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Wakabayashi Thread

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This would ordinarily be a Tsuredure thread but Wakabayashi decided it would be a great idea to skip this week's deadline. So I have nothing now.

I'll just finish volume 1 of Michiru Ojou-sama instead. But if anybody wants me to do anything, just let me know
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"Good evening. It's Sakaki"
"...oh sure. Come in"

"Are you serious about how you feel?"
"Of course"

"Sakaki-sensei. So you don't have a day off today"
".... yes?"
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"Ojou-sama hasn't come back yet though...?"

"I told her not to skip out on class..."
"Umm.. so what will you do?"

"I need to punish her"
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A few hours earlier
"Sakaki mistakenly thought that Masachika and I were dating..."

"Huh? Why would I go out with a bitch like you?"

Come ome
"Hm? What...??"


"For now, I gotta resolve this misunderstanding"
"More importantly, what about me and Ichinose..."

"How should I know! She said she's afraid of you so it's like you got dumped right!?"

"I...got dumped...?"
"So just go home already"

"I got it"
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"Th that was a joke okay!? A confession is really sudden so we'll start from friends okay?"

"I'll introduce toy. This is my new friend Ayane Masachika. He says he wants to be friends with you, Yayoi"

"I'm sorry"

"....so now we've opened up our relations. ... cheer up"

Is that all you'll say?
Well... it's over
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"What's up Ninomiya... you're not heading back?"
"I really wanna go home... but I can't leave things as they are"

"Are you worrying about me...?"
"Y yeah..."

"I'll introduce you again next time. Try to think that I'm Yayoi and practice"

"You're Ichinose...?"
"You're not satisfied?"

"Well, I'm not cute and my boobs aren't big!!"

"I idiot... It'd be filthy if I looked at the boobs right!?"
"You serious"
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"Anyways, think of me as Yayoi!!"

"...yo Ichinose"
"That's good. Be more assertive!!"

"How about we get some food together next time?"
"Whoa!! Jumping to meal invitations are we!?"
Pretty good!

"My bad... was that too much?"
"You a maiden?"

"If you're my partner, I don't get nervous at all"
"That's because you don't like your partner much"

"Well.. I'm bad with women, but how do I say this, you're easy to talk to... you calm me down..."


"It's kinda hot... I'll get something to drink"
"Well there, aren't you getting nervous!?"
Thank you for Michiru ojou-sama, you're great.

If i don't post in this thread anymore, know that it's only because it's late at night and i'm about to fall over to sleep
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"Now then... I gotta fix up the misunderstanding for Sakaki..."

"Oh Sakaki? Well... about a while ago..."

"I was worried"

"...just kidding. You thought that I would say that?"

"You seem to be happy about getting a boyfriend. To think you'd skip out on class right off the bat"
Oh! I forgot

"I do not want to meddle in your personal life, but you'll be held back a year of you don't study okay?"
No.. well...

"Does your boyfriend know anything about your intelligence, ojou-sama? ...well if he knew he wouldn't like you"

"Just come home quickly for now..."
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"Okay, let's continue our practice"

"Stop acting spoiled!!"
"What's with you all of a sudden!?"

"Even I'm in love with someone!! You pull yourself together as well!!"

"Then get dumped!!"

"Wait. Will I be your practice part..."
"Don't need one!!"

"I said wait!!"

"C...can I be your practice partner?"

"Okay. Will you let me hit you? Because that guys is annoying"
That lazy fucktard.
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"Ninomiya... you have my thanks"

"So if you're in trouble, I wanna help out"

"Could you please continue?"

"Why're you here...!?"
"I could hear children in the phone call awhile ago"

"In any case, weren't you too quick"
"Is this the boyfriend you spoke of?"
"The voice on the phone...!?"

"I have an appointment with Ninomiya-san so do you want to borrow her...?"

"Of course, I'm going to take her even if she refuses to"
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"Th that's not it Sakaki!! There's nothing really dirty about this...!!"

"It's fine. It s a matter of course between men and women"
"That's not it"

"I was pushed down by force!!"
"No I was..."

"Were you really that nervous?"

"Actually, this girl is quite bad at studying. Her test this time is also important"

"She's also in danger of being held back, so could you let us go back?"

"Even if you can't study, you'll be able to survive right? Probably"

"...I see. You two are quite fit for each other"
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"How're you related to Himemiya?"
"..... I am just a school friend"

"Then Ninomiya has nothing to do with you right!?"

"But. I want Ninomiya-san to think very hard about her future..."

"Well... I'm not expecting anything though"
"I'm sorry about that"

"If you really like the girl, would you think about her future too?"

"I don't like her that much!! I have another girl I like..."

"You don't like her...?"

"And yet you pushed her down...?"
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"That's not why I pushed her down!! Ninomiya was trying to go home so..."
"No need to explain"

"Ojou-sama, I'll punish you too when we get home okay?"

"A actually..."
Blah blah, this and that...
"... a mistake?"

"You were just worried about him, Ojou-sama?"
"I wasn't worried about him"

"I wouldn't have looked around the whole neighborhood if I wasn't worried about you"

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I'll take a little break then I'll try to finish the volume once I get back. There are only 2 chapters left anyways.
any boku ni ohime sama this week?

ty TL anon!
It should be here next week. Unless he bailed on that without telling anyone again. He did that once before.
>"I wouldn't have looked around the whole neighborhood if I wasn't worried about you"


2 more chapters and series is over or 2 more and thats all that exists??
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2 chapters of volume 1.

There's a volume 2 with 10 more chapters. Sakaki gets more based than before
Thanks again Anon-kun.
look at all that swag, who could even handle it
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Back to our regularly scheduled baseness

"Oh. Speaking of which, it's my birthday next month"
"I see..."

"I see it's on a day we just have class... Hmmm... huh..."
"... then should we have a break on that day?"

"No!! Not really!? Studies are important too!!"
"...I see"

Two weeks before her birthday
"My birthday's this month"

One week before her birthday
"My birthday's next week!? How fast"

The day before her birthday
"What's thiiiis!? My birthday's tomorrow?? I forgot!"
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The day of her birthday
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"Wow! Aren't you looking really elegant today!?"
"Hehe.. you got it?"

"Today I am 16. I figured I'd move on from child-like clothing"

"Besides, tonight... Sakaki's also coming"


"Did Sakaki-sensei talk about your birthday?"
"Of course!!"

"I wonder what present he'll give me...?"
"Since it's Sakaki-sensei, wouldn't he give a reference book...??"

"Huuh!? There's no way!!"

"If that was the case, I'd beat the shit out of him"
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"Sakaki-sensei has come to see you"

"Welcome to my birthday party"
".... congratulations"

"Now, let's begin our lesson"

"...today's my birthday"
"I know"

"There's food and cake"
"If you wouldn't mind, I ate before I came"

"... then what did you come here for?"
Give us more trap ohime-sama
Kind of difficult if the author doesn't release a new chapter
Damn, i almost feel sad for her
That lazy cunt
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"Umm... then should the party be afterwards??"
"R right!?"

"No. I have work so..."
"Huh!? What's your work!?"

"When we complete today's lessons, I'm preparing tomorrow's lessons"

"Good work"

"But I was talking about my birthday before right!?"
"Yes. Many times"

"Th then.... did you at least prepare a present...!?"

"...huh? Did you want one?"

"No need!!"
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"Aghh... even though I took the pains to wear a new dress..."

"I think that dress looks good"
"Huh!? What part??"

"The big space around your boobs"
"What the!? Where were you looking!??"
Oh youuu

"I couldn't even see the valley. It was so childlike and hygienic"

"...I turned 16"
"I don't think you're a child anymore"

"It certainly is strange"

"Even though you turned 16, why are you such a child?"
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"If you want to become an adult, please study. You've been apt to getting late recently"

"Study study... When I study, will I become a wonderful adult?"

"Ojou-sama, if you play around without studying, you won't become a decent adult right?"

"That won't... won't... woaaaghhh!!"

"You don't change even when you age. Ojou-sama"

Will I ever get to grow up.. Will I only be seen as a child...

But if I get even a little older... will it close the distance between me and Sakaki...

Sniff sniff...
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"What's wrong?"

"Th there's something in my eye..."
"It's fine..."


"Please show me"
"S...stop it!!"

"It's troublesome if the lesson is delayed. Please be quiet"

Lessons again...

"What are you mad about?"
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"You just think of me as a student right, Sakaki!?"
"Just... would not be the right word. You're an important student"

"How about as a love interest!?"

"Not possible. I'm a teacher to the very end"

"...th that's good!! Because there are a lot of weird teachers nowadays!! I'm relieved!!"

"Then let's continue lessons"
"S sure!!"

Sniff sniff...
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"... that's enough. We'll end our lesson here"

"Later. Just go home. You have a job right?"

"Ojou-sama... do you hate me?"

"...what do you mean?"
"Nothing in particular... as a teacher... as a person"

"Th there's nothing particularly wrong about the way you teach... But as a person... you get on my nerves. Not really..."

"I'm relieved when I hear that. I thought you clearly hated me..."

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"Not long ago, I made you worry about having lingering feelings"
"Well... ...I I'm sorry"

"No... it was probably my attitude that made you think that. I will watch out for that"

"B but you... care about work more than me right?"

"No. You're more important, ojou-sama"

"...that's a lie."
"It's true"
"Definitely a lie"
"It's true"

"But even though it's my birthday, it's all studying..."
"Because I'm concerned about your future, Ojou-sama"

"But what about my present!? You said you didn't have any a while..."
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"A commoner like me would get embarrassed about what he picked.... he would get told that it's not necessary"
"Th that was the way you were saying it..."

"Work is certainly important, but that's for both your sake, Ojou-sama, and my sake"
"Because it would be bad if you get sacked?"

"Yes. If I don't see you, Ojou-sama, I would get worried"

"What's wrong?"
"N nothing? There's something in my eye again..."

"Could you take my present?"
"I... I don't have a choice!!"

I may be just a student now... but is it alright to look forward to the future...?

[Book] Understand better
High School English
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I'll take another break again. If the thread's gone by the time I'm back, I'll save the final chapter for another day
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Pleaes stop.jpg
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How come this guy makes the best reaction faces ever? I swear every chapter of most of his works feature some nice ones.
Because he's a master at it?
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Everything is fine.png
304KB, 419x466px
I guess? Aside from him, the guy who does Jitsu wa watashi wa is pretty good in that regard too. I honestly don't know which one i like better
Fucking rekt, also thanks for the translations. Picked up.
Being an ojou-sama is suffering. Should work on her footsies at the arcade.
Well he did ask if they should take a break on that day and she tried to hard to pretend she didn't care. All her fault really.
Oh shit.
Uhh gimme a minute. I'll try and compile everything into a mega folder.

Frankly, nobody's picking it up so you're only gonna get it here.
Here's the link:

I'm putting up and fixing the translations as I go. Everything but the last chapter should be done by tonight
The entire left side is gold.
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Too much.jpg
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When is chapter 30 of Boku wa ohime supposed to come out anyays?
I'm gonna give a round about guess and say next week. I hope. Or he'll be a slacker and skip out on the deadline again without prior notice. He did it before, he did it just this week, I won't be surprised if he does it again.
Chapters 8 & 9 are uploaded with TLs. Gonna backtrack now
Okay. All the chapters and translations are up on mega link >>141669059

I'll see you all next week. Hopefully Wakabayashi stops slacking by then
Much thanks.
Tuesdays are the best days
They sure are good days.
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