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old one

yo based anon you ok if i do this?

doesnt matter thread will die faster than an infected school girl
Your typesetting looks like fucking garbage.
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it is

i just want guy to come back
Just do it, I don't care about how horrible it looks as long as it's written in comprehensible English.
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Will you post the full chapter on gaytoto?
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fucking gimp txt tool makes me wanna kill
i gotta do something about it and if based anon is cool with it then ill do the whole thing and post it here later

is that what im suppossed to do?
I'm not saying you have to post it, but it might be better for people who've missed the thread.
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I will is guy is ok with it

also fuck gimp
>yo based anon you ok if i do this?
Do whatever you want, it was a rush job and not up to my usual standards but this is your party.

Anyway I'll do Chapter 2. Putting on my trip so it's easier to identify the TL.
Why is this art so garbage?
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>Is that you…
>What happened!?
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because the brush kenny used was made from your moms pubes

uhh ok cool
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>Why am I forgotten by a guy who quit school!?

>Nirei Aya is so cute…
>She was nominated in sports, right? Kyuudo.
>I feel bad for the track club.
>Damn, Aya’s fast!!
>Anyway I'll do Chapter 2. Putting on my trip so it's easier to identify the TL.

holy shit sweet, thank you
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Whoops, wrong page. That TL is for pic related.
And THIS is the TL for >>141231090

>Nirei… -san…?

>How much do you understand the current situation?

>The bacterial terrorism in Tokyo they’ve been talking about since yesterday…
>You know about it? The one with the stupid rumor online: “If you’re infected you become a ZQN”
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>Well, it looks like…
>it wasn’t just a rumor…

>So this ZQN bites people and spreads the infection…
>At first glance, you can’t tell who’s infected.
>Crowds are dangerous…
>That’s all I know so far…
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>At any rate, we need to go somewhere deserted..
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What a long trolley.
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Should I just skip the pages with no text or post them ITT? I don't think I'll do the Ibaraki one because it's nearly time to make dinner.
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>Don't worry!!

>I'm a hero after all!!
Cue stupid /tv/ meme.
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Is this attack on titan?
killing zombies with a yumi.
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>Do you like the (breast) milk?

They should have built bigger walls.
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What did she mean by this
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but what does it mean?
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That's a place in Toyotamamachi, Tsushima, Nagasaki. I've never been to Nagasaki so I don't know exactly what it is. Maybe a district?

>Did you see...?
>Oh well...
>More importantly...
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i have to figure out why my letters get cut off
and work on txt size

and i want a girl to hold my hand and kick someone one around my head like that

also , dude, you are awesome
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>That area looks good, doesn't it?
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>There’s no one around here,
>and we have a clear view.
>But we can’t stay here forever, either… // we’ve got to evacuate somewhere safe.
>Somewhere without people… // is there a place like that?
I think the first infections started out kinda like the one chapter in the main story about the kid with the prosthetic leg in the hospital where the doctor just did his usual shit, bit him and left, hence why we don't have like 5 zombies and a bunch of eaten corpses.
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tthank you so much man.

thanks to you im going to spend the whole night at a house warming party, in the corner, with my laptop cleaning and typesetting
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>Trains are dangerous, so we can’t go very far…
>U-Uh… Nirei-san!!

>Wherever we’re going…
>being together… would stand out, you know.
>S-So I think…

>We should split up and run separately!
>my opinion…
This loser gets his ass saved by a hot girl who knows what’s going on and he talks about running separately?
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>We'll go here!!
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>Abandoned island!! // A boat!!
>ZQNs can’t chase us over the ocean!

>Let’s see… the dock is…
>Whoa!! That’s so close!! We’ll get there in 10 minutes if we run!!
>We’re so lucky!!
>Nice one, Yamada!!

>I’ll… pass…
>Go by yourself, Nirei-san…
>If I’m around… I’ll slow you down, right?
Compared to fucking your 9/10 gf while being in your in-build whirlpool? Face it, everyone here is more or less a loser.
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>What, are you being considerate?
>Don’t worry about that…

>ZQN are no match for me!!
>I’m a hero!!
>(At least he can be a shield, right…?)
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>Okay!! Let’s go!!

>Umm, this should be the right direction…
>Keep an eye out for ZQN!!
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>Being alone is the best...
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yeah, but i want to be MC level loser where im content, and deranged

fuck ok, before i post whole thing i will fix my size consistency

also king tl, what is with the whole ZQN thing? in the scanlation they called them zombfags, and the dark horse wont have that in the story for a little while
I'm sitting on my chair with full zombie armor while reading this manga. Being a deranged loser is not nearly as fun as you make it out to be.
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>what is with the whole ZQN thing?
A variation of DQN, 2ch lingo.
if you have a look in the raws above, they literally call them ZQN in english, which is like a 2ch DQN meme so its just localisation
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>(At least he can be a shield...)
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That's it for Nagasaki Chapter 2. It's time for me to make dinner, so long.
that sounds fun as fuck, dont change 4chan i do that for walking dead

ok, thats a p good localization

ok well, if raws for 8 tales of zqn dont show up in a this week ill buy it and post it.

that faggot hiroshima should have to translate/post anything anything 2ch related

tl king thanks an assload
if you ever want to do translations for money i am more than willing,
if not i can just suck your dick later
holy fuck dude thank you so much
, no one ever translated like this before, i am so appreciated of your service

i also have to leave, so i will post a polished version on batoto when i am finished

and remember
It would be more fun if my father didn't make fun of me for wearing that stuff. Not a neet btw, just a poor ol student.
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