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Evangelion Thread

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What the fuck was this?

What were they thinking?

Why was did they jump from serious talk, to goofy humour so sharply?
What was up with that weird soundtrack?
Why did every charcter feel the need to explain themselves, their feelings and motivations? Did they think it was too hard to understand in the first place?
What was up with all the bullshit deus ex machina moments (ex. megane crashed into Shinji twice, literally landed on top of the main character while parachuting into japan)

And speaking of which, how did megane manage to steal unit 02? Not only did she just stroll into nerv headquarters, she managed to take it out of storage and get it into launch position without anyone noticing?

Mari originally was more involved in the plot for 2.0. According to (Eva-2.0 Complete records collection)
A 200+page book containing; behind the scenes information, original drafts, scene panels detailing alternative/deleted segments, ect.... (http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii112/IrkenEvangelion/asuka-guro-2.jpg)

Originally Mari was going to be introduced by piloting Eva-2 at sea fighting an angel on battleships, Mari/Kaji are both introduced to the cast while Asuka arrives later by plane, both Mari and Asuka pilot Unit-2 with Asuka being its designated pilot , referring to Mari as her "support fire"(later used in 3.0)
Eventually Mari with a higher sync ratio with Unit-2 than Asuka becomes its main pilot during the 9th angel attack, leaving Asuka devastated not piloting Eva (NGE style) Asuka then jumps at the chance to pilot unit-3.(o_o)
Mari talks with all the pilots, goes to the school, Convinces Shinji (face to face) to pilot Unit-1 during the 10th angel attack at the watermelon field; kissing him...

The script was later remade (again) to what we have now.
It's also worth mentioning that Asuka was originally in unit-2 during the 10th angel attack. (In the first or second draft for 2.0.)
It explains why during the Zeruel battle (when it hits unit-2 a second time) the camera zoom's towards Mari's left eye (implying it getting hit), yet later we see that it's the right side of her face that's injured.---Originally Asuka was in Mari's place and the scene showed how she lost her eye. The aforementioned scene was a recycled element from the earlier draft-and the animators just forgot (or were lazy) to edit the scene.

It wouldn't be Evangelion if the production wasn't chaotic.
Thats fucked up
It's a meme movie that for some reason a lot of the fans admire. In reality, its nothing but a cash grab like all of the rebuild films. Rebuildfags hate 3.33, but when you think about it, its the only rebuild that actually tries to do something new from the original NGE. It's a nice fuck you overall, and I think the best thing for 4.0 would be for it to just never be made.. perfect ending to a garbage series of "films".
That actually sounds more interesting than what we ended up with.
In the Original script, Mari was described as a female version Kawrou; ie manipulative and that she is hiding something from behind the scenes.
You sure about that...
https://youtu.be/kJwRJpvcvY4?t=30s (3.0)
https://youtu.be/2w-49TM6ilE (Nadia)

^ Go to (20:30) ...See what I mean.
>she is hiding something from behind the scenes
Mari still plainly knows and is involved with more than she's telling, it just won't ever have a point.
It would of had a point if they had elaborating on that from 2.0 onward.
What the fuck happen?
Anno didn't like the direction Eva was taking after 2.0.
2.0's development was chatoic,(to put it lightly)
Instead of working off 2.0's lazy script, Anno had to do something drastic. It's why 3.0's plot deviated so much from 2.0
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