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What is "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"?

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Or rather, where should I start? I want to get into this series, and I just want to know if I should start with the manga or the anime; if I should start with the anime, then where? OVA, Stardust Crusaders, something else I don't know about?

pls help
Chapter 1
Episode 1.
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thanks brah
Alright imma hook you up because I non-ironically love JJBA

Step 1a: Read all parts that have already been adapted into anime. This includes Part 4, which comes out next month.

Notes; Part 1 (Phantom Blood), Part 2 (Battle Tendency), and Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders) are all pretty shonen-y. SC basically invented villain of the week globetrotting adventure shonen, along with DB(Z) and the like. Each part is fun in its own way, and has equally beautiful art. Even wonky ass PB.

More notes: Part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable) is where Araki starts to actually get good at writing and characterization. It's kind of the bread and butter of JoJo. It's a fan favorite here in the west, and seems to be for Araki as well. Maybe we have superior taste, maybe Araki just had fun with it. Who knows. He keeps cranking out one offs for it tho.

Step 1b: Did the above? Cool. Watch the manga. You earned it.

Notes: It's tons of fun. Sound direction is great in PB and BT. Less so but still good in SC. All parts are fabulous. VAs are usually on point. SC looks a little wonky (especially the last arc), and the censoring gets odd, but it's still very enjoyable.
Step 2: Keep reading. You've got:

- Part 5 (Vento Aureo) - Nippon favorite. Fab as fuck. TERRIBLE translation currently, but people are updating it.

- Part 6 (Stone Ocean) - Araki is figuring out how to write and his art is starting to ascend to a higher plane. Doesn' reach max potential in this part (in my opinion), but the seeds are planted. As a result, it's a fucking wild ride. Nips hate it. Nips also hate women.

- Part 7 (Steel Ball Run) - If you don't know why this part is different, don't try to find out. This one is an American favorite, but from what I've heard Nips aren't crazy about it. Shame. It's peak Araki.

- Part 8 (JoJolion) - Currently ongoing. Insane. Beautiful. Lots of potential. Has not hit climax yet. Everything rests on how Araki ties this one up.
A bloodline of righteous individuals strive against imposing villains through different eras and across the whole world. It is an ode to the bravery of mankind and the strength to overcome any foe, no matter how hopeless the situation is.

or it's about muscular fashion models posing at each other before one of them ends up suffering horrifyingly grievous injuries.
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Step 3: Spin-offs and other adaptations.

Part 1 has an OVA from way back. It is lost. Araki hated it.

Part 3 has an OVA from way back. It's.... less fab than the anime. Some people argue it handled DIO better. Some people say vaccines cause autism.

Part 4 has a gorillion spin offs. All of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe, Rohan at the Louvre, Rohan Goes to Gucci, Dead Man's Qeustion's, and.... actually that's it. Araki loves Rohan, Oh, one other one that I think is a light novel, but good luck finding it.

Part 5 has Purple Haze Feedback. Also hard to find. Apparently top tier tho.

Part 6 has Jolye Flies High With Gucci. Very pretty. Very artsy. Not much going on. Fun to look at tho.

Part 7 has a lot of homoerotic fanart.

Overall advice: Please wait to judge Vento Aureo. It's great, I swear. The transllation just sucks cocks.

Avoid /jojo/ on this board. They spoil out of spite. Jst save yourself and read on your own.

Hurry up before DiU anime. Parts 1 and 2 are short. Part 3 is not exactly plot intensive. Try to read DiU at a comfy pace. It's a comfy part.

When it happens, keep reading. You will be fine, baby bird.

Good luck on your bizarre adventure! Come back to talk about it then. Don't go to /jojo/, you don't deserve that. Arrivederci!
Don't go to /jojo/.
Is it just me or is this art style ridiculously hard to interpret?
I have to spend like two minutes on each page just staring at the overly complex drawings just to tell what's supposed to be happening.
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Purple Haze Feedback isn't too hard to find, there's a link to download it in the pastebin in the JoJo threads. Shouod probably wait until you're finished every other part to avoid them spoiling it on you.
Had the same problem. The colored version makes it a bit easier on the eyes.
A bunch of fashion model rejects pose at each other and get into fights

They become more feminine over time
From my understanding it's about egyptians betting who can wear less
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