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Love Live! Fall in Love Aqourium

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What's up /a/? Can you hear me?
Is life getting you down? No money, no job, too much bad news?

Well, there's no reason to be down! It's time to get up!
We have a brand new song from Aqours to make you feel good!


So dance /a/! Dance!
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>Kingu is using her normal voice to sing
>Her awesome, amazing voice
Excuse me gentlemen. I think I just came.

Gamer Grill/10
>dancing to pornstars
Yes you faggot. Get up off your ass and start dancing. You probably haven't exercised all day.
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Shorter PVs nobody really cares about

The obligatory post NicoNama Character video featuring Yoshiko
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In other news, You Watanabe will be the mascot of Numazu GAMERS as well as the center of this MV.
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And here's how you vote.
>You Watanabe will be the mascot of Numazu GAMERS
are the new LLs also former JAV actresses?
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I retract my statement.

What I should have wrote is that You is in the lead.

However with 5 days left, I doubt she'll be bumped off from the Top position.

Also, everyone loves our sporty diver. She has her own dream to follow once school is over.
Just watched the PV and she actually has a nice voice and is somewhat cute, I might give her a chance.
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Shukashuu's voice- Could easily become one of my favourites.
Kanan's voice- I like it
Ruby's voice- New Nico? I really like it.
Yocchan's voice- They made the right choice in hiring Aikyan.

Also, have a Officer Shukashuu.
Was it me or has the animation completely downgraded from the first PV?
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But she isn't even a gamer.
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Riko is still the best Aqours.
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I cannot tell. Looks like the same glorious LL CG to me.
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We've got two sporty girls, right?
nice hanayo gets to be the center
Yeah and what's amusing is that they both end up being PTs for the Kurosawa sisters.

Kanan makes Dia run over 30 laps.
You yells at Ruby until she can swim properly.
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>You diving face-first into Lake Ruby
Good heavens.
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A girl falls in love with cocks.

Unable to find anyone who will gangbang her, she is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the phone numbers of several fat, faceless, old men. Never minding the strange area code, she immediately calls them, and is overjoyed to find out that they're willing to rape her in all of her slutty holes.

But, the next day, the men never show up at her house like they agreed to. After some investigation, she finds out that the men she called are not the same men that agreed to fuck her. In fact, they don't exist in this universe at all. They're the men's alternate universe counterparts, who want to rape MC's own AU self, who too is unwilling to have sex.

Hijinks ensue as they strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private fetishes in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to seduce their other selves. While they chase their respective targets DRAMA ensues as they begin to want to fuck each other instead and question the NATURE of THE DICK.
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Your post and picture are rather different in context.
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"Caption: Uwaaa~, sorry, Ruby might just drown at this rate---

Haa, haa---
Hii, hii---
Ruby, can't carry on anymore---
I will really go bloop-bloop-bloop and drown--- You-chan, can you go easy on me?
But as expected, since I'm using a kick-board--- Ruby might not sink even though it seems like she might?...
Uwaa, I'm at my limit~!!
Since childhood, Ruby was never good at sports---.
Especially since we live in a seaside town, swimming is really popular, so obviously everyone can swim--- Only Ruby can't swim very well.
It's been really terrible.
Being teased by everyone, or being asked why I can't swim---
Whenever it's the season for pool lessons, I'm always overthinking things like whether it'll end soon, or whether I can somehow skip class---
In the end, I made it all the way to high school while still being unable to swim, but the classes here, it's fine even if you can't swim so long as you try your best, so it's become a lot easier for me. Or so I thought---.
But just like Yohane-chan said, once it's summer, our Aqours' PV may have swimming scenes, so I have to start working hard now, or else I definitely, definitely won't make it in time, right? So with that in mind, today, I asked the daring high-diver athlete You-chan to be my coach but---.
Uwaaa~!! As I thought, she's way too uptight about this~!
You-chan is a surprisingly demonic coach.
This might as well have been the same as if I had asked Big Sis... "
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Why is Ruby the bully-bait of the series?
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Because she is too pure and innocent.
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Well, all right.

Hanamaru as back-up bully material.
Dia is for _____
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Hanging out with pure maidens such as herself. Pic related.
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I pray for a AqoursxML collab.
-Afraid of dogs
-Even when she tries to defend her friend from bullies, she cries.

She's perfect bait. Probably can't defend herself without onee-chan around.
Do we like the new single?
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The song's kind of bland, really.
I agree.

It's not as good as the First MV.
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Idol Power.png
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Fuck even a guy dying and getting tribute purchases can't compete against the influence of a Love Live track sample finally breaking. Its kind of sad but expected really.

This shows going to have a ton of school swimsuit fan art. It'll be a gold mine if that's your fetish

Spoiled rich girl that's afraid of everything. People probably take out whatever beef they have on her sister on her too because Dia is too intimidating to go against directly
>Butterfly Tri
Honestly as a Love Live fan I kinda feel bad about this since Digimon was my favourite anime in the 90s. It'd be a nice send off for Wada to hit the number 1 on the chart for a week or two.
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Thread images: 29

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