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Form an anime Justice League

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Seven characters
Try to keep it interesting and balanced/not overly op.

Tenchi Masaki
The Dirty Pair
Lina Inverse
Zelgadis Graywords
Aisha Clan Clan
7 Saitamas
>not overly op
>first member is tenchi
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>not Shirou
Why does Wonder Woman always look like a man?
Light Hawk mode is so circumstantial man, every member of the team would have to falter before that shit would activate. Pretty sure he needs Tsunami as a catalyst also.
Shit thread, but I'll post anyway, desu.

Alright basic format of the Justice League is that you have a 1-2 "heavyweights" like Superman and Manhunter. You have 2-3 "middleweights" like Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonderwoman. The rest of your team should be "lightweights" like Batman, Mister Terrific and Arrow. Normally you have seven characters, but the number could be larger and you try for 1-2 girls for a romantic subplot shoehorned in.

If we don't give a shit about setting then...
Tien (DBZ)
Nanoha (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

Genos (OPM)
Shikamaru (Naruto)
Robin (One Piece)

Lupin (Lupin III)
Norman Burg (Big O)
The hardest part is picking a group that could all conceivably exist in the same setting and also all be willing to work together to tackle challenges they can't face alone, or just be willing to be a part of a group period.

My first pass at the list would be:

Saitama (OP powerhouse)
Jotaro Kujo (Charismatic specialist)
Endo Kanna (token female, comes with a major villain)
L (brooding detective)
Astro Boy (oldschool rep with a new spin)
Roger Smith (iconic mech representation)
Emiya Shirou (team duct tape, holds them together)

It needs a sarcastic comic relief like Green Arrow/Flash, but that's the closest I got. Anime doesn't feel set up for crossover plots.
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This guy in the middle. Might be overly OP tho.
Joseph Joestar
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a justice league.png
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Does whoever made that pic even know what the Justice League even stands for?
Wait, actually just take most of the cast of Concrete Revolutio. That'll work just fine.
>JUSTICE league
>Zelgadis instead of Amelia or Gourry.
Are you serious?
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Alright then

>Goku = Superman, barely a choice really
>Archer = Green Arrow
>Ryuko (KLK) = WW
>Saitama = MM?
>Lupin = Batman
>Genos = Cyborg
Can't reverse image search this, fuck fuck fuck fuck.
>He doesn't reconize the art-style
It's Shirou.
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>Magic swordsman half golem
>Mage trainee
Try this out:

Dunan and Briareos (Appleseed)
>stable and dependable power couple
Lamia (Betterman)
>sexy cool guy who's super powerful
Priss (Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040)
>quiet and aloof power-girl
Desert Punk (Desert Punk)
>rouge trouble-maker who tests the rules
Ikaros (Heaven's Lost Property)
>quiet strategist, ranged fighter
Sage (Ronin Warriors)
>mystic swordsman

Konota (Lucky Star)
>raging fangirl
If we were talking about power, Xellos would be better.
I mentioned Amelia because she always calls herself "A warrior for justice".

Kusanagi aka The Major
Teresa of the Faint Smile
Seras Victoria
Muh heroism/save people tier

Wild Tiger
Miyafuji Yoshika
Emiya Shirou
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Over Justice with 6 Inferno Cops
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>not overly op.
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I had fun thinking about this last time the thread came up. Wanted a good mix of psychos and moralfags, kids and adults, etc. for internal tension.

Sakazuki Akainu (hardass boss)
Seiryu Ubiquitous (redeemable(?) loose cannon)
Kaname Tousen (always the quiet ones)
Emiya Shirou (straight man, moralfag)
Erza Scarlet (aneki, moralfag)
L Lawliet (brains, moralfag)
Saitama (keeps Akainu and Tousen in check)
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Vash The Stampede
Nuku Nuku
Aries Mu
What would happen if kotomine
Fate zero caster
Illya and
True assassin would be in one team? Would shirou try to kill all of them instead of changing his ideals?
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I tried to pick functional equivalents to the Justice League's big seven's major archetypes.

Goku fits Superman's power niche naturally, but is also a bit more of a bloodthirsty classic hero, moreso in the dubs.

For Batman's human vigilante, I debated between Duke Togo and Lupin III. Golgo fits Batman's preparation angle better, but Lupin functions better as part of a team.

Wonder Woman is the divine/myth-based hero, and given Japan's predilections for running wild with whatever myths they could get their hands on, there's lots to choose from, but Saber being a sovereign and a swordswoman I think fits really well.

For Martian Manhunter's Psychic niche, I went with Jotaro Kujo. Star Platinum is functionally Superman with some wacky extra abilities like Star Finger and stopping time, much like Martian Manhunter is Superman with bonus powers.

For Aquaman's elemental hero equivalent, I picked Edward Elric. Alchemy's got a shitton of applications, but it's all coordinated through one technique. Plus using alchemy to weaponize his metal hand is like Aquaman manipulating water to make a weapon or a hook/another hand when he's missing a hand in certain stories.

For Green Lantern's cosmic hero, Nanoha Takamachi. Yeah, the space part of her series isn't terribly well-developed, but her powers being focused around Raising Heart fits the niche really well.

As to the Flash's equivalent, there are a lot of speedsters(and single-power oriented heroes in general) in anime. I was considering Joe Shimamura, but since Nanoha's on the team, I figured I bring on the speed-based Fate Testarossa too, since the GLs and Flashes are traditionally close, and Nanoha and Fate moreso, if you know what I mean.
gin (bleach)
soujiro (kenshin)
jack rakan (negima)
xellos ( slayers )
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All might
I'll beat your 7 Saitamas with 400 Saitamas!

You're not meant to fill an ensemble cast with characters of the exact same archetype.

Good taste in archetype, though.
hachiman = batman
Son Goku
Sailor Moon
Inferno Cop
Tetsuo Shima
Tomoko Kuroki
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>Guardians of the Galaxy
>having Simon not be the leader
>not just filling that block up with the Gurren lagan crew

File: check-dubms.png (86KB, 330x484px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you sure?
Great Saiyaman
Emiya Shirou
Vash the Stampede
Lina Inverse
Sailor Moon
and Adlet Mayer, the strongest man in the world
Make it a million and they'd still loose to King.
Great Saiyaman
Mumen Rider
Sentinel (Frankel Fran)
Mashiro Kuna
Kamen Rider
Kekko Kamen
Antispiral King
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Alternate Heroes.jpg
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Half /a/ and half /co/, but the idea stands.
Sailor Moon
Sailor Venus
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mercury
>not overly op
>Lina Inverse
>Half /a/
Nah, this is completely /co/ or maybe like 5% /v/
Matou Sakura
Sakura Kyouko
Kinimoto Sakura
Shinguji Sakura
Inami Sakura
Naruto Sakura
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too long in paint.png
866KB, 975x700px
Saitama for Superman
Hei for Batman
Accel for Flash
Birdy for Wonderwoman
Dandy for Martian
Kiritsugu for Arrrow
Guts for Aquaman (because boat)
>Negi, Illya, Killua, Gohan interacting

Animu pls, I want this so bad.


>Lord Genome
> Evil

Reminder that league should be 5 godlike entities, one tactician, and one guy that is more powerful than the others combined that works comms
Thread posts: 56
Thread images: 20

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