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DDL: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/PNebJm94/file.html
Blue Exorcist chapter 79: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/eSEXTb6R/file.html
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Thanks sempai
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Thank you for posting the chapter, anon.

Not too intense of a chapter, but I am curious to see Shinya-Guren drama.

I remember the warm scene in the LN of Kureto, Shinya, Guren, Aoi(sorta), Saiyuri, Goshi, etc etc when Kureto damanded they all sit down for tea. Seeing Kureto being who he is now is something else.
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suddenly ship
thank you for the dump
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Thank you very much for dumping it.
Shame the chapter is short again. I hope we'll get longer next month.
Whelp so much for her dying.
Sad she knows how useless she is.
Hopefully we will get to see you chips demon
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She looks like a figurine you find in a music box here.
Where the fuck was Yuu and Mika in this chapter?
Were they fucking?
Thank you Viz anon. It's weird how Viz didn't include the color spread. Did you grab the author comments?
Thanks a bunch, Viz anon. Pity the chapter's so short and not much actually happened, but good to see Shinya and Mitsuba are fine.
>there was a color spread
That's it. I'm not waiting for anima to come in and laugh at us about how no one cares about our series anymore, despite the commotion that was caused a few months back.
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nice trips
it is kind of a bummer but, its been 5 months and nothing has happened
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I've been losing interest for various reasons but I still care.

Color spread - pic related
Volume 11 limited edition OVA - raw for ants ripped by GanbaRaw https://mega.nz/#!V9MmyaCQ!9BXwm99c-dwHfwDPFXD4LJI-lT0u6_j4aNVBZReObtU
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Volume 11 regular edition
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Volume 11 limited edition
Thanks anon, you're amazing. And so is that artwork. Holy cow. To be honest, not all manga art teams have their art skills shown. The artist for this series certainly had professional schooling.
He's starting getting nicely brave and courageous. Keep it up and become the Seraph of GARcherism Yoichi.
He 's quite vampirish in art there. I'm digging it.
even kimizuki was surprised
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Where's the rest of the team?
And now I ship them.

Thank you for the dump Viz anon. I just wish the chapters weren't so short now.
I really wonder if this is traditional or digital
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wait you want him to have a bigger harem?
Yes, they'll be one big happy family. I think Micchan will have a fun chemistry with Chess and Horn as well.
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chapter page.jpg
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He looks marginally terrified
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Where the fuck is my boy?
Shinoa's eyes are something fierce.
With Yuu who will jump in and save everyone in the next chapter or two.
But why is he with him?
Mother hen has to protect her retarded baby chick.

But seriously since they're both the strongest members they're probably planning an ambush.
Weren't they there the previous chapter? Sounds like to me they are actually just standing right outside of the group just watching them fight like a bunch of drunk people.

>Mika, shouldn't we step in?
>Nah. They aren't going to hurt me, and I won't let them hurt you, so I don't really care
well he was missing a tsun
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It was his birthday, he got a break.
>But seriously since they're both the strongest members they're probably planning an ambush.
This is about what I was thinking.
Honestly I feel like Kagami left them out for the time being simply because they're the strongest, the fight might be over too soon.
Even though they are the strongest in their group I still think they'll have trouble with Crowely and Ferid. They wouldn't be able to handle them without some strategy and teamwork (which they suck at). It kind of sucks when the author only focus on a couple of characters and makes everyone else jobbers that make the MCs look good. Even Micchan knows she's useless.
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 31

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