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ITT: Write an anime plot Hard mode: Use only the episode titles

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ITT: Write an anime plot
Hard mode: Use only the episode titles and make anons guess what it's about
*Singin' in the Rain.
*Concierto de otoño
*Silver Moon
Idols in a musical?
-The day of the dogs
-Mirror, mirror
-The Ark and the end
-No space, no time
-Seven stars
-Fractal Continuum
-Distant barking
-Nine Ball
-When everything stops
-Snow Wolves
-End of Space
-All good dogs go to heaven
Sci-fi in a space setting with maybe mecha thrown in?
I see the dog themea round and I can only assume it's a type of spaceship/robot.
1. The Darkness I Saw that Night
2. Alone Within Time and Space
3. Together and Yet Alone
4. A Lone Girl’s Futile Hope
5. Those Dreams
6. Realization
7. The Choice
8. True Feelings
9. Alike and the Same
10. Connected Sentiments
11. Preparation
12. The Final Determination
13. A Battle of Decisions
14. The Emotions They Share
15. The Brilliant Fire
16. The Lightning that Shines Bright
17. The Bravery of One Soul
18. What the Future Holds in Store
You're in the ballpark I guess.

Humanity during genetics research ends up uplifting dogs, the dogs rise up and force mankind to evacuate to the stars. Then it's basically some BSG shit where the uplifted dog fleet is trying to chase down and eliminate humanity, fleet/mecha battles ensue. Things get increasingly 2001 as it progresses and it goes off the deep end into some End of Evangelion type end of the universe shit.
1. Miracles of Heat and Cold
2. Our American Crossroads
3. Power For the Air Age
4. Diesel Power Parade
5. World of Science
6. Energy & Man
7. Out of the City Muddle
8. Around the Farm House Clock
9. Reception Center
10. Opportunity For Youth
11. March of Tools
12. Precision and Durability
01. Subject Line
02. First/Worst Contact
03. My Life Forever Changed
04. Summer Festival
05. Maid Cafe
06. Romeo and Juliet
07. Message Body
08. School Trip
09. The Sea
10. Draft
11. CC
12. Message Sent
13. Aftermath After Homeroom
14. Lunch Date
15. Meeting the Family
16. Bliss
17. Regret
18. Attachment
19. Consultation
20. What is True Love
21. Long Distancing Fees
22. Beyond the Boundary
23. Forward
24. Cellove
New beginnings at Shoujo High!
Into the Frying Pan!
Class Competition! Jump Naoto-Chan!
Ouga Sensei's Sexy Secret!
Living! One Step at a Time!
Exciting Lunch! Mystery Bento!?
Into the Fire!
Senpai's Love! Forbidden Bikini!?
Dealt the Perfect Hand!
Everyone's World! Working Together!
A Transfer Student!? Hardship and Friendship!
Dead Space.
>imblying /a/s ideal chinese cartoon isnt just cute girls doing cute things
Some kind of western steam punk action series?
01. The New Kid in Town
02. Don't Rock the Vote
03. Smells Like Ruskie Spirit
04. Beat the Press
05. Air Force One Too Many
06. A Rat by Any Other Name
07. The Presidential Seal
08. Who Let the Blogs Out
09. Uninvited Pest
10. Peace, Love, Misunderstanding
11. Nacho (and his army is) Libre
12. Take Back the House.
1. The day I became a father
2. First change of diapers
3. First word
4. First step
5. First day in elementary school
6. First explanation of where is Mom
7. First punishment
8. First day in middle school
9. First day in high school
10. First trip without me
11. The day she left
12. My last words
13. His last words *Daugther PoV*
Fairly close, more like a dieselpunk western. Each title is based on this:
A guy adops a baby that was left to her own luck.
Season 2:
1. Their Decision
2. Their Pasts, Their Souls
3. Together Again
4. Off to War
5. The March to The City
6. The Enemy Emerges
7. Lost Bonds, Reaquainted
8. Unleash the Power, Sever the Bonds
9. Everything Returns to Dust
10. Betrayal and Subjugation
11. On the Run
12. Enter! The 267th Special Operations Task Unit!
13. Nowhere to Run
14. The Confrontation
15. Finding the Strength
16. The Power of a New Dawn
17. Catching Up
18. Overpower the Enemy! The Fists of the World
19. Weak Blade
20. Overcoming Boundries
21. The Last Cut
22. Standing Against All Odds
23. Fighting Alone, Fighting Together
24. The Final Bond
25. Burning It All to Ash
26. A New Beginning
Explaination of each episode?
shojo SoL with twist at the end where it was all a dream
My US President Can't be this cute!
Papa gets NTR'd, raises babby. Alternatively, papa adopts baby because he's a filthy otaku.
1.) Afterlife & Afterdeath
2.) Skills, Talents, Powers
3.) Quirks & Gimmicks
4.) The Lost and Wary I
5.) The Lost and Wary II
6.) Cruel & Ernest I
7.) Samsara I
8.) The Lost and the Wary III
9.) Samsara II
10.) Cruel & Ernest II/Strange Antagonism
11.) Quirks & Gimmicks II/Strange Antagonism II
12.) Samsara III
>My US President Can't be this cute!
>Dead Space
MC dies and gets reincarnated in Buddhist/Hindu trandition
1- An improbable partership
2- Victims
3- Inside the crystal ball
4- A man facts, a girl of possibilities
5- Odd couple
6- Blood on the streets
7- A victim of circustances
8- A funeral
9- For a friend
10- Clairvoyance
11- A new dawn
12- To the future I do not know
Something about reincarnation. Is it the LN typical, 'into a fantasy world' type set up?
Sounds fun.
1. The Boy and the Flock
2. Neighbors' Quarrel
3. Thane
4. Judgement
5. Pilgrimage
6. Just Cause
7. The Marquis
8. Wisdom of the Shepherd
9. The Wake
10. Old Gods' Grove
11. Moot
12. My Brother's Keeper
13. Blood on Snow
14. Of Wardens and Game
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

Keit-Ai is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of paranormality and cellphones that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and THE NATURE OF LOVE. The normal anon can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The edgy teenagers all trying their hardest to look mystified, the roaming chargers, peculiar, nonexistent area codes, the whole alternate universe faggotry and everything about the Keit-Ai world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on DRAMA, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the navel-gazing of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.

Keit-Ai is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to /a/, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every anon to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no Keit-Ai threads ever encourage the newfriends to show their faces here.
Episode 1: A boy falls in love with a girl
Episode 2: My crush's cell phone number is on my phone?!
Episode 3: My crush loves me back! Then why is she denying it in public?
Episode 4: My phone is calling another universe?!
Episode 5: Plans to conquer the hearts of our counterparts
Episode 6: Armed with her darkest secrets
Episode 7: She thinks I'm blackmailing her
Episode 8: My crush isn't anything like the girl on the phone
Episode 9: Why can't my crush in this world be like the girl on my phone?
Episode 10: I think I'm falling in love with my phone crush
Episode 11: What is the NATURE OF LOVE?
Episode 12: I can't bear to be apart from her
1. 20,000 Feet Below
2. Access Granted
4. ETA: T-minus 10
5. Long Live! Hail!
6. Wanted
7. Descending
8. Welcome
9. System Offline
10. ???

OVA - Fire
OVA2 - The Last Soldier, The First City
Anime about a dystopian society where the government controls people through hidden surveillance and monitoring equipment required in every communication device. Any dissent is considered treason and traitors are summarily punished. The MC, a high school student fed up with the regime, happens to discover his phone's surveillance chip is defective and that the phone is untraceable by the government. Upon this discovery, he slowly organizes a resistance force of like-minded students who are determined to change the system.

1.Killing Machines
2.Extracurricular Activities
5.An Opportunity Arises
6.In Control
7.Fighting the President
8.In Dire Straits
9.No Mercy
10.Death is the only Escape
12.After all the Bloodshed
13.Winners and Losers
14.A Sign of Things to Come
15.You only have but one life to give for your country

Title of the anime is the first letter of each episode
Nazis hiding in the center of the hollow earth?
This sounds like each episode is a 3 minutes short.
Kinda, but there's more t it that probably didn't translate.

Humanity creates their own artificial afterlife in virtual reality, as well as an optional bionic/synthetic/robotic reincarnation system on the moon where all the data is hosted for the VR afterlife. The story takes place after humanity nukes the ever living shit out of itself and the moon society is the last trace of our advanced society and culture.
Close, but not quite.

Crafty, but it doesn't even fit!
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The land of wolves and tigers
A gathering of ravens
Calm before the storm
Mad dogs
Two kings meet
What makes a human?
The Great Eastern Art
Soft power
Once upon a time in Japan
Martial arts and political maneuvering in feudal Japan?
Is this serious or you just memeing?
I'm not that guy but in all honesty is it Keit-ai? I didn't see it that way, but i guess I can see how somebody could.

Music themed shonen
Not in the slighest. Its a military sci fi story with mages that are recruited into an empire's army. S1 ends on the end of the tournament arc where they are forced to fight in the military academy to prove their strength. S2 begins at the start of a war between the nation they serve and another. On one of their missions, they disobey orders and are labeled trators to the empire and a unit of elite mages are sent after them. The show ends with them going on the run from the empire, travelling throughout the galaxy.
First Arc
1)Birth of the Golden Sun
2)The Symbol of the Holy Fire
5)Seeds of liberation
7)Battle of Kalamata I
8)Battle of Kalamata II
10)Blood of the Martyrs
12)The goddess of the forest

Second Arc
15)Siege of the Arcopolis
17)Orthodoxy and Heresy
18)Fall of the Sacred Band
21)Sheep to the Slaughter
22)Doubt and Faith
23)Final Assault
23)The price of liberation
Typical mideval fantasy epic
11.Too Lat-
12. Well
13. SHIT.
>Martial arts
>and political maneuvering in feudal Japan?

More like a realistic Grappler Baki
1-Tha Plain Doll, the Pact, and the Young New Devil
2-The War and the ink Sea
3-The Mechanical Maiden and the border city
4- God carries a gun
5- The City of ants and the Myrmidoons
6- The Slicer and the sons of god
7-The Lucky Clover
8-The Bodhisattva
9- Pandora
10-The good days of youth
11-Bombs and ink
12-The Poor devil and the pseudo-super man
13- Broken Limbs and Souls
14- The new pact
15- The test site, the experiment, and the seven dolls
16- 9 years in blank
17- Barbatos,Rebuilding and Reconquering
18-The fallen god and Buer
19- Vassago, the message and what the future awaits
20-Marbas, the secret and the key
21-The city of ink
22-The lovers end
23-the last Myrmex
24-The eight doll
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Quite close though it isn't medieval.

It's supposed to be based on the Greek Wars of Independence so it'll be a steampunk version of the 19th century with magic(hence the title of episode 12)
That sounds like it could be fun.

That sounds oddly familiar.
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Humanity's last hope against a crazed supergenius's armies is the MC, an amnesiac, cowardly, self-centered asshole, but with superpowers that come from a mysterious, off-putting source. The supergenius gets a hold of that source and discovers just how malevolent it is, but when he's defeated it gets out of control and starts ravaging the world. MC must grow into a proper hero without any guidance as he discovers how deep the rabbit hole really goes and gets himself dumped into a parallel universe--meeting another of himself, etc.
Here's the breakdown of where each arc/episode belongs
Episodes 1-11: Preperation for Tournament Arc, introducing the characters, worldbuilding, ect...
Episodes 12-18: Tournament Arc

Episodes 1-4: Intro to War Arc, party trains for a little bit
Episodes 6-9: One of the MC's squadmates long lost friends comes back as an enemy soldier. They fight.
Episode 10-11: The MC and her squad get labeled trators by their country and must flee.
Episode 12-14: A SpecOps unit of their country corners them and they must fight.
Episodes 15-25: SpecOps Team vs MC's Squad
Episode 26: Ending, party runs away and decides to go on the run once more.

What does it remind you of?
1- The city of storms
2- Red under moonlight
3- The ghostly hand
4- In the backalley
5- Nightmare dance
6- Blood feud
7- The puzzle almost solved
8- Lunar labyrinth
9- Wolves in the water
10- Two men
11- Two lives
12- One fate
13/OVA - The rain soaked girl
That could be a good tearjerker
Title: Dial 69 For: Chaos

A man is cryogenically frozen because of a neurological disease with no cure, doctors thinking one day there will be one.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the pod containing our hero is lost and forgotten about.

Several years into the future, his pod opens automatically.

In the new futuristic world, he finds that there are no males around.
A vicious disease spread around the Earth that targets the female reproductive system, making it so that very few children will be born male. Earth is in dire waters since before our hero arrived, there were only 23 males left on Earth. 3 of which are under the age of 14 and 11 over the age of 50.

The world seems ideal for our hero, since his previous disease is instantly cured by modern medicine. He's by no means a 10/10 in looks, but more slightly above average. All of the attention and happiness comes crashing down however one day.

The most popular men on the planet (the 9 above the age of 14 and under 50) are quite angry about the newcomer. Because all 9 are not the least bit attractive. Now they have formed a plan to eliminate our hero. Unfortunately, there is also a female cult out to get our hero as well, wanting to capture him and use him like a cow to harvest his essence.

Now our hero is on the run.

This summer,

Experience the laughter.
The sexiness.
The plot twists.
The pain.

And Dial 69



starship troopers
1. My Old School
2. Suspicious mind
3. Behind blue eyes
4. Perfect day
5. Don't stand so close to me
6. Breakthru
7. What is and what should never be
8. Heart of gold
9. The Happiest days of our Lives
10. Yesterday
11. Lover, you should've come over
12. Go your own way

OVA : Forever Young
MC becomes teacher in his old highschool, supervises a culb and falls deeply in love with one of his students.
It ends badly
1. Entry
2. Training
3. Meet the team
4. Rivalry
5. The Call to Arms
6. Dirty Work
7. It's All Fun and Games
8. Rationing
9. Isolation
10. Onslaught
11. Armoured Warfare
12. Over the Top
WWII with cute anime girls?
More like WWI but yeah
1) First and last day on the job
2) Redemption of a shameful nature
3) A Higher plane of existential failure.
4) You've got your mothers eye's
5) The evil of H------
6) Change of disciples
7) H------'s truth
8) The life and times of Redacted
9) The nature of Hanon
10) The memories of some Earth.
11) Make this count
12) A moral of it all

OVA - Indulge in the little things.
Also the cute and fun wears out quickly after Dirty Work and becomes grimdark
01. New town, new faces
02. Escape
03. Venus and Mars
04. Enveloping arms
05. Return
06. Games to play
07. Open hearts, open windows
08. Night of Dreams (Part 1)
09. Night of Dreams (Part 2)
10. An Aching Heart
11. Give and Take
12. Inside and Out
13. Verisimultude
14. Enjoyment
15. Yesterday, tomorrow, always
16. Overflowing
17. Unexpected Understanding (Part 1)
18. Unexpected Understanding (Part 2)
19. Paradise Regained

OVA (23 years later): Lights Out
Typical shojo romance with after story epilogue
WWII, but with aliens and girls who have airplanes for legs.
I see you're no stranger to this genre
1 - Timer
2 - 2 days left
3 - 2 hours left
4 - The faithful meeting
5 - Negative Number
6 - Resetting the timer
7 - Hope
8 - Salvation
oh goddammit how did i miss that
- the future year 2XXX
- AI becoming a common thing from every day
-a guy discovery that he can just upload is mind to a robot body and live forever
- immortality become mainstream.
- something get wrong and know many humans in robot bodys get crazy
-humas that still live as mortals in fear start to purge any non biological life.

i dont know how to continue, but i get inspiration from the game SOMA.

Interesting exercise, I'm ending up coming with titles that lead to episode ideas that lead to series ideas.

- My Name Is (hi)
- Things Past (backstory episode)
- Things Yet to Come (series engages fully)
- The Unbearable Heaviness of Not Being (there's a chosen one or at least someone with extraordinary talent and this episode is about someone in the main group that's not it)
- Farnsworth, Ford, Fletcher, Failure (America and specifically American ingenuity; Fletcher is a key backstory figure; there's a serious failure of some kind)
- Under the Sun (a broader and more complete view of the world)
- Under the Moon (hot springs/beach episode)
- Like No One Ever Was (side-story about the best person at some sort of game realizing they are not the best any more)
- Best Served Cold (a character returns for revenge)
- My Name Was (main character's best friend has amnesia, excuse for some clip re-use but has some long-term effects)
- Line Noise (semi-side-story about high-tech thrills and feels)
- If I Could Keep Time in a Bottle (preparation for a big confrontation, also romantic elements)
- In Case of Emergency (big conflict to end the season, where almost everything known and found is brought to bear, but not everything)

For the season/series overall, I'm thinking some kind of tech suspense thing centering around characters that are college-age (because it's more realistic than high school and more fun than people who are more mature), with a dark-haired male main character who's a little bit snarky but mostly more serious than the (already fairly serious) people around him.

This was fun and illuminating, if I ever have to do something like this I think I'll use this method.
Existence is cruel and the universe, indifferent to our pain, despair and sufferings.

Various beings and civilizations be it of this world or others threaten the fragile existence of humanity. A secret organization, Delta Green plays the role as humanity's shield against these threats to humanity. In due time, the construction of a trans-dimensional device enables contact with human beings residing in other worlds and dimensions. Humanity across worlds and dimensions thus band together into a single government to effectively fend off various threats named the Humanity Defense Front(HDF). This means any alien species is assumed to be a hostile regardless of intention.

MC is a former Delta Green operator who betrays the HDF and joins Prometheus, an organization opposing the HDF which extends the protection from the various alien threats to any species friendly to humanity, seeing any sentient species as equal and demanding dialogue with them. Hunting MC across worlds and dimensions is the HDF and MC's former squadmate, alongside the various aliens and creatures that resent humanity.

The IRL planet Earth in the animu is primitive in technology compared to the other human worlds. Most inhabitants remain ignorant of the spread of humanity or even the other dimensions and worlds except for its leaders and top military personnel. However, this Earth is also the capital of all humanity with Delta Green being in control of all of Earth secretly.
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feels-laden modern fantasy?
Generic shounen shit but with more edge?
My Cat Ate My Homework Again
Season 1

>Welcome to the Jungle
>Heaven and Hell
>Don't Fear the Reaper
>Run to the Hills
>Should I Stay or Should I Go
>Bad Reputation
>Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
>Rebel Yell
>Holy Diver
>Still of the Night
>Smoke on the Water
>Cult of Personality
>The Final Countdown
>Free Bird
African ooga booga
what do you mean by this?
-Thrilla in Manilla
-The Rumble in the Jungle
-Fight of the Century
-The Phantom Punch
-The Sunshine Showdown

Not in any particular order.
Season 1

1. Problem children
2. The cathedral
3. The girl is gone
4. Unraveling secrets
5. His vision
6. The dinner at the Witch's garden
7. The mirrors are watching
8. Fewer dreams
9. The one he trusts
10. Dolls and needles
11. Their deadly sins
12. The key to eternity
13. Open the birdcage

OVA Tainted memory

Season 2

1. Us in the light
2. Forecast
3. Nobody stayed
4. Five little demons
5. The chained child
6. Maze of cards
7. Inside out
8. Another girl is gone
9. Eyes of the doll
10. The night we shared
11. The call of the lost one
12. Drinking tea with monsters
13. The touch of the raven

OVA 2 A raven's nest

Season 3 never
What's it about?
1. I'll Be Your Friend
2. I Don't Think I Fit In
3. I Think She Looks Sad
4. I Can't Let Her Know
5. I Think We'd Be Great Friends
6. I Like Him!
7. I'll Try Again Next Year
8. I'm Glad We're Friends
9. I Think You Should Confess
10. I Love You, Too!
11. I'm So Scared
12. I'll Be Your Best Friend
Um, fantasy post apocalypse with dolls?
I'd watch it. Like Y: The Last Man but entertaining. Why wouldn't he want to get captured by the sex cult though?
Guess, that's what the hard mode is for.

A bunch of kids live in a weird town where all kind of /x/ shit keeps happening in the background, but nobody seems to notice. One day they decide to explore an abandoned cathedral, run into a cult of sorts wich preforms a sacrifice, run away undamaged, but the night after that one of them, a girl, disappears (basically wanders off at night after leaving the kid mc a cryptic message). The kids decide to investigate to save their friend, find out that the town has some fucked up secrets. Also, mc boy is apparently a diagnosed schizophrenic, so all the paranormal bacground activity could have been just his hallucinations. In the end it turns out that the whole town is basically a purgatory, with mc and the disappeared girl being the only non-dead people around. Instead, they are soulless beings born from the purgatory's sinners, who can be used to open the gate between life and death, basically bringing people back to life at the expense of their own existance. The villain, the leader of the cult, kidnapped the girl to open the gate and join the living so she could be with her father again (said father ditched her many years ago and used another key person to revive himself), but the girl ends up waisted on another dude, and the mc sacrifices himself to return his friends back to life, ditching the villain once again.
The first OVA is about the kids he saved teaming up with the dude who used the girl's portal to save the mc, who is now trapped with the other used keys. Turns out he was not born a key but made into one artificially by villain's dad, so he go return to the living world with the others while his doppelganger split personality stays with the other keys.
Season two is about all these kids (now young adults) being put into purgatory again after the key mechanics stop functioning for some reason. Turns out it's the villain again. It ends on a cliffhanger. Season 3 never, read the LN.
1.-At the end of the world
2.-We can stay here
3.-Our actions that day
4.-What it means...
5.-We can't stay here
7.-...to be human
8.-I don't want to forget
9.-Our own choice
11.-Let's die(live)
12.-At the beginning of the world
1. Evil Moves in Next Door
2. Preparation
3. The Spirit Festival
4. Intermission
5. A History of Evil
6. The Vote
7. Mourning the Dead
8. Haunting the Living
9. Reincarnation
10. Forty Years
11. The Final Haunting
12. Reincarnation 2
Forgot to mention, this is the last season of a trilogy series.
Zombie apocalypse scifi drama?
Is it something like transferring human minds to robots when the world has become uninhabitable?
Wrong on everything but apocalypse
1. Until the end of Today
2. Until the end of Tomorrow
3. Until the end of the Week
4. Until the end of the Month
5. Until the end of Summer
6. Until the end of the Year
7. Until the end of School
8. Until the end of Japan
9. Until the end of the World
10 Until the end of Time
11. Until the end of Everything
12. Apocalypse

OVA: Until the End of Swimming Class
A slice of life anime where everyone gets brutally murdered at the end?
I forgot, the main character is terribly picky about women (neurotic) and only will sleep with women he finds to fit specific parameters (mentally and physically). It's almost like those people who can't stand to touch anything without being able to wash or sanatize their hands.

Also, the cult is a bunch of crazy sadistic bitches. If caught, he will be kept in a small room for the rest of his life and literally milked like a cow for his semen.

As you can tell, it would be an over the top comedy with romance and some over the top action.
01. The Egocentric Hero
02. Gogmagog Head
03. Zweischneidiges Schwert I
04. Zweischneidiges Schwert II
05. Welcome to Babylon
06. Freigab
It is an OVA, each episode has ~60 minutes.
1. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
2. Baptism by Fire
3. Dogs of War
4. Night Prowler
5. Given the Dog a Bone
6. This Means War
7. Skies on Fire
8. This House is on Fire
9. Smash N Grab
10. Deep in the Hole
11. Jailbreak
12. Safe in New York

OVA or s2: Back in Business.

A band of mercenaries, opening with the new guy joining up, then a few low-key things, then a hot springs episode, then some serious shit, then payback time, then prison time, then escape.
Keep guessing guys Qq
1. Danger Zone
2. Bitching Betty
3. Beyond Visual Range
4. Fox Two
5. Reprimand
6. Reinstatement
7. Continue Dry
8. Guns, Guns, Guns.
9. Visual Contact
10. The Merge
11. Non-Permissive
12. Contested
13. Knife Fight in a Phone Booth
File: 1457231821751.gif (443KB, 506x516px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
443KB, 506x516px
SoL harem featuring Superman.
1- Undead [Disco] Party
2- [House] Of Banshees
2- Deadbeat [Dub]
3- [Funk] Fangs
4- [Hard Style] Gallows
5- Phantom Free [Techno]
6- [Glitch] 666
7- [Rave], Grave And Tonic
8- A Zombie In [Trance]
9- The Gloom [Trap]
10- The Priest, The [Drum] And the [Bass]
11- A [Chill] Resurrection
12- [E]ndless [D]eath & [M]elancholy
No. Not even close. Try again.
rip-off of Cowboy Bebop with more music focus and fantasy instead of sci-fi
File: RMCoverPromo.jpg (950KB, 2214x1658px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
950KB, 2214x1658px
1. Fight, Mega Man!
2. The so-called Blue Bomber
3. Gutsman Attacks!
4. Hot & Cold
5. Cut it out! A Hostage Situation
6. Do robots have to go to school too!?
7. Doctor Light's crazy inventions are out of control!
8. Roll's Heart
9. Electric City Megapolis
10. Into the Fray! The Terrible Fortress
11. Rock: the world's first Assistant Robot
12. For Everlasting Peace
(OVA) A Light Family Summer Vacation~
is it a sonic anime?
1. can I xxx a centaur?
2. can I xxx a nekomata?
3 can I xxx a vampire?
4. can I xxx a mermaid?
5. can I xxx slimes?
6. can I xxx a Minotaur?
7. can I xxx a robot?
8. can I xxx the undead?
9. can I xxx royalty?
10. can I xxx dragons?
11. can I xxx demons?
12. can I xxx myself?
File: 1456204989523.png (39KB, 321x322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 321x322px
1. But They Didn't Live Happily Ever After
2. She Often Looks up at That Star
3. What Couldn't Have Been
4. A Melody She Hums Only to Herself
5. She Wonders If She Will Forget
6. A Fond Memory
7. Where Did It All Go Wrong?
8. A Rare Smile
9. She Too Remembers the Lilac
10. A Sunset is Most Beautiful When
12. Let Go
13. The End
About to go to bed so I'll just post this now.

The main bad in the previous season was defeated by the protagonists, but they themselves saw the point he was trying to make. That the human race in itself is a mistake and should have been wiped out decades ago to make way for a new life form.

Almost ironically, the protagonists themselves decide to finish his job and wipe the world of the human race.

Now, only the ones that initiated the extinction are alive, and they are forced to live in the world they created.
Meanwhile a new life form is now being born into existence, and only one dominant species will exist at once.
>Autumn in New York
>Jam Session
>Donna Lee
>Cigarettes and Ashes
>Blue Note
>Porkpie Hat
>Lullaby of Birdland
>Lost in New York
>Get to the Gig!
>Live at the Village Vanguard
>Autumn in New York (Reprise)
Basically just Top Gun the Anime.
Apocalypse Now?
A man rapes schoolgirls and animals with a Gibson Firebird.
1. welcome to Savior city
2 the ciry hall in in the middle of the city
3. here you can find the the most delicious food
4. and the most beautiful locals
5. take a tour at out music scene
6. and if you are done rest at out national park
7. this is the safest city, the law enforcement is the most efficient in the world!
8. and they people here are the most hardworking you'll ever find
9. there is always something to do here
10 the residence area is the most peaceful and its neighbors are always friendly
11. this city is so good that you might never want to leave
12. enjoy your stay!
File: kim-jong.jpg (43KB, 580x326px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 580x326px
A SOL where Kim Jong Un is a kawaii loli, but still leader of best Korea.
whatever I was thinking of your idea is better

let's go with that
1. Can I be a Hero?
2. The Office
3. Wish upon a Star
4. The Invisible Chain
5. The Nexus
6. Attraction
7. To Find a Way
8. The Wish is Granted
9. The Failure
10. Capture
11. Babylon
12. What it means to be 'Free'.
13. The New Hero
>1. Kill Hitler
>2. Kill Hitler Again
>3. Kill Hitler... Again?
>4. Something's Wrong
>5. Fix the Timeline
>6. Hitler Kills Hitler
>7. Something is Very Wrong
>8. Kill Robot Hitler
>9. Stop Killing Hitler
>10. Fix Time
>11. Killing Time
>12. Kill God
>13. Save Hitler
1. Another day at work
2. The state's mantra
3. There's no way out
4. everyone is one of them
5. We love the state
6. I hate the state
7. small glimmer of hope
8. Agent dark
9. the development of ego
10. friends in the most unlikely places
11. the resistance
12. they are coming for me
13. criminal
14. fall of eden
15. from one system to another
16. the truth
17. infiltration and espionage
18. the yin and yang
19. spy vs spy
20. betrayal
21. interrogation
22. the loss of truth
23. the real truth
24. the final showdown
25. welcome to the imperium
00 Prologue
01 The Girl Below the Twelve Storeys
02 The Russian Lady in the Mansion
03 Asakusa Tales
04 Electric Girl Versus Tank Corps
05 From Beyond the Screen
06 In the Corner of the Triangular Second Floor
07 The Black Cat of the Twelve-Floor Pagoda
08 Devil
09 Sky
10 Parting
11 The Nightmare Which Does Not Continue
12 Meeting
fuck you and fuck your marker
1. Five Years
2. Soul Love
3. Moonage Daydream
4. Starman
5. It Ain't Easy
6. Lady Stardust
7. Star
8. Hang On To Yourself
9. Ziggy Stardust
10. Suffragette City
11. Rock N Roll Suicide
>A Transfer Student!?
>Dead Space

Transfer-chan tries to win Sensei's heart, fails, goes yandere.

It's the best end
>a salaryman who is losing control of his life quits his shitty job, leaves his cheating wife, buys a motorbike that's falling apart and goes on a tour around japan in search of the best ramen shop
>his journey becomes an internet sensation after he starts keeping a blog about good ramen and motorbikes that need constant repair
I'm not very good at this to begin with, so I'm not gonna do the episode list thing.

>Parody type comedy about a delinquent
>Delinquent only ever picks on other delinquents
>Hates seeing people getting picked on, though not because of some kind of moral "goodness" but because he thinks people should fight people their own strength
>transfer kid comes to new school and is instantly picked on by the other delinquents for being too small and looking like a girl (he's a guy)
>MC accidentally saves transfer kid
>transfer kid falls in love with MC
>whole anime is transfer kid attempting to get with MC
Black comedy series where things just keep getting darker for the heroine. Does the "deliberately cute visuals masking darker plot" gimmick, but actually out and out mixes the plot and visuals together instead of baiting the viewer. Remains steadily comedic throughout.
File: 1456313477084.png (274KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274KB, 640x360px
Music school battle anime where each member of the main cast specializes in a genre of music
At around the eyecatch they reveal the censored word.
File: 1445826981073.jpg (264KB, 600x2560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264KB, 600x2560px
Trump's Bizzare presidential run?
>energy and man
1. Revenge
2. Genesis
3. Anger
4. Brief Happiness
5. Lesser of Two Evils
6. Best served cold
7. Emptieness
8. Reborn
9. Harmony
10. Chaos
11. Ignorance is bliss
13. Loop point
1 befriend
2 pet
3 hunt
4 find
5 touch
6 outwit
7 repair
8 defeat
9 impress
10 tame
11 negotiate with
12 xxx
1. Blackout Curtains
2. Hot Box
3. Insulation Dinner
4. Junk
5. Loose Floorboards
6. Shower head
7. Junk Chute
8. Old String
9. Engine Engine
10. Faulty Wires
11. Boiler Room
12. Concrete Ceiling
This reminds me of that one manga where the mc's love interest keeps disappearing and reappearing as the same person but as different age every time she says she loves him
This is the one with the giant entities/gods that become high schoolers right?
File: 1447081734177.gif (141KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 250x250px
Well if it's your idea could you provide a synopsis of each episode because I'm interested.
Released in two half-cours

01. Balancing Act
02. Distance
03. The same mistakes, the same roughness
04. 13 January
05. 14 January
06. Judgment Day

07. Ronin
08. Ahead of you, but not far away
09. Retake
10. A fragile thing
11. Decisions
12. Your Hand in Mine

Directed by Makoto Shinkai
Sponsored by Z-KAI
File: 1456105739778.jpg (609KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
609KB, 1280x960px
Are you asking me to write Keit-ai? Cause, I just kinda stole a bunch of events from some other shows. I had my anime folder open and took the First contact/Worst contact from Tatami Galaxy. There's a Kyoukai no Kanata reference in there and I sort of modeled the cultural festival episode after the Haruhi festival. Everything else is just a reference to messaging and there is only a few plot related titles.
Not that anyone would believe me anyway.
I believe you anon. What happens in Draft, CC, Message Sent, Attachment, and Consultation?
File: 1456100997798.png (1MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x1080px
Thanks. I have no idea. What do you think should happen?

>12. Message Sent

This is mid-season. MC has successfully acquired the phone number of his own universe crush. But! However! He goes to text his crush's AU self and update her, but accidentally sends the text to his own-universe crush. He also sends a message meant for his own-universe crush to his AU crush. DRAMA ENSUES. (Potential one-cour break goes here.)

>13. Aftermath after Homeroom

MC-kun doesn't realize his mistake and fantasizes about all the progress he's made during homeroom (gazing out of the window, naturally). Cut to mid-episode eyecatch. After the eyecatch, he realizes his mistake. DRAMA ENSUES.
Draft: MC writes a confession letter to his crush via text with the help of crush's AU self
CC: MC struggles over when to send the letter. Ends up sending it to both the crush's AU self and MC's own version of it.
Message Sent: Confession episode (does she accept? I have no idea. Probablly not)
Attachment: MC sends present to love intrest, cuteness ensues (Valentines Day possibly?)
Consultation: MC asks AU crush what to do as date ideas for his crush (possibly girlfriend at this point?), he suggests they go to a park or something

More please
>More please
If this thread is alive in the morning, I will.
One more before bed

I don't know what 05. Maid Cafe is about yet.

But 06. Romeo and Juliet is a "practice date" between MC-kun and AU-chan. The seeds of MC-kun and AU-chan falling for each other, rather than their original crushes, are planted.
I feel like Romeo and Juliet would be them both being Romeo and Juliet in the school play, with the MC thinking the AU version of his crush while doing romantic things with his own version of his crush. Or something like that.
File: KeitBOY.png (284KB, 1894x936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284KB, 1894x936px
Fuck this. It's Ai time!
A boy falls in love with a shiftbox-tan

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with a couple of simple mods. Never minding the strange mountain slopes, he immediately drifts her, and is overjoyed to find out that she wants a few mods from him as well if you knew what I meant. Wink wink haba haba.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the shiftbox, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the shiftbox he modded is not the same shiftbox he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the shiftbox's alternate universe counterpart, who has the Initial D MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Eurobeat ensues as they Run through the 90's to give each other their basic, most Eurobeat inducing mod lists in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the D. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of EUROBEAT.

It's titled "Wish Upon A Pleb."
What if you hammertimed so hard you turned into a spear?

And you're lying there like WTF, homie. Then you find out that's how all the spears in the world are made and the harder you get down wiggit the better the spear is. Then you like get invited into a secret underground group of bad muthers that go around hammering people and turning them into spears and there's like experts that hammer white people and turn them into hand crafted exotic moslem assagais.
Oh, remeber how they were writing each other letters when Romeo went to Verdona or w/e. Maybe the MC starts to draw some parallels.
>So the two lovers were sending each other mail?
>Kinda like me and Au-chan
>But I guess Romeo never had to deal with his love being in an alternate universe
>Wait, I meant Crush-chan
>Of course, they are basically the same girl
Hell it doesn't even have to be a play. English class? Maybe they ended up watching the play?
Bunch of people get dragged into an mmo. If you die in the mmo you die in real life / disappear. No one knows how they arrived, some don't even play games and fucking hate it. Then people comes around and treat the group that arrived completely different. After several hints and other things a person calls the group of people a bunch of fucking worthless npcs.
File: 1456608103018.webm (3MB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 960x720px
>No Pain, No Gain
>Fighting Spirit...and then some
>If The Shoe Fits Most Likely It's a Sock
>The Price Is Wrong
>Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
>Romance and Murder Under the Pale Blood Moon
>The Legend Of The Combat Wombat
>If You Blink
>When Pants Attack
>The End Of The World
>Deus Ex Machina
>A Bright Future
Wait, I like this better.

The class is going to perform Romeo and Juliet for Golden Week. This is introduced in ep1.

The play is the setup for the deus ex machina.

>MC-kun and Crush-chan are cast as R and J
>Sensei encourages them to exchange phone numbers to make coordinating rehersals easier
>MC accidentally texts crush instead of AUcrush
This shit just writes itself
1. My First Day
2. We Can't Give Up!
3. Today is the Day!
4. Weakness is only in the mind.
5. New Years Dreams
6. Mind Over Matter
7. Lost and Confused
8. Al...mmo\\st
9. Failure..
10. Restart
11. /invalid
12. [...]
01-06 is the Romeo and Juliet arc.

07-12 is where the real scheming and whatnot happens.

12-13 is described here >>138690776

I'm no good with second cours.
1. Dreams (Wake Up)
2. Downward is Heavenward (Feet First into the Fire)
3. Marches and Maneuvers
4. Know thy enemy, know thy self
5. The Might of Princes
6. Fault and Fracture (Coup D’etat)
Movie: Schism

1. City of Ashes
2. Mercury Rising
3. What Comes of Honesty
4. Mad Dogs of Glory
5. Loyalty
6. Heaven in Her Arms/The Dead Sleep Here
Movie: Cruel Bloom

1. “Leave your honor at the door”
2. Blood on Our Hands (This Devil’s Workday)
3. The Storm
4. If It Kills You (“Morality is relative”)
5. Nothing Ventured
6. Nothing Gained
Movie: Cloak and Dagger

1. The Calm of Calamity (Wetwork)
2. Becoming a Stranger
3. Anthem for the Rats/Monster
4. Hanged Man
5. Shattered Glass
6. No Heroes
Movie: Parting of the Sensory

1. Battle Lines
2. Petitioning the Empty Sky
3. When Forever Comes Crashing Down
4. Fragments
5. Pierced Veil
6. To Burn Sanctuary
Movie: Waiting

OVA: Homecoming (The Cradle, The Grave)
Archer of the Black Sun
A series where someone in the episode dies in ludicrous ways final destination style,and the episode title is either the catalyst or the finishing blow. Half the fun is guessing where the title shows up in the chain of events leading to their death.
>18 episodes
>26 episodes

You don't know how anime works do you?
Easy Mode:

The story takes place in a fantasy world that follows a pair of characters as they climb the ranks from being petty criminals, the sort that the heroes usually handle in an instant, and eventually become the almighty overlord types. Throughout their journey they encounter various heroes and other villains, sometimes being recruited as faceless mooks or higher ranking henchmen as their skills advance.

Along the way they learn the skills and make the contacts they need to start worming their way through the power structure and gain noticeable influence, before finally asserting their power as the next great evil overlords of their world.
>Hot Tub Love Machine
>Pervbob Lewdypants
>Grass On The Field
>Virgin Delicates
>Piercing The Veil
>Secret Techniques and Alcohol
>Distress For a Damsel
>No Use Fighting
>Delicious Tears, Delicacies For a Madman
>Bathing in Sunlight
>A Tale of Two Brothers: Romantic Sword Fighting
>Sole Survivers: No Witnesses
1. The Ravenous, Clutching Shadows
2. The Ruins
3. Heirloom
4. The Warrens
5. The Weak and the Foolhardy
6. The Weald
7. The Ancestor's Findings
8. The Cove
9. Siren's Song
10. The Darkest Dungeon
11. "We are the flame!"
12. Hell is in the Heart
I'll go with easy mode but try summarize as best as I can.
>Follows story of new born baby
>Born with pure white, albino skin, bright red hair and yellow eyes he is quickly abandoned in a nearby forrest home to dangerous beasts
>a group of demons take in the boy because of his strange look
>he quickly learns to speak, read and write but the demons use him as a slave
>slowly learning magic by watching the demons, taking a speciality in illusion magic and dark magic
>he escapes and decides to go to the closest human city to meet people like himself but upon his arrival is treated as a piece of garbage
>story would follow him and his progression into become an edgy ass hole who hates everyone and everything
>he'd join the adventuring guild for no real reason other than to train himself in combat so he can be strong enough to kill anyone who treats him like shit ever again
The Small Boy and the Small Business
Big Man vs. Big Business
Value of a Dollar
Life's Labor
The Universal Task
Selling Like Hotcakes
Burnt Barbeque
Wanted: Original Art
The Emperors New Clothes
The Value of a "Dollars"
High-Maintenance Dream Machine
"Now Hiring"
The Self-Made Man
The Self-Made Couple
Fat Man vs. Fat Cat
Fruits of Labor
Paid in Blood
Black Feather
Vigilante Justice
Shotgun Wedding
Run Like Hell
Juliano's Opera
Spartan Resolve
Sixgun Waltz
Queen's Gambit
Violent Ends
Road to Hell
Gentleman's Game
Hungry Like the Wolf
Spanish Guitar
Sing A Song For Me (Spanish Guitar Part II)
The Last Tears to Fall
Earned in Blood
OVA - Rally 'Round the Family
1. A Favor to a Friend
2. Roadtrip
3. REDemption
4. Making an Entrance
5. Arsenal
6. Who the Blood Son Is
7. The Girl with the Fiery Kiss
8. A Matter of Family
9. No-Holds-Barred
10. We Do This Our Way
11. Lost and Found
12. Last Call
13. Outlaws to the End
>Apocalypse Now?

Not quite. For whatever reason what came to mind was a freakish mix of Guilty Gear, The Witcher and Battle Royale.

Characters taken against their will to another world, similar to that of The Witcher's where they have to survive, but each group is being pitted against one another for supplies and shelter. Soundtrack would be classic rock, with themes based off of classics, hence the titles.

Finale winds up being a death match between MC and big bad rival leader who's discovered some next level voodoo shit and has become something akin to a god.
edgy edgelord mc edge II, eater of linkin park albums, who can't into Nietzsche, fantacize about being a war hero or a revolutionnary in different settings.
EDGE and DRAMA ensues.
Awwww yiss my nigga.
moar please
Who are the main characters ?
please tell me of your infinate knowledge of anime. please
season 1

1. The World in his Grasp
2. Blackened Structures and Silhouettes
4. Artificial Mind
5. He Who Will Let All Crumble
6. Argent Crusaders At Night
7. She Who Spits in the Face of God
8. Innermost Labyrinthine
9. Tragedy Strikes
10. Blood Will Have Blood, Steel Will Meet Steel
11. Cybernetic Rituals
12. Vengeance At What Cost?

Movie: The World Set Ablaze Once More, War Renewed

season 2

1. In the Ruins of Man
2. Tetra
3. Digital Blasphemy
4. Crisis in the Red District!
5. Lightning Strikes Again
6. The War for Red
7. Victory at a Price
8. Atonement
9. Lovers at War
10. Sacrifice: The Final Act I
11. Retribution: The Final Act II
12. Man, Metal, and Deities; How Do We Define Free Will?

Movie: After the War, What's Done is Done

It's already a meme, you can stop now.
i would watch the shit out of this
shooting to make even the edgiest edgelord uncomfortable with power fantasies
1. You're an idiot.
2. He's an idiot.
3. You're both idiots.
4. They're idiots.
5. The idiot brigade comes.
6. She... was surprisingly not an idiot?
7. Never mind. 100% idiot.
8. Idiosyncrasy?
9. I-Idiot...
11. I-I'm an idiot.
12. You're all idiots. I'm going home.

CIRNO NO BAKA!!!!!!!!!!!

1. One Bad Day
2. Dead Inside
3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
4. Racial Problems
5. Inverted Roles
6. Dark Thoughts
7. Banishment
8. Lost in Darkness
9. Back in Black
10. Greymatter
11. Caesar
12. Symphony of Revenge
13. Overkill
Taming of the shrew?

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