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Why do people always complain about Gilgamesh losing to Shirou?

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Why do people always complain about Gilgamesh losing to Shirou?
Because they're filthy secondaries that didn't read the VN.
Because they can't stand seeing their husbando humiliated.
I know it makes sense in the story and didn't really have any problems with it. But after H/A I fell in love with Gilgamesh and now hate that he lost to an autistic japanese ginger.
>after seeing cute kid Gil, I now like arrogant douchebag adult Gil
Even kid Gil thought that his older self was an asshole. It's just easier to think of them as two separate characters.
But he's the villain!
Well kid Gil is best boy for sure but adult Gil isn't terrible either. He's an asshole but he's not an asshole for no reason. Also his backstory with enkidu is pretty sweet.
I will admit that scene where he chats with Shirou in the Greater Grail's cavern makes him seem almost tolerable. Though I may be confusing my enjoyment of that conversation with my enjoyment of the one immediately afterwards where he walks into the Grail's mud and has to beg Shirou for help while Shirou laughs at him.
fujoshit domestic abuse victim detected

Kid Gil is best, though
I'm not even a fujo I just loved the backstory in CCC. I'll dump it after ai post this.
>Years passed, and that boy grew into a young man. I acknowledged that the gods’ fears had been correct. In only a few years he had become a different person. Despotism. Tyranny. Coercion. Levies. As much luxury as possible, to satisfy his own selfish desires. Why did it come to this, the people of Uruk lamented. We never thought it would go this far, the gods fretted.

>…But. I knew the reason for his transformation, I knew so well it hurt. When he was born, this conclusion was already made. He was alone, a creature neither god nor human. With the characteristics of both sides, his viewpoint ranged so wide and so far not even the gods could understand the things he saw. An excess of power lead to an excess of loneliness. Even so, he did not give up his place as king. He did not flee the purpose he had given himself. …what a powerful ego, I thought. He earnestly respected the gods, and loved humans. It was just that, in conclusion, he had chosen the path of abandoning the gods and hating humans.

>“You intend to punish me?”

>We met in front of the building where the ceremony of divine marriage was held.

>“That’s right. I’m going to set your arrogance aright with my own hands.”

>What I should have said was loneliness, not arrogance, but I couldn’t do that. I didn’t want to wound his pride. Our battle lasted days. I was a spear, an axe, a shield, a beast. With me, who can freely transform into all of creation, as his opponent, he mustered all of the power he could handle.

>“You — how can a mere lump of earth rival me!”

>Was it surprise or anger he felt, encountering his equal for the first time. In the midst of battle, he took his prized treasures in hand. I don’t think there was anything more disgrace for him than having to draw out the treasure he held so dear. At first he did it out of necessity, because he was cornered. But by the end he was throwing all the treasure he possessed into the fray, joyfully, holding nothing back.
Because they're gil fanboys.
>The battle — in whose victory did it end? He had emptied his whole treasury, and I had lost ninety percent of my clay. I must have looked thin and ragged, my shape held together only by my clothes. He opened his eyes and burst into laughter, then collapsed to the ground face-up. I fell to the earth to, and breathed deeply. Honestly, I couldn’t have moved more than once.

>“Both of us have only one move left. If we don’t defend as well, then I suppose we’ll be two foolish corpses lying here in the end.”

>I still don’t know the true meaning of those words. Did he want to say “so let’s end this in a draw”? Did he mean that would be foolish, there should only be one corpse? Whatever they meant, hearing those words, I collapsed to the ground as well, as if in imitation of him. Like a mirror, I thought.

>“Don’t you regret using up all that treasure?” I said for some reason.

>“What. Why shouldn’t I use them for an opponent who requires it,” Gilgamesh said in a cheerful tone.

>After that, I was always with him. The days seemed to run by.

>“There has been no stability in my treasury ever since you came here. I must have caught your stupidity to fight by throwing treasures.”

>He never would stop collecting things, but he did sometimes remember to use them. One of my few achievements.

>There was a monster called Humbaba. We combined our powers to defeat it. I asked him, why did you decide to defeat Humbaba? It wasn’t an order from the gods. And I don’t think it was for the sake of the people of Uruk either.

>“It was to protect Uruk though? If we don’t defeat all evil on the Earth, our people will starve to death.”

>So why, I asked again. He made the people of Uruk suffer by his tyranny, so why was he worried for them now?
>“It’s not so strange. I was born to be a protector of humanity, after all. Building the future of this planet is the king’s duty.” As he said that, his gaze was so far away. So far not even I, who was made in the same way, could see what he was seeing. “There are different kinds of protection. Just guarding things from danger is not protection. There are times when even the north wind is necessary.”

>This time, I understood him perfectly. “I see. So you preferred the path you saw here.”

>He laughed as if embarrassed. It was a laugh like a cool breeze, one he sometimes laughed as a child.

>…I understood why he preferred isolation. It was because the path he had chosen was one he had to walk alone. He said he was protecting a distant future he could see. That was why he had to be alone, hating gods and men. The more he loved the future of humanity, the less he could be involved with anyone. Arbitrator and reaper. The king obtains only the results. There was no way he, who was more than human, could intervene in the glorious process from which such results are born.

>“Well, results may be an uninteresting fabric, but I’ve decided to look after them until it’s finished, so I will.”

>His exaggeration was too much for me to bear, so I spoke. “I’m a tool. Something you don’t need pass judgment for. I can stay at your side until the end of the world.”

>“Ridiculous.” I think that was the first and only time he ever felt relieved. “Very well then — That is, — I mean.” So he continued.

>…it was then I was granted those precious words, like a shining star. That was when I truly gained a self.

>I’m reaching the end of my story. There was the rift between Gilgamesh and the goddess Ishtar, and the battle with the Bull of Heaven sent by Ishtar, and then the story of my death.
>The Bull of Heaven was driven off by Gilgamesh and his weapons, the dark clouds that had covered the world cleared, and the Earth was saved from flood. As punishment for defying the gods, I was made back into earth once more. He held me, that crumbling lump of earth, with all his might.

>“I won’t allow this. Why do you have to die? If someone must be punished, it should be me! All of this was my own selfishness!”

>The sky was still weeping. Unable to see, I offered him counsel. “You don’t need to be sad. I’m a weapon. Just one of all those treasures you have. You’ll find countless treasures after this, much better than I am. You see, there’s nothing so valuable about me that gives you reason to drench your cheeks like this.”

>That’s right. I was a weapon. A tool. Not like him. Though Gilgamesh was made as a child of the gods, he was a hero who defied them. He had a soul from the beginning. He had free will ever since he was born. A true life, unlike mine. A star, with real value, not a consumable like me. …I had always yearned for that. I hated it. Why, when we were made by the same gods, were we such different beings.

>“You have value! Value no one else has! I declare it here and now. In all the world, I have only one friend. So — that value will never change, for all eternity!”

>I was a weapon. As a weapon, I would be changed depending on the weapons of the next era. My value, my mystique, belonged only to my own era. He made that into something else. With the price that forever after he would always be lonely.

>…I remember those words. I remember him in that moment when I said I was a tool.

>“Ridiculous. You lived with me, spoke with me, fought with me. That’s not a person, nor a tool. That’s called a friend, Enkidu.”

>— Ah. How sinful.
>I knew he was weak but I never considered his weakness. I knew he was strong but I never recognized his strength. You can’t say I understood him. But he was completely sincere in keeping himself isolated. I left an eternal wound upon his dignity.

>The rain gradually lessened. I returned to my original form, the earth of the wasteland. All that remained afterward was the cry of the king, like roaring thunder. My story pauses here. I am a regret that has already vanished. What happens after this is your future. You, who are human unlike me, this is your story. …that’s why there are some things I want you to ask.

>Does he still love humans? Does he still remember the name of his friend? Has he stopped worrying about the faults of some far-off era yet, please —

CCC has some nice moments anyway
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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