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Ravages of Time

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Where's the guy that wanted to rescan RoT using the deluxe edition?
It's currently 61% off.
There was such a person? I must have missed that thread.
Yes, but it was quite a long time ago and the crazy prices stopped him, now it's just $9 a volume (which are actually double-sized) with free shipping.
I'd even buy the the volumes for him too if I knew who the scanner was.
It might be Merc or Yudy themselves. I know Merc used to buy the volumes but stopped, that was the main source of volume scans during HMK's year long run of daily releases.

Unfortunately Merc doesn't have an email posted anywhere I believe, neither does Yudy. Your best bet is to just visit their chatbox site and leave a message.

What great timing too, since the new girl is quite the looker and Huang Zhong gets to strut his stuff.
Merc hates the deluxe edition and Yudy retired.
You can contact Merc on his website where he posts the translation by the way (which is pretty much the only way to read RoT these days, along with Baidu shitty raws).
When did Yudy retire? Didn't he post like 3 chapters recently? Last update on his blog was July 12 and I don't see anything pertaining him retiring. You sure you don't mean Ki Shodar?
>You sure you don't mean Ki Shodar?
Yeah, my bad.
>Want to read RoT
>Get hyped
>Download Vol. 1
>It looks like potato
>Shit font

Foes it get better ?
How do you even use Merc's translation site to contact him? All I see are a bunch of random ass comments clearly made by adbots. I don't even know how to comment.

The art gets better with time, but it's still pretty niche since it's chink style not nip. As for the font I don't remember since I never cared for that kinda thing.

Chinglish is gonna be around for the first couple of volumes before HMK takes over, though if you had some patience you'd realize it's no different than common translations that include honorifics and word play.

You read it mainly for the author's twists and depth of completion in how he intertwines fiction and non-fiction, but then again if you don't understand chink you wouldn't even get half of it at the most spoon fed chapters.
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Forgot to give an example of future art.
It gets a lot better, there are a many changes in the translating staff for the first few volumes and their poor quality is one of the main reason why people can't get into RoT and a re-scanning is needed.
Raws quality kinda goes to shit after Lu Bu's downfall though (which is the best arc in the entire series) and the typesetting and the editing for the last chapters are also bad.
>How do you even use Merc's translation site to contact him?
The ravagingtimes wordpress website.
Just post a comment under the "help me proof the translation" section.
Someone offered to proof read and be an editor but I don't know if he actually made contact with Merc or Yudy.

>Post from 2009 still going by comments

These guys deserve better.
I really like Chen Mou's art (I even contacted Yesasia to have the 15° anniversary artbook added on the store and bought it for some $20 more than its current listing), but they guy should really lean perspective.
He can do the most intricate drawings without a problem, but still miss any depth when doing the characters.
>Q: Now that there has been a stage-play of Ravages, are there plans for a movie or TV series in the future?
>A: They’re still in talks. However, the most likely project to be green-lit might be a cartoon!
>They’re still in talks
Every single year.
I might be interested in buying/scanning/editing the volumes. What site are we talking about?
Hell, it's been a while since I forgot to read this.
Is Sima Yi still the MC. I thought that was a cool aspect, since it's always either someone from Shu or Cao Cao.
It's Sima Yi + Zhao Yun as always.
Will Zhao Yun ever find true love?

Hard mode: It can't be a eunuch.
Isn't the current arc about his wife?
There will never be another pure true love like Xiao Meng.
Volume 1 deluxe edition = ordinary volume 1? Except bigger?
Asking because there are only 14 deluxe edition volumes there. And the ordinary volumes go up to 57.
1 volume deluxe = 2 volume regular (+ some extra stuff and edits).
he already have a true love. just that the eunuch got all jelly and stuff
I doubt he's gonna learn it now. His growth period was when he was still single -> just married. After he started having kids (plural is the key here) he had to bump from weekly to bi-weekly.

Just imagine, if this guy wasn't trying to live his life correctly he could have kept improving his art while still going at a weekly pace. Who the fuck could possibly compare to that same face or not? He didn't even start out as a mangaka.


Even Japan wouldn't be able to do it justice even with Sunrise on a Unicorn budget, it's just gonna get ugly with Chinese studios and their reliance on flash and CG.

You mean she's gonna survive? Wouldn't that mean he can't cuck his lord with SSX when she comes over to Shu? Or will he do it anyways?

This is just hearsay from old /a/ threads but the deluxe editions biggest change are the black pages. I don't know about the ordinary volumes now, but the old ordinary volumes had black pages that were created by Chen Mou himself, so it's word of god tier. However the deluxe edition black pages are not written by Chen Mou, but by Chen Mou's friend who wrote one of the ROT novels (He sucks Guo Jia's dick big time according to anon).

I have no idea how true that is but given how scarce people post in these threads I find it hard to believe the guy was trying to shit post. Maybe he wasn't right, but it was probably genuine intent.

Who is the true love?
>tfw LYH's first sign of a five o clock shadow is in a color promo page or something

Maybe by 2020 he will have a stubble.
Well, Liu Bei never head a beard history-wise.
Ong Yi Hing wrote a bunch of novels on RoT and contributed to the deluxe edition with some changes, but I'm not sure if he just wrote the new black pages for the first few volumes (which weren't anything great back then) or did something more.
Fandom kinda hates him, partly because they don't like his style, partly because he offers alternate accounts of the events of the manhua (Chen Mou had him doing it apparently) and partly because they thought he could affect the regular serialization.
Interesting bit: Chen Mou said he wouldn't make a flashback on the Yellow Scarves Rebellion because he had Ong Yi Hing covering it in a novel.
This isn't the only difference between deluxe and regular volumes though.
There are a few corrections to the drawings, removed censorship and a few added pages (just old stuff from the Japanese edition) too.
Also, extra interviews, maps, characters lists, cardboard case, mini colored artbook, metal bookmark and stuff like that.
How accurate is RoT to the novel (RoTK)? Are there any aspects that are more accurate to history than to the novel?
Quite a bit different, and neither the novel nor RoT is particularly accurate to actual history. There are some events that RoT does choose to base on events mentioned in historical records as opposed to fictionalized versions of it which the novel did. In the end, both RoT and RoTK are two dramatized and fanciful re-imaginings of a historical period, meaning the characters and main events are the same, but the hows and whys are different, not that we'd ever really know the real hows and whys for many of the events as they're not specified in the historical record.
What about people from Shu getting overtly romanticised?
From the early chapters I remember Liu Bei being a nice fellow that looked like Jesus, but didn't seem to have that overt PERFECT CONFUCIAN RULER thing going on for him, at least not by the time I stopped reading (i.e. Lu Bu's death).

Is Kongming as much of an invincible force as in the novels, or is he more moderate? I'm not expecting him to be based on his historical counterpart, because otherwise he would be just a good Prime Minister, but hardly fit for to lead a battle. So, I'm taking it he's likely slightly better than Sima Yi.
Not him, but because you posted I am buying v1-10 with the intention of scanning them (citing you to avoid duplicate work/waste).

Thank you guys for the info.

I'll order v1-10 as well as the 15th Anniversary Illustration.

Volume 1 is labled (Taiwan Version) ()
Should that be of any concern?
>How accurate is RoT to the novel (RoTK)?
It start off completely different (partly to please the editor and audience), but it gradually gets more close to it going on with the volumes.
It's a "traditional" 3K tale by now.
>Are there any aspects that are more accurate to history than to the novel?
I wouldn't say so, RoT isn't about historical accuracy, it's more about historiography, with a lot of plays and twists on traditions and folklore...
Plus modern political and social commentary made while discussing Confucianism and dropping heavy-metal quotes.

Just a simple example:
Zhang Fei is usually portrayed as a drunken retard only good for his godly strength, which is totally inaccurate to historical accounts.
In RoT he's a refined painter and a tactical genius.
This is obviously a quite exaggerated portrait too, but by knowing history and folklore you get the point that Chen Mou is trying to make.
Kongming is very close to being nearly supernatural in talent in the novels. He's pretty much like Akagi-tier in terms of JUST AS PLANNED.
>Volume 1 is labled (Taiwan Version)
I know.
What I'm asking is if he's the same in RoT, or if he's more moderate.
I'm sure he has to be, at least, slightly better than Sima Yi, because otherwise the Northern Expeditions will just be be a huge failure for Shu, and Zhuge Liang will look ridiculous, just as in history.
Maybe buying the first 10 deluxe is unnecessary (since that would be 20 ordinary volumes).
Up to what volume (ordinary) would you say rescan is needed?
I wish I could read Mandarin (Cantonese?).
Mandarin and Cantonese aren't written languages.
RoT is only printed in Traditional Chinese since it's published in HK and Taiwan.
Oh, I always thought Mandarin = Simplified (spoken/written in mainland), whereas Catonese = Traditional (spoken/written in HK and Taiwan).

I stand corrected, I suppose.

Considering it's also published in HK, are there no English versions?
It's not gay to fuck an eunuch if it's cute, right?
>I stand corrected, I suppose.
Nope, Mainland China has a bunch of different languages, but they all write in Simplified Chinese.
Taiwan is 100% mandarin + local dialects, but they all write in Traditional Chinese.
>Considering it's also published in HK, are there no English versions?
I would need to check it out but they aren't many, although the quality of the scans is farm from being constant.
The real issue is that we haven't had scans of the latest volumes since ages.
Anyway, you can get the deluxe double volumes at the same price of a regular one now, so I would still get the most I can (and they still do have minor improvements and extra stuff compared to the regular ones).
Then again, I'm just getting them for my collection, if you're interested in scanlating, the first 5 or or so (maybe even a couple less) are probably fine.
By the way, I said 5 because merc's translations start at volume 10 of the regular series, but it's not like Remnant Warriors scanlations were bad.
>The real issue is that we haven't had scans of the latest volumes since ages.
Volume 34 is when the quality of the scans went to shit and 36 is when we stopped getting volume scans.
Most portrayals of Liu Bei suck because the PERFECT CONFUCIAN RULER as defined by the Yuan/Ming literati was quiet pushover who did whatever his obviously smarter literati advisers told him to.

But every now and then you get the portrayal that remembers a leader has to be a slimy backstabber to get ahead in those times.
What the fuck, have they subbed the Cao Cao tv-series?
Sadly I won't be able to translate anything. I'll only be able to help with the cosmetic.

I'll start with volume 34.

After thinking things through and gettings suggestions I will buy:
1) delux version 1-5 (in case we somehow get new translations)
2) the 15th Anniversary Illustration, and
3) volume 2 and 34 (ordinary volume)
I'll then see how they compare volume 2 with the deluxe version. Depending on the difference in quality, I'll wait for the deluxe versions to reach volume 17 (34-35) instead of buying the ordinary versions.

It shouldnt take that long:
01 - 2012-07-17
02 - 2012-08-28
03 - 2012-11-29
04 - 2013-01-17
05 - 2013-04-18
06 - 2013-07-19
07 - 2013-12-11
08 - 2014-03-11
09 - 2014-06-20
10 - 2014-11-24
11 - 2015-02-05
12 - 2015-08-18
13 - 2015-10-19
14 - 2016-03-08

(Another reason for maybe buying the deluxe versions is that volume 45, 48 and 53 are missing from yesasia)
>Sadly I won't be able to translate anything. I'll only be able to help with the cosmetic.
>I'll start with volume 34.
HOLY SHIT YES, you're doing God's work.
Merc has all the translations ready for those.
>1) delux version 1-5 (in case we somehow get new translations)
You might want to ask Merc if he's willing to recheck the translation beforehand (and ask him for how many volumes), just in case.
I'm sure he wants to fix the problem that people have with the first volumes too, but I don't know how much additional work he can do.
>2) the 15th Anniversary Illustration
That's fine and dandy if you want to collect it (it's big, with an high quality case and prints), but it's almost entirely a collection of old illustrations (mostly covers).
I think Chen Mou just redid the covers after the deluxe editions first volumes (which most noticeably fixed Yuan Fang's face).
Then it's just removed censorship (like the light at the end of the spear in this >>144300690
Pls respond.
File: v51.jpg (381KB, 1359x2008px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>it's almost entirely a collection of old illustrations (mostly covers)
Guess i'll get the deluxe version of volume 6, 8-10 instead then.
(skipping volume 7 for now since it its 23,5$)
Here's your response.
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I can't even find this on my Asian tv-shows private tracker or shopping sites.
Fuck, this Cao Cao looks far too similar to the Liu Bei from the 2010 series.
To be fair Mengde never really took the Emperor position, it was Cao Pi.
It was the same with Sima Yi - though he did kill most of the Cao family after Cao Shuang's coup.
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Give me an hint on where to get this crap holy shit
From what I've reads, the Cao Cao series isn't particularly good.
File: guan yu raughs.webm (616KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
guan yu raughs.webm
616KB, 640x480px
I'm fine with watching it for the silly revisionism.
By the way, there's a Sima clan tv series coming next year
Neither is Sanguo 2010 but everyone drools over that one for some reason.
2010 Liu Bei's actor plays Cao Cao in this one (he already playing Qin Shi Hugandi in another tv-series by Gao Xixi by the way)
>for some reason.
They are called Chen Jianbin and Ni Dahong.
Lu Meng was also handled pretty well... Until they've completely fucked up by having Sun Quan killing him.
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