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Hardmode: No Keit-Ai because it's an actual thing now. No

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Hardmode: No Keit-Ai because it's an actual thing now. No variants either.
>A regular high-school student meets a strange girl...
>who falls in love with his cock
>No Keit-Ai because it's an actual thing now

Really? I need a source
He memein' on you bruh

>Can I resist the taste of human flesh and blood?

After coming home from work one day, a salary man discovers his family brutally killed by an intruder. However attempting to take down the killer ,the man realizes it is not even remotely human, after his kitchen knife breaks against it's skin. Preparing to join his family in the face of death, he is saved by a mysterious organization, the choice is either lose his job to due insanity brought on by the circumstances and become a homeless person or join up with them to avenge his family and others he does so. The organization has discovered a means for him to actually attack and destroy any supernatural creature they encounter which are documented in their encyclopedias, they have to turn our MC into one of them and can easily turn him back into a human. However there are strict conditions, the most important being if he wants these powers to strike back at what goes bump in the night our main character must never succumb to the urge of eating human flesh which grows incredibly strong the more he uses and when he does his humanity will virtually vanish and the monster will take over.
An alternate history about what would Japan be like now if they also had black slaves had been shipped over there in the past. It would center around the racial tension between the blacks and the Japs.
EP 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_rz1bluG_k
>A guy goes home to realize that his little sister..!
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it was a team effort
kung fu cats in feudal japan.
>magic has the power to cause great damage to enemies from a distance
>bring sword to a magic fight
>complain about not using that sword

he deserves that he gets
>the high school student is also a girl
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In certain town there occur a weird phenomenon where a teenager killed themselves. The rate of death is getting higher every day. The story was about a CSI-like team doing investigation of this weird occurrence.

One day they caught one high schooler that tries to kill himself. They interrogate him and finally knows as to what the reason of the suicidal behavior.
They thought that they have the power to go back to a certain point of their lives

Was it a disease or there's a mastermind that imprints this kind of mindset to the teenager in town? Find out more on Re:zero thread.
Witch squadron

In a world where only females can use magic MC-kun also cannot use magic. But he's still a pretty good soldier regardless raising through the ranks as a excellent commander. The government takes note and puts him in command of a squad of magic users comprised of the top ranking female students of their academy. Their magical ability is without question but they are all a bit unstable in their own ways.

MC now must make them into the best squad of magic users while also becoming the father that these girls never had.
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>an autist lonely guy kills himself and is reincarnated as a loli. She becomes the imouto of a guy similar to what he was before killing himself.
>Will she be able to save him?
>but not really, because that would be a shitty story
turns out the mysterious girl is a guy
So daughterfus everywhere?
How would MC compare to Big Boss in terms of abilities by the way?
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No one would be a shut-in if they had an imouto.
>only females can use magic
Already dropped

would you watch?
I have a friend who is a literal shut-in an has a kawaii imouto

Huh, so I guess I don't exist then
An unnamed country is at war with another unnamed country.MC is a whiny bitch who got drafted.After the first fight his entire squad is decimated,but they are saved by a group of veterans.They take MC with then for reasons,and its showed that the leader of vets is fucked in the head after the enemy killed his wife.Also the entire squad has some kind of disability (a deaf sniper,neurotic qt as LMG gunner etc.).There is also leaders' daughter,that is regularly raped by him.They have some fights,MC falls in love with the daughter.Then shit hits the fan,they fight a large group of enemies,squad gets slowly destroyed and in the end only MC,the daughter and the leader survived,buy the leader is dying and says that MC should take care of his daughter and other generic shit,then dies.Then the pair escapes from the war,and live together.
Alright, so some studious male kid has no friends until he meets some teenage goth chick older than him. He slowly becomes an edgy piece of crap, until their roles are switched and she's the responsible one who has to set him straight? You know, for that soci-motional conflict that always happens in anime?
MC is a small class space pirate barely making a living in the deep dark reaches of space. After holding up a small vessel the MC finds a small bracelets that he grown fond of. Turns out that bracelet was a mcguffin that two gigantic galactic empires want to have putting MC front and center of a conflict that spans the galaxy. MC has to make friends, kill enemies, and explore places that others dare not explore just to survive and hopefully finally make it big in the galaxy also the MC is a cute girl
little boy discovers the secret world of cross-dressing-assassins.
>inb4 orpheus or izanagi

Two lovers fall in love, and despite huge residence from their families, get married. The waifu gets assassinated with poison because someone wants these two shitty families to keep fighting, and the protagonist goes through some crazy fairy tale trails to enter a magic cave, where the god of death resides. After encountering a zany cast of an ogre, a failed samurai-turned-manhore, and a pro-wrestler, he manages to reach the end of the cave where the god lives. The god is moved by his plight, and resurrects the waifu, under the circumstances that he not look at her until they leave the cave. You know where this is going.

They are about to exit the cave, when some jelly side character who was suppose to marry the waifu, tries to assassinate MC. Wife jumps in front of the blade and wrecks the assassin, causing MC to accidentally look at her.

She's a full on zombie. MC takes one look at her and kisses her, maggots and all. And then they live happily ever after and the show becomes a rom-com.

I cry.
The main character is 40 years old farmer that's hired by the government to infiltrate a girl only high school so he needs to desguise as a girl, he also has a gay squirrel that follows him everywhere and with it he finds out that all the girls are in fact boys that are desguised as girls and that was a plan of a certain rich man that created the school to show off that he isn't a mysoginist but in fact he is so he hired all of the boys to desguise as girls.
The government needed to send the farmer because the rich guy has intel on a scandal because they exploded two towers and they blackmailed the government. The farmer is also a kung fu master and he needs to beat down the student council along with the administration but in order to do that he absolutely needs to get a certain grass that only grows in the school next to this one to make all of the students to fall asleep before beating them. and he also goes to kindergardens and lies to little boys and tells them to wear bombs and tell them they will fly when they press the button in the high school and with that he destroys half the administration and his ultimate goal is to steal the administration's money to make himself another farm because his wife broke up with him and he needs another farm.
>I'm a fire fighter
MC is a 26 year old firefighter, after an eathquake strikes Japan he goes with a rescue party search for people stuck in the debris. While rescuing a mother and her daughter he got hit by a huge debris and died... Or that's what he thought, instead when he woke up he finds himself in the center of a throne room surrounded by guards, mages, a king and an angry god. It seems that the legendary hero of this kingdom died while fighting a beast, they tried to ressurect him but got MC instead. God is angry because there's no way ressurect people, so the magic backfired and summoned another version of the hero from a parallel universe (a.k.a. MC), so while god is trying to fix this mess, MC must act like he's the hero in order to calm people. The drawback is, MC don't have any of the hero physical and magical prowess, and, irocally, he can only use fire magic, so he has to develop methods to fight using fire as his weapon.
>Magic academie #534
>Mc being the weakest
>First half of first episode just as any other magic harem school anime with tripping on boobs and wrong bathhouse
>Female tsundere mc just randomly challenging mc to a fight in arena because he saw her patsu desu~
>nextday in arena they are supposed to fight and random villian appears
>as he strikes to biggest attack mc draws a waifu poster out of scabbard and turns out, that he is actually the main villian and just wanted a harem
>other villian goes to another academia because he is chill with mc
>story goes on as slice of life comedy of mc trying to accomplish a harem while learning magic
>Oh no! Everyone loves me!
Japanese Student Daremo Kinshinai is a nerd with top grades and unexpectedly good looks, who likes nothing more than being alone and playing minigames. However, an harem of girls constantly tries to get with him! Watch as he is completely oblivious to them literally asking for his dick inside them for 4 season until he finally gets with the girl that was pure and everyone's waifu and fucks her like a rabbit that drank redbull for 10 consecutive episodes as his entire harem consisting of: Hilariously busty transfer student from Germany, ara ara milf sensei, red haired tsundere girl, blue haired kuudere girl, green haired genki girl, his loli sister, his onee-san, his shota brother who looks like a girl, pink haired abusive girl, his mother, all kill themselves after losing him!
>A war between Magician and Machines destroyed the world and turned it into a wasteland of mana and metal.
>MC is a laid back veteran and Hero of the Mage & Machine War traveling and doing odd jobs to make enough money to get food and move on to the next location helping Machines and Magicians alike in SoL adventures.
>MC later has to face two of his old friends who want to continue the war, one is a Magician and the other a Machine and both run the two largest factions in the post-war world.
>entire plot revolves around a guy in his mid 20s
>he lives alone in a small one man apartment
>no job
>no life
>no family
>every episode but the first and last episode are flashbacks from his earliest childhood, happiest memories all the way up to present
>he realizes everything is gone
>he kills himself in the last episode
A composer spent his whole life working on a single composition, but dies before its completion. His estranged son finds the unfinished work and sets out to learn what inspired his father to write each movement, and complete the finale himself.
the only good ones itt
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Urusei Yatsura remake in the vein of Osomatsu-San. Show all the characters grown-up and have plenty of cute adult hijinx.
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I wanted to do this as a comic or something but I'm never gonna do shit with my life so might as well post it

a dyslexic kid that loves drawing has vague memories and pursues little glimpses of his life towards an answer to who he is, only to find out he was made as a very complex organism to compile information of the universe, whilst also discovering that he is only 1 of various production models that do the same thing only to see the universe from beginning to end as a means to determine when the universe began to end and observe these cycles

at the end the boy fuses with the other models and goes back to the first cycle, when trying to jump through the cycles he realizes he won't make it and dies when arriving at this "zero" reality... then he introduces the concept of time for the beings in this reality by accident by bringing a broken clock , thus starting an epidemic and also serving as the base for the models to find out why the universe began to end
>MC just graduated high-school, though he's about to go into Tokyo-U to study medicine, he has no real direction in life

>gets a multimedia message on his smartphone, timedate says it was made two days in the future and its a picture of a dead body

>he freaks out, goes to show it to the cops, but everytime he gets lost

>tries to talk to someone and ends up going "eh nevermind"

>he eventually passes out on the train

>wake up with the dead body in front of him, its in the same pose as from the picture, but its one of the people he talks to

>as the series goes on, he gets a picture of a dead body, only for another person that he interacts with to wind up in the same position, usually after he wakes up

>realizes everytime that he goes to sleep, the murder will happen sooner

>decides that the only way to stop it is to kill himself, but everytime something stops him

>at the end of season one he becomes a surgeon, since the people who die are people he meets, he guesses that he can save them as a doctor

>uses his skills to be in the right place and perform black-jack esque street surgeries to save people
I actually really do have a good story but if I tell anyone besides the 2 friends I have told, I'm afraid it'll be stolen by some anon scoundrel. After I get on decent antidepressants, I really want to write it as a novel and have my friend at least draw it in manga form.
don't worry anon, its shit
Oh boy, I can tell you I know it's not. And I haven't seen anything like it before. You're not getting me to spill the beans by offending me and making me wany your approval, ya fucking scoundral.
Cute cakes doing cute things
Baker sensei
why did you bother to post then?
you do realize you have to go through quite a bit of effort to do that no?
its shit, you're just not confident enough
you don't even need to be specific with it
more like
I'm very confident. But it's a bitch to have an original idea and find out it's not actually original. I just want to get back to feeling decent and motivated before I start writing it, but I'm hyped as shit.
Nothing is original in this world anon.
If there's another story similar to what you had in mind, read it and try to figure out it's strong and weak points and use them as basis to upgrade your own story.
You need critics on every story anon. It wouldn't sell otherwise.
I mean I don't want it stolen and used. Although I can't write it out for real yet, I have a notebook with tons of world details, character names, events, history, SOME excerpts and detailed descriptions of fighting styles, combat scenes and visuals of the world. A true work of autism.
you just sound like those deviantart fags that watermark shit to oblivion their sonic the hedgehog ocs
Four hopeless hiki/neets with no friends but each other hang out endlessly in a semi-abandoned MMO game where they all have adorable futa-loli avatars. There was a glitch in alpha where you could rapidly click the Male and Female choice button and get a combined body model, which was later patched out of the retail release. These four are the last ones on the server with the alpha glitch body type, and they like having the distinction.

One day they meet up with a very strange girl, who they save from a monster. She tells them she's from another dimension, and that she's been searching for heroes to defeat the Dark Lord of Chaos who is destroying her homeland. Thinking she's a quest NPC they agree, only to find themselves teleported to a Fantasy Kingdom by the girl, who reveals herself to be the Last Holy Fairy.

Not realizing she was in a game world, the Holy Fairy incarnates the four would-be heroes in thier game avatar modes... futa bits and all.

Now the four have to learn to use thier new bodies (not like that), control thier powers, and seduce the Evil Lord's generals. Subdue! Subdue the Evil Lord's generals. Right.
You call it autism, I call it normal project.
I mean, it isn't any different when I make a game with plot, besides the fact that I need to do the programming and follow the planned schedule.
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A romance comedy designed specifically designed to make /a/ take them as waifus then in the second season it will go full NTR and the MC ends up with the worst girl possible who is pregnant with another mans child.

Then i'd watch /a/ on fire
Nothing like that at all, just paranoid about having something good stolen.

That sounds incredibly sexy.
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futa office lady.png
360KB, 1052x1500px
I would turn pic related into a 26 episode SOL comedy about a virgin futa office lady who can't find a boyfriend.

Its not original ideas, but original executions.

The thing is, what makes a story good is how authentic and real it feels. Something can be about the most generic subject matter or derived from the most basic concept and end up providing an engaging narrative that people want to follow.

Meanwhile, something can have a lot of concepts that are arranged in a new way but be done in a way that is completely trite or uninteresting.

The best comparison is the Carrie movies. They are both adaptions of the same work, but the first movie uses a lot of tricks in editing and scene construction to really draw you into the sensation of shit getting real, whereas the newer movie ends up being blocked in a very utilitarian matter and its focus is more on highschool drama than the tones about growing up in an abusive, insane environment and clashing with the emerging reality of getting closer to being an adult and needing to interact with the world, on top of how irrational and ritualistic humans can be.
A Yandere boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina that makes him be able to leave his body and use others. Blinded by obsession, he immediately went into the girl body, and in overjoyed he masturbated for hours.

But, the next day, when the boy went to school, her death was announce. After realizing what he just did, he went mad and go on a rampage of stealing others body to make his life easier. In fact, he even killed his on family, who has been looking out for him, who too is blissfully unaware of his power.

Madness ensue as he slowly became more powerful in life using his power, he was then one day shot, by an unknown perpetrator, to just woke up on his spiritual trans, realizing human body is simply a husk, he continues his plan in a more aggressive manner, the resurrection of the girl a creation of another deus ex machina. DRAMA ensues as he realize he have led life into destruction, and to live the next million years of his life alone. the life on earth slowly returns and he began questioning the nature of evolution.
This was my favorite type of plot from the 90s.
A successful hero in a fantasy world gets run over by a horse carriage and is reborn in the normal world as fat, smelly neet
an /a/non falls in love with his waifu
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>Rom-com harem show.
>The trap wins.
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In the not too distant future, full CG anime will be the norm.
A group of fresh out of college kids take out loans to start an animation company in hopes of re-popularizing traditional 2d animation.
They later find out that the company they took out loans from is run by the yakuza as a loan sharking operation.
In order to keep themselves alive and in one piece, they must produce a smash hit anime to pay back their high interest loans.
Interesting for an OVA/manga oneshot.
The year is 2026. North Korea, Russia and China have declared war on Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

The MC's a young adult who was just getting his life together after he graduated from High School when the first nukes hit the Japanese homeland, decimating most major cities and killing tens of millions.

The first few episodes largely revolve around the MC being mostly alone in the ruins of Tokyo having a psychological breakdown, shortly after the city has been destroyed, having flashbacks of how good life used to be and confronting the horrors of reality.

After a few episodes in the Americans finally make a landing on Japan, the few survivors, including the MC are evacuated.

Timeskip five years in the future where the war is still ongoing and growing more devastating on both sides, the MC, after years of therapy, has been enlisted in an American secret service with the goal to assassinate people of power in Russia, North Korea, and China with a small trained squad putting on the ruse of being travelling businessmen from China with completely fake identities.

Everything looks like it's going to plan, but little does the MC's squad, or the secret service know that the MC is a walking time bomb. The things he saw after the nuke dropped down on Tokyo ruined him deep down, and the closer he is to confront the people who destroyed his life, the more vulnerable he is to snapping.

The story mostly revolves around what the main character's thinking and why he's doing what he's doing rather than the bigger picture in general, everything foreshadows that the MC's eventual breakdown at some point and screw everything up or not being able to do what needs to be done. The war starts to become more irrelevant in the story as the it starts to focus more on the MC's descent, and the MC's squadmates slowly starts to realize he could cost them the war , which concludes in a face-off between the MC and the three closest people he could call friends.
I really like this.
In the end you never get any closure about the outcome of the war.
A MC from a fantasy world is teleported to the crime-ridden sector of Osaka. His powers are suddenly sealed so that he cannot return and he fucks up his attempts to blend in with society repeatedly, due to having no legal identity. He manages to land a tiny apartment and a slave-tier job, but it so broke he winds up resorting to using his knowledge of stealth and his remaining, limited powers to steal. Some yakuza take notice and assist him in going from fantasyland's greatest hero to the most feared thief and assassin in the criminal underworld.
>mc is on an action LN adaptation
>no harem
>love interest only comes in the end of the story
MC loses all his body parts and all those body parts turn into cute girls

he has to make his body part-chans fall in love with him if he ever wants to become whole again

also he starts out as a skeleton
A ridiculous comedy that makes no sense starring the fictional great grandson of the deceased Adolf Hitler, who's a massive weeaboo and lives in a shitty apartment in Osaka living the "otaku dream".

Even though he's a massive liberal with very left-wing beliefs, he gets worshiped by Japanese neo-nazis who constantly flock outside his apartment cheering at him, sending him love letters and giving him free shit, claiming that he'll run for politics and "bring the fourth reich"

The MC despises this and just wants to read manga in peace but his daily life keeps on being disrupted by these neo-nazi clowns who do ridiculous things to get his attention.

The MC then gets put on a watchlist because the government thinks he's the leader of a fascist terrorist group.

Shenanigans ensue as the MC's life and reputation are completely destroyed by fanboys who paint him to be a big awesome fascist dictator who will overthrow the government. They ruin his life in ridiculous and hilarious ways. The general population hates him or are afraid of him, and nazis worship him wherever he goes.

Enough is enough when he gets banned from his favorite manga store, and he realizes that he has to do something about it. The MC raises an army of authoritarian liberals to take down this rampant horde of neo-nazis in a very over-the-top, offensive parody of the holocaust.

In the end the MC's given a medal of honor for stopping racism world-wide and is allowed back in his favorite manga shop.
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but with anime.
A neet hikkikomori boy who only plays videogames all day is transported to a medieval fantasy world after being hit by a truck on his way back home don't ask me why a hikki was outside, that's how it works.

He gets a harem/party of cute girls to help him kill the overlord and return to his home planet.

MC is a middle schooler who loves to paint and is aiming to get into a competitive private arts high school. He has four friends at his school, one guy and three girls. The girls are all in love with him for various reasons (one is a childhood friend, another is from his art club, and the third is the school idol). The girls all want to go out with him and be his muse, but the guy is more concerned with getting into this school and remaining on good terms with everyone than dating anyone right now, with his male friend acting as the voice of reason for the group.

The boy learns that he can win a scholarship to the school (his family is too poor to afford it normally, so the scholarship is the only way he can get in) if he wins an art contest and sets out to win by submitting several of his paintings for an art show. For this, the girls all volunteer to be muses for the work. This sets them to compete with one another, each one trying to make herself look better and to undermine the others.

While this sounds like generic haremshit, the issue is that the competition between the girls mostly results in bad things happening to the guy (one girl sets up a prank and the guy gets hit by it, for example). This continues on and on, and it starts to affect the guy. He doesn't want to cost his friendship with any of them, but he's not sure how to get them to settle their differences. The series follows the group as the harem antics mostly cause stress and anxiety for the guy, which isn't helped that he's in a very stressful time in his life.
A young boy and his friends form a tabletop games club at their high school. Shenanigans ensue as the gang plays a Dungeons and Dragons clone, adventuring through a fantasy realm with their fantasy personas.
One day, MC-kun and his friends walk into school to find that their characters have found their way into the real world, and have transferred into their high school! Hijinks are abound as the MC and his friends get into all sorts of wacky situations with their characters.
However, at some point, non-player characters find their own ways into the real world. Questgivers, shopkeepers, and nameless goons come first, but soon the fantasy world's greatest heroes and villains come into ours. Will the MC and his band of high-schoolers and fantasy adventurers be able to defeat the big bad and save the world?!

>Drama, Slice of Life

I kind of just came up with this off the top of my head, I can make up some more stuff if you guys want.
An ecchi shonen/comedy. The main character is Lucifer, the Lord of the Underworld, and the underworld isn't really as bad as the surface makes it sound. It isn't hellish or flaming, it's mostly full of tropical beaches and resorts.

Lucifer has six hundred and sixty six wives who dote over him, though he only shows interest in seven of them.

all 666 of his wives hate eachother and are plotting and trying to kill eachother for Lucifer's love. Shenanigans ensue. also all of his wives range from qt lolis to big busty women and so on and all have powers.

lucifer's also a beta.
Guy loses his arm in a car accident. Can't fit a prosthetic for a while because he needs one custom made to his particular injury. Scars on the face aswell, but not too bad. His parents and sister were killed in the accident.

The fact that he is a cripple means he can't make many friends in high school.

He is a virgin obviusly, incredibly bitter toward life in general, considers suicide in the first episode, has to deal with the phantom pain from losing his family and his arm. Whilst trying to adjust to high school life and fit in with his godparents.

He meets a mentally unstable girl in his year who was ostracised from her friends

they form a bond due to their circumstances

She screws him around a bit but he eventually finds happiness from sadness
Enjoy paying over 600 voice actors.
I feel like it could be better if you cut the supernatural stuff entirely and just made it a slice of life with 5 guys fooling around and the shenanigans they get up to in game, showing how they are quiet nerds in school but boisterous lads in the game
A german reich task force sent to the fantasy world.

Kind of like GATE but without those winning hearts and minds bullshit. Just pure conquest and securing more living space for Deutschland!
By german reich taskforce do you mean cute girls in nazi uniforms?
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Cute necromancer* and her skeletal companion are thrown into the midst of a giant conspiracy when the country's leaders are discovered to have been researching rituals for immortality while also blaming witches and necromancers /etc

Think witch hunts + evil scheming + talking skeleton making bone jokes
I think the supernatural stuff lets you add some interesting circumstances. What happens when one of the characters falls in love with someone who's the physical manifestation of a figment of his imagination?
I also wanted to turn the "People are transported into a game" trope on its head since you don't really see its reverse all that often.
A bunch of young role-players role-playing in the woods accidentally kill an innocent elderly man when they threw a rock at his head while pretending he's a big bad Orc.

The roleplayers, who are only children are absolutely scared, and because they're naive, they convince themselves not to go back home because they think they will be caught by police.

Their roleplay eventually becomes reality as a bunch of scared children build shitty forts out of mud and sticks in the woods, have sticks they fling as words and rocks, and really crude traps.

Officials start searching for a missing old man and come across the children, who are completely terrified that they'll get in trouble and start beating the shit out of these officials and taking them hostage.

the entire time they're calling these officials/police officers "filthy orcs and goblins" and treating them horribly. the prisoners are kept in a mud hut with the rotting corpse of the old man.

Shit starts to get absurd and retarded when police are given authority to get the prisoners back by any means necessary even if they have to kill. You have police officers and trained swat teams with guns and high grade weaponry beating the shit out of scared little children, and scared little children dropping rocks from trees killing officers

it's really gorey and becomes an edgy meme anime for gruesome depictions of children being killed and police officers being dismembered violently.

random children start to run away from home to join these kids.
fling as swords*
I like the idea a lot, and honestly it could be split into two very distinct animes with focus on either aspect.

I feel as though the SOL elements and the fantasy/action elements may mesh poorly with each other though.

Would there be scenes of them playing DnD each episode or would they stop playing DnD once the characters manifest?

On an unrelated note, there aren't enough male oriented SOL animes.
That's the anime protag we need, but do not deserve.
I haven't put a ton of thought into it, but I think it could be interesting to see the players playing DnD with their PCs.
I'm not sure how well those two elements would fit together, but I think it's been done to varying levels of success before. I think Log Horizon (just using this as an example because it's a similar genre) had slice of life elements that worked well enough with the action sequences. Obviously I'd hope this would be better executed than Log Horizon (especially S2).
And yeah, I totally agree.
A boy falls in love with a girl. Unable to confess, he makes a wish that he could know her better. An asshole genie grants this wish in an assholish way. The genie turns him into a girl whenever he gets within 100 meters of her. If he can get to know her well enough to ask her out, he'll stay himself and not transform. Can he make friends with the girl of his dreams in his female disguise? Will the girl return his feelings? What about his best friend who is in love with his female form? Will his life ever get back to normal?
Although it could work on PC I think it would work better if it was an actual board with figures, because then they could see how the figures look like the people they see in real life.
PCs meaning player characters
>A normal boy lives a normal life with his three friends
>Suddenly a girl is transfered to the class
>Proceed to declare the MC his rival
>They were in a time loop the whole time and the girl thought that MC was the cause of it
>Proceed to repeat the same day 26700 times until they discover who the one causing the loop is
>End together

Zero no Maria anime never, not like anyone could possibly adaptate it in a decent way
since we're on the time travelling bullshit hypetrain
>in a certain point in time, humanity is invaded by aliens
>99% of the world's population gets killed in a matter of months
>the last remaining scientists at the MIT somehow discover that the way the aliens are so advanced is due to time travel
>aliens kept jumping back in time to ancient times to explain their ancient races how their technology advanced, and so make a technological leap that would turn them into galactic dictatorial regime
>something something someone salvages one of these time machines and decide to do the same
>every episode would be about several science teams going back in time and making technological leaps to critical periods in history (industrial revolution, the renaissance, etc) to prepare for the incoming invasion in the present
Wow I had that completely wrong, I was thinking 'the fuck is this guy talking about?'

Turns out I was the idiot, feels bad
File: image_1.png (262KB, 700x573px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not slowly conditioning your imouto to be a shut-in
>not watching her fall deeper and deeper into degeneracy
A 12 episode SoL

In a kingdom where there are no conflicts or enemies, a bored group of knights always meet in the local pub of their castle town in the evening, shooting the piss and complaining about how nothing ever happens and they've never been in a real fight. There has never been a war in centuries because there is no conflict, and thus everything has and always been peaceful.

The anime mostly just revolves around a group of bored knights getting into shenanigans around town, getting drunk, pretending to be bigshots, and all around just having banter and being friends while looking like a bunch of clowns who lack self-awareness to the general public.

However in the last two episodes, a conflict actually does arise. A necromancer raises an army of dead people who's corpses magically came out of no where.

The knights finally get the action they've always wanted! But, they don't know what to do and they're all hungover or drunk.

A bunch of hungover, drunk, stumbling, half-unconscious knights who don't know how to fight manage to inadvertently take down this evil necromancer and save their kingdom, and in the end they hit the pub and go back to being a bunch of drunk baffoons who make fools out of theirselves and complain about things.
Okay, I got it now. Let me begin: This is story about
File: 1445377488368.jpg (24KB, 369x434px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 369x434px
No sweat dude, same acronym.

Also, another idea:
>XCOM: the Anime
>XCOM: the Anime

You just gave me a great idea.
Monster Hunter: the Anime
Literally Kanete Aizen.
It's morning and MC-kun wakes up to a girl screaming "Onii-chan! You will be late for magic battle academy!" Something is wrong, that is not his reality as he remembers it, but he just goes on as he realizes that his dream of having powers and being followed by a group of beautiful girls has come true.
In school he starts to develop feelings for a girl who is kind of harsh at him at times (read: a "tsundere") while he wins every battle tournament and is the highest ranked student. He could have given up on trying to remember his past life, but a mysterious new student who recently transferred to Magic Battle Academy tells him the truth: He tried to kill himself, assisted by his psychiatrist who gave him a pill that just left him unconscious so "they" (a group of scientists the girl is part of, but disagrees with their methods) could use him for research. Long story short: they're fucking with his brain trying to control the body-mind connection and being able to digitalize the latter. She asks him if he wants this to stop and the case to be made public. MC-kun goes on a crisis.
The girl gives our hero a cellphone-shaped special device to communicate in between worlds, since she can't be with him all the time: Whatever his decision is, she will respect it.
What will he do? Will he try real life again, throwing his dream world away? What is "real life"

Ore no Battle Harem wa Deus Ex ka desu
A pretty, mysterious girl transfers into MCs class. She doesn't talk to anyone and is reluctant to get to know him. After a few days they begin to develop a friendship, but MC is worried about her detachment. On his way home, something supernatural happens, he us attacked by monsters called youkai. The transfer student is magical girl and saves him. Their friendship grows stronger after he is almost killed. More girls come along, challenging transfer student for MCs affection and transfer students territory. One girl dies in the process. Suffering brings them closer. In the end MC mercy kills transfer student after a final kissu hopefully this is the /a/ killer
>low fantasy feudal japan type country
>magic and fantastical creatures exist they're just not running around everywhere like in an elder scrolls game
>emporer funds expedition to look for japanese version of fountain of youth/magical mcguffin in far away foreign land
>MC is a thief/peasant opportunistic/greedy type that gets a lowly job on expedition ship like a cook or deck cleaner of some shit
>expedition searches for clues about location of fountain/magicmcguffin in foreign land maybe some middle eastern country or something
>MC happens to be in the right place at the right time and steals key piece of info/map thing that has directions to fountain
>MC is hunted down by expeditions military group
>MC is constantly trying to blend in foreign culture/environment while being chased by expedition
>more people find out about expedition and the MC's map to fountain
>gradually turns into a bloodier version of its a mad mad mad mad world without the humor and set in medieval society/feudal japan
I know that this seems kind of cliche and cheesy but I just wrote this down off of the top of my head
It's what it would have been if it were more than three chapters.
>40 yo farmer
>infiltrate a girl only high school
>also has a gay squirrel
>gay squirrel
I stopped reading after that because I was dumbfounded by the sheer brilliance of your post, well memed sir! Well memed indeed!
MC is a neet loser playing a fantisy/apocalypse rpg/shooter game then his computer is stuck by magic lighting and he falls uconsense.when he wakes up he discovers that body now is that of his game character(A 7ft tall,tanned, blonde, techno-warrior woman with big boobs) with all the skills,guns and gear that she had before the lightning . leaving his apartment he then finds that the game monsters such as maneating plants, toxicbugs and killer robots have come from the game and are invading.
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SoL about people playing MMOs.
A girl falls in love with another girl and confesses to her, getting rejected. The girl spreads rumors about the MC, which leads to her getting bullied. She tries to get help, her parents are too caught up in their own problems to care, and the teachers just give her worthless advice. Things get worse and she starts having suicidal thoughts. One day she's standing on the edge of the roof of the school, thinking about jumping off when she hears crying coming from the other side of the roof. Curious, she investigates and finds another girl there, who is also considering suicide. The two of them make a pledge to kill themselves together in a way that will make international news. However, as they plan it, the two grow closer together, and start to have second thoughts on killing themselves.

What the fuck why is this allowed? ;_;
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2MB, 2000x1414px
>protagonist decides to enlist in the military, thinking it'll be an easy enough job with some benefits
>first bit is a SOL with workin' out, shootin', drivin', paperwork and banter between recruits
>second bit goes full "war is heck" mode after the protagonist and some of their new friends are actually sent out to operate under a ruthless loli CO who swears like a sailor
>the comfy is replaced by tension and PTSD as they get cut off behind enemy lines and find that plot armor.exe doesn't really work
>final episode reveals that everything was being read by the protagonist's imouto out of a bloodstained journal on christmas eve
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A boy enters a run-down tea shop to start his first day of work.

What he finds instead, however, is its owner collapsed on the ground in a heap. Panicking, he dials 119 on his cell, only for her to suddenly wake up and slap it out of his hands. She confesses that she's not only uninsured but also broke. That, and her condition is untreatable anyways.

After a moment of hesitation, she follows with an even bigger confession. She is a god, and this tea shop is her sorrowful excuse for a shrine. Long ago, the gods of Japan had turned to business and commerce as a new source of faith. In fact, all of the biggest companies in Japan have the backing of a major god behind them. However, there are also unfortunates like her who have been less successful. In fact, for the past few years, her only customer and only source of faith had been the boy himself, who had come in everyday to talk to her. Frankly, she's just about to blink out of existence.

Unable to accept this, the boy takes it upon himself to save her business, and save her. Skeptical but hopeful, the employer god promises him that if he succeeds, she'll use her divine powers to reward him a wish. Of course, little does she know that all he really wants is a date with her.

Hijinks ensue as this unlikely duo climbs from the poverty to success, from incompetents to savvy entrepreneurs, from a little tea shop to an international brand.

The name of this story? Deus Ex Matcha.
An anime about the grim reaper going about his everyday business.

The twist is that said grim reaper takes the form of a Japanese truck.
Isn't there an anime coming out this season that is just that? No death game, no isekai, just MMO shenanigans and cute girls.
Fuck you for making me laugh at that.

Now we're both going to hell.
Cute girls doing cute things in a deep sea underwater research laboratory.

The charm comes from the gap between the survival horror setting and their slice of life antics. Horrible accidents will occur and they continuously get themselves into deep shit but everything always works out in the end.

Jotaro Kujo is their mentor.
Will one of them turn out to have a robot body with the strength of 5 gorillas?
A knight falls in love with a priest.

Unable to propose, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the Moonlight Flower card. Never minding the shouts of his guildmates, he immediately quits the guild, and is overjoyed to find out that she accepts his proposal.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed "are you an idiot?" expression. After some time, he reaffirms that the girl he proposed to is still the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she's actually being played by a guy. He is the girl’s actual player, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own character, who too is being played by a male.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their strongest, most MINMAXING secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the MvPs. While the two play Ragnarok Online, HILARITY ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LET'S PRETEND.
A group of human astronots land on an alien planet
the aliens all look like loli Catgirls living in early fuedial socidy .the hyjinks start as the human crew splits up and accidently begin teaching various different political systems/religions to the catgirls,can they stop the most adorible conflict that just happened?
File: Nepu.png (85KB, 268x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you fucks come up with a story and then a punny title or the other way around?
That sounds like that one anime Dog Days, except with an adorable conflict between catgirls and doggirls.
Almost the exact same story as Urusei Yatsura, except that all of the aliens are blatantly non-humanoid creatures.
I know there's going to be an anime about that, can't remember the name though...

>do you mean cute girls in nazi uniform?

well I'm about to go with task force created by Hitler to study the occult and the supernatural.

going with cute girls would be plagiarism
you mean Konosuba?
have them all be lolis

and instead of them being a stand-in for blacks have them be a stand in for Koreans
In a Fantasy world run by magic, scientific advancement has almost completely stopped. However, in it's place, Magic has thrived. Where Science fails, magic prevails.
Because of this, magic is everywhere. Magic is used for absolutely everything and has gotten to the point where society has advanced to a similar modern world to ours right now, however through magic. Phones are instead small magic crystals you can hold in your hand. Cars are strange magical carriages. etc. etc.

One day, a couple who had just gotten married are on their way home from the city when a bright light explodes from the sky. Bringing forth three beings. One is a severely wounded angel. One is the baby she is holding. And the other is a monstrous demon chasing her. They crash land infront of the newly wed couple and the angel hands over the baby to them without a second thought, and begins to fight the demon in her weakened state. The battle looks like a battle of literal gods, eventually the fight ends and the demon is slain, but the woman is mortally wounded. In her last breath, she begs the humans to take care of her child. Agreeing, they decide to keep the baby secret, eventually stating they adopted it.

Years later the child grows to be stronger than any human, with the strength of a thousand man. Although at the same time, the child has no magical talent to speak of.

First episode would be the destruction of heaven and the saving of the last angel
Second episode would be the child slowly growing into an adult with time skips to show how powerful he really is.
Third episode would be him learning to use his powers for good and what it means to be a hero.
Fourth episode would be the beginning of him as a hero.

It's basically Fantasy Superman.
Xianxia novel plot, but I want to get it out of the way

MC is the love interest of a OP Xianxia MC and fought through trials and tribulations together until one day he managed to get cornered by a powerful martial artist and was killed. MC wanting to take revenge on him tried to fight and was also killed.

Only to wake up in a lavish bed that she recognized as the bed of hers years ago with her appearance also being one of her years ago. With great knowledge of the past and a new lease at life she uses her knowledge to build her martial arts skills better and become a genius throughout the kingdom and the world and while she's at it rescue a bullied "trash" martial artist from a village and groom and raise him as her fiance.
10/10 would watch
>two dudes fall in love through a MMORPG

Are you gay? Who would watch that?
A magical girl mascot is sent to earth to find fiveyoung girls with lots of magic potential to make magical girls to save the universe. However, he's lazy and just picks the first five
people he sees, an old grandmother suffering from alzheimers, a middle aged saleryman, a high school girl engaging in enjo kousai, a yakuza thug, and a 19 year old office lady. When evil forces from the negative world attack, they all transform into 12 year old girls, and must fight together to protect peace and love. Needless to say, they're not all thrilled at it. The series would show how each of them deal with their lives being thrown upside down and transforming into young girls to fight evil.
What about we combine two most marketable things: Shounen battle and Harem.
Protagonist is a seemingly average guy who is actually super talented. Add harem antics, hire a great artist to draw the girls, and bam.

Now give me money and anime adaptation.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NShEKYoPXw
ED 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIX9aoN7g4o
ED 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZHiGLt7g8E
PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcVGDV67L-g
EP 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_rz1bluG_k
What about a /u/ anime where two female players end up in a relationship because they both assumed the other person was a male?
A loser NEET from the Nineties gets visited by a girl who calls him Daddy. He thought she was a prostitute, but it turns out she's his daughter from the future who's there to help him get together with her mother so that she'd be born.

She's actually her own mother. She fucks the NEET and gives birth to herself, and in order for her to get born, she needs to send herself, her daughter, back in time to fuck her husband and father.
Congratulations, you just created the battle harem genre.
>MC is an aspiring serial killer
>He stalks his first victim
>After months of stalking, its finally the day
>He sees the girl getting attacked by a bunch of thugs
>They're trying to kill her
>He impulsively saves her since she is supposed to be his first victim
>Turns out the girl is wanted by a mysterious organization who's hunting her down because something her father did
>MC gets hired as her bodyguard whilst trying to fight his murderous lust
>MC wishes to be summoned to another world as a hero
>It happens
>But he is summoned as a kaiju to defend a tiny city full of tiny people
>Fights normal animals that are giant compared to the tiny people
>Tiny military views him as a threat
>Hijinks ensue
File: 1455851801560.jpg (8KB, 200x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu.

Desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu's desu desu. Desu desu desu desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu.

Desu, desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu's desu desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu. Desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu. Desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu. Desu desu desu desu's desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu's desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu.

Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu, desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu. Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu, DESU desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu DESU desu DESU.
The only way I'd watch this is if Anime Superman was;
>An Adult
>wasn't annoying cliche MC but instead similar to Superman from Superman The Animated Series (Hope personified)
>and had lines similar to that of that series, i.e. "I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always taking constant care not to break something, to break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment. But you can take it, can't you, big guy? What we have here is a rare chance me to let loose. To go all out.
God I miss Superman TAS"
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

>muh deconstructions!

last one is good though
Reminder that there's a batman anime, but no superman anime.
That doesn't count, Tsukasa had amnesia and literally thought she was a guy.

I'm talking about a situation with two regular MMO players who just make one too many assumptions.
Wait -- really?
Yes, really.
Oh, that. Yeah, I totally forgot about that.

It wasn't bad. But I thought you meant a series like that shitty Ironman Anime
In a world where only females can learn magic the magic academy is getting a new transfer student that is rumored to be the first male able to use magic. OPMC-kun arrives and with the MC's good looks, talent in magic, and intelligence the MC gains a harem out of the many peers of the school. Problem is MC is a girl!

She a tomboy that feels more comfortable wearing male clothing and is allowed to due to her talents but no one believes that she is a girl and is constantly surrounded by girls who want to court her turns out there was a male student, one of the harem girls that dresses up like a girl to hide the fact he is the only male mage, his magic ability is nothing special
The dumbest Marvel anime has to be that bishounen Wolverine one.

ESPECIALLY since they aired the X-men anime right after it and changed him back to his regular short hairy dwarf self.
which is funny because the only medium I can see superman thriving in is LNs

what with their OPMCs
>bad guys are demons, cthulu tier horrors, kaiju, grand evil wizards and that one guy who actually manages to advance science because he has no magical talent
Might be cool. I'd like to see fantasy Superman beat the shit out of a gigantic monster.
File: 1313922146889.jpg (200KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200KB, 960x960px
Deadpool anime animated by SHAFT WHEN?
>bishounen Wolverine one.
In the future, the governments of the world have been replaced with a completely meritocratic system. Each country in the global federation has their leader elected by a series of tests and exams, designed to select the best leaders by their character, intelligence, past accomplishments, and other qualifications. It is all run by an artificial intelligence program. This system has been working well for almost a hundred years.

In Japan, the MC goes to her high school and lives a relatively normal life. She’s a bit shy and unsure of herself but she has never encountered anything that impeded her. During the election that happens every two years, she fills out the test without giving it a second thought, being required to do so as a citizen. The next morning, she woke up to cameras flashing outside her window.

It turns out that she was selected by the AI in charge of the test as the next leader of Japan. Not only that, but all the other leaders selected are also high school girls. They are taken to the world’s capital where they must go to school and lead the modern world together.
File: image.jpg (79KB, 1000x562px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's terrible
MC and FC are the top of their classes at Hirojuku High School. With the MC also being rated the prettiest boy in all of the school and the FC as the most ideal girlfriend in all of the school. As an effort, the two are hooked up with eachother in order to push the idea of the most elite couple in all of Hirojuku High. They both have the perfect chemistry and become the most cutest, dynamic couple you can dream of. However, we learn why they're so athletically and intellectually talented. Both of them harbor superpowers alongside superhuman abilities and both of them lead secret identities outside of their normal lives. The MC is actually a notorious thief and criminal known as the Dusky Dragon and with his abilities to create matter as well stop time, he wrecks chaos across the city. The FC however is a hero of justice who saves the lives of those in need. She is known as the Shiny Tiger and she can stop crime by negating occurances as well as accelerating her movements to allow no lives lost and no criminal out of her reaches. The Dusky Dragon and Shiny Tiger meet and form a bitter rivalry that sours every meeting while their true selves slowly form an unbreakable bond that grows every time they see one another. Hi-jinks and fighting ensue as both slowly learn about their secret identities in this wild rollercoaster; The pretty boy that can stop time/The pretty girl that can negate all.
mite b cool
I'd rather read kakukaku Shikajika because I am not into harem but having more art anime/cartoons/series would be nice.
isn't this just pso/accel world
isn't this literally overlord

also I just realized /a/ (or this thread atleast) has a fetish with time travel
I didn't actually get too far in Overlord so I don't actually know how it plays out.

But a power trip fantasy is literally the furthest away from what I was trying for.
Let me tell you a story.

There once was a land. It was hot and arid.
Everyone who lived there was an absolute asshat.
In this Kingdom of Texas there was a king and a Queen.
The King was named Agai. He had been the king of Texas for a long time, and under his rule everyone had become drunken bastards.
The Queen was named EmCee. She was from the neighboring Kingdom of Mexico. During a war between Mexico and Texas that sparked when Texas realised how many Mexican immigrants were in Texas. Afraid they might be sleeper agents Texas committed genocide inside their borders, killing all the immigrants.
Mexico moved troops into Texas, but they were forced to consider surrender when they realised their spears were no match for Texas’s kung fu and magic.
Mexico decided to offer a princess for peace, but they only had princes. One of the princes had so little of a dick that he could pass as a woman, so Mexico sent him instead, dressed like a woman. It turns out that this princess, EmCee, had such a lack of masculinity that they changed genders simply by wearing a dress.
If only transgender cucks had that ability.
EmCee married the current prince of Texas, Agai, and then they murdered Agai’s dad, King Ortho, so they could ascend to the throne.

Now, a few more facts about Texas. First, Texas worships the God Alt, who was a lesbo. They look to her for how to live their lives, but most of them decide to be straight by the age of 20. In the frigid cold land north of Texas where is snows the last three months of the Texas year system, lives an old Lord named Whipple. All of Whipple's citizens were killed by Texan kung fu masters. Whipple lives in the snow covered land plotting his revenge, and watching Kung Fu Panda.

Let’s get to the story.
Our protagonist, or main character if you failed pretty much every year of english class, is named PeeQue. He is also a Mexican, but he is an illegal immigrant.
Shhhhh, nobody knows.
Except AreEll. She is not an immigrant but is very Mexican based on the name. Nobody knows why she has a Mexican name she is very clearly Texan.
AreEll works as a belly dancer for EmCee because EmCee refuses to admit she is a woman now and watches sexy people dance to try and be masculine.
She still has (tits/breasts/boobs). Don’t tell her that she will say it’s just fat.
AreEll works as a belly dancer from 3 AM to 3PM, so the other 12 hours of her day are spent wherever the hell she wants.
That’s how she met PeeQue.
She was down at the Drunk Roleplayers (accurate description of the whole kingdom) bar and grill. She ordered her usual McChicken Tendies and poorly made wine. Fulg, the super flirty bartender, asked her how her day was.
She said it was boring. She just did non stop belly dancing for 12 straight hours.
Then PeeQue sat down beside her and ordered Mexican shit. Texan food is better than Mexican food, just a fun fact. Nordic food is the best tho but all the Nords were killed by Texan kung fu masters.
PeeQue ate his gross ass Mexican food as he waited for his expensive Mexican beer to be done mixing. AreEll struck up a conversation.
“Why the fuck are you eating that gross ass Mexican food” she said.
PeeQue kept eating his food. He got made fun of for eating Mexican food a lot.
“Seriously why are you eating that”
PeeQue swallowed his fucking gross ass mexican shit.
“Because I can’t afford Texan shit” he responded.
AreEll asked for Fulg to come over. Fulg literally flew to the counter when her heard a woman say his name.
“I’ll have some Nordic Pizza” AreEll said.
Fulg pulled it out of his butt and gave it to her. AreEll gave the pizza to PeeQue. PeeQue’s eyes lit up. He had never eaten Nordic food. He gave himself Texan food occasionally on his birthday but he could never afford Nordic food. PeeQue ate his food very fast. He had never had such good pizza. Mexican pizza always had rattlesnake teeth in the cheese.
Fulg tried to flirt with AreEll and she slapped him. AreEll then went and took PeeQue home and they had dinner again. It was fucking mexican food but now they were in AreEll’s house. Then they flirted but didn’t sex. They just slept together like an awkward couple.
PeeQue, sick of Mexican food, went and bought some Texan food when AreEll was coming back from her bellydancing job the next day. They ate the food and then just repeated this process until they fell in love a few weeks later.
No they weren’t in love before that I’m telling the story. People who aren’t in love sleep together all the time.

Skip to a few weeks later. PeeQue has the stupid fucking idea to visit AreEll at work. Her job is to bellydance for the queen in a vain attempt to turn her on for 12 straight hours.
PeeQue walked in and then got stabbed.
Just kidding.
He was picked up and thrown out.
“What do you think you are doing, only royalty and knights are allowed in” the guard, Aqua, said.
PeeQue decided he would become a knight.
He went on his lame ass Chromebook and looked up how to become a knight. In order to become a knight for King Agai he would have to kill a nord then be knighted by the queen. Sadly though most of the nords are dead.
So he looked up where to find nords on his shit chromebook. Google popped up Norway.
Where the fuck was Norway?
PeeQue looked up where Norway was in relation to Texas.
PeeQue went to Mexico and followed his google map directions because he had to go to Mexico for some reason. (Cont.)
Iyashikei/SoL about a generic rpg merchant who sells items to mcs, with him following the hero to the different adventures they have (add some comedy to it)

This one sounds like an amazing idea but I'd go with videogame instead.
He had to slay a beast called a plane and ride it to Norway.
So he did that and then he had this battle and shit.
I really don’t want to get into the details. It’s just PeeQue he isn’t that interesting.
So now he killed a Nord and has a tattoo to prove it.
So now he is back in the capital city of Texas and wants to become a knight so he walks to the castle and tries to get in the gate.
“What are you doing back here.” Aqua asks.
PeeQue is going to show Aqua the tattoo but it’s on his lower back. She thinks that he is just being perverted, but is slightly aroused. Aqua sees the tattoo and is disappointed by the lack of sex she is going to have. She decides to get off her shift early and go home and mastrubate.
PeeQue walks into the castle and shouts, “I killed a nord!”
He begins to lift up his shirt to show the tattoo.
Now, EmCee has a huge mental chronicle here where she sees PeeQue lifting up his shirt and get’s super aroused. She then realises she is a woman, and all this shit. I could really write a whole essay on EmCee realising all this shit but who wants to listen to transgender shit.
Anyways EmCee whispers to Agai she is aroused and needs to have sex once this is over but he is asleep and doesn’t respond.
EmCee stands up. She is super confused because she is kind of wet. She asks “What do you want very attractive mexican man?”
AreEll is super dense so she hasn’t realised what is happening now. She is super into this dance and is just too busy shaking her belly to notice PeeQue.
EmCee walks forwards and pulls out a wooden staff. Normally she would use a sword but she had almost decapitated the last guy who wanted to be knighted.
She knighted him.
Now AreEll is noticing that something is wrong. She turns around and sees PeeQue. She kisses him. It’s a super gross kiss because she doesn’t know what she is doing really.
Now EmCee is envious because her belly dancer is in a relationship with him. EmCee slaps them both.
Agai wakes up and does the same.
Alt comes down from heaven and also slaps them.
They then leave the castle because it is the end of AreEll’s shift and go home and have a weird cuddling party.
He claims he didn’t record it as fap material but legend says otherwise.

Whipple was bored. He turned on an old steven universe episode, pulled up a game of Civ V.
He really needed a life.
He got up and went to the life store in town. Texas had killed all the inhabitants so it was empty. He had forgotten it was empty. He cursed and went back to his cave in the cliff, grabbing an expired 7-11 sandwich on the way.
It's a fantasy universe where the MC is a young girl. More specifically, she's a monster created by a dark lord to be his apprentice and eventually succeed him. To achieve this purpose, she's been trained in all the sorts of dark and powerful magics her master could teach her since the day she was pulled from the muck, but her master recalled the cause his past defeats and realized that it wasn't enough.

In order for his student to truly surpass him, she'd have to master the greatest magic of all. *Friendship.*

To this end he's surreptitiously inserted her into a band of heroes and has been supplying villains everywhere with manufactured weapons and armies to give them challenges to overcome together.

The focus is on the complicated relationships between all of the characters, further complicated by the fact that the monster girl is an abomination conjured by darkest sorcery which shows in both body and mind.

It takes great effort, heavy clothing, and a little magic to hide it, but her acting could use work. She can barely manage to act sweet for a few moments before defaulting to her haughty, tyrannical, violent, treacherous, and cruel true nature, but fortunately the party just thinks she's the generic Tsundere.
Crank but with lolis
3 women get bodyswapped with three animals
MC needs to choose one of the six to fuck or it's irreversable, and whatever mind is in the body he fucks, he has to marry. Meaning he needs to resist the temptation of the girl on all fours with her tits out saying "Moo? Moooo?" etc.
It'd be entertaining and cause a lot of >FURRY shit here so it'd be a fun ride
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