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Let's keep going with volume 12
Gambateh opkun
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219 'Slice'


'It's been a while since we had pizza huh"
"Yaaaaay pizza!
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"Wahaha pizza's delicious huh, Chiaki!"
"The cheese doesn't stretch for me"

"Haruka, stop playing with your pizza"
"I'm not playing with it"

"We ate the 8 slices by cutting 2 per person, and now there are 2 left"
"When it comes to 3 people, these times are inconceivable huh"

"Okay! The person who wins at rock paper scissors can eat them.... We'll have a division rock paper scissors!"
"So we're dividing it huh"
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"Okay then..... go eat the last piece Chiaki"
"I can't do that. Haruka nee-sama go ahead......"

"Let's split it in half"
"Alright then. Then let's cut it"

"Thanks for the meal"
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"Why did you eat the last 2 pieces by yourself?"
"Huh!? The winner doesn't take all!?"

"Aghhh fine I get it"
Sob sob

"What's this.....?"
"As you can see, it's a delicious coupon"
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"If you use that, I'll let you have something deliciously nice the size of a pizza slice"
"I don't really know how to use this"

"Then let's try it"

"Kana, please clean the bathroom for me with this paper"
"You can't cut it! It's not a pizza!"

"I think a pizza slice is equivalent to cleaning the bath though......? Cleaning the bath is generally a fraction of this slice"
"I got it! I'll do it!"
I bet they suck cock in the same manner that they eat their pizza.
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"I see. That's how you use it huh"
"I didn't expect it to be used this way..... Chiaki, use it a little more cutely...."

"Change the channel"

"Rub my shoulders"

"Patience. Patience. This lifestyle will soon end...."

"This is the final slice....."
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"Kana, my last request"

"Eat my carrots"


"Don't get your hands on my hamburger steak! Moron!"
"I ate your carrots didn't I!?"

Delicious coupon

"No fighting"
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"Yaaaaay pizza!"

"Uhaha pizza's delicious huh, Chiaki!"
"The cheese doesn't stretch for me"

"Haruka, don't play with your pizza"

"Mako-chan, you're not eating?"
"I just ate dinner so....."

"Mako-chan. Eat it"
"We'll get into a dispute"
"Huh? S sure...."
Bossu just start slurping away at it. Chiaki gently cradles the balls. And Haruka nervously prods at it from a distance.
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220 'That feeling'

"Huh? The magazine I wanted isn't here...."

"Aagh.... but... I already got in the convenience store...."
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"I have to buy something or I'll feel bad....."

"Oh, there's fukashi... "

"Only buying this fukashi makes me feel bad....."

Light bulb

"Okay, I'll buy this light bulb and there won't be a problem....."

"I can finally go to the register...."
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"Oh. Do I have any regrets? If I'm slow at the register, I'll feel like....."

"This is serious!"

"What's up Kana. It's not anything big right?"
"The light in the toilet is running low!"

"A serious affair"

"Don't drink your tea! Are you that composed!?"

"Uh umm...."
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"If you're fine with this light bulb, use it...."
"A light bulb that fits the circumstances this well has appeared!"

"Thanks! I'm curious as to why you were walking around with a light bulb, but there must have been some profound reason. Definitely"
"I do have a pitiful reason though......"

"The lifestyle in our household consists of nothing more than everyone's kindness huh"
"This black tea is your present, isn't it Keiko-chan"
"It's delicious"

"Thanks you this, light has returned to our bathroom!"
"Please let me definitely do something as thanks!"
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"No need for thanks"
"If there's anything I can do, please say it. Amaterasu Atsuko-sama"

"O.... okay then"

"Huh? You want me to go with you to a beef bowl place? Really?"

"Hm!? What's that about!?"
"Ahh, I know that feeling"

"When you're alone, you really can't go in huh!"
"Th that's right. Being alone is somewhat embarrassing"
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"You two are really shy aren't you. If you work together, you might be able to even go to a beef bowl place"


"I....I guess so"
"Y...yeah. I guess...."

"When you go into a store.... is it alright for you to go first, Atsuko-san?"
"Huh!? Um...sure... huh!?"

"How do we order....."
"A normal serving..... a large serving......"
"A set menu....."
Fidget fidget
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"I'll lead you in! The two of you come with me!"

"You two will take a while getting there and get shocked, so we should just have beef bowls!"
"So cool"

"Kana's brashness might have value sometimes"

"Thanks for the meal"
"It was delicious....."
"I forgot my wallet...."
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The next day

"Kana, what's up?"

"Hm? Hmmmm..."

"I thought I would try going to the beauty parlor that Atsuko-chan was talking about, but if I go there, I feel like my fashion sense is lacking....."

"Are you nervous?"
"Shut up! I'm not nervous!"
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Who are you?
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Thanks, Minami-ke anon.
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221 'Will it get fixed?'

"Uchida, would you prefer green tea or coffee?"
"Then... green tea!"

"Wait. I'll go make a good, full pot"
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"Cellophane tape, dryer, adhesive glue. And a teacup. Chiaki, what're you doing?"


It broke!

"Wh whwh what do I go, will it get fixed.....?"
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"Alright! I'll use glue in the right place! Then put it on......"

"It looks like it'll take time until it dries. I'll speed up the process with this dryer"

".......I'll get tired from applying my hand on this continuously.... so I'll put some tape on it"

"Now the bathroom..."

"Okay, did it get stuck....."
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"I filled it to the best of my ability"

"Chiaki....I'm sorry. I broke your teacup...."


"You broke my teacup?"

"What can I do! Things that have form will break one day! It doesn't matter who ends up breaking it!"
"Are you forgiving me!?"

"Thanks Chiaki"
"Don't worry about it. In contrast, I'm sorry about that"
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"Yooo, Uchida, you came"
"Oh Kana-chan. I broke a teacup"

"Um.... you did?" It's fine.... don't worry about it"

"I tried fixing it with various things, but nothing really worked"

"Whatever the circumstances were, you can't stick it with cellophane tape"
"No, she used that so she can hold it in place until the glue dried"

"I see! How smart! I didn't notice!"
"That's quite clever right?"
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"What I thought of was drying it wit a dryer"
"I see. So the dryer would perfectly....."


"Welcome back"

"Haruka-chan, the teacup...."
"Oh, the handle fell off did it?"

"That glue was unreliable so I bought a stronger one, but of course it's no good....?"

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"You broke the teacup?"

"No, I used that so I could hold it in place until the glue dried"

Anyways continuing on,
"Then.... you broke it before me Haruka!?"
"Oh, then after Kana fixed it I...?"

"Then I broke it in the end..."

"Well then"

"Wait a minute! That makes me the culprit in the end!"

"Things that have form will break one day. Someone broke it or something....."
"You made it my fault didn't you!?"
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"Oh...... but that's good. I wasn't the one who broke it..."

"I'm sorry. Making you surprised like that"
"Then is it like that? The bathroom doorknob being broken isn't my fault right?"


"Uchida, did you break the doorknob?"
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222 'Lacking'

"Raccoons are tanuki right?"
"Raccoons are raccoons"

"Haruka -san what do you think?"

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"Mako-chan, Haruka nee-sama has a reason as to why her reactions are slow"
"Huh? What is it?"

"She's lacking sweet things!"

"What does that mean?"
"In other words, you're lacking sugar and your thoughts are frankly slowing down"

"That's a problem! We gotta feed her sweet things!"
"Well... she's abstaining from sweets for her own reasons"

"As for what it is..... I'll leave it to the imagination"

"Could it be.... a diet or something....?"
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"You probably thought 'A diet?' right?"
"How did you find out!?"

"I'm eating Haruka's share of sweets right now..... I'm extremely clear headed now!"

"Oh welcome, Mako-chan"
"Oh. You noticed me just now huh....."

"Alright then..... t's about time for the rebroadcast of that drama to start"

"In 30 minutes...... how should I pass the time...."
"Even if you're head's clear, the theme of your thoughts are good for nothing"
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"Okay Kana! Let's play Othello!"
"No no. I might get engrossed in it and forget the time...."

"Moreover, there's no way that I can lose with a clear head"

"So you lose by default Kana. Let's play Chiaki"
"I can't accept that. Let's do it"

"Hold up Kana. Next is my match with Mako-chan"
"Oh okay...."

"We'll be done in about 10 minutes"

"I'm waiting for othello while I'm waiting for my drama huh..."
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"Mako-chan's first move here.... a crane wing formation to start.....?"

"I'm entering lengthy consideration mode from this point on"
"Um.... how long will that take?"

"30 minutes"
"My drama's gonna start!"

"Kana! Let's play shogi while I'm waiting for Chiaki!"
"I'm not waiting for Chiaki, I'm waiting for my drama!"

"By the way Kana! Do you know how to read this!?"
"You definitely don't know the rules do you!"
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"Huh!? What about othello!?"

"It says 'to'"
"It sure does!"

"More importantly, you wanna play outside?"
"What about shogi!?"


"Who left all this untidy....."
"You did!"

"Why!? Their actions are robustly butting into the range of my thoughts!"
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"Okay you guys. You head is lacking sweet stuff. Eat some red bean buns!"

"Yeah. It's good"
"Snacks I eat with everyone are good"

"Mako-chan, I'm using this idea"

"Haruka nee-sama. The food's really good"

"It really is"
Munch munch

"Agh.... one way or another my drama's gonna start now"
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"Oh. I forgot to mention it, but Kana, how're your studies?"

"Your next test. If your grades drop from last time......"
"Wha. I'm a little busy right now...."

"That was a nice idea. Go record the drama"

"Hmmmm, my brain's not moving at all"

"Here's a red bean bun for you"
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".....Mako-chan, what're the rules for this game?"
"I didn't think of any!"
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Going out for a little bit. I'll be back
Ok anon
Thanks a lot for this anon again
I gotta go out again, so if thread dies I'll just make a new one
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Miyamoto truth.png
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>full scanlations never
SS5 when?
Hosaka sempai is sexy
He totally is
I wish I was as sexy as he was
Are you me?
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I'm back. Anyone still here?

223 'Japanese Menu'


"What's wrong Hayami"
"Huh.....? Hosaka..... What's with that plank.....?"
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thanks anon
Still waiting
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"It's a precious chopping board that a master craftsman crafted. Wonderful right?"
"Why did you bring it to school!"

"I'm preparing something now"
"When you say it, it's somewhat different huh"

"Do you also see the knife which contains the name of the craftsman who did this?"
"Please, absolutely don't take it out here. Your item will be inspected"

"So, what're you preparing?"
"Lift your chin. Don't rest it on my master craftsman's cutting board"

"This rainy season, the scariest of them all is food poisoning. I wanted to give a safe bento I made to Minami Haruka"

Mako-chan does stuff to my dick
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"From this point on, I will borrow the cooking room and make a fresh bento"
"What kind of bento specifically?"

"I haven't decided on a specific menu. But I have to gather fresh ingredients now"

"I'll investigate what Haruka-chan wants to eat. So don't take out the knife yet"
"Got it"

"Huuuuh? My physical condition? Is it alright not to rest it?"
"Yeah... it's fine, it's fine"

"Haruka-chan! What do you wanna eat now?
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917KB, 1128x1600px
".....rice porridge. I guess....."

"What? Rice porridge?"

"It seems so. You won't use your knife huh"

"Don't gaze at the cutting board with such a sad expression, Hosaka"
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>Fujioka still hasn't fucked Kana yet
One day.
File: Minami-ke.png (325KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fujioka is faggot
File: 1457119792592.png (239KB, 708x537px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Natsuki still hasn't fucked Haruka yet
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Crap it's 'Your physical condition?'

"Okaaaaay!? Listen to me well you guys!"

"Instead of Haruka-senpai, who's in a weak condition, I will prepare dinner!"

"Haruka-senpai, please don't worry and rest!"
"Thanks. Please do"

"Hitomi-chan... cna you cook?"
"This is giving out a very uneasy horror........"


"I hand ripped the lettuce. If I cut it, it's easy for it to change color.....is what Haruka-senpai said
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>Hosaka still hasn't fucked Haruka yet
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"About 4 points out of 7...."

"4 points out of 7....?"

"Delicious or terrible, which is it!?"
"It's by no means terrible!"


"It's consomme soup"

"6 out of 7"

"The point numbers got higher!? That's just instant soup which I poured hot water in okay!?"

"That's exactly why it's a safe 6 points"
"It's higher than the salad!?"
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Main dish

"Fried eggs and sausages"

"Oh, you're free to have more bread"
"Hitomi-chan, this is breakfast right!?"

"The theme is a Japanese menu! Cooking that doesn't use a knife!"

"Look. Even though there's no caretaker, if you use a knife it'll be dangerous right!?"

The next day
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"Hosakaa, what's for lunch today?"

"Lettuce salad. Consomme soup. Fried eggs and sausages....."

"I have noticed this. We can't let people who are cooks be manipulated by utensils!"

"So I should be unable to use a knife today.... but even so"

"You applied a decoration knife on the sausage huh"
"To do this to the octopus unconsciously!"
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224 'I want that'

"Huh? My notebook will run out of space soon"

"Haruka nee-sama, can we buy a new notebook?"
"Yeah sure"
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"How suspicious!"

"In truth don't you still have space, but you're saying that you want pocket money?"
"I'm not you...."

"If you doubt me, try seeing it for yourself"

"It's true. It looks like it's running out....."

"Haruka, I'm buying a notebook as well"
"Huh? But didn't you get one some time ago Kana?"

"Indeed. There still is some space in my notebook but....."
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869KB, 1128x1600px
"I think because of that, my next notebook will make me relieved and I can study at ease!"

"Kana, you will study at ease!?"

"How much does a notebook cost?"
"I think about 500 yen!"
"You can't be decived, Haruka nee-sama!"

"Well, there are a lot of rare things in your house, Chiaki"

"What's with these pins and cans?"
"Hey hey, did you bring those from the bathroom?"
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857KB, 1128x1600px
"This is face lotion"
"This is milky lotion"
"A spray for cream"
"And so on"
"An adult woman's cosmetics huh"

"Somehow, the various ones are needed. It's difficult and I don't really understand it"
"The time when Touma needs it as well might be coming"

"Then what's this box?"
"It was originally a candy box, now it became an accessory case"

"I get it. This is perfect for accessories. What kind of candy was in it originally?"

"Candy that fit perfectly in there of course"
"Did you forget something?"
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899KB, 1128x1600px
"Isn't it better to ask a contractor?"
"It's just an estimate for now"
"I'll fix the roof at least"

"Heey, brothers"

"I have something I want..... will you listen?"

"What is it? Go ahead Touma"
"Wait. I'll be the delegate and listen to her"

"Aniki, you spoil Touma. You bought her a sewing machine right away didn't you?"
"A sewing machine is fine right? It is! It's girlish!"
File: 075.png (807KB, 1128x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
807KB, 1128x1600px
Crap it's 'What's with all these bottles and cans?'

"Touma, go ahead. But"

"If I can't accept it, I won't buy it"

"Got it. First off... I want a bunch of bottles and cans"

"What do you mean 'first off'!? And what're the 'bottles and cans' for!?"

"I don't really know what's in them, but Haruka said that the time will come when I need them"
"I don't really know, but it's still not the time when you need them right?
File: 076.png (788KB, 1128x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
788KB, 1128x1600px
"And then, I want snacks that're in the perfect box"
"Snacks? We have rice crackers"

"In this case, it's apparently not the contents, but the box that's important!"

"If you put in accessories I don't really know about in that box, it's perfect!"
"Why don't you really know what the contents are!?"

"Speaking of contents......yeah tissue!"

"I want the stylish covers that cover tissue boxes"

"Stylish covers....?"
File: 077.png (842KB, 1128x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
842KB, 1128x1600px
"Even though tissues are covered by a box, they are covered again.... How overprotective"
"Can your really not understand me? Or are you making fun of me?"

"I think tissues that are without boxes are fine"
"No that's a little...."

"Thinking that if it's usable it's fine is not good. There seem to be a lot of things that don't have any uses"

"We should decorate the tiny cactus on our shelf!"
"A nuisance"

"Anything else you want?"
"I want a brother who understands me"
File: 078.png (124KB, 1128x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 1128x1600px
We covered the cactus so it won't prick anyone!
Is the cactus satisfied with this?
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129KB, 1128x1600px
And I'm done for the night. I'll get back on it when I get up again I guess
lai gor gor bao bao
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