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Yuru Yuri

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>ywn be there for Brat to help calm her down when she throws a tantrum
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Best girl coming through.
Ahahaha that's so funny because you're implying that Akari is best girl and it's a running joke that she's invisible.
I want to eat a tomato
Akari is autistic.
Someone like her needs a good parental beating.
Except nips love spoiled children, especially little girls, as their proverb "the more selfish a girl, the cuter she is" proves.
Also, beating a child isn't considered alright anymore.
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What's so significant about that baseball? >>>/sp/ is that way.
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This show is too mean to Akari.
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That's the face of a pure, innocent girl who has been mentally tortured and destroyed. She's on the edge, ready to freak out at the world that rejected her.
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Akari x Akane is the hottest ship in the show
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What are they showing her
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Yuru Yuri thread.
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Sakura Trick
I want to murder Himawari's vagina
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I want to murder Himawari and free Brat of her barbaric ways.
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After the explosion what does Nishigaki-sensei do to Rise?
Have passionate lesbian sex with her
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help, something's wrong with my Akarin
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Yours is broken, you'll have to shoot it. She should look like this
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It looks like a large pink fungus known as "Chinatsu" has attached itself to your Akarin. This is fixable, all you need is a sledgehammer to get rid of the fungus. The fungus usually attaches itself to the genital area; after you've got rid of the fungus, pay special attention to this area of your Akarin and she should be fine.
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there's a serious lack of brat here
Dump more brat then
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I don't have enough brat, that's why I need somebody else to do it.
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I'd love to dump what I have, but I've already shitposted enough to make the captchas unbearably annoying.

It's not worth the effort just for you, Anon.
The thing that's now attached to your Akarin is a rare occurence known as the "Onee-san". Contrary to what you may think, this is a very beneficial lifeform. It's very rare to see an Akarin with the Onee-san successfully attached. Your Akarin is now in the best of health and is perfect. To test this, wait for the Onee-san to rest, place a desk in front of your Akarin and observe the results. She should then look like >>141816052
No, my advice is perfect. This is normal. You should learn the physiology of your Akarin before deciding to purchase one. This is the next stage of an Akarin's life; most never make it this far. The Akarin's version of "puberty" is having the Onee-san attach itself. This makes the Akarin grow into her next stage of life, where she prefers relationships with human girls.
Thread posts: 63
Thread images: 46

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