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65 days to go
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You're my favorite anon.
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>when things semm too obvious people tend to think there's no way it could possibly be true
Who is the killer in Erased?

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Cheers, as always!
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shit, thanks
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It turns out Rokujou-Sensei's name (六條一子) is probably from the number of the screen tone usually used to color her skin. I would never have gotten that on my own.

The last name I can't figure out now is 千田奈留, if anyone else who's into this sort of thing can help.
What are you going to do after then?
who's the best kakushigoto girl and why is it hime's teacher
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Thanks for the dump, anon.
let's tie her up and do proper things to, for a change
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It's the hairclip
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Thanks for the chapter
>to be the center (of an idol group)

Not so sure about it.
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I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.
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Every day until you turn pure.


Like dressing her in a proper manner, right? Tie her up, like tie her ribbons, right?
I wonder if anything will be done to the board on the day this countdown ends.

There really should be.
There'll be nothing, it's only right for there to be nothing. How would we despair otherwise?
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I hadn't even noticed that until just now. It makes sense that it's another meta-joke about manga.

I read that too and it seems iffy to me.
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An absurd amount of lust. She shouldn't be allowed in an educational setting with all these young innocent girls.
yes like the best silk ribbons yen can buy
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>The long-awaited first volume goes on sale June 17th (Fri) !!
>2016 is a Kumeta Kouji summer festival! Packed with events and publications! See the end of this chapter for details!
>1)The release of Kumeta Kouji's first art book! 2) The opening of Kumeta Kouji's first exhibition! 3) A Kumeta Kouji autograph signing!

>And still much more besides... A secret project that might surprise you is in the works!
Could it really be happening?

But the art exhibit will closed on Mondays, which includes July 11th...
I just saw 20 chapters of Kakushigoto go up on Batoto and I'd like to thank you guys
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News 1: Kakushigoto Volume 1 on sale June 17

News 2: Kumeta Kouji's first art collection, "Kuigaten" (Exhibition of Painful Pictures) announced, which encompasses all of his works, from "Go! Southern Ice Hockey Club" to "Kakushigoto."

News 3: "Ikkyo Koukaichuu: Sayonara, Kumeta-Sensei." A Kumeta Kouji art exhibit commemorating the release of Kuigaten.
(I hope we can get images from this.)
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Chapter 194.jpg
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Wonder how much that art book will be and whether I would be able to get a hold of one somehow.
>A secret project that might surprise you is in the works!

New Kumeta Kouji anime?
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Ai Horror.webm
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SHAFT is going to use Kizu money to make the end of despair
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I've been seeing these theads for years. What are they even about?
One thing that just popped into my head is that maybe it's a name like Kafuka's or Chie-sensei's, based on a literary figure. I'm probably wrong about this, but it does sound a little bit like "Stendhal," who is quoted at the beginning of the first chapter of SZS.
Read the manga
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what did the very first thread look like for this? Does an archive even have it any more after so many issues and the data changing hands so many times.
Just running off of my shitty memory here, the first threads would usually die after like 30 posts, and I would gather/post the series OST and live performance via YouTube links when I could catch the threads. RIP Soundtrack of Despair. I don't recall Chiri/Proper anons being here either, or dump anon, though I might be mistaken. I don't know what archives even exist nowadays, so I can't help you on that front.

I still don't believe that SZS was actually translated in my lifetime.
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Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 37

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