
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I didn't ask for these feels.
MAX COFFEE is the best girl and 8man won't have any girl but her. No one can steal him from MAX COFFEE.
Tobe's girlfriend
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Yukino-chan will be left without 8man unless she steals him from MAX COFFEE or works with MAX COFFEE.
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Nigga all I wanted to know would be if anyone would date an R63 8man.

Also, couldn't you have just compiled them into one single picture?
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hachimachi 10.png
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and i just wanted an excuse to dump these
some anon posted them a while back, you expect me to bother with it myself?
Literary who?
8man's future wife
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>Implying MAX COFFEE isn't Yukino, the one who actually gave 8man MAX COFFEE
If that is the case she has won the 8bowl. What she intends on doing with this win I don't know.
Wait, wasn't the first person to give 8man a can of MAX COFFEE Haruno?
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Hachiman and Yukino shared a can before Haruno even makes her first appearance in the series.
Animation error. No way Yukino can think that far ahead.
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Shut your mouth!. I'm not doing this because I want a H-husband. Keika just wants him as her brother-in-law so get that straight!
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Yukino is a nice character and I hope she gets a good end but I like Yui and I hope Yui wins the Hikki bowl since she deserves it. Yukino might not even be in the Hikki bowl too. Yui really is sweet and fits well with 8man, her entire character arc is building towards something involving romance with him.
I don't see the purpose of you reposting the same picture. It's not like I edited something or that Brainsbase didn't know what they were doing. That anon was just being a contrarian.
I am just saying that it is too early for her to be thinking about marriage.
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Oh, sorry, I didn't pay attention to the conversation that took place before this. I only looked at this

>Wait, wasn't the first person to give 8man a can of MAX COFFEE Haruno?

Besides, this isn't even canonically true. Haruno only holds a can in one of the BD covers. In the actual story, Haruno has never actually mentioned or touched MAX coffee once.
Huh, I couldve sworn that Harune gave 8man a can of MAX COFFEE at some point.
Nope. Doesn't even mention it once.
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It's fine, isn't it?

Here, I made this while I was engrossed in re-watching episode 6. Yukino is cute and love.
I have no problem with it. It just doesn't really add anything. Thanks for the stitch.
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Yukino loves her friends Yui and Hachiman.
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Which YYandere wins the Hikki bowl?
>tfw no Yandere Trance opf Yui or Yukino
Yandere Yui is a joke that fans made up.

Yandere Yukino is a joke that Watari made up. Sometimes she lets slip some rather violent things like that time she said the only reason they shouldn't murder a bunch of children to solve Rumi's problem is because hiding the bodies would be too difficult.
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it's all part of her master plan
That is yanguire, not yandere. Yukino isn't possessive or quick to violent jealousy. She is known to even share Pan-sans.

>Yandere Yui is a joke that fans made up.
See you in vol 12.
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If Yui lost I would stop posting in these threads and not read vol 12.I like the story but it would be too much to take.
We'll never be free anon. We're enslaved in an endless cycle of waiting whilst enduring waifu wars, memes and shitposting.

There is no escape for you, for me or for anyone else here unless Watari says so which is never ever
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At least Komachi doesn't want her brother to rail her and at least 8man isn't the manwhore of Chiba.
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Hachiman Hikigaya.png
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>Doesn't want 8man to rail her
Pick one

>Not the manwhore of Chiba

Same with this
8man isn't a manwhore, he has only knocked Yui and Yukino up. Komachi is cute he wouldn't touch her.
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You sure about that?
Pretty positive. He is a man of ethics and is only handsome to Yukino and Yui.
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I'm sure he is..... after all, it is only a coincidence that shortly after 8man paid a visit to the Yukinoshita residence, Haruno and the Yukinoshita matriarch announced their pregnancies.....

And let's not forget the rest of the girls in 8man's class winding up pregnant aswell, and their teacher Hiratsuka.
Has a husband
It is Hayama's and he has claimed responsibility.
Probably Hayama again
Tobe may have gotten lucky
That was his, he is sorry.
She takes brocon to another level
She finally found a guy willing to give her a kid

I am sure Yukino can help them if they need it.
Found the Yuifag
Just compile them into a single image Jesus Christ you can't be this autistic
File: Hachiman.png (511KB, 803x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Has a husband
He was on business while 8man was at the Yukinoshita residence

>It is Hayama's and he has claimed responsibility.
Hayama wasn't at the Yukinoshita residence at the time, and besides, Haruno considers him boring, so she wouldn't let him fuck her willingly

>Probably Hayama again
Then why does Miura still pine for Hayama?

>Tobe may have gotten lucky
Ebina doesn't want her current friendship with him and the rest of her friends to change, and Tobe 'getting lucky' would change that, and besides if it wasn't for 8man, Ebina would've rejected Tobe's confession

>That was his, he is sorry
No it's not, and why would he be sorry, sure shouting to the class that Yui is pregnant was dumb of him but all the girls in the entire class is pregnant anyway.....

>She takes brocon to another level
She views him like 8man views his sister, although Komachi has recently become pregnant so who knows.....

>She finally found a guy willing to giver her a kid
Yes, but she doesn't know much about him except that he is currently still in school, and that he wishes to wear a batman mask to protect his identity.....

I notice that you didn't mention Sagami and the other unnamed girls in the class, after all, they have recently became pregnant aswell.....
Hayama wouldn't touch Miura in a million years.
What happened to Spyro?
>No it's not
It is his. No one but Hikki is for Yui.
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