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Ota's manga dump: Futago no Teikoku Chapter 1

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FnT_v01_000a (1).jpg
3MB, 2358x1600px
It's Friday night and I feel like releasing some hot new manga. Anyone that's been a fan of Kitoh since his last big hit Bokurano might know he's done two other manga series since then that ended last spring. But did you know that he started a new one last October? Well the first tankoubon for that series arrived to me last week and I've been so excited to scanlate it that I've barely slept. Now seems like a good time to release it, so without further ado, here is the first chapter of Mohiro Kitoh's new monthly series, Futago no Teikoku (The Twin Empires)!
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Oh, and I also ordered the magazine that the first chapter ran in so that I could have this cool cover and the color pages. Totally worth it.
Nice,been looking forward for this.
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Minor translation notes to get out of the way before this chapter starts. I guess it's not super important, so sorry for the distracting extra page. Uh, I think when I finish the volume and compile the scanlations of the first 6 chapters, I'll make a full glossary of the Chinese terms used in the book and put them all up front on this TL notes page.
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At last we can get on to the main event...
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>Friday night
Saturday morning
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I'll post the colored pages first, then the black and white ones. A bit redundant, so sorry. Unlike a lot of artists, though, Kitoh redoes his pages so that they look good in both color and black and white, so I don't feel too bad about it.
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lalala I can't hear you over the sound of the american central time zone
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this page, by the way, was my least favorite to work on, but didn't it turn out so pretty? I've set it as my desktop background. Kitoh's a master of those watercolors...
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now for the black and white ones
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Even the outer border are coloured? Nigga is dedicated.
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Hey it's you having a sleepless night, I am having a breakfast storytime

So I will appreciate your sacrifice while munching frankfurters
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alright, enjoy then
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there they are,

our new protagonists
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So far, I wanna punch every character
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just wait, anon
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If you didn't want to punch Jun at the beginning of Bokurano, there was probably something wrong with you.
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Gaw seems like a mix between Ushiro and Issha
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is this about children suffering again
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why would you think that, anon
What a cute Yamashiro.
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i kept waiting for the girl in the bike manga to become a cripple or something
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This was an extra little page that came at the end of the chapter in the magazine that the first issue was published in. It was translated by the guy that's doing the translation of the Bokurano light novels
Some of the speech bubbles are hard to guess who is talking.
File: FnT_v01_credits.jpg (86KB, 640x430px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And that's all for this first chapter. Hope that everyone enjoyed it and is looking forward to more. This at least started off more hype than Noririn or Nanika, and having read the rest of the volume and knowing where it's going, I'm excited to post more (in the near future).
Yeah, that's kind of a staple of Kitoh. He stopped drawing speech bubble tails sometime around the beginning of Bokurano. Just look for whoever's mouth is open.
thank you!
too bad we'll never get to see if that happens
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