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ITT: Characters who remind you of yourself

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ITT: Characters who remind you of yourself
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The Way.jpg
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>Wicked sense of humor
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God Emperor.png
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I must have seen this posted 99999 billion times

is it ever gonna end
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Literally me.
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Sometimes the easiest solution is the one right in front of you.
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literally me
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I hate myself and want to die and I really like cats
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Go to bed, Fork.
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I like to bitch and insult other people despite just being a dumb little edgelord myself.
I have never found a character in fiction that i could relate to more strongly than Reki. It's made worse by the fact that i have often contemplated suicide by train
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This motherfucker because I also started shutting myself in after fucking up with a girl, and am constantly trying to or thinking about kicking the bucket.

Difference is he gets friends and a gf at the end, all i get is a fifth of grey goose and my bitter tears
So is that the opposite of the gif you posted?
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I want to call you a newfag, but you can never be too sure these days
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Im an ass man
Everything is so meta nowadays
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We're both useless fringe characters no one really cares about
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I have autism
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Getting rekt regularly.
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>lazy as fuck
>wonder how I even managed to get through uni
Intelligent, autistic, and no sense of humor.
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Intelligent, nihilistic, and a wicked sense of humour.
Found the /k/ommando
How'd you get this picture of me?
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Going nowhere
Living life day-to-day
Depressing to be around
Sexually attracted to dead shit.

...Yeah, I can get behind that.
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Easily him. Minus the psychic powers.
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For me it's Kaiki: intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.
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Great thread OP, Light's dark idea of justice, coupled with his intelligence and wits makes him a relateable character in my opinion.
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nobody remembers I exist
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building figures until an earthquake of some sort ruin my work, I feel that pain.
Your a good person!
bestowed but cursed from un-noticed from interested girl
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Anxiety disorder sure it a hoot.
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i like to think of myself as a outside observer
What is she doing?
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Why is aizen the king of gimps?
This is most of /a/ including me

>thinks he's smarter than other people
>thinks he knows best
>has no actual experience
>hasn't actually accomplished anything
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Got a feeling so complicated
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This is 90% of 4chan.
Thread posts: 75
Thread images: 61

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