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Am I the only one here who thinks that Fate was better than Unlimited

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Am I the only one here who thinks that Fate was better than Unlimited Blade Works?

Why does everyone say that the Fate route sucks anyway? I mean sure it starts off slow and has a shitton of infodumping, but the buildup is fantastic.

The battles actually have a sense of dread and urgency, the character interaction and development is great, and the ending is touching.

I love Unlimited Blade Works, but I think it's a very overrated route. While it's a lot more action packed and Archer's story is great, I felt a lot more impacted by Shirou and Saber's triumph together as well as Saber forgiving herself.

What do you guys think?
Yes! You're the only one!
I am amazed you came up with such a unique and brilliant opinion!
As much as I love Saber, her route was the weakest of the three. I still enjoyed it a lot.
Am I the only one here who doesn't give a shit and is tired of analyzing this waifu cash grab franchise to death
FSN is really, really boring and badly written as a whole
Fate was better than HF but not better than UBW.
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fate > HF > Unlimited Meme Works
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I like Saber

same here.
Heaven's Feel > Zero > Fate > UBW
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preach it brothers
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Me too.
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Saber thread? Saber thread.
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To get something better than routewank discussion going:

GoA states that Excalibur is actually an anti-type phantasm, how exactly is it gonna work? would it just fire an even larger beam or is the attack going to be different?
Fate is disproportionately hated because many of the people getting into F/SN nowadays came from one of the anime series and thus already know about the setting. Fate's strongest point is the quality of the worldbuilding which is lost upon all the secondaries.
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Probably same type, but excalibigger and somehow affects planetary dangers or some shit like that. Or maybe it just turns her into a loli and everyone within a 50 mile radius dies to the death of diabetes
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I'm a Fate/Zero anime secondary and I love Fate.

I ended up reading the VN after Zero, already knowing the ins and outs of the Holy Grail War, and I still enjoyed Fate and how it introduced the Nasuverse.

I think there are things that Fate did better than Unlimited Blade Works and vice-versa, but I still think that Zero was better than both.

Overall though, I believe Heaven's Feel to be the best out of all the stories.
UBW is the worst route. Fuck Archer and his Naruto tier angst, that story stupid and sucks.
Read the VN.
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Hair down Saber is god's gift to the world.
I don't dislike FSN but why does it take Nasu 10 lines to write something that only needs 3? Emphasizing something is one thing but holy shit
A. People put off by 'King Arthur as a qt girl'
B. Has arguably most boring and dumb Shirou
C. Lacks probably the most plot of the overall plot threads involved in the 5th war
D. /a/ is hipsters. Never take /a/ seriously.
I dunno, that Ponytail Saber makes me want to convert to tea drinking and get to Memoria in 12 hours
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For some reason, I imagine it would be more controlled than that. Maybe something like this weapon from Stargate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kE7YUBlKpQ&t=11m45s

An even bigger beam that has to be strong enough to take care of planetary threats sounds like it would just wreak more havoc than help.
the side or the back one?
because if side you have good taste
Fate revolves around the fairytale romance, so if you're into that it excels above the other two. I'm more of a Rinfag but it just doesn't work as well in UBW, except for Ufotable's epilogue episode
Sakura is shit anywhere.
No youre not tje only one, really is my favorite route, also love the other 2 but fate route is my favorite

hoping someday we get fate route redone again and last episode as well
I have a feeling that Ufotable will make a few OVA episodes later down the road.
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Middle Right reminds me of Agrias
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 14

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