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I got my raws early.

To the anon who's doing volume 12, I just finished putting the last 2 chapters up. Sorry for it being so late
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290 'For example'

"Aghhh... The end isn't appearing at all...."
Grip grip

"Oh, Hey Riko-chan, do you have something you're worrying about?"
"What's wrong Miyuki?"
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"When I was watching TV a few days ago, it said that this fatty tuna was 'like marbled beef' "

"Yeah yeah, you might be able to liken it that way"

"When I was watching TV the next day, it said that the marbled beef was 'like a fatty tuna'....."

Fidget fidget fidget

"Where were they going with this!?"
"Calm down Miyuki-chan! You have to look for the answer yourself!"
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"Okay? You first have to study hard, then get out of school, have your successes and mistakes, apply for a job. And with your initial salary, you can eat whichever one you like!"
"I understand. I'll study first!"

"So yeah, after that there was a park"
"I see. How big is this park?"

"Ummm, like about a third the size of the Tokyo dome?"


"How can you divide the Tokyo dome?"
"Ummm, for example, like cutting pizza......"
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"Pizza is generally either 6 or 8 pieces right?"
"Umm so.... the Tokyo dome....."

"I see! Two slices of s 6 piece pizza!"

"Sorry, let's get back to the conversation. What happened to that pizza?"

"I ate it"
"I see!"
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Forever alone on Minami-ke threads. Woot

"By the way, you went to a zoo during the break right Kana?"
"Yup, I did, I did!"

"Yeeaah, the elephants were so big"

"How big were they?"
"About 100 Chiakis"

"Was there no better comparison available?"

"Kana-chan, you went to a zoo apparently?"
"Yup, I did, I did!"

"How were the dwarf flying squirrels?"
"Dwarf flying squirrels? They were like the giant flying squirrels" [TN: You can replace the 'dwarf flying squirrels' with 'momonga' and 'giant flying squirrels' with 'musasabi' if you like. They're just two variations of Japanese flying squirrels]
Many thanks. Also asking if you're interested in the author's other work: Sonna Mirai-something
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"When I asked Riko-chan what giant flying squirrels were like, she said 'like dwarf flying squirrels'......"

Fidget fidget
"Riko, what's wrong with Miyuki-chan?"
"Oh no.... Miyuki-chan got caught in a moebius-like spiral again!"

"You could have explained the whole dwarf flying squirrel thing properly, Kana!"
"Isn't that because you were dodging explaining what giant flying squirrels are!?"

Isn't that being scanlated up to date? Last time I checked at least.
Boss bless you all.
On-off update. Last update was Feb so it's recent. But just saying if you're interested in case translator doesn't come back for a few more months.
Fuck, I love Minami-ke but I'm so damn tired, I'll read it in the morning. Thanks for the translations.
Sure, I'll take over if he doesn't come back in maybe 1-2 months. I'll try and find a copy of the raws in the meantime. You know where the serialization is?
Chiaki best gurl
Bessatsu Shounen Magazine.
Touma is best boy.
Ok ill take a look
Typesetter-chan, where are the mega link for vol9 to vol12?
Sorry. Afk for something. Be back soon
Touma is going to grow up with big tiddies and constantly embarrassed about it especially when she is active in sports
That sounds too weird
Fujioka confirmed it while others girls in her age had nothing
But fujioka still thinks she's a boy
Good job anon
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Sorry about that

"The giant flying squirrels are bigger than the dwarf flying squirrels, and they're like floor cushions flying in the sky"

"Cushions flying in the sky. When you say that, it's l professional sumo wrestling"

"Please stop throwing the giant flying squirrel. Please stop throwing the giant flying squirrel" [TN: At a sumo match, you throw cushions when you're outraged]

"That's good. Miyuki-chan's imagination got released"
"The giant flying squirrel roars at the sport venue. A most spectacular victory"
"Now she can imagine it as she wishes"

"Hey Kana, anything else? Did you see something strange?"
"There was there was! Something extraordinary"
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"I saw a UFO at the zoo!"

"Yeah....... it was like a flipped over plate.......!"
"Wasn't it just a flipped over plate?"

"And now you're not believing me all of a sudden! Ask me more things! Like how did it fly about? What color was it!?"

"I think it's fine. You're free to imagine it after all"

Sorry about ditching for a long time. Anyways, I'll update the mega folder.

v12 anon, I have no idea if you're here or not but I'm done putting in everything for volume 12. So let me know if you're doing it so I can start transposing v13.
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Okay you guys, it's up.

Sorry for leaving you hanging like that. The next magazine release is April 25 Japan time. I'll see you guys then.

I'll wait a month before I do the author's other manga so if nothing comes out by then, I'll catch up to the manga on these threads.
Also, if any typesetters are on this thread, a report in would be nice, since I haven't heard anything from the v11 anon at all.

Drop a mega link here so I can track progress.

If you lost the mega link for raws, it's here:
Pretty sure it's just me on this thread at this point though. Oh well, see you all in 2 weeks.
Fuck it, I have time, let's try and catch up to his other manga if the thread's still alive by the time I finish downloading
>6 chapters behind
Yeah, I'll start working on this next time. But at least I know the scope from where to start.

I'll try and catch up when I get the ok signal
I didn't do anything after completing volume 9 and uploaded it since that day. Were any edits needed after looking over it?
Really? You could have if you wanted to.

Anyways, you only gave me 160-175 so I can only speak on that part. It was good. Nothing too bad aside from small errors on my part (Like 174 pg 1: A promise that won't be fulfilled)

If you want to fix tiny errors like that, I can list them.
Yeah list them and hmm I thought I did upload and link the whole thing in another thread. I'm mostly skimmed the archives with my phone so perhaps this?

dead link. Got another?
161 pg 4 panel 3

You switched Touma's and Kana's dialogue around
162 pg 7 panels 3 & 4

SFX can be translated as 'Flip'
pg 2 panel 3

SFX is the sound of force so it can be 'Gr gr gr' or something
pg 3 panel 1

On the left of Kana it says 'Here'

pg 6 panel 2

SFX is 'shove'
pg 3 panel 2

On Keiko's left it says 'Ahh--'

pg 4 panel 5

SFX is 'Bam'
pg 4 panel 5

SFX is 'chew' 'chew'
pg 3 panel 2

SFX is 'Baam'

pg 7 panel 1

Change 'crack' to 'bam' for consistency
pg 4 panel 1

SFX is 'shock'
Same SFX for 170 pg 5 panel 6
pg 1 panel 2

SFX: 'slip'

pg 2 panel 1

SFX: 'kick'

pg 2 panel 2

SFX: Dun dun

pg 2 panel 4

SFX: Squish

Pg 4 panels 5 & 6

SFX: Bop

Pg 4 panel 7
'Whoaaa' between Riko and Kana

pg 7 panel 4
SFX: Splat
Oh, 173 pg 7 panel 3
SFX: Clank
pg 1 panel 1

Mistranslation (Correct one >>139968945)
pg 2 panel 1
Mistranslation (Correct one: Mako-chan.... I don't think you should......)

And that's all you gave me. If you're still there, these are the small corrections that escaped me. The others I think made sense in my mind. I'll go over it one more time once you give me 176-178.

In the meantime, you can start v12 if you want. Everything is up already

How about now
Got it. I'll sift through it when it's downloaded
pg 3 panel 6

SFX: grab grab
Also, pg 8 panel 5 is formatted a little weirdly. Maybe a little space between the two segments would help
Pg 2 panel 1
I think there should be a question mark at the end of Touma's bubble.

Pg 2 panel 2

The book says 'Math 1'. Unless you left it out on purpose
pg 4 panel 2
SFX: It's the sound of rummaging. Try to imagine what sounds best.

pg 4 panel 4
SFX: Munch munch

pg 8 panel 4
SFX: Squeeze squeeze

And that's about it. I edited these prior to submitting them so I'm just checking for parts that don't make sense and untranslated parts. We should be good now anon. You gonna do volume 12 after fixing these?
Dunno. Kinda just marinating right now and watching the other TS Anons release stuff.
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 10

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