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Boku Girl Chapter 100 TL

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We've Reached The Stars

If you missed any of the chapters beforehand, check the archives.
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With your love, we’ve reached it.

Rapidly blooming performance of love.

(Thanks for following!)

Chapter 100: My Thoughts
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Mizuki: That dream…

(Loki no longer lives in a dorm)

Guess it was real after all.

Before the sand flows to the other side, it should already be decided…

Whether I’ll have a female or a male heart.

With that, my problems will disappear.

And I’ll meet Loki-chan.

What’s with me?
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Mizuki: Everything is simple!!!

From the very beginning I wanted to be a guy again, I always thought about it.

There’s nothing to ponder over…


That’s what’s right for me.

Let the sand flow, I’ve already made the decision.

There’s no reason for any hesitation…
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Mizuki: Oh!

(That’s right. When I was at home,)

(My heart had no rest)
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Mizuki: Is it me

Or did my breasts get bigger?

If I leave them, will they be like Fujiwara-san’s?

J-just interested.
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Mizuki: HA!

No, it can’t be like this.

What if I stand before Loki-chan and try to tell her: “I’m gonna be a guy”, and she would say…

Loki: How so, Mizuki-kun… Why do you have this body then, huh?

Fu-fu-fu… Even though your little mouth is saying those words, your body is waaay more honest.


Mizuki: No! I’ve accidentally became a girl just now…

You’re mistaken! I’m telling you, mistaken!

That won’t convince her.
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Mizuki: I should sort this all out.

I’ll confess to Fujiwara-san… Tell her my feelings.

(Good morning!)


Fujiwara: Oh, good morning, Mizuki-kun!

Mizuki: Hello!
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(Before a lot of random stuff happened when I tried to confess,)


Mizuki: I lo-lo-love

(But today I will do it)


I… I… I… Lo…





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Mizuki: Ice cream. You know, even though it’s cold, I’d love to eat one.


(TL Note: Mizuki jumped from “Ai” – Love, to “Aisu” – Ice Cream)

Fujiwara: Hmm!

If it’s someplace warm, I’d enjoy one too.


(Now I’ll be able to)

*clatter *

Mizuki: Fujiwara-san!

This… I…



How should I…
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Mizuki: You like eggs? When I cook I like to make them with a runny yolk.

Fujiwara: Let me think… I guess I like them hard-boiled.

That’s nice though, Mizuki-kun.

Ah! Right, the housekeeping. You’re getting ready for it, aren’t you?

Mizuki: Yes, something like that…




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Mizuki: I can’t say it.




Why don’t I have enough courage for a confession?

What should I do?


Maybe, if I set the mood right, then I’ll be able to do it?
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Mizuki: Imai-senpai…

Oh damn!


I’m in a male uniform right now!
I would like to thank OP in a not gay way
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Mizuki: Takeru…

They’ve been meeting with each other quite often lately…
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(I will be a guy again)

(Definitely will be)
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(I can’t stay like this…)

Sign: Valentine’s Fairy. If you’re having trouble confessing your love to someone

Mizuki: Valentine’s Day.
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Mizuki: This!!! This is it!!!

This is the way I should confess to Fujiwara-san.

By giving her chocolate I’ll express my feelings.

( I *heart* you)

Even though it’s the girls that are giving chocolate to guys, there’s nothing wrong if a guy makes such a gift.

Woah! There are so many kinds.


Which one should I choose?
dammit i already fapped today.
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Together: Ah, I’m sorry.

Mizuki: Hm?

(Hello there, Onee-sama)


(Next, making a chocolate treat with senpai?!)
Who said you can't do it again?
And this is it for today's chapter. Maybe it wasn't quite as pivotal as some expected, but fear not, the happenings are coming soon. Hopefully.
How did they get bigger
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Thank you for all your hard work!
They are slowly filling with hopes and dreams.
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So that's what Pomf is in russian...
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Mizuki's been soaking in hormones for the last year
I had no idea someone was doing the newer chapters besides Aereus. I've got fapping to catch up with!
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Thanks for the TL.
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YES! Thank you so much for this.
I'm starting to get really worried for Aereus, though.
>Boku Girl Live TL is back


although, Aereus has been absent for like 6 months. hope he's doing ok
Dykes get out
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Yeah, but at least Mizuki in the first 4 pages was awesome. Thanks again for keeping the hope alive.
I'm missing 59-99

Where are they?
I think the end of 103 is confession to Takeru
You should do these at night when the degenerates comes out. This is the first one I've caught outside the archives since Aureus died in a mysterious accident at the 24 hour store.
OP's probably in Russia or some shit. This is night to him. But yeah, he would get a lot more participation at like 11pm EST
So what happened to aerius how ever it's spelled?
He died. In one year's time we can officially hold his funeral.
Thank you for translating this.
Gods Work
bokunomanga.org and desustorage.org

The theory people have is he ragequit when someone beat him to the punch translating a chapter.
Oh, he was posting on /a/
He should have known the culture.

Still greatful for his work though.
So has the archive changed? Most of the images for chapters before 80 are deleted on desustorage.
Thanks anon! Keep up the good work
Thread posts: 50
Thread images: 27

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