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>A boy falls in love with a girl. >Unable to confess,

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>A boy falls in love with a girl.

>Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

>But the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all; she is the girl’s alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

>Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

This is one of the quintessential stories of the Wayfinders, an organization whose mission is to interconnect other universes. The more unique the connection, the better.

I'm working on a contest to showcase which anons among us can also "find a way", all so that we can shut up about Keit-Ai once and for all. Would any anons be interested in helping out or participating?
>85 year old billionaire want to spread cultural marxism world wide before he dies.

>Buys influence to American political parties on both Democratic and Republican.

>Destabilized the Middle East and European countries using his favorite puppet politicians.

>Sees a charismatic plebian tier billionaire running for President gathering popular vote.

>Tell his bought news outlets to run 24/7 negative ad against this candidate.

>The candidate he was against won, many of his puppets indicted and impeached. He now finds himself running away for his life.
5/5 bretty good would MAGA with
MC: Bernie Sanders

MC cuck interest: Shillary

Bad goy: Dolan Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz....Republicans

Best girl: Francesca Ramsey
This is good. What kind of antagonist did you have in mind: outright villain, worse evil than the protag, better alternative than the protag, or genuinely good guy?
What about a story where MC reincarnates into the body of a hero during the final battle or something but fucks it up and dies due to not having a clue what's going on
Give him a reason to hate all kinds of right-wing ideologies.

>When he was a kid during World War 2 he was forced to tell the Nazi officers where his fellow Jews were hiding in order to survive.
Ok, hold on this is for the protagonist.>>140001903

The antagonist is the patriotic presidential candidate. Everyone hates him because he has no filter and says whatever is on his mind.
A classic story of a person trapped in another world, except it is a person from a magical fantasy realm trapped in our world, specifically in America.

Similar to if we were in his world, he is amazed and wants to go on an adventure. He ends up getting roped into a cross country road trip, seeing everything from sprawling cities to vast wilderness.

Hijinks ensue whenever he tries to use common sense (for his world) in a modern age America.

>What do you mean I can't buy this with gold coins?

>What do you mean I can't chop off his hands with my sword? He was picking my pocket!

>I can't hunt here? What the hell is a 'national park'?
I like your writing style. Will mosey over there in a bit.

This is an anon's old premise that I want to revive, titled The Storied Tenement:
>a young man and his imouto manage a tenement in an otherwise blank expanse
>various characters take temporary rooms in the building, interacting with each other and the two managers for various lengths of time before setting off again
>each of those residents witnessed the "end" of their own world (as a villain, hero, opportunist, victim, or some combination of those)
>back when the young man and his imouto were alive, he witnessed her awaken as the first esper, and a very powerful one at that
>their parents were so scared of her that they abandoned them both without a word
>if even her parents won't love her, the world outside must surely be worse
>her powers interpreted that thought as a desire to destroy the entire world, and fulfilled it immediately
>the young man only wanted to live with her in a place where she can be happy
>after their world was destroyed, they woke up in the tenement
>the young man realizes that it exists so that he can finally give her the home he always wanted to give
>his imouto, initially afraid of her own abilities, gradually comes to accept them after learning about the tenement's residents
>while cuddling with her brother, she uses her powers to tuck them into bed and turn off the lights
>the next day, he wakes up alone on the bed
>his imouto vanished, presumably because she held no more regrets
>though he is happy for her, he realizes that the tenement is still needed
>the story ends with him managing the tenement alone, but also with the memories of his imouto in his heart
A mindfuck anime about an old man who's spent the last 70 years of his life devoted in finding a way to go back in time to fix a mistake that ruined his entire life when he was merely eleven years old. At the age of 81 years old, he has been suffering dementia for nearly five years and is living on a bed in a hospital, and has entrusted a group of young university students to continue his research and potentially finish it before he eventually passes on.

At his weakest point where he only has estimated hours to live, the university students have finished said project, a time machine that only goes one way; Back. Without wasting time, they immediately rush to the MC and put him in the time machine to send him back to his youth.

However, there's a catch. The MC's dementia and crippled mind causes a major malfunction in the time machine, setting him back into some "place" in between time where the future, present, and past all exist in one. People from his youth exist alongside people from his elderly days. He has the body and mind of an eleven year old boy now, but his actual real mind is locked away deep within his brain. This malfunction essentially means that the time machine wasn't actually a time machine at all like the MC had wanted. The university students made a machine that, instead of sending somebody back in time like the MC wanted, only sent the person back to earlier memories and essentially allowed them to relive, redo and reshape their memories and essentially their life. The MC's deteriorated mind caused a malfunction that merged all of his memories into one timeframe where they all exist and interact with eachother, and the MC's real body still exists in the real world.

He's essentially trapped in his own mind with all of these people he's known throughout his life all existing and interacting with eachother and having brand new interactions, almost as if they're actually alive. He's trapped in his mind for eternity, even after his real body dies
>Is It Really Okay For My Son To Like Anime and Me as Well?
Proud of the fact he came from a social background of practically nothing to a member of the elite society, our 60 year old main character enjoys an early retirement in the Japanese countryside, one day his son calls him up from Tokyo and invites him over to tour his business. Thinking the son followed in the father's footsteps he brushes up on business and economical history to impress his son but when he gets to Tokyo he has no idea what is in store. He quickly learns that his son makes and produces anime, merchandise, VNs, figurines, etc. The son decides to educate his father about the otaku lifestyle and even enjoys it himself and discover a few of his friends are closet otaku and they come in many shape or form, what kind of hilarious results will be manifested in this clash of cultures comedy?
A Mass Comms graduate goes to Syria to cover the civil war and refugee crisis taking place. She is accompanied by a UN convoy which make rounds giving out aid to the rebels and civilians.

During one of these rounds, the convoy is ambushed by ISIS militants only to be destroyed in an airstrike soon after, killing most of the soldiers and medical personnel present. MC and the remaining few soldiers attempt to make their way to a rebel safezone in the city. Upon reaching, they were taken into custody rather than to be allowed to call for extraction.

A firefight enables MC and a delta operator taken prisoner to escape(the other prisoners are captured by the invading Russians, Rebels or ISIS militants or killed).

All alone without backup, the two must now work together to reach the Israeli border to escape amidst a civil war and invasion now intensified by Russian intervention.

The views of MC and the Delta Operator would be emphasized.

MC tries to be as morally upright as possible, trying to rescue PoWs, helping civilians and refrain from killing

The Delta operator is more morally ambiguous, using any means necessary for the two to escape, even if civilian lives and PoWs are put at risk.

Antagonists would act out of moral obligation rather than evil. The Russians intend to use the Syrian government's request for assistance to rescue oppressed Christians. The Syriac government sees authoritarianism as the best way to navigate a hostile geopolitical climate. The rebel groups see the Syriac gov as oppressive with its authoritarianism and would reluctantly join or sell PoWs to ISIS out of fear or the need of supplies to feed civilians. ISIS, driven by a need to protect Islam.
An anon betrays his waifu for another waifu.
Abandoning her and continuing a lustful affair with his new mistress, he thinks he has gotten rid of his old waifu for good, however through some unexpected circumstances after taking a shower in the morning. He discovers his former waifu's name written on the steamed up mirror in his bathroom. Dismissing it as nothing however similar situations begin to develop, it seems his old waifu is out for revenge and he almost nearly dies in a freak accident. How can the anon resolve things with his old waifu and keep his new waifu happy at the same time or will he end up being killed in his previous jealous waifu's revenge scheme?
Why not create a plot one post at a time?

I'll start:

>Follows a crew aboard a spaceship in the future

>Transporting humans to an alien zoo

>The humans are from different periods of time
>mc is Donald Trump
>one of the the humans volunteered because of the wanderlust that Earth couldn't satisfy anymore
sounds actually good
i'd watch that
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His first-mate is Blackbeard, directly from the early 1700's.

>They are also picked off by a mysterious predator, they need to work out who or what is killing them and kill it before it kills them. The entire trip is to determine who is worthy of being a prized specimen for alien overlords in their human museums
>one of the predators is mistaken as one of the alien captors having sadistic fun with the group, who counters that he said he COULD, not WOULD
Japan, which is not actually Japan but is really similar to it (in order to avoid backlash against the studio), is going through some crisis and the solution the government finds is fitting the male youth into their bootcamps (extremely similar to American ones, same reason as before). They are separated into various groups of three people each, and those 'factions' separate each other through the main interest of the members.

Those include traps, otakus/outcasts, bishounen, manly men and whatever other archetypes.

Episodes focus both on the relationship of the members of each group with themselves and different groups, their rivalry and the such. Since it's about teenagers, it has the whole coming of age thing going on, with the characters struggling with themselves to find their place in not-Japan's society.
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A thriller anime about a school thats locked under quarantine out of suspicion that a dangerous virus is among the students.

With no communication to the outside world, students and teachers are left to their own in a matter of surviving as long as they can.

>MC is a student
>Students get divided into factions
>Alot of people die
>Everyone is fighting over food and other supplies
>Second season is about the underground section to the school where the MC and his group try to escape.

I feel like it could get a decent 24 episodes.
It's about a elite hacker group called ROH(revival of humanity). They people from all walks of life from all over the world.
They are all disgusted with how sites like facebook, myspace, youtube, ect have destroyed human interaction and culture. They all share the common goal that site like that must be removed from the internet for good. They end up succeeding but that isn't enough for some members.
Some take more extreme measures and bomb buildings housing the servers to make sure they are gone.
Some want to completely destroy the internet. They destroy underwater fiber optic cable and servers all over the world.

Some of the former members end up quieting and help the various government agencies trying to stop ROH.

In the end they succeed in destroying the internet.

Rather than bringing people closer together nations use the confusion to launch attacks on each other.

A massive world war breaks out and the planet winds up in a post apocalyptic state.
How do I git gud at writing a story?
"Welcome to the GOP" where MC Trump battles against subversive forces to make america great again.
i'd watch this
A laid back Japanese cowboy wanders a surreal desert wasteland in a post-apocalyptic North America with nothing but a motorcycle and a sawed off shotgun. Looters, samurai and ninjas, crazy WW4 veterans, wild native americans, cowboys, biker gangs, street thugs, drug addicts, medieval knights and random people with ridiculous backstories wander this desert wasteland

He gains friends and enemies and gets into some shenanigans. His main goal in life is to find his long lost brother, and his only lead is that his long lost brother was last seen in a settlement on the east coast of America, while the MC starts his journey on the west coast.
SOL about a Japanese soldier who hid out in one of the islands during the second world war. He finds out the war ended and now tries to readjust to society.
When a great danger threatened the land, a group of five skilled warriors stepped up to be the heroes needed in this dire time. And they did. They saved the day and became famous the world over.

Now, years have past and they've all retired and gone their separate ways. Some have even started families. This is the story of the son of a great hero, trying to step out of his parent's shadow and have a great adventure of their own.

MC and the colorful cast of allies he gains along the way venture into a fantastic world full of magic, ancient dungeons and tombs, towering cities, and more, unaware of the old threat from his parent's time slowly returning.

Bonus: The different areas around the world are so varied that they are practically different settings, similar to Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.
>暴動 or The Uprising

A massive rebellion explode in Japan with it's indigenous people formed an alliance called The Tribe and seize National Diet Building, execute the Prime Minister, then take hostage of the Emperor. The Tribe itself consists of many various native people such as : Azumi, Hayato, Koshibito, Kumabito, Kumaso, Mishihase, and Saeki. After the fall of Japanese Parliament, the country was thrown into confusion and chaos. The mainland itself is divided into many region where each member of The Tribe ruled them. Even after that, the member of The Tribe conspire against each other and intend to take the whole mainland for their own native tribe.

The Tribe capture most of current modern people, which The Tribe dubbed them as 'Yamato people', and turn them into slaves. But some of them managed to escape from getting capture and form a resistance called "Children of Amaterasu".

After the mainland rebellion was over, The Ainu and The Ryukyuan declared independence and claim Hokkaido and Ryukyu islands as territory of their own respectively. They refused to join The Tribe because the resentment to some of The Tribe member for past invasion. Both of them are ruled by young High Priestess Regent, chosen to lead their own people according to each native's belief.

Our MC is the last descendant of Aterui from the Emishi people. He did not join the rebellion and prefer to remain at his home (somewhere in Tohoku region) to wait the current event passes and continue on his comfortable life. However he got tangled deep into this mess as he stumbled upon Ainu High Priestess Regent herself, whom just lost the war with the Koshibito and tried to escape from the rest of her pursuer.
Based in the future, a young boy and his friends are living their everyday lives when suddenly mechs from another country attack the city. Before he and his friends are killed, a lone machine saves them, and evacuates them, then the mass-produced mechs come to take care of the rest of the mechs from the other country.

15 years later, MC finished military academy, and finds out that the mech that saved him when he was younger was the prototype for the current the mass-produced grunt suit, and MC has his unit colored the same way the one that saved him was. He finds out that the person who piloted the mech went MIA after an a raid on the military base 5 years before.

The story focuses on the MC and his squadron, with him being the newest member of the group, and they are deployed into enemy territory, with limited resources, and are expected to die within the first 6 months.

put "gundam" on it and you'll guarantee at least /m/ will watch it so they can shit on it
A loner NEET perverted otaku sub-degenerate cis-scum in Japan is suddenly gifted with the awesome power to impregnate any woman in the world simply by holding her hand.

God is actually a 4,593,433,234,332,304 year old loli and gifted our MC because Japan's birthrate is rapidly declining and she's running out of ideas fast.

MC thinks nothing of this and decides that this power is pretty fucking stupid, but then later that evening his mother was about to fall down which prompted MC to grab her hand to save her from a serious injury. Right that second MC impregnated his own mother, who then had a massive orgasm.

MC gets traumatized for impregnating his own mom. Loli God reassures him that he's not actually spreading his own seed, but actually spreading God's seed. He's spreading the word of the Lord through each and every handshake.

MC is scared and suffering from massive trauma.

Madness ensues in school when he then gets in random hijinks that ultimately leads to him grabbing other girls’ hands and making them cum like crazy and receiving the word of the lord until labor.

It ends with MC grabbing Loli God's hand and making her cum so hard the earth started raining God juice and she gives birth to Jesus 2.
A bunch of punks in the 80s japanese punk music scene regularly get into trouble. The MC's the least punky of the punks in the sense that he doesn't identify himself with the subculture, he just likes the music and hangs with these people since his best friend is your typical punk fan.

The MC's constantly worried because his best friend gets dangerously drunk, and high on drugs, and gets into problems with the law and dealers regularly, and his best friend constantly relies on him to hold him up.

One night the MC's best friend doesn't come home after apparently going to a show, which raises some alarms. Police officers prove to be useless and the MC starts picking around clues to find what happened to his best friend, and the answers are not what he was expecting at all.

The MC's goal to find his best friend gets him accidentally pulled into this underground operation where anti-government extremists are plotting to overthrow the government of Japan and declare an anarchy over the disappearance of many anti-government speakers and protesters, which apparently the MC's best friend gave many anti-government speeches.

The MC starts to slowly realize that his best friend had been secretly abducted by government officials along with many other people for learning things they shouldn't know, and if these things they shouldn't know became general knowledge to the public, could cause global chaos at a deadly scale.

The MC goes along with these retarded anarchists only to save his friends and expose the government's secret knowledge, but also backstabs the anarchists since anarchy's a stupid idea.

The knowledge exposed to the public starts a World War 3, with the captured protesters who are now freed, and the MC, being the center of attention.
What's the process to create anime anyways? /a/ could do this right? Even with out amateurish skills? We can be like a studio.

We need the key animators, the sound guy, the color guy, the director, the managers.

You art doesn't even have to look good, it just has to move. Draw ten pages of the same thing, suddenly it's moving. Animation! Splat some color on it, wow it's like anime but something is missing. Sound guy put it in! Now we're talking. This is some PV quality stuff now.

Who's up for that?
>Loli God reassures him that he's not actually spreading his own seed, but actually spreading God's seed. He's spreading the word of the Lord through each and every handshake.
>It ends with MC grabbing Loli God's hand and making her cum so hard the earth started raining God juice and she gives birth to Jesus 2.
How many people would this trigger if it was published?
The Last Magician

It's the near future. As technology rapidly advances, so do the techniques of criminal organizations. Huge corporations sway the world as outwardly pristine cities hide dark criminal underbellies full of secret societies, arms dealers, and illegal scientific experiments.

One day, a guy who seems like a typical MC attempts to confess to the girl he likes, a girl who keeps to herself named Eva Vanmeyer, but flubs it and runs away embarrassed. One thing leads to another and he finds himself in some deep shit involving a criminal syndicate that is now out for his capture.

All seems lost when Ava is fatally injured after having been pulled into the crossfire by the MC. However, she awakens and shrugs off her injuries and promptly mops the floor with those who were after MC.

It turns out that in this world dominated by science, Eva is the last magic-user on the planet. With the MC being the only guy in her school aware of her secret, the two naturally grow closer together. The MC now must help her deal with the many conspiracies and criminal plots they will inevitably run across while working towards confessing his feelings towards her and dealing with the incredibly high standards her guardian, a homunculus who can transform into a cat, has for the Adam to the Eve of the next generation of mages.
I like it, would watch.
Isn't there a few books about this happening in real life?
Imagine your stereotypical Kamen Rider show, with a single masked hero in armor regularly appearing to deal with the monsters sent out by a growing alien threat to defend the city, who also has to deal with distrusting authorities, members of the media bent on ruining their reputation, hoards of fan girls, and a few rivals with similar powers.

Also, not-KamenRider is a girl, but nobody suspects that. The only famous female heroes out there are cutesy Magical Girl types.

MC must deal with the super powered women who want the dick she does not have, a rival who hates her hero-self's guts who is also the boy in class that she likes (though neither are aware of the other's double life), and an openly gay hero who has the hots for "him."
A story set in a Mad Max post-apocalypse where death looms around every corner.

It follows the MC in his quest to survive, until he gets killed. The story then starts to follow the killer until they are also killed, and the story starts to follow their killer. This continues through multiple "MC".

Basically, a story that constantly changes who it is following because they are not important. It's just a device used for worldbuilding.
Yoko has always been in love with MC, she's known him for years and knows every detail about his life. She obsessively stalks MC and MC is none the wiser. As they enter their first year of high school together, it gets worse, she copies his house key, she puts hidden cameras in his house, tortures MC's newest GF so she breaks up with him. It gets bad and MC discovers her secret obsession right after he starts getting close to Yoko. MC tries to run but she follows him throughout Japan (or where ever this is set) and she keeps finding him each time.

Kinda like Yuno from future diary except more stalking.
That's genius, anon. I'm stealing it.
An archeologist is sent to the far future where masters of the field are studying the remains of his time and getting everything way off.
Henshin Hero vs Magical Girl. Fund it.
Go right ahead.
How do you come up with these ideas?
You've probably got 10000 other great ideas just like them. I look forward to seeing more from you.
I'd watch the shit out of that

These are the only ones that I came up with, and it was basically on the spot.
After-school Pet Club

A short, semieducational Slice of Life show about a club who all have unusual pets. The club president is a kind of ditzy girl with an albino python. There's a super cutesy cheerleader girl with a tarantula, the genki tomboy with one of those hairless cats, a European exchange student with an emu which she rides to class, and farmer type girl with a potbellied pig named Cutlet.

Together they champion pet ownership and teach safe pet handling and training, volunteer for animal therapy events at hospitals and rest homes, and generally spread the love of all animals great and small. Each episode ends with a brief live action segment narrated by the characters showcasing a different unique animal.

I can give you more:

One episode will involve a ditsy female fanservice hero doing everything in her power to seduce MC, who is woefully straight and in the camp that doesn't like female fanservice heroes, but secretly wouldn't mind an attractive male hero who's costume was missing a shirt. This convinces the female hero that MC is a gay guy. Which makes things worse, because fanservice heroine is a fujoshi.

Another episode will be about rival/crush guy. She fights off an alien, only to be challenged by the rival hero to decide who's the best hero in the city and given a day and time to meet him for the fight. We then cut to MC at school, grumbling about her rival while also secretly fawning over the cutest, nicest guy in school, who is the total opposite of her jerkface rival. Of course, perfect guy IS the rival, and we also cut to him secretly admiring MC girl without her knowing it.

The fact that MC is a girl becomes known to the villains and/or some of her allies/rivals when a monster of the week with the power to control men appears. The fight ends with a quick punchline, involving the MC decking the monster as soon as it announces its power.
MC is stroking his dick one night.
He cums and the puddle of semen magically transforms into spermuko-chan.
Hijinks ensue as she attempts to get him together with his childhood friend while he desperately tries to mask the heavy smell of semen in his room from his mom.
Nah, Trump would be the rival to Sanders but, given that it would still need to get published, Sanders would still be the MC
>You...you're just as bad as the establishment we're fighting
>No...I'm worse...
Urusei Yatsura, but all of the aliens are blatantly non-humanoid.
Anon is shitposting one day.
He sees a thread about an /a/ meet-up, and decides to join in because he's a massive faggot.
On the day of the meetup, he discovers that the anons he was posting with were not fat smelly neckbeards like himself. They're all 7ft Chads with bulging dicks.
Story is about MC contemplating whether to commit sudoku for 13 episodes. Complimentary beach episode as an OVA.
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I want a Metal Gear anime.

First seasons cover all Solid Snake games, later ones cover the entire Big Boss arc.

The story is reshuffled a bit to be more consistent, BB is a bigger and more mysterious deal, maybe even change things like keeping Liquid alive.

Guns of the Patriots arc ends with the gunshot.

Then Big Boss arcs begin.

We follow Big Boss, his fight against Cypher, his fall at the hands of his son - but from the other side.

The Phantom Pain arc is uncrippled. Have an actual plot for Venom.

End it in a way that leaves us bitter about the real Big Boss.

Then we finally catch up where we left Solid Snake, and whatever happens in the finale happens.
Out in the vast reaches of space, the various races of an intergalactic alliance have gathered. A powerful piece of technology, once thought lost, has been found. The very same technology used by the alliance's enemy long ago. Now, a group chosen by this alliance must journey across the galaxy to the only place this device can be destroyed.

Basically, Lord of the Rings in space.
An anime that uses season one to tell a story and then uses season two to tell the same story from the antagonist's perspective sounds appealing for a lot of things.
A hero and his entourage take on the demon king, and they fail spectacularly. The demon threat surges through a once peaceful countryside, the demons apparently feeling encouraged by their victory. In a small village, an innkeeper encourages his townfolk to take up arms and form a militia to defend against this threat. The plot centers around the development of this militia into a considerable military force, protecting the entire countryside, and eventually going on the aggressive against the demons. MC is the innkeeper, who becomes the militia's de facto leader.
Story about two people, a former Outlaw and a former Mobster, trying to survive in USA where the state splits into only two:

The chaotic & dry-ish "Wild West" side filled with cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, banditos, Native Indians, and Frontiersmen. Supernatural essence here is from American-Native Indian folktales.

The other one is orderly & noir-ry "Roaring Twenties" side filled with Mobsters, Bootleggers, Flappers/Chanteuses, Beaurecrats, and Hardboiled Detectives. Most of supernatural essence came from Critters & Lovecraftian lore.

Two main characters are recent deserter from the bad side of each state. They both met in a bar located in the middle border between two state.
MC and FC are the top of their classes at Hirojuku High School. With the MC also being rated the prettiest boy in all of the school and the FC as the most ideal girlfriend in all of the school. As an effort, the two are hooked up with eachother in order to push the idea of the most elite couple in all of Hirojuku High. They both have the perfect chemistry and become the most cutest, dynamic couple you can dream of. However, we learn why they're so athletically and intellectually talented. Both of them harbor superpowers alongside superhuman abilities and both of them lead secret identities outside of their normal lives. The MC is actually a notorious thief and criminal known as the Dusky Dragon and with his abilities to create matter as well stop time, he wrecks chaos across the city. The FC however is a hero of justice who saves the lives of those in need. She is known as the Shiny Tiger and she can stop crime by negating occurances as well as accelerating her movements to allow no lives lost and no criminal out of her reaches. The Dusky Dragon and Shiny Tiger meet and form a bitter rivalry that sours every meeting while their true selves slowly form an unbreakable bond that grows every time they see one another. Hi-jinks and fighting ensue as both slowly learn about their secret identities in this wild rollercoaster; The pretty boy that can stop time/The pretty girl that can negate space.
I like the idea mostly. It can have the potential for a multitude of different types of stories. There should be a more legit reason as to why the boy can't confess though because it makes no sense that he insta confesses on phone despite being unable to beforehand. How the "after some investigating" part goes is gonna be important, too. Same with the differences between the characters and their AU counterparts this is what can make this idea VERY good.

Sorry this is all I can help though. If I wouldn't have gone down the software/app development route I would've definitely tried animation.
A classic "to be the best" type story, except that the MC isn't a thin high school boy, but a large bare-knuckle boxer with a mustache. He never speaks beyond a "hmm..." or a "harumph" but everyone always knows exactly what he is saying.
Long ago, the Demon King led his army to take over the world. The various human kingdoms joined forces and were able to win, sealing him away. Now, many years and generations have passed. The demons are now a slave race to the corrupt and cruel human empire.

A few demons, inspired by stories of the past, attempt to release the Demon King. But the accidently summon the MC. Not wanting to be killed, MC lies and bullshits his way through some key conversations, convincing them that he IS the Demon King, just weakened and sealed in a human form.

Now he is stuck as the leader of a demon rebellion, constantly using his wits to not be found out.
>If I wouldn't have gone down the software/app development route I would've definitely tried animation.
You can still do it anon! i believe in you!
I was trying to think of how to do this. Generally, getting from one place to another, doesn't seem to be a problem in scifi. You'd probably have to make the whole thing a black op, so they can't ask for help. Then have them be attacked by someone from the alliance who wants the thing for themselves. But that would also be a black op, so they don't know who's race is coming after them, or if there's even multiple races, and the whole alliance risks falling apart. Which would make the politics aboard the ship actually interesting. Interesting enough to write a (you) anyway.
>it makes no sense that he insta confesses on phone despite being unable to beforehand.
Drunk dial?

This one could work
Is OP asking us to...take KeitAi seriously? To iron out it's problems and turn it into something with potential to be interesting, instead of just a shitty hook?

That sounds like one hell of a fucking challenge, and while that appeals to me on some level, frankly, that faggot who pops up in every thread with a link to his shitty fanfic attempt, has utterly ruined the meme, and I kind of hate everything about it.
One question. Are the demons who summoned him cute girls? Because if so, this is the most real-anime-sounding post in the thread.
A secret organization exists for the sole purpose of hunting down and destroying eldritch monsters. Almost nobody outside of this organization knows that these creatures even exist due to them mainly existing on another level of existence beyond what human eyes can naturally observe. But in the few instances that someone does see or interact with them, they are quickly silenced, usually by assassination.

After a long hunt, an eldritch monster is cut down, barely surviving by hiding a portion of itself within the MC, who was nearby and completely unaware of what was happening just a little distance away.

MC soon becomes aware that something is different and is now dodging assassination attempts while freaking out.
>Would any anons be interested in helping out or participating?
I'm down. It would be neat to turn this shitty spam into something productive.
I imagined all different kinds, so I'm sure there are cute girls as well.
MC is a burglar who breaks into a girl's house, but she sees him, so he can't steal anything valuable and skedaddles with her panties instead. MC realizes he discovered his fetish, and the rest of the show is a Death Note-like detective story where MC keeps stealing panties, and his first victim is trying to catch him.
>My Imouto's Boyfriend is SADDAM HUSSEIN!?

>MC's little sister has a new boyfriend

>He's a suspicious little cunt so he does some digging around and finds out she's dating a middle eastern dictator

>they have to go back in time to save Iraq in 2003 and prevent the rise of ISIS

>happy funtimes ensue
MC dreams of being summoned to another world as a hero. When it finally happens, he jumps at the chance, but when he arrives, he finds that everything around him is tiny. MC has been summoned as a kaiju to defend this tiny city and its tiny civilians from other giant monsters, which to him look like normal animals. Hijinks ensue when the local military start to view him as a threat and mobilize against him.

Every episode is full of references to every major giant monster movie ever.
MC is half-Japanese, his father being an USMC officer deployed to Japan. The story starts with the MC traveling to a fantasy world.

However, MC is not a typical Japanese beta loser who can't interact with another human being unless that person is utterly subordinated in body and mind to him, i.e. buying slaves.

MC is utterly disgusted by the institution of slavery in the fantasy nation he shows up in, and sets out to create an Underground Railroad and prepare the ground to abolish slavery, using his deep knowledge of American history of Civil War period. The story has a cloak and dagger theme; the MC has to carefully determine who to trust in his quest unlike typical MCs who get girls devotedly going after their dicks just by showing up (or buying them and using magical obedience).
So basically Helck : The Self-Insert version?
Then he became Hentai Kamen. The End.
Magic - once a real and potent force but as the world population grew from millions to billions the shared mana per person became negligible. Then, as calamity befalls the Earth, the survivors experience something ... unexpected.

>Urban survival genre
>MC is a typical good guy with a girl that just wants to survive
>He can't understand why people keep killing others for more mana
>Girl dies
>MC thinks that maybe he can bring her back to life with magic, but it doesn't work
>MC comes to the conclusion that he needs more mana
>Cue a free-for-all battle encompassing all of earth, where with every death, the battle escalates to a new scale of power
>Now, totally and utterly alone on a ruined earth, MC looks God in the eye and says
>"Let there be light."
In a land plagued by demons, the Virgin chose several outcasts to venture to the West to obtain the Sacred Scriptures from the Library of Byzantium now in ruins after the fall of the once powerful Byzantine Empire. This Sacred Scripture contain within it the Divine Names that can ward of demons and save the dying land. The outcasts are all criminals or sinners condemned by the Church. MC is a novice monk who is locked away for studying
and practicing Heretical arts. Another, a former bishop who is defrocked for extra marital affairs, a thief and an ascetic with the head of a dog shunned by society. With the message proclaimed by the Virgin, the band set off and become the land's last beacon of hope against sin and corruption. The series draws from the Journey to the West coupled with a Dark Souls-esque aesthetic.
Fucking no, that show will just glorify otaku and weaboo. Disgusting
A shy and anti social as Fuck scientist creates a time machine where he and drunken cousin goes into certain points of time to fuck shit up(mainly the cousin). Episodic more than anything.
>Group of kids, granted with various power, destined to protect the world.
>The world actually tries to kill them instead
>True MC is the antagonist
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The original is always the best.

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycfdfinG_P8
ED1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXDNGS9V4Us
ED2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4DyTjrruVo
PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcVGDV67L-g
EP 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_rz1bluG_k
A bunch of vanity obsessed girls who sink their entire lives into their phones discover that the phones or the social media profiles themselves take on lives of their own. Thinking they've gotten rid of the curse by destroying their phones, they are wrong, anything with a screen basically shows each girls previous chat logs and every photo they share, the general public become tranced by them and hover around televisions or computers to watch what the girls are doing, even going as far as to form cults complete with ritualistic sacrifices. Will the girls be able to escape the nightmare or do they rightfully deserve it?
Various aliens known as "other-terrestrials" infiltrate human society in the future. A super secret organization known as TORG, unknown to even the world's most important figures and leaders, is tasked with fighting the "other-terrestrials" through covert operations while maintaining public peace and serving the public "in its best interest" with the motto "ignorance is bliss". Agents of TORG assume fake identities and occupations to disguise themselves among everyday human life while they attempt to identify "other-terrestrials" among the humans and estimate their danger through a simulation program called DGR (DanGeR), which roughly estimates the DGR Level (DanGeR Level) of the "other-terrestrial" in question, and attemps to find the "other-terrestrial's" weakness(es), allowing the agent to take necessary action such as calling for backup. A hitman in Tokyo accidentally ends up becoming a member of TORG after one of his targets he killed turned out to be an "other-terrestrial", and instead of having his memory erased, after a quick test of his fighting prowess he unwillingly joins a squad lead by an android, originally designed to be a sex robot for women and later turned into a death machine, and ironically assumes the identity of a monster hunter. There, he slowly learns the dark past of his squadmates and himself.

OP by Maximum The Hormone
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

>antediluvian times
>however they have incredibly advanced technology
>nephilum and their offspring are giants running around fucking shit up like the Giants in Hokuto no ken
>I guess Atlantis should be some sort of shining city upon a hill, the rest of the world is in decline
> the lore should be biblical but wit other flood stories
>like Gilgamesh should be a mighty King
>After the destruction of the world, Thoth goes to Egypt to reestablish civilization
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