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Tsuredure Children

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This week comes with a free announcement
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[TN: Title is 'Chance']

Ubukata Shinji

Year 3 Class 2 Light Music Club president

Is favorite music is 'Rockin' On'

There is someone who's on my mind
"What is it pig"

Of course, I mean it in the unpleasant way, okay?
It's not like I'm cute, but I'm not a pig. ...probably
Thanks to him, I can't concentrate on studying either

It'll be fine if he apologizes/
Why won't he call me

Or maybe I should try.
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Studying's so tedious
I wanna play my guitar

But I gotta go to college
Even though I wanna do music in the future
I don't know if I can make a living on that after all.

"Be a good proper exam student, okay?? I envy the fact you play guitar all day...!!"

In the future
Will that girl also continue playing music...?

[Text] Hello there
How is your summer break going?
How are you studies? If there's something you don't understand, don't hold back from

This looks like I want to speak to him!!
I must demand an apology from Ubukata-san to the bitter end...!!

[Text] So tomorrow 1 o'clock at the station
bleh this couple
hello again anon-kun
thanks for the dose of desuwa
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[Text] You sent it to the wrong person

He fell for it!!
I created a chance to talk by pretending to send a text to the wrong person!!
Of course it's for making him apologize
Not to have a pleasant conversation...

[Text] Wait, how did you even make a mistake you pig

Apologize apologize apologize apologize apologize apologize apologize apologize

Oh yeah, its a good chance
[Side talk] What apology
I should try asking her about her future

He's taking his time to reply
There's no way I'm letting this conversation end like that...

What's the point of even asking her that?
It's not as if
I wanna be in a band with her

Are we seriously ending here!?
I made such a scene...
Of course it's make him apologize...
what a cute pig
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[Text] Apologize to me!
By the way, how are your studies going?

What has this girl been doing this whole time...?

Someone like you doesn't matter......

I wonder if he's confused.
Or maybe it's me
To Ubukata-san

She doesn't matter
But why is she on my mind so much...?

"Ah! Kyouko-san? So about tomorrow..."
"Huh!? Ubukata-san?? Oh dear, my bad. I made a mistake again!! Hohohoho"

I got the practicing down
I'll put on some background music as well
I'll make a mistake call and have a chance to talk...

What am I even doing
Ubukata-san must think I'm...
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"......... hello?"
"Yo, sorry about that"

What is happening...?
Did Ubukata-san make a mistake...?
"I...is there...?"

"There's something I wanna talk to you about. Texting would be a pain"
"So I called"

"Huh? My future?? I have my dreams"
"But for no I'll go to university, then think about my future later..."

How normal
[Side] Uh... what is it? Ubukata-san??
I figured her out before I even asked her

Maybe I just want Shibasaki to continue playing music
"I see. Thanks"
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"Hearing such a normal answer makes me feel refreshed"
"Huh!? Are you making fun of me!?"

"No I'm not. Later then"
"Huh? Uhh..."

"The song playing behind you..."

"Oh...oh you know about it?"

"Yeah I do"
"I don't have the CD though"

He got taken in...!!
So Ubukata-san really does think...
"Then should I lend it to you? I'm free tomorrow so......"

"Don't you have plans tomorrow?"

"You're meeting someone at 1..."
"Ah...ahhhhh! Oh man I just forgot..."
"You granny"
Good job false flagger
Oh right announcement.

Tsurezure scans is coming back to do the volumes, but I'll keep doing weeklies. Also double the comics next week.
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Thanks anon
>Tsurezure scans is coming back to do the volumes, but I'll keep doing weeklies. Also double the comics next week.

wow did nisekoi end?
cant tell if this couple makes progress at all
I think so. I talked to them and they were looking for a redrawer to do weeklies, but I told them it's better just to stick to volumes since he changes a lot. Especially since he not only adds comics to fill gaps when he makes a multi-week story, he can be inconsistent with names and titles. It's less stress to stick to volumes.

I just think they're tsundere to each other. So they're on a never ending tsun loop
Yes, it finally ends this week.
bump for justice
Thanks for weekly dose anon

How is nisekoi? Is it an awful romcom due to the MC? Girls look cute
It's fine for the first several story arcs since the girls kind of drive the plot but eventually everything comes back to the MC and holy shit is he awful. Don't get on Komi's wild ride, anon.
Just as desu wa's keikaku.
Should i stick to the anime?
At first I hated the girl but now it's the guy I dislike in this couple.
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Check the filename nigra.
>Green Days
Heh, no wonder.
Cute couple, thanks
One of my favourite couples. I just wish they had better taste in music.
Raws where
I'm sure some rockfags would want to have your head for dissing RHCP.
>for dissing RHCP
I'm really into music and love playing guitar, but when I was a high school kids I remember being a massive elitist about music. Anyone hearing RHCP or Green Day was a basic radio bitch.

I'm saying this because we had the "cool" Green Day and RHCP before the lame ass albums they made later on, so our impression was that they got really bad.

And I don't know, maybe I'm used to seeing cool references in manga, instead of just standard radio stuff.
A highschooler in my head would be into the usual sort of hipster thing to do in high school, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, Joy Division (you know, the usual t-shirt), and some big, but not arena big, contemporary rock bands (I don't know what the kids here these days) like for us they were Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand...
Green Day and RHCP were by then already too big to be cool for us.

Of course it would have been even better if the author went full immersion and made the kids full on music nerds (high school tier), listening to Black Flag, Kyuss, Fugazi, My Bloody Valentine and similar already classic but not quite radio or dadrock tier bands.
Thanks again translater anon
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Thread images: 10

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