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Would you be friends with her /a/?

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Would you be friends with her /a/?
I would definitely bully the ever living fuck out of her
I'm friends with you so why not.
no. i'd bully her
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but why anon-kun
Friends would be a nice start, but I want to be patting her head and holding her hands before long.
because she deserves it and because it makes my penis hard
Yeah, but I'm pretty sure I'd make her suicidal depression worse instead of better.
I want to befriend her big butt!
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Yes. I'd introduce her to the wonderful word of alcoholic depression.
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why wouldn't you want a friend that you can spill all your power level with? It will very fun to befriend someone that you can be silly with.
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>spill all your power level
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You know you'd like to spill you power level into nice girls like Deko or Rika. With the right spin you'd be able to do all sorts of lewd things with them.
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No, because they'd be 3D if they were real.
This is a tangent, but I think there's a kind of normalfag chuuni. It's basically not realizing the line between fiction and reality, but the fiction doesn't need to be magic and shit. There's lots of people pretending they're badass or deep and edgy, or not a virgin. It seems to me like a subset of pathological lying, perhaps before the chuuni realizes what lies are actually believable. Thoughts?
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or you could be the first anon that crosses the barrier to the 2D world. Don't hold back you dreams anon. Some poor girl like Rika might be waiting on that stranger from another dimension.
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Can I create a 2D PMC company instead?
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That looks dangerous anon. Lolis shouldn't be shooting at other lolis. Somebody might get hurt. Keeping a platoon of lolis ready to invade some unsuspecting onii-chans house to rape him silly would be a better idea.
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I'm here to bring gritty violence and modern military tactics and operational skills to the 2D world.
Eww no. she's ugly.
I'd be her friend to get closer to her sister.
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Chuuni Abuse.gif
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It's not that big.
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A first strike policy will be needed against Oneesans and cakes. Can't have them stealing good onii-chans.
Sure, and then I'd pat her head and touch her butt
>not realizing the line between fiction and reality

this is an awful trait, it's basically mental illness to be honest.

The best kind of chuuni is the ones that:

>know the boundary between reality and fantasy
>outgoing, energetic, genuinely and passionately roleplaying their roles
>do it because it's fun and won't go too far with it like piercing pussy to gain magic ass or bullshit like that
He'd get much better behavior out of her if he'd caress that ass instead of spanking it. Some kissing to reinforce good behavior is also a good approach.
Of course
Then I'd introduce her to Fate, show her that sex transfers mana, and fuck every day.
Get that chuuni trash out of my face. Chuunis are T-R-A-S-H
This chuuni is for lewd and lewd only.
No. I want to see her bullied. Not just some faggy leaving out, laughing, talking behind her back kind of shit either. I want to see physical bullying, mind-breaking psychological abuse and extreme humiliation. It will end in her suicide.
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