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Lets have a shitpost free Madoka thread... I know, it's

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Lets have a shitpost free Madoka thread... I know, it's asking a lot.

Topic of the evening-
Most discussions about the upcoming movie have had speculation on how specific character relationships will pan out. Mainly, Madoka and Homura's is the one that has gotten the most speculation, being that Rebellion ended without much in the way of closure.
What I haven't seen speculated on very much, however, is the bunnycat. What role do you think Kyubey will play in this film, and do you think we will be seeing new stuff from the incubators? So far in the series we only have very vague notions of exactly who and what they are. It would be interesting to see their role in this universe fleshed out a little more. Do you think it's possible the incubators will be the main antagonists of the upcoming movie?
>Lets have a shitpost free Madoka thread
Good luck with that.

I don't think the incubators will be the main antagonists, atleast not for the first half of the movie. From what we saw at the end of Rebellion, there's no way QB foresaw what would happen, and he seems way too mindbroken by Homura to be an actual threat.

I do think he will have a significant role though, although I'm not sure how. Wasn't there rumors about Hitomi becoming a magical girl? If that's true, that would imply QB is still able to contract new girls.
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It was made clear that Kyubey is an enemy. Kyubey, in the state that he's in, might do something. Contract Hitomi perhaps? He can allow meguas to feel pain as shown when he downed Sayaka for an example.
>Lets have a shitpost free Madoka thread
then stop making this thread every fucking day you retard
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QB a poopy.
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That he is.
> upcoming movie
They really are milking this series to death, aren't they?
I agree that if he/they are the antagonists it will be for the later half of the movie. After Madoka's situation with Homura is resolved and she has her powers back. It do like the idea of War God Mami being pitted against the incubators over Homu. If anyone battles Homu directly I would prefer it to be Madoka... with the assumption they kiss and make up afterwards, of course.
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IMO there are two things that I can guarentee will happen:
1. Homura being "redeemed" and loved by Madoka.
2. Kyubey making a strong come back as the true "villian" of the franchise.
There's been the main series, a rerelease of the series in movie form, a sequel, and some manga's. I don't think they have gone too far...
Either way, its a great series. More Magucas is not a bad thing.
This, there can never be at least a decent thread nowadays especially when they're forced daily and drove everyone else away.
Unless the new project becomes some ridiculous season + recap movies + inconclusive 6th movie, I don't think there's anything to worry about. What Aniplex does to it's IPs shouldn't reflect on the quality of Quartets work. The concept movie and even the tone of Rebellion set up at the end portray a very final confict.
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I wouldn't really mind a new season. It would give them time to flesh out the characters more, and I feel like a good number of the main characters really could use it. It would also give them more time to explore the Homuverse without creating pacing problems.
He's actually more dangerous than ever right now.

1. He still retains all of his previous abilities (immortality, contracting, manipulation)
2. He retains his memories of the previous timeline and knows what Homura is.
3. He knows the Law of Cycles exists and how to capture it.

The second some poor meguca is tricked into helping him, it immediately sets up his return to power.
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>It would give them time to flesh out the characters
These are pretty standard Urobuchi characters. Mami is probably the least fleshed out and I assume any Nagisa development will be done along side Mami.

>It would also give them more time to explore the Homuverse without creating pacing problems.
They have no reason to explore a world they built with the intention to destroy. It can be assumed it's a mix of Madoka's wraith world and Homura's dream world. The problem with exploring the world is that it would essentially be rehashing Rebellion's first half.
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He isn't immortal. He just has a vast quantity of clones at his disposal. If karmic destiny is out of his power then he has to find a highly important girl so he may still have trouble going against Homuras magic.

I didn't forget about you.
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Never forget.
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Strictly speaking, he *is* just a vasts array of clones. Kyubey is a collective consciousness like the Borg, and to quote Jean-Luc Picard, one of them is no more an individual than your arm or your leg.
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>Implying he wont get Madoka to contract again, adding to Homura's mental anguish
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Can he recontract Madoka? Why didn't he contract timeline 2 Homura or why didn't she made contract with him?
>Kyubey is a collective consciousness like the Borg, and to quote Jean-Luc Picard, one of them is no more an individual than your arm or your leg.

Interestingly, you can argue that Homura's apprent enslavement of the Incubator race is actually a just punishment. Because the Incubator's are a collective hivemind, they share cuplability and guilt when their actions wrong individuals. Unlike the guiltess incubators at the end of the series, Homura allowed Kyubey to retain his memory, meaning the Incubator collective at the end of Rebellion is the same collective that intended to caputre and manipulate the Law of Cycles for their persona bidding. Kyubey is both aware of his crimes and thus his whole race is culpable.
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Good thing I chose wrong image as it didn't spoiler.
Kazumi Magica says you can recontract. On the second point, he constantly refers to Homu as an anomaly. When he thinks about it hard enough, he's show to be able to figure it out.
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Took him forever to figure it out.
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Don't pout!
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It's easy!
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I hope so.
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You can believe in me!
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Don't ever let the others cause you to despair, ok!
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I was never under the impression that what Homura did to the Incubators was unjust. Since they are a singular individual, punishing each of them is no different than inflicting a punishment against each of your cells, be it by incarceration or execution. If someone were to commit murder with his bare hands, would you suggest that his kidneys and liver should be allowed to "walk" free?
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Not what I expected.
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I post occasionally.
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Not you. A certain someone whoms name I can't say. Someone who was a bigger nuisance than even me. Someone that no one wanted to sit on.
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There he is.
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And I couldn't be any happier.

My hint was at the last sentence. Besides, why would I think Kevin-kun is a nuisance?
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He's jealous.
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>why would I think Kevin-kun is a nuisance?
He is to everyone else.

>that subtext
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The only other reaction image I could come up with on such short notice was of ponies[/spoilers].
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ponies are kind of lame you know.
I can hold u koko
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Why else do you think I didn't use it?
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