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Yuru Yuri

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Akkari-n~! Yuru Yuri thread is starting!
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brat a cute! CUTE!
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Loli yuru hugs!
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i want to pet brat
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what's your favorite ship, /a/?
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Ur a faget.png
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Holy shit, did you just hack 4chan, OP?

How do you even make thread without a picture? Do tell.
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>You will never pet brat

Why even live lads
Sakurako is for lewd.
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does anyone here own a Yuru body pillow? I'm considering getting one so I can hug Yui
You should consider suicide for forcing shitty memes.
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no bully pls
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Are they yuri?

It's the normal versions of Akari and Saku
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I want to hug Yui!
I literally started watching this and couldn't handle the liquid autism being injected into my ass.

I'll force myself to watch it but until then I'll just keep collecting K-ON Yuri doujins and watch my backlog.
Akari Daisuki
is this a game? what is this?!!
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I don't understand
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If they never end up together, what be the point in living
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Needs more lum laisin
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too fucking cute
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i want yui to smug me
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come on man your almost there just use words
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Welcome back!
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Akarin is for ______
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damn, brat has some petite feet :3
Sakura Trick is better!
added to my list of things to watch, thanks anon.
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Brat acts like my auntie
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I want Akari to be my imouto so I can bathe with her every day and sleep with her when it's cold or storming.
I want to yell at brat until she cries but then cheer her up with a lewd kiss.
I want to marry Himawari and have so much romantic sex with her that she's never not-pregnant.
I want to fuck China's hair.
I want Yui to milk my prostate.
I want to bro it up with Kyouko and cosplay as anime and hentai couples together and she will naturally feel obligated to have sex while in character.
I want to rub pudding all over Ayano's budding breasts and ass.
I want to steal old hag's glasses and put them on my dick so it looks like she's fellating an old man's nose.
Actually I just wanna be Akane's brother so I can rape her as punishment for trying to molest our beautiful imouto.
Akari is finally a main character in another series.
You're welcome. Enjoy lots of kissing.

innocent, pure hugs and laughter

Yeah? Which one?
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 32

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