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Well, here we go.

Also, Puchitan volume comes out in 2-3 days so just wait until next week.
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Shiny stick

The student council members came to the Triple Booking live event
"I should give this to everyone"

"Glow sticks!"

"When you're waving them, watch out for your surroundings"
"We won't be hitting anyone, so we'll be fine"

"No. It's so that your glow stick won't be mistaken for a glowing vibrator"
"There's no way this rare event will occur!!"
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Comic 1
The live event begins

Normal style [of holding]

Vega style [TN: The street fighter character]
Takatoshi's stick

Comic 2
Leave it to your big sister

Karuna (16) - The big sister figure

"She's so cool"
"I agree"

"Tsuda-kun, do you like girls who would lead you?"
"Hmm I guess..."

"Then I'll buy you one"
Lead [TN: Another word for leash]
"I have a bad feeling for some reason"
Unrelated but are we all caught up with subs for the OVAs?
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Comic 1
A girl who's got it good

Yuuri (10) - the reliable one

"I like that girl"
"She seems quite wise indeed"

"I see that in her now as well"

"She's increased the bulkiness of her hair so that she looks taller"
"So she's actually shrewd?"

Comic 2
Brush tightness

Shiho (13) - The leader
"You guys came for us today! Sank you!" [TN: Emphasize the 's']

"Shiho's always the one who messes up"

"So at our signing event earlier, you broke two pens Karuna"
"Don't talk about that"

"It's 'cause you hold you bush too tight Karuna" [TN: Bush = Vaginal bush. Emphasize bush]
"Don't put that out as we're live"

Pretty much. I can do BDs I guess but I'm also pretty sure someone else is on that.
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Comic 1
All in one go


"I still feel the tingles"
"That's true"

"But after the fun times, it sure gets sad. You can feel the tightening in your chest"

"My part here is getting tight"
"That's probably the balloon phenomenon that occurs when you climax"
"How did that happen!?"

Comic 2
Backstage idol talk

This happened directly before the live
"Okaay, here we gooo!!"

[Right to left] Yuuri hand
Shiho hand
Karuna hand

"By the way, I hear that people who place their hands above someone's fist is a hidden masochist"

"Hey, you two below me! Don't clench your fists!!"
Or maybe that should be 'Whoever's below me' for the last panel
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>mfw this is mangaka's way of celebrating Idol no Akahon's 10th anniversary

And to continue it, next week will also be Triple Booking related. Or so mangaka says.

Also, as mentioned, Puchi tan comes next week. And Hamanaka Ai is being done behind the scenes. So when I come back, it'll be Imouto time.
Well the image doesn't show if the lowest hand is clenched so either works. Personally I find the first funnier.
Okay then, I'll leave it to the editors though since why not.
Bump for TS and edit anons
Did I post too late again?

Shiny stick

The student council members came to the Triple Booking live event
>"I should give these to everyone"

"Glow sticks!"

>"Watch out for your surroundings when you're waving them,"
"We won't be hitting anyone, so we'll be fine"

"No. It's so that your glow stick won't be mistaken for a glowing vibrator"
>"There's no way that would happen!!"
No changes.
Thanks anon, you have any Imouto?
Oh Tsuda goes 'Hahaha' in comic 2 panel 2.

I forgot to put that in
And maybe 'has a slip to tongue' is better than 'messes up'
*of tongue
Not entirely. Saying she messes up implies she screws up in other ways beyond just a slip of the tongue.
That's the literal meaning of what's there.

噛みキャラ is basically 'someone who messes up what they say' like Hachikuji from Bakemonogatari. I just couldn't find a good expression until now
Comic 1
All in one go


"I still feel the tingles"
"That's true"

"But after the fun times, it sure gets sad. You can feel the tightening in your chest"

"My part here is getting tight"
>"That's probably the ballooning effect that occurs before climax"
>"Why is that happening!?"

Comic 2
Backstage idol talk

>This happened right before the show
"Okaay, here we gooo!!"

[Right to left] Yuuri hand
Shiho hand
Karuna hand

"By the way, I hear that people who place their hands above someone's fist is a hidden masochist"

>"Hey! Don't clench your hand below mine!!"
Yes. Will post after SYD and eating dinner.
Are you done eating yet?
Not done with SYD. Having issues with the 3rd page.
I finished eating now so I'm gonna do some Imouto TLs now
What's the issue exactly?
Not really an issue I guess. I'm just trying to think if there is another way to get the pen pressure(hitsu atsu) -> vaginal pressue(chitsu atsu) joke. If not then I'll go with brush tightness -> bush tightness.
I had a hard time thinking of one as well. This answer was the one I pulled out after some thought.

It's really hard coming up with a pun between pen and vagina. And making it like a Freudian slip on top of that.
Does pen and pelt work?

Though I don't know if that's a legitimate abbreviation for pelvis
One option: If I ditch the vagina pun and just go with 'small error" + 'sex joke':

>"It's cause you gripped the penis too tightly Karuna"
I wouldn't mind but I also read Idol no Akahon so it would sorta conflict with her character a little bit.

She's essentially Shino but she doesn't intentionally make sex puns all the time, like how kids can make sex jokes without realizing they did.
If it makes you feel better, the intention was for it to be a mistake. pens -> penis
Oh, then go ahead.
A girl who's got it good

Yuuri (10) - the reliable one

"I like that girl"
"She seems quite wise"

>"I now see that in her as well"

"She increased the volume of her hair so that she'd look taller"
"So she's actually shrewd?"

Comic 2
>Pen tightness

Shiho (13) - The leader
"You guys came for us today! Sank you!"

>"Shiho's the one who always has tongue-slips"

>"So at our signing event earlier, you broke two pens Karuna"
"Don't talk about that"

>"It's cause your grip on the penis too tight Karuna"
>"Don't say that when we're live"
Band snap

"Stretch stretch"

"Ohh... it seems like she'll do it"

"She did it.... as expected of a child her age....."

In ecstasy
Sigh sigh prick prick
Comic 1
The worries of a young wife

"We got a lot of strawberries from the countryside. So these are for you"
The principal's wife who often comes to his place of work

"Thank you very much. How should we eat these?"
"I like crushing them and making milk"


"My milk still isn't coming out. I'm sorry for not living up to your expectations....."
We're not blessed with children
"No, I wasn't expecting that"

Comic 2
New item

"Oh, Manaka-chan"

"I bought some new shoes"
"I see...."

"But these shoes are baggy"
So that I can grow into it, they said
"It's good to value your things"

"But if my chastity belt doesn't fit me there's no point to it"
"Is that customized?"
Comic 1

"Marbles look like candy"

"But you really can't put them in your mouth okay? It'll be terrible if you put that in your body"

"Well, when you become an adult, you can put something similar to that inside your ass"
"I don't put it iiiiiin!!"

Comic 2
Kids and adults


"I wonder if I've gotten fat. I have to decrease my food intake..."

"Why was Sensei saying something like that? Though she says to eat a lot all the time to us"
"Kanami-chan, you're still very much a child"

"It's so she can decrease the burden when she rides on top of men"
"I see"
"Should I correct their mistake here as an educator?"
File: 384 1.png (787KB, 1114x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
384 1.png
787KB, 1114x1600px
Chapter 384
File: 384 2.png (876KB, 1114x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
384 2.png
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Comic 1
Cold sweat

"Yoshio-kun, what's wrong?"
You're sweating a lot
"My tummy hurts..."

"Why were you holding that in!? You have to say so right away!!"
"That's right!!"

"Let out the juices you were holding in!!" [TN: Pretty much pre-cum]
"Enough with the jokes in an urgent time like this!!"

Comic 2

"Yoshio-kun, you're mean"
"Oh sorry, it was a joke"

"Just kidding. Crocodile tears"

"Jeez... even though I tell them they shouldn't lie....."
"But occasionally there are also situations when people have to lie"

"Like the times when you have to say that you're feeling it even though the customer's a hopeless loser...."
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384 3.png
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File: 384 4.png (1MB, 1114x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
2 vs. 1

"The potato digging trip photos are here"


"Yoshio-kun, you're between the girls. Flowers in both hands huh"

"Well, when he becomes an adult, it'll be the reverse situation though"

Comic 2
The futility of meddling

"My clothes got all dirty"
"Then, change into your gym clothes"

"And I'll help you..."
"No. I'm sorry, but please don't lend a hand here"

"In these times, adults interfering too much will reduce the children's self reliance"

"Hmmm, doing it with your legs is difficult"
"Listen to me til the end!!"
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Thanks anons

Hopefully theres more Ujie Tozen this week
>Catch the SYD thread.

Thank you insomnia.
Might as well roll with some Imouto since I promised


Childhood memories

I was casually looking through the album

"How nostalgic"
"Back then Kanami was always behind me"

By the way, now-

I'm the one walking behind Kanami
"Come with me for some shopping. I'm getting some menstruation products"
"I'm not gonna run away, so let me go"
Comic 1
Third hand

"I'm gonna get some juice"
"Get me some too"
"Me three"

"Well... I can't walk holding all that alone"
"You can Aki-chan"
Duct Tape

Comic 2
Useful lesson

"Ornery and masturbation mean the same thing"

"But you can't use the word masturbate in front of people. The reason is in the meaning of the word masturbation"

"Masturbation means that you rub your impotence a thousand times!! If you say 'I masturbated yesterday', you're saying that you're impotent"

"Who made her teach the health and PE class?"
"And we're an all girl class..."
"So we all agree to use ornery-"
Comic 1
Given name

"Kintamaaa Kintamaaa"

"What the hell are you saying in front of your own house?"
"My cat's name"

"His real name is Tama but he's a Golden Chinchilla so I call him Kintama" [TN: 'Kin' (gold) + Tama (common cat name) = Kintama (Balls)]

"Aghhh... where on earth are you, Kintama..."
"Didn't he run away since he hated that name?"

Comic 2

"This is the esential part. Make sure you grasp this"

"Sensei, please teach us the other things to grasp"

"The tip of your condom?"
Comic 1
Super elasticity


"I'm sorry, you ok?"


"If your hatred goes that far, so does your eccentricity I guess"

Comic 2
Eating styles

"I always eat my rice with natto"

"I like eating my rice with fish flakes"

"My boyfriend, see, likes splashing his stuff on my hair after eating me up" [TN: Emphasize 'splashing his stuff on my hair']
Now it's all sticky
You aassss!
"We never asked about how you eat non-virgins!!"

The art of clinging


"And you like this stuff even though you get scared of it. Just like this"


"Quit it and get off me"
Comic 1
Something you put in

"This talked about actress finally put in her goal..." [TN: Colloquialism for getting married]


"Now what will this actress put in next?"
"What isn't on that list there is her conscience..."

Comic 2
Miss careless


"I went out with the TV still on"


"I left with my vibrator on"
Ohhh I'm so wet
"Did you... go numb just now?"
Comic 1
Homeroom 1


"Please don't sleep during homeroom"

"Ohhhh, my fault there. Did I fart or something while my boat paddled away there?"

"So----- onto our next issue. How to deal with Komiyama-sensei"

Comic 2
Homeroom 2

"I cannot tolerate the rashness of words"

"It is especially not good to make a joke out of someone's characteristics. So you can't thoughtlessly make fun of maidens and virgins, okay?"
"You do that though"

"Sensei!! Objection!!"

"Rash remarks are expressions of the highest order for masochists!!"
"I seeee"
Comic 1

"Shinji-san, let me teach you a useful word"

"Something smells here"

"Huh!? I didn't fart!!"

"Huuh!? I make sure to wash it every day!!"
"As you see, you can tell the virgins from non-virgins in one go"
"But it only works on these guys"

Comic 2
The reason for tears

"Aghhh- I got a cold"

"Aki-san, have you gone cold?" [TN:花粉症 (kafunshou) is hay fever. 不感症 (fukanshou) is sexual frigitity (as in a condition where women lose the ability to orgasm)]
You're worrying to the point of crying
"God dammit"
So /a/ do like this series??
currently watchign S2
Sorry, had a bout with my demons. Anyways, back to work


Difficult Japanese

"When you refuse sales, you have to be careful when you say 'I'm fine' "

"I hear that sometime's they'll take it as a sign of affirmation"
"I see, so that means....."

"Please deflower me" [TN: I think this is imaginary]

"They're the same thing!!"
"B...but I don't have such perverted ideas!!"
Comic 1
An innocent klutz

I am Sanada Miho.
"Men are weak to klutzes"
I'm going on the attack against senpai for the first time in a while

Klutz appeal at once

"He took you directly to the nurse's bed? Nice job!"
"Yes. It was a splendid fall. I believe it took me a week to recover"

Comic 2
Preparation is important

Preparation stretches

"Every time we have gym, these stretches are a pain"

"Stretches are important. If you exercise without stretching, you'll end up injured"

"In those sexy moments, the real thing would hurt without the foreplay right?"
"It seems she can't hear you"
The grief of Yano Aki

"Aki-chan, your boobs sure are big"
"They're not that big"

"You're making fun of meee!!"

"Aki-san, your boobs sure are big"
"A ha ha, riiight?"
Tried to get excited

"Don't get so cocky!!"

"I wonder if I'm saying it wrong. Next time I'll use my brain a little more"

"Aki, your boobs sure are big"

"Big boobs aren't good at all! Your shoulder's get stiff and you have problems finding a matching bra"
Showing the inconveniences of big boobs

"These insinuations to someone who still wears sports bras!!"
"Aghhh just do whatever you like..."
Comic 1
At the pub

"Okay, let's have adrink"

"We should eat something before we drink"
It's easy to get drunk on an empty stomach

"What're you looking for?"

"Good men"
"Girls. Girls"

Comic 2

"Aghhhhh my back hurts"

"It's because you were doing it in some unnatural positions"

"No. If she was doing it, it would've been self cunnilingus"
She doesn't have a partner

"Did you study too hard? If you're facing the desk for a long time, it gets rough"
"I love yoouuuuuuu!!"

We'll eat together

"Oh man. When we're on a holiday you're always have a mid morning brunch, onii-chan"
Time to eeaaat

"It's fine. We have a free day after all"
It takes time
"It's beneficial to make your meals in half the time"

"Because of you I had fellunch" [TN: Fellatio + lunch]
If I hadn't resisted at that moment, I wonder what would've happened? That's what I think about often these days. And I get scared so I'll continue to resist from now on.
Comic 1
Brittle panties


"What a perverted breeze. I shouldn't have worn a skirt"
"I have a good idea"

"Like this. If I add weights to your skirt, it shouldn't be able to flip"

"I have felt an even greater shame. Apologize to me"

Comic 2
The language teachers

"I am the Japanese teacher Katou"

"I am the English teacher Maria"

"I am the jargon teacher Komiyama"

"Even if that was a mistake, you can't go saying that when you're introducing yourself in front of prospective teachers"
"It's a joke"
"We're practicing greetings"
Thanks for this as always.
Comic 1

"Hey, drink it right away!!"

"Now how does that feel, hm?"

"Okaaaay, good girl"
Gulp gulp

"It's good for your body so you can't get picky with this"
"You prodigies managed to make even vegetable juice erotic"

Comic 2
Long distance one-sided love

"What's wrong, Chika?"

"After New Years I won't have a chance to meet Shinji-san at all... what if he has an affair?"
He's not dating yeeet

"Okay!! I, Shin-chan's cousin will indirectly ask him!!"

"Shin-chan, are you still a virgin?"
"That's directly!!"
"Huh? Beep"
Comic 1
S and N

"I should just say this now...."

"But what's the principle behind magnets sticking to each other?'
"Hmmm, I have to explain this in simple terms"


"They're perfectly made for each other so they stick"
S and S just doesn't work
"Why you.... you're making fun of me just because I'm stupid"

Comic 2
Big bro's lifestyle supplies

"I bought some personal products for you onii-chan"
They were cheap at the supermarket
"This new toothbrush"



Two more before the end of the main part of volume 6 so I'm just gonna end it


Spring cleaning

"Onii-chan, I'm gonna clean your room so leave"

Haa Haa

"You okay? You breathe harshly but was t that bad?"

"No, this room reeks of squid so I'm just breathing through my mouth" [TN: Emphasis on 'reeks of squid']
"Sorry. I'll ventilate it"
Comic 1
Portrait painting

Art class
<-- Model

"Manaka-chan, how'd I do?"

"How about you darken this color here?"

"But if I make it any darker, it'll become pubic hair"
"I think, seasonally speaking, it won't do that much damage"

"Don't strip me at your convenience!!"

Comic 2


"Oww~~ The stars came out"


"M... my semen came out"
"You masochist!!"
Comic 1
Second hand and New product

"That's a nice watch Komiyama-sensei"
"I found it at a thrift shop"

"I like old things because they have a feel to them"

"They say that second hand companions get along after all" [TN: Emphasis on 'second hand companions']

"N...Ngh. E even though that's the case, my urethra's still new!!"
"You're kinda falling apart already"

Comic 2
While watching the screen

Hit iiiiit

"Onii-chan, you ate quickly and didn't clean up"
"My bad. If I'm watching TV, my hands just stop"

"Oh yoouuu--"

"When you watch hentai, you move your right hand so at high speed, don't you!!" [TN: Emphasis on 'right hand']
"Yeah... well. True."
Comic 1
High morals


Sip sip

"Manaka, you're so elegant"
"Oh? A beautiful posture is natural for a woman"

"So because I'm fucking men's things, I cannot even get in a straddle"
"But those lines just now did not even have a shard of elegance"

Comic 2
Paying for one's mistakes

"What's this?"

"A virginity belt"
"What do you use this for?"

"Well of course, it's so I can protect my pure chastity"

"Pft Hahahaahaa. And they said April Fool's was over!!"
"Before you get mad, remember her words and deeds up to now"
1 comic and omake then done.


Honorifics [TN: The subtle differences in Japanese honorifics don't go well in English, so I went with the best I could do]

"Yes. What nice weather we have today. Yes. Sure. Then take care of yourself"

I can't copy you
"You use respectful language quite often"

"Onii-chan, you like doing that as well"

Step mother
Step big sister
Step little sister
"That bottom one there isn't possible"
Comic 1
A maiden in love

"A romance novel?"

"I'd also like to fall in love with charm like in this novel"

"With carp? Bestiality novels with fish are pretty rare" [TN: This is the 恋 (love - koi) and 鯉 (carp - koi) problem again. I improvised the best I could]
"I've gone so pale, I've become anemic..."

Comic 2
For my friend

"Every day I'm so bored... I'd like some stimulation..."

"We can't have such one sided stimulation here..."
Comic 1
A question for boys

"Jougashima-kun, what kind of girlish act fascinates you?"

"Hmmmm, brushing the hair up"
It's standard I guess

"Mine would be rocket shaped!!"

"That would be aaaassssss!!" [TN: しぐさ (shigusa - act) and ちぶさ (chibusa - breasts). But nothing goes with breasts so I went with ass]

Comic 2
A question for girls

"When would a relationship between boy and girl be considered infidelity?"

"It would be hopeless if the two of them were encountered on their own"
"I'd hate it even if she was just a friend who's a girl"

"Hey hey, you're being a little too restrictive there"

"If it's on the man's side then it's a partner swap..... bugh"
"That is some impressive boisterous continuity there"
Comic 1
Delicious experience

"So raw really has a different weight to it"
Raw chocolate--> [TN: Actually a mixed chocolate combined with cream and liquor. See 生チョコレート]

"Raw feels good on your throat"
<-- Fresh juice

"Eating something raw is fresh and delicious"

"Is it delicious? Are you mistaking it for feeling good?"
"Get away!! She reeks of squid!!"

Comic 2
A boyfriend's tastes

"You're going on a date now?"

"Your appearance is unusually plain"

"My boyfriend doesn't like women who dress up. He says women aren't all surface"

"So even my lucky underwear is no good"
Nothing but white turns him on
"So that's what men think about"
Omake time

Going to school

"Miho, morning"
"Morning, you're early today"

"The first subject today is math right? So I have a favor for you, Miho-sama~"
Specially drawn comic
An innocent normal lifestyle

"A favor since you and I are friends, Miho!!"
"You haven't done your homework? Just do your own sometimes"
"I'll borrow it and definitely give it back!!"
"Huh? .... give me back your body....?"
You're a les?


"I'll show you my homework, so let's go to the classroom quickly"

Third period
Ding dong dang dong

"Okay, for this problem here--"

"Kanou. Could you do it in front of the class?"
"What's wrong? Your face is red. Are you okay?"

"Chalk kinda looks like a menstruation device.... yeah"


Ding dong dang dong

"Whoaaaa you made that all yourself?"
"That's amazing"

"Miho, you'll be a nice bride in the future"
"If looks as if an apron would suit you"

"Whaaaat, but see"
Naked apron
"It'll definitely be cold in the winter"

Science materials room


"I look up to you as an evangelist of romance, sensei, and I ask you to guide me everyday but..."

"How do I say this, well.... each time you guide me don't I just get more pathetic instead!?"

"Oh, you just noticed now?"
"But you're growing up as my favorite girl now"
And yet for some reaosn, I will once again drag my feet to the science materials room tomorrow
And I have stayed up too late again doing work. Oh well, I'm done with the main bulk of volume 6. Next week is more SYD, followed by Puchi tan and Imouto (Kindergarten arc)

Next week folks
Later, and thanks for everything.
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