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Etotama thread

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One year anniversary of Etotama's first episode!
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And I managed to finish a chapter just in time to celebrate even though there's really nothing to celebrate anymore!
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Since Mo-tan uses 'ME' in English to refer to herself I thought it would be better to put 'ME' in the TL as well.

It kinda makes her sound retarded though.
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>One year anniversary of Etotama's first episode!
And I still think about Shima-tan at least once a week.
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Poor Uri-tan.
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On second look some of the TLs I did feel unsatisfactory, I might change some parts when I put this up.
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Also I do have a question I want to ask you people.

I scanned the manga in 600dpi, so the original image I work on is fucking huge. At the end I reduce the sizes so the height becomes 1300px, but most of the times that makes the screentones look disgusting like fuck.

I mean look at this page I did of Chapter 21 (which is still unfinished). What the fuck is with those crosses in Mei-tan's hair?
Thank you for your work.
I love Nyaa-tan so much, her stupid faces are hilarious.
File: 21-1-orig.png (2MB, 2914x4305px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2914x4305px
By contrast if I don't reduce the size the pages become way better-looking, but each page becomes more than 2MB in size.

What should I do?
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I'm I the only one who never liked cock?
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shima-tan best girl
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I like her far too much.
boar is best giri
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Does shima-tan wears shimapan?
What filter/program are you using to resize them?
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I bought a Nyaa-tan Nendroid to show my support. Still waiting for it to ship
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I just tried resizing the page you posted in GIMP and got the same problem. Other programs I've tried produces good results with all filters. I don't know what it does differently from every other program, but it apparently does something. So one solution might be to use something else.

Alternatively, you can apply a small blur before resizing. Here's how it turns out using the normal 'Blur' filter.
Fuck GIMP. Try various imagemagick filters.
Yeah, that looks better, thanks.

I have no idea what you're talking about, but if you're talking about getting some other program I'll pass.
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Ram doujins when?
Based translator.
I want Munkey's and Wan's butts
Why is manga Nya-tan so much sexier.
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Mine shipped a few hours ago it seems, can't wait to set her up next to Sega Saturn-san.
Ia there a figure of her?
>I'm I the only one who never liked cock?

This is /a/, we all like cock here.
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Prettiest Rabbit.png
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Rabbit? More like RabBest
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>footfag bait
>best anything
Rat has best tits.
Cock best ass.
Cow best lust
Tiger best personality
Pig best des
>no doujin got scanlated
WELL, thanks for the mango.
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Thread images: 33

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