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Yosuga no Sora

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So I just got done watching Yosuga no Sora. I hadn't had a chance to watch it and finally did. I'm not one for incest, but out of all the possibilities I still liked Haru and Sora best. What does /a/ think?
Sora and Haru is the true route, all others are Haru running away from the truth. It's naturally the best.
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I learned that it's also canon how Sora's pregnant. Then again they did fuck three times in one episode, so what do you expect?
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No, she didn't get pregnant (or at least she wasn't aware of it by the end) in the sequel.
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The wiki says otherwise
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A pregnant Sora pleases me.
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That's complete nonsense though. Especially the married part, how the fuck would clearly blood related siblings be able to marry? Also "only" incestuous couple in anime?

This wiki also mentions a third game that was never announced in japan for years now.
Same anon
When it says "only" incestuous couple it means in the game. Still though, why not? Also, it mentions how they went to a North European country. I'm not familiar with the laws of Scandinavia or Baltic countries, but...maybe it's possible?
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shit forgot the picture
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They went (probably to Estonia) and came back later. They were just on vacation since a friend of the family invited.

The anime skipped that for artistic and time considerations.
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Yeah I know it's just a trip, I saw the VN playthrough for Sora before the anime. Still though, I liked the story. I'm not entirely sure how I connected to the anime, but I loved it. On an unrelated note, OreImo sucked dick

VNDB doesn't have those tags, so that's probably just a troll.

Also, Sphere hasn't made a game in years, so a 3rd game's very unlikely. It's not like there would be much to add to the story anyway.


VNs tend to do incest better because they have much more freedom. It's also much cheaper to produce a VN than to make an anime, and producers don't have to pander to haremfags like Oreimo had to.
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I stream anime on sketchy sites m8. But yeah, does anyone actually know any good incest anime? I'm not talking Kiss x Sis and shit, I mean actual romance like in Yosuga no Sora. Anyone know any?
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Basically just this and oreimo. Maybe Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka. At most, there are a bunch of shows that use it as a gag, or subplot, but no other show I'm aware of makes it a central theme.
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Damn. I know it's weird to like incest anime just cause it's incest, but some reason I like the idea of it being forbidden. Only comfort I took in OreImo is how it's hinted at the end that they're still together (not going into detail, basically what Kyousake says can be taken a couple different ways), but besides that I can't think of any anime besides Yosuga no Sora that nailed it totally. Just wish there were more like it.

Hell, they even made ecchi seem good and necessary, and I fucking hate ecchi
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You don't really need to feel weird about liking stuff here.

Anyways, for some reason, of all the weird things in anime, nipland decided to draw the line here. This show prompted what I assume is the equivalent to a congressional hearing over in Japan over this show's depiction of incest. For a couple of months, the anime industry as a whole was flipping out over the possibility of the Japanese government stepping in and regulating what is and isn't allowed to be shown in anime. If you've watched anime more than a couple seasons, you'd know why this would be pretty disastrous for the industry..

You can basically blame Oreimo's ending on this event. The author wanted to go incest route, but his editor wouldn't let him. The last thing the anime industry wants to do is to go through all that again.

I'm surprised more people don't remember this. It wasn't that long ago.

Putting aside the fact that anime is a billion dollar industry, which gains them a lot of political leverage, the final reason why they decided not to go through with the regulations was because Yosuga no Sora ultimately depicted incest as abnormal and not in a positive light in the eyes of society.

Outside of gags and subplots, we're not going to be getting anymore incest anime, other than hentai, at least for the time being.

There's a sequel?
Fun fact, the sequel Haruka na Sora, Sora is preggers
(samefag as here>>144575346)
Yeah, Haruka na Sora
Koi Kaze
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>possibility of the Japanese government stepping in and regulating what is and isn't allowed to be shown in anime
This is simply disgusting.
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