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ITT: Write an Anime Plot

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Hard mode: No High School settings. Middle School is acceptable.
>Medieval-ish fantasy setting
>MC is a young noble lord that has lived a easy life but has never really had ambition for anything. Spends all his time reading, honing his sword skills or talking bullshit with the blacksmith at the castle
>one day wanders about doing nothing much at a town close by when he hears shouting from a small apartment
>MC has nothing to do so might as well take a look
>At the doorstep and elderly man storms out right in front of him
>Enters and is greeted by a tired looking peasant woman in her 30s
>Behind the lady there is a bed with young girl, aged around 10 gazing curiously at the visitor, and as their eyes meet the girl flashes a beautiful smile
>Girl is paralyzed from waist down because of accidental fall some years ago and the lady, revealed to be her mother can't pay the rent after his deadbeat husband left them
>MC is from a rich family so he offers to pay the rent
>Starts visiting the paralyzed girl daily and as months pass they form a deep bond even though they're polar opposites (Girl with broken body who is always smiling and cheerful and wants to do things .vs. MC who has strong capable body and sharp analytical mind but is always gloomy, cynical and unmotivated)
>Girl is like a little sister MC never had
>After 3 years the girl falls ill. She spends days in high fever and even then she remains positive, soothing the MC who breaks down in tears after hearing from a doctor he brought in that the girl doesn't have much time
>MC spends the girls last night holding her hand and at dawn her frail body draws it's last breath
>MC has a mental breakdown and comes to the conclusion: either there is no god, or the god is a sadistic villain for trapping such a bright little girl in a broken body
>Makes his way to castle and locks himself up in the blacksmith's shop and starts hammering a chunk of metal
part 1/x
>normally being in such an emotional state would mean that any project you start is doomed to fail but for some reason MC hammers away with tears in his eyes, his insides turned to turmoil of sadness and rage
>He keeps hammering, the door is locked so no one enters. The sound of hammering has an odd vibe to it, like a 100 hammers all striking in a perfect harmony deep underground. Sound is muffled but it makes people near the blacksmith's shop nauseous with eerie resonance and people claim that there is something dark and malevolent inside that shop. Dogs bark, horses steer away and children start crying for no apparent reason near the shop
>This goes on for 2 days, the MC starts talking gibberish and laughing manically, pouring his heart into the blade. The sound of hammer meeting the blade grow more intense and frightening with every strike. Then a short pause, followed by a repulsive shriek, like an legion of lost souls blowing their horns at a battlefield long since forgotten
>MC has finished his work, the shrieking sound was caused by him quenching the blade in a cold water mixed with his tears
>MC's body falls down from exhaustion and he spends 3 days in a comatose state before waking up back at his family home
>After waking up he walks to the courtyard with trembling legs and notices that people look at him like a some sort of monster. Even his own kin seems reserved around him.
part 2/x
>MC picks up the gruesome artifact he poured his emotions in. Every great sword has a name, he suddenly realises, just like in some of his books. And then it occurs to him: the sword is called The Pale Sister. The small girl in a small apartment only ever left the house if MC himself was carrying her and thus never spent much time in the sun. Her skin was of beautiful light shade, almost like ivory, as is the colour of the blade.
>MC decides that he is done living as a nobleman. He is broken emotionally because he blames himself for not being able to do more for crippled child. What is the point in wealth and strength, when he couldn't use them to save even one tiny frail girl? He picks up the sword and swears that he is going to dedicate his life to fight for those that can't do it themselves. He leaves his home for good at nightfall, with only sword, bag of gold and clothes on him
>MC's sword starts talking to him at night. It seems that strong emotions can draw spirits, and his rage was enough to awaken ancient spirit of rage that got accidentally trapped in the blade while observing the MC's fury. Later on a more gentle, familiar voice talks to MC from the blade too. The sweet and pure girl's soul was on it's way to purgatory but was drawn by immense sadness of MC and wanted to comfort him one last time before heading away and her fate was to be bound just like the spirit of rage before her. It's left slightly ambigious whether or not it's real or if the MC has just gone insane, talking to his blade and mumbling about spirits
Sorry for long post just wanted to get it out there. Doubt I'll ever actually write this shit so may it serve as inspiration to someone who might. If I botched the language forgive me I'm drunk and it's late and English is my 2nd language
part 3/x , x=3
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The 2016 Republican primaries would be an excellent anime.
>MC Donald enters a field of 17 of the most qualified candidates.
>Media shits on him 24/7
>I am growing stronger.png
>Faces many enemies at first, but recruits them as friends along the way.
>Many happenings occur.
>Jeb, Rubio, Rato, Kasich, Pocahontas memes galore.
>wins the nomination before the end of season one.
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Random medieval fantasy setting slice of life with different stories about different characters in different countries. Some last 1 episode some are arcs of 2-3 episodes.

Some could be about a group of adventurers crawling dungeons.

One could be about the daily duties of a city guard.

Some episodes about diplomatic conflicts between elves and human nations.

Some episodes about a slave hunter who starts to realize he is living his life wrongly

An episode about the daily basics of dwarven blacksmith in a human city

A random assassin doing dirty jobs to pay for his daughter expensive medicine.

Some episode about [introduce your favorite NPC character here]
A boy falls in love with a girl.

But the girl is a trap.

And the boy is a reverse trap.

It's basically Ore Monogatari, but with the gender roles switched.
>MC is a recent college grad fresh out of school
>Hard time getting a job, nevermind figuring out what he really wants to do with his degree
>Extended family members death causes mom and/or dad to dragged to meet with executors for a reading of the will
>Mom/dad is given old family summer property out in the boonies at reading
>"Hey you're not doing anything MC, go clean out the property"
>Begrudgingly goes because whatever
>While cleaning out property finds a magical object which sends him back to the kamakura period.
>Insert mary sue and likeable cast
>Object also randomly sends MC (and sometimes others) back to the present.
>Meanwhile MC marries mary sue
>Mary sue contracts deadly disease (cholera or whatever)
>MC desperately tries to get her back to the present to a hospital.
>Warps back to find he's been gone for a year
>Mary sue dies in hospital in his arms.
>MC returns to live in past and raise their child.
>Child ends up being family's revered great ancestor
Okay I'll have a gander at this.
>World is basically covered in ocean
>There are multiple floating cities with lighthouses in the middle of them
>Surrounded by a huge dam-like wall.
>Giant monster whales outside the cities
>Monster whales, let's call them beluganeri, like eating people for no reason
>One day a huge beluganeri jumps over the wall even though no other beluganeri can
>Protagonist's mom gets eaten by beluganeri
>Our mc, Ikoma Yeager, swears to kill all the beluganeri
>Goes to beluganeri training camp where he learns how to use the main beluganeri slaying weapon, harpoon gunswords powered by steam and anger
>Also another asian chick that's really good at fighting is there
>Training is now over and Ikoma Yeager has made many friends
>They go on a routine wall inspection and suddenly the huge beluganeri appears again, he says his name is Bert Ackerman
>Bert kills all of Ikoma's friends except for asian chick she's too powerful
>Everything is looking bleak but suddenly Ikoma gets the power to transform into giant beluganeri
>Kills Bert
>Ikoma dies too or does he? Also, there are dark and edgy themes in the show as well
>End season 1, season 2 will commence if it develops a large fanbase it will

You guys like?
Will there be a manlet who can slay whales at will? Wouldn't watch it unless I can have one of those

> Egyptian adventurers exploring the pyramids
> Hunting vampires in foggy european-ish forests
> Searching for orihalcum in an abandoned mine by tibetan miners

Might be cool to see different fantasy settings based on other non-popular cultures. What would Aztec look like if they had actual magic and access to steel? What would magic would brazilian witches cast? etc etc
It can be in the second season faggot. He'll get a shitty bowl cut too.
An isekai series where instead of the fat nerdy NEET being transported to another world, it's his old, grumpy salaryman father.

Episodes switch between the father trying to find a way back and the son having to get a job to survive.

A story about a boy who wakes up in a deserted futuristic Metropolis. He ends of fighting crazy things like streetlights, toasters, fire hydrants, etc. And eventually meets an old man and a young girl who also woke up in the city. But while the show tries to act serious, the boy just thinks its all an adventure and enjoys it. At the end of the show, the boy comes across a sentient AI who is controlling everything in the city and is responsible for killing all the people. The boy and the other two defeat the AI and all is well.

In season 2, you learn it was all a dream. The boy wakes up and he lives in a simple farming village, 5,000 years in the future. He goes on a journey to find the city in his dream. After years of adventuring, the boy grows to be a man. But eventually finds the city, now destroyed and crumbling. But the AI he fought in his dream still exists. And tries to kill him. So he has to defeat it again, this time in the real world. Inconclusive ending where you don't know if the MC won against the AI or not. Because fuck the viewer.
A boy whose mind has been poisoned by harem manga is about to enter high school.

Determined to get a harem of his own, checklist in hand, each episode follows his misadventures as he tries to get his own group of groupies.

Every harem starts with a tsundere, so he goes off in pursuit of an angry, flat-chested redhead. Unfortunately, when he bumps into her and gropes her, not only is she *not* angry, but she was slightly aroused by his boldness, and isn't really bothered by lewd actions.
Cursing, he beats feet and tries to find another.

When he tries to convince a short, white-haired pale girl to join his harem, she whips out a wooden sword, knocks him on his ass, and kicks him in the gut.

tldr he tries to build his harem, but everyone is of the wrong archetype. Hilarity ensues.
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>2016, in a japanese COLLEGE (MIND BLOWN)
>there is this disease that causes chronic laughter
>its contagious through bodily fluids so coughing, sneezing, etc are means of infection
im still thinking what else to do, maybe mc ends up getting infected by the end and it concludes with what its like to be infected and the true meaning of the disease

or the mc is one of the few to survive and figures out some shit that way

oh and it would be a mix of comedy and horror
>MC is a powerful wizard
>He dies
>Wakes up in Modern world
>Still has his wizard magic
it's basically isekai anime in reverse
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Fuck, I'd watch it.
An isekai series where the MC is a fujo and her harem are all various archetypes of bishonen
>A magic kindergarden
>The villain is a pedophile
>magic kindergarten
Woah, dude, GR15.
MC is gifted with the power of "Genre Shift". If his school life starts getting boring, he Shifts to make it interesting again. A day might start out as an ecchi harem comedy, turn into a psychological thriller during class then become a hotblooded battle manga by dinnertime.

One day his environment changes without him activating his Shift. He is soon confronted by another girl who has the same power.
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>20 years before the start of the main story, Demons invade the Mortal world and fuck it over big time.
>In modern times a Paladin saves a random orphan loli while doing his job of hunting Demons, and delivers the girl to a nearby village once done.
>6 months after that incident the loli tracks down the Paladin and reveals herself to be an immortal Archdemon who wants have the Paladin fall from grace/fuck them. (6 months ago they got ambushed and severely weakened until the Paladin arrived)
>The loli Archdemon is yandere to the Paladin and stalks him whever he goes to carry out holy orders and slay demons who still roam the world and is the boss of different type of monsters.
>The loli Archdemon drags the Paladin into the affairs of hell due to the invasion that occured 20 years ago being part of a long ass coup by other Archdemons to overthrow the current system, and make a second hell on earth.
>The loli Archdemon getting the Paladin into one big keikaku to get him to eliminate the other Archdemons who performed the rebellion, get him to be the Savior of Demons and their old order before the coup, get him thrown out of the Order so he can only cling to her so she can get the D, and become the leader of Hell.
>Throughout the story you have the Paladin going through unimaginable suffering in order to stay sane and on the right path to resist the Archdemon and protect all their firneds, brothers in the order, and etc.
>The Paladin also has a childhood friend who works as nurse for the order, but gets suffering just to trigger /a/.

I might actually write it.
Girl becomes the mistress of a king.

The king lavishes her with great wealth and fortune. The kingdom that he controls however is giant clusterfuck of convoluted politics, backstabbing and schemes. So much so that the king has no time for said mistress as he has to sort of out. Leaving the mistress bored as fuck.

In he boredom she starts reading mystery stories to pass the time. She gets so obsessed with her stories that she imagines herself a detective. Watch as the king's lover starts doing detective work on who killed whom and other strange mysteries with her trusty side-kick (who happens to be the queen).

The Mysterious Mistress
which one is the yandere?
The genki girl
There is a franchise of loosely interconnected stories being adapted to television.

However, each episode is in fact created in a film studio on another universe where all fictional characters are actors playing their roles.

The show follows the actors from the previously mentioned franchise on the set as well as their lives when the cameras aren't looking.
Hero Hero

A cute shota wants to be a knight like his father. Due to his size and strength however he can't compete with actual knights who would wreck his shit, and bully him as he relies on traps, trickery, and low level magic spells to assist him.

A war between several nations break out and the Shota gets involved and tries to become a war hero. From his action in the war he also gains a harem of psychotic Cakes, and Lolis who will cut his dick off if he cheats on them even though he doesn't give a shit about them and wants to use their money/connections/equipment to further his own goals.
But then during the final battle her accumulated affection for him causes her to eat a fatal attack after pushing him out of the way, giving him time to slay the Big Bad. Everything is tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down all around and he can't bring her with him. She confesses and dies in his arms. In the end he had fallen in love with her as well, and his astronomical amount of cosmic butthurt causes him to turn his back on God and become an Archdemon himself. Heartbroken and incredibly bitter, protag proceeds to carry out her dream of annihilating all opposition and claiming the Throne of Hell. End of S1.

By the time he claims the throne, loli waifu has been reborn to the side of Light due to her love overcoming the vast majority of her evil. No longer a demon, her form is now subject to change and she begins to age as a normal human would. She spends a number of years living normally and working diligently to better understand humanity, and by the time she's a teenager, she herself has become a Paladin. Her primary ambition behind all this is so that she can be with the protag she loves and live alongside him. Naturally, her heart breaks into a thousand pieces when she hears that he's become the new leader of Hell and is currently in the process of eating his way through the protective barriers that prevents the vast majority of demons from getting through.

Now, rather than joining a strong party of heroes to save the world, her new agenda is to use them to reach her husbando and bring him home herself. The second season ends as they finally make their way to Hell. Unfortunately, this time around he might not be so cooperative...

Then there's a movie before S3 starts.
Stereotypical fantasy world following the suffering of this world's spear wielding hero. As the MC was too busy fucking his harem to actually grind, the Lancer fucks off and soloes the Demon Queen but getting infected with a fraction of her being.

While the Lancer tries to sort this out, MC senses the evil in him and attempts to slay our hero. After wrecking them and getting the "I'll never forgive you" talk from MC, Lancer fucks off to found an order of knights using the remnants of the Demon Queen's generals and exceptional fuckers he meets.

All the while the Demon Queen coaches him on his new powers as she knows the powers that be will either set him free or mold him into a Demon King in turn. All good as long as the world burns.
Continued from >>144707377
Other characters include:
-large-breasted drill hair blonde who is actually just the maid of an extremely tall sporty girl

-edgy chunni tanned tomboy-looking girl

-childhood friend who is like a little sister, but is like an annoying seven-year old little sister

-glasses girl who casually says horrific things not out of anything read from a book, but because she is part of a doomsday cult

A clumsy fujoshi-ish character who is yandere for one of the MC's male friends.
Part of the reason why the MC set out to form his harem is because he saw a lot of popular boys surrounded by girls. Because as of a month in, the MC doesn't have a proper harem, the yandere assumes he was gay for the friend, which gives her very mixed feelings.
Nah man. That is convoluted shit.
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A guy got summoned by a god in another world as his in-game character, but instead of your normal "isekai" fantasy, his last boss is actually the FIRST boss he fight (The god). After a grueling battle. The god defeated and grant him a single wish. The boy wished to be transported to a fantasy world with his current godlike body. So he got transported and adventuring in the dark fantasy world as a god.
But I'm the one who wrote the original post you're replying to.

Rather have a straightforward story that ends tragically and keeps people wondering.
>Write an Anime Plot
No thanks. I don't write for free so talentless trash can steal my ideas.
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>Naruto sequel
>call it boruto
>Just like DBZ, you need spectacle creep to get the audience looking for the next big thrill
>Everyone gets Hashirama Senju’s DNA implanted in their chest
>Susanoo armored kyuubis become basic grunts that get killed in one kunai by unnamed ninjas using Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus
>year is around 2200, world is advanced but appears dystopian
>a prisoner escapes from confinement and is chased by militarized personnel
>the escaped man travels to a facility with a time travel device
>uses it to travel to the year 2080 (somewhat near future)
>an authoritarian government controls a quarter of the world (think nazi germany during its peak)
>the time travel man meets up with MC (make his characteristics whatever you like)
>tells MC he is from the future and MC only one who can stop this government
>story involves the two characters aiding and eventually leading the global war against evil government.
>everything is going successful and the evil government is weakening thanks to time travel mans insight
>Eventually start fucking up
>MC presses time travel man about fuck ups, time travel man says its necessary
>evil government is nearing collapse, leader of government is killed in final battle
>instead of disbanding evil government, time travel man establishes himself as the new leader at MCs dismay
>big betrayal of allied forces internal civil war, etc.
>time travel man then reveals twist to MC
>the year 2200 isnt actually dystopian at all its actually an advanced democratic utopia
>the utopia was established because MC stopped the evil government in his timeline
>time travel man went back in time not to help fight it but to keep MC from defeating it
>MC manages to escape but allied forces are substantially weaker now
>more fighting eventually (against all odds) MC gains upper hand in the war
>at the end MC eventually does defeat time travel man and builds the future towards utopia
>time travel man is MCs grandchild (maybe) or some other time bullshit
Fuck you anon, I want it.
A harem where all the girls are the yandere
8/10 would watch
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I really fucking want this

I would totally fucking watch this.
samefag please stop
The Mc is a 4th year college student with a retail job and a girlfriend, and is about to graduate. The Mc has been dating his girlfriend for awhile now (3 years+), and is rather indecisive if he want to keep being with her (She's rather pushy and puts a chain on him) or try to seeing new people and do new things on his own.

One day when his girlfriend tries to confront him on their relationship and if they should continue pursuing it. Before the Mc can say what he wants to do his, however his girlfriend is Isekai'd through a portal by a mysterious entity and kidnapped. The Mc follows her and ends up a in a high fantasy world, where he runs into a girl who is basically a fantasy version of his girlfriend who is involved with a conspiracy going in the world.

The plot of the story focuses on the Mc trying to locate his girlfriend that got kidnapped and find a way home. While doing that he spends time with the girl who is basically the fantasy version of his girlfriend and other people which makes him evaluate himself, what does he want to do with his life, and his relationship with his girlfriend and if he should go after another girl after saving her.

Mc has no powers compared to everyone else.
A Seinen set in the summer of 2017 where the main character's a kindhearted Chad/Jock American exchange student in Osaka who's an athlete with exceptional physical strength whilst being generally popular on university campus.

One day, an untraceable broadcast emits across the world explaining that everybody alive right now only has 10 minutes to live, and that trillions upon trillions of airborne nanomachines already spread across the globe's major cities and surrounding towns will stop the human heart from functioning, and that the only way to live is to take the life of another person, and by doing so you acquire the time that said person had already accumulated.

Riots and panic ensues and most of the world's populations have already fucked themselves to death only weeks in, besides a few pockets of survivors scattered about, and each of these individuals have acquired loads of time either by hunting those less fortunate, or by successfully defending themselves.

MC's one of the latter; he hasn't bothered to deliberately go out of his way to kill people and is strongly opinionated that people should work together instead of kill eachother randomly. He's acquired most of his added lifespan by fighting off desperate attackers thirsty for time.

While most of humanity has devolved into a deep paranoia where they fear that alliances and friends will ultimately result in them getting stabbed in the back, there's still a large chunk of people who see the value in grouping together, and hunting down the stragglers, and the weak in packs while devising a system on who gets the killing blow.

Mostly due to the MC's reputation of being a capable fighter, he's acquired a small group of 7 (the number constantly grows and shrinks throughout the animu) close knit friends and allies who are just barely trying to make by in this day and age whilst trying to retain any semblance of being civilized.

There's a lot of drama, plot twists, deaths and backstabbing
But these plots are really good anon. I would totally watch all of them.
>Plays in a world in which everything is determined by how good you are at RTS games
>MC is complete shit at it, but he knows psychology and stuff like that
>MC is attacked by a thief who forces him into an RTS match with high stakes bets (that's how mugging works in the setting)
>No, make that 2 muggers, who attack him in a 1v2, but the female lead, who happens to notice the scene, comes in and helps him, making it a fair 2v2
>In a crucial moment, MC develops time stopping powers, he uses it to buy time to think carefully about his moves and manages to come out victorious in the end
>Actually, every top player in this setting are people with weird special abilities that they're using to gain an advantage
>MC joins up with the girl to make a professional team, together with a tsundere childhood friend, a shy classmate, and a male comic relief character of some sorts
>MC now has to use his knowledge of psychology to mind game his opponents and has to find new uses for his time stopping powers, for example when he finds out that he can input a command on his opponent's computer during time freeze, which will be executed once time starts moving again.
>MC has an advantage because nobody can tell what his special ability is, but once he gets into the spotlight, rumors will start around it
>More advanced players will notice that he seems to be able to somehow disrupt their plays and adapt accordingly, so MC will have to keep innovating new ways to outsmart them
>Also, best girl doesn't win, because that seems to be a trend in animes these days

AOTS confirmed.
Silly Mech animu about an endless war between Heaven and Hell with the Earth being caught in the middle of it.

>Main Character's a cocky, green-horn Angel guy assigned to a unit
>angels ride in intricately designed mechs with nonsensical Holy energy
>the Devils of hell ride dastardly, evil mechs
>Earth is caught in the middle of all of a war
>animu constantly pokes fun at religious symbolism cliches and a lot of mecha cliches without being in your face about it
middle of an all out war*
I like this one, I would watch this one. It's rare to find post-apocalyptic stuff with a premise that's not "Aliens invaded" "Literally everyone is dead except you and like 5 people" or "Zombies"
make the RTS Starcraft and make the setting Korea but keep the Japanese MC and you got a deal
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only harem I'd watch desu
I like it.
>Loli demon having her virginity taken by a Paladin
My dick is diamonds
An anime with an incredibly OP MC, but it's ironic. The base of the anime is him defeating people and getting out of situations in ridiculous ways. Like Mahouka but not taking itself seriously, and toned up 15 times.
>Way far into the future
>Everything is terrible because darkness clones of people are terrorizing the planet
>Earth used to be populated by humans but they were bullied off to other planets by these beings
>When humans moved to other planets aliens from surrounding areas settled in and shit
>Dark clones leave aliens alone because they just really fucking hate humans
>MC is a young hybrid alien monster girl who has been entrusted from birth and trained from a young age to put an end to Earth's dark days
>Is told to travel back in time by history buff parents and elder combat mentors to find the one responsible for the evil that is ruining our planet
>She's ultra serious in a cute way but also mentally prepared to kill
>Fast backward several thousand years in the past, which was around the time MCs family thinks that everything fell apart
>MC arrives during the middle of a big family-friend reunion where she spots a single dark clone being friendly with the surrounding humans
>Immediately targets and obliterates him mercilessly because she assumes that must have been what started all this
>Before MC gets a chance to return to her time with her mission supposedly completed, two rowdy magic teenagers accidentally demolish her time machine
>She throws a huge fit and starts crying because she's stuck in the past and the only technology available to repair the machine is supposedly way off-planet
>Everyone at the reunion realizes that the mystery girl from the future who killed their friend is just a frustrated and confused loli
>MC then explains her timeline and her mission to everyone, they are incredibly understanding albeit mad but they hook her up with a shitty hand-me-down spaceship
>the MC and the teenagers who tag along as punishment eventually use the ship to travel through deep space to collect the necessary parts and tools to repair her machine
>Antics ensue
I want an OPMC being OP and defeating everyone effortlessly but instead of everyone loving him everyone fears him and thinks he's a monster

soon legends of him being a demon king start popping up
A former teen Idol who had single smash hit, but burned out on the Idol lifestyle before she could land lasting success, is stuck living hand to mouth on part time temp jobs now that she's in her 30's. Despite this she still loves music and writes songs, occasionally playing them on NicoNico behind a mask, earning more than a little underground fame. A producer for an up and coming idol group tracks her down despite her anonymity and hires her be their manager and groom them: Give them pointers on how to be idols, show them the ropes of performance both on and off stage, and most importantly, write them songs. Under her tutlage, this young teen idol group explodes out of the gate, becoming incrediblly famous.

Despite her success behind the scenes, despite getting millions to listen to her songs, she only became more bitter and depressed, sad and frustrated that she'll never earn the fame she always sought with her own hands even as people talk behind her back calling her a washed-up has-been living on the coat tails of actual talent.

She quits her job, comes home, and records herself live casting off the mask and revealing who she actually is. She pours her heart and soul, all her frustration and anguish into a live, impromptu song, ad libbed on the spot with her guitar talking about how hard it is make a living teaching other people how to be famous when all you have to go on is your own failure. Her song goes viral, however, and she soon gets offers for contracts with companies, including the rival publishing house of her former idol troupe. And she has to ask herself, is it worth it diving back into the limelight after everything else that's happened to her? Especially when it will essentially make her enemies with her former student Idols who, despite everything else, always stood by and appreciated her?
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A girl falls in love with a boy but dies at the exact same moment. She becomes a ghost and is about to confess to the boy she loves, but to her dismay finds out her body resurrected as a zombie and he fell in love with that instead.

The title would be ZTR, where the Z is actually an N that's fallen over. Also because ZTR can mean zettai ryouki
Just came up with it:

A Knight's waifu and daughteru is murdered and raped by a monster in front of him.

He spends years with his brother-in-law who's also a knight killing Monster after Monster trying to find the ones who fucked their life. When the two finally finds the location of the Monster who ruined their lives, they learns it is in charge of a Human Kingdom controlling a king to wage war against other Monsters and their empire.

The two now enter into a war to get revenge, and accidentally kick start a third faction in the war who thinks the two are heroes fighting both sides.
An anime within an anime within another anime etc etc.
In the future, north korea is still in the 50s and the regime still in power. A poor middle-schooler MC has suddenly gain the power of charisma through a wishing star at a fateful night and start a revolution with political-revolutionary means against the regime.
a young optometrist must solve why all the girls in the universe have these huge, unrealistic, anime eyes

he falls in love with one of his patients, a 21 year old college student who knows the cause and won't say. To solve the mystery and stop this condition, he must make her fall for him--only one problem: she doesn't know how to express feelings.
In a fantasy world, a young boy wants to become a knight, but is too weak and sickly. He learns of a magic item that supposedly makes its bearer unbeatable in combat. He sets off to find it. Along the way, he encounters all sorts of trials and hardships, but also makes friends and allies on the journey. Eventually he reaches the location the item is said to be kept, a vast dungeon guarded by a huge and powerful dragon. The boy and his companions fight it and somehow defeat it. The reach the chest, and inside is a mirror. The boy looks into it and sees not the weak boy he was when he set out, but a strong and capable man. He figures out that the item was useless, and it the journey to find it has made him the strong warrior he desired to be. He takes it as a souvenir and returns home.
Along the way back he finds out the mirror isn't actually useless, it makes him transform into a magical girl who can defeat entire armies with ease.
10/10 You become the enemy of North Korea and not allowed to enter into the country.
A battle harem anime. The MC has the ability to transform into a copy of any person he kisses including any powers they may have. In order to become as strong as possible, he sets his goal to kiss everyone with powers in the world.
In the future, VR has been invented (not that occulus shit, proper VR), and with it VRMMOs.
A group of 4 middle-school girls all buy the same game, but when they begin, they spawn as slimes for some reason.
After narrowly escaping some grinding noobs, the quartet come up with a brilliant plan to masquerade as a wizard. They rob a witch of her hat, robe and staff and by sitting on each other's shoulders, the four of them pretend to be a human.
Before long they come to be known as the "Mysterious Sage".
Tags: SOL, adventure, comedy.
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Even boys?
Yes. Both boys and girls.
Standard fantasy anime, but everyone is an 8 year old girl.
Why don't they just make new characters or report the bug to the GMs?
Because plot reasons.
A strange incident has occurred where certain parts of our world has become merged with that of a fantasy world; dragons, lichs, Elves, and etc.

Special Military Zones (SMZ) have been created to contain these fantasy parts that have appeared in our world.

The main story focuses on a SMZ within the Mid-West of the continental United States and a group of United States Army soldiers who are doing an investigation in it.

Think of it almost like S.T.A.L.K.E.R except with Fantasy. Australia has the biggest SMZ in the world
Following the death of the demon king, his ten year old daughter ascends to the throne.
In order to retain power, she must act as a demon lord, ruling through fear and violence in order to maintain her generals' loyalty.
Her's goes down as the bloodiest reign in history.
The world-renowned detective, Spade Solomon, was a detective that could solve any mystery he sets his mind on. Having painted a colorful career, he retired, grew old, and passed away peacefully surrounded by his friends, jokingly concluding that the only mystery he couldn't solve was what lay beyond death.
The Solomon line is secretly survived by his daughter, who prefers to live a quiet life away from the limelight and extravagance her father enjoyed. Shal Solomon uses the brilliant mind she inherited to protect her quiet life. However, the curse of detectives prevail, and she is often thrown amidst small mysteries in an everyday life, and is unwillingly forced to silently manipulate events to resolve without implicating herself, often playing the role of an absent detective.
What kind of mysteries?
>typical otakubait haremshit animu
>mc kun is beta male with his harem, sitting by the window, falling over on boobies and cliches
>harem consists of tsundere, big boobied sempai, himedrills, kuudere, and your other regular cookiecutters
>first episode is romance, comedy, fanservice filled slice of life that looks similar as all other animu
>in episode two, fireshadow, mc's father reads newspaper about stock market crashing
>mc kun harem romance story still goes as usual throughout the episodes
>viewers won't pay attention to these and focus on mc story
>next ep background has news bulletin of an upcoming election
>more and more foreshadowing background events each ep
>car accident involving politician, blackmail in parliament, workers on strike
>foreground story shows mc and harem dealing with the effects of events
>mc can't buy birthday gifts for harem as price gone up
>one of the harem girl quits her job as the company shuts down
>shit gets more intense over time
>mc and harem walks to school, background shows smoke clouds
>roads to school were closed as riots broke out
>mc and harem can no longer go to out at night as government announce curfew
>mc's father and other supporting cast lose their jobs as economy crashed
>mc went to stores, riots downtown at the mart with rioters packing stuff for something that is coming
>one day, mc and harem went to park
>foghorns, explosions and gunshots
>country now in state of emergency
>mc has to survive through a conflict with his harem
>cookie cutter animu archetypes proved useless in real life conflict
>injured tsundere pretends daijoubu and refuses help, falls from infection
>hime ojou sama got trampled trying to bribe rioters as money is practically useless in a war
>edgelord emo kuudere thousand yarded
>big breasted fanservice girl gangbanged mercilessly
>mc learnt power of love and friendship can't save someone
>show ends with mc and the last harem girl covering from a bomb strike
I'm thinking small things that aren't necessary crimes.

Stuff like who misplaced a house key, why does a dog bark really loudly every day at 5am in the morning, locating the owner of a child's animal-themed wallet, deducing the clues in a mystery novel with the middle pages missing, locating sauce of a tune a friend got stuck in her head, more mundane stuff like that.

In my head, Shal dislikes the limelight and fame, but she isn't unwilling to solve things if it interests her, and prefers to solve things by making others move in her stead. Though she will get directly involved if she has little or no choice to leave it others.
Likewise, her sense of justice isn't particularly strong, and dislikes bureaucracy of the police, and being a private detective means she has solicit herself in the first place.
As such, she ends up pursuing a completely different field.
Not necessarily murders happening left and right like in Conan.
In a fantasy world, the demon empire has pushed mankind to the brink of extinction, with only a handful of kingdoms remaining. The MC is a noble in a kingdom which is suddenly invaded and destroyed by the demon emperor's orcish armies. Hiding in a closet, he witnesses his mother getting raped to death by an orc.
With the help of his families loyal butler, he escapes the country and flees into a neighboring kingdom, where he spends the rest of his childhood training to get revenge.
When he's finally old enough to fight, he joins the army and goes to war, however, as a human he is inferior to orcs and gets horribly crippled in his first battle.
After recovering in hospital, he has a permanent limp and can't grip things with his left hand, so he is placed as a city guard in the capital. There he meets the court magician, who reluctantly agrees to unlock the MC's magic potential, which would allow him to ignore his injuries.
Now able to fight again, the MC returns to the front line, where he intends to slaughter every orc he sees. As he battles more, his magic grows stronger, and he becomes inhumanly strong as a result. He also becomes more insane.
Eventually he attacks a commanding officer (for letting an orc escape) and ends up imprisoned.
In prison he meets a demoness who promises to help him get his revenge if he helps her escape. Agreeing to her terms, the pair bust out of prison.
The rest of the series is about his venture into the demon empire.

It would be edgy as fuck.
>lame NEET MC with part time job
>One day comes home and drinks himself half to death
>Wakes up
>Sees Emergency Alert System on TV
>Too late to evacuate
>MC gets obliterated in catastrophic meteor strike
>Wakes up the next day thinking the entire event was a dream
>Drinks himself half to death the next day, meteor comes again, MC shits himself before he is about to die
>Wakes up, realizes he is stuck in an infinite loop of the same Apocalyptic scenario
>Has a mental breakdown over the next few "days" but in the end, decides to go outside and enjoy his day instead of staying in his apartment.
>Has a fairly nice day and prepares for the Apocalyptic scenario later that night
>Avoids it by dodging some absurd form of Chaos Theory directly controlled by his NEET lifestyle within his personal timeline.
>Doesn't realize this and ends the next day in drunken celebration.
>World ends in an entirely different apocalyptic scenario
>Man goes day by day, slowly picking up the pieces of his life as he narrowly avoids Religious, Scientific, Nuclear Holocaust, and Mass Suicide, etc. scenarios determined ultimately by his decisions within his personal life.
>In the end, after numerous triumphs and failures, decides to accept his fate and through acceptance, avoids catastrophe altogether, while anticipating another day the world might end, totally content with the endless effort he has made with in a physical time span of 30 Days, which in reality, took much much longer to occur within his timeline, and ultimately, saves his own and others' lives for the better.
congrats you made black bullet
>3 high school buddies now in their 30's share drinks at bar
>every episode is a new night same bar
>they share their favorite times messing around in high school
>good old times every episode
> last episode shows the leader of the group sobbing and drinking alone the bar around closing time missing his buddies

The "Z Warriors" from DBZ find themselves in normal and wacky (xD) situations after the world is at peace.

Goten and Trunks have to go to school and everyone is flanderized as fuck

Kind of like Teen Titans Go but with DBZ
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