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Baki Dou 77 and Grappler Baki 151

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Shibukawa funtime, hot Yujiro, and the ebin finale of the Gaia fight! Gaia fight came out last night, Dou 77 came out just now. Have a read, friends.


also, kek at how squished Yujiro's head looks.
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Dying hurts, almost as much as breaking your wrist by slugging a brick wall.
did the author ever learn anatomy?
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Will you fuck off already?
I was just going to bed when I noticed this thread, so at least I'm posting to show my approval, b/a/kibros.
I'm pretty sure I remember from the anime that Gaia could control his adrenaline levels, but it never came up here. Was that just shitty subs, or did they change the shouting thing for that because they thought it was too dumb?
This looks so fucking bad, God Damn.
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It did come up slightly earlier, right before I started being QC. It just wasn't played up to the extent that the anime did it.

what does?
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Oh yeah: if semi-rich guy is here, let us know if you ended up doing anything.
Fucking Memetobe.
Why can't the translations happen faster? I'm super stoked for these 2 series.
Why are Baki colorations so amazing?

This was after his fight with Speck right? That was a top-notch fight btw.
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They will happen faster if the semi-rich guy donates to Spiny. Spiny does the translations for free slowly, but does them significantly faster when he gets donations. Such is life.

Somebody said they were well-off and might donate as a fan of the series, so I gave them his email; we'll see how that turns out. I'm optimistic, at least.
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>This was after his fight with Speck right?
It's from the Scarface raws that we have lying around. There's a bunch of nice colored pages, most significantly the story of Hanayama Yakichi in pretty form. Might dump it again (with my [not Spiny's] translations) if anybody's interested.
Do it.
Pretty sure that guy was trolling, sorry. I don't think someone has ever donated a huge amount of money for manga translations and half of /a/ doesn't even earn money.
>I don't think someone has ever donated a huge amount of money for manga translations
There's some guy named Mr. White who's behind a damn good number of the fast Dou chapters.
Bump for Baki.
I love these threads.
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>That night...
>One night of lodging.
>By chance, it compelled a traveling gambler...
>Heavily choked from the smoke/fire, and with the smell of blood filling the air, he fled from the grounds.
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This is the last bit of the last page, accidentally left it off
>Yet, there was still an infant.
>This family's only child.
>Hanayama Yakichi was rescued.

>This man...
I unironically think Baki's art is glorious. Fite me.
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>Tasked with the burden of creating a temple(sanctuary) from a bell, and covering this only child...
>He withstood a storm of drawn blades from a horde.
>"I [my body] am a shield for Yakichi, and I will protect him until the very end.................."
Fucking brutal.
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>The model of this chivalrous, selfless man later took on the name of [Otoko dachi:] "The Chivalrous Man Standing".
>The spirit of this deceased man...
Based as fuck
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Internet died, sorry. Fuck Cox. This is essentially the last page anyway.

>Yakichi, at the count of eighteen years of age...
>Came to protect and preserve this event,
>Along with the miracle of this bloodline.

>Now. (Written in weird, unnecessary kanji: they read "Located in the present")

>This man of honour has struggled all throughout his path.
>He is nineteen this year.
>Legends tell of this fighter from the underworld.
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>His name is...
Thank you based anon.
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and then we have the same picture but with the white suit + fedora

>These are the misfortunes of this man...
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And that's it. Forgot to add that. There's obviously more, but that's a full release for later. I think there's like 3 Scarface chapters we haven't put out before Spiny himself gets here? I don't remember, it's something like that.

Hanayama, want some more, best, etc.
Hanayama is probably the only guy who can wear fedora without being a faggot.
Nah, he still looks like a faggot.
But good luck telling him that.
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bump for keks
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Has Yujiro gained weight?, he's starting to look like gramps yuichiro now.

He's getting stronger
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muh neck.jpg
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>He's getting stronger
Isn't he always? After all, that was the first piece of information we got about him other than him being Baki's father. And do you see what I meant about his head being squished down/neck gone in that shot? Looks weird, even for the art's style.
It's cause he's tilting his head forward to look at Motobe
Yeah I gota admit it looks kinda odd
The perspective is so messed up it's hard to tell if he's looking at him or just staring straight up in the air while talking
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I suppose that's in part because of the demon-y eyes that have been used in Dou and Son of Ogre. I definitely like them, but they make it unclear what characters are looking at sometimes.
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it's a thing he "introduced" in dou

happens with other characters as well
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Thread images: 21

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