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Continuing to work on Volume 11. Let's see how far we can get today
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203 'That pose'

"The beach!"


"What goes with the blue sea!?"
"The blue sky!"
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"And with the blue sky?"
"The sun!"

"And with the sun?"
"Outer space!"

"I see, you went to outer space"
"I will go anywhere!"


"Whats wrong Chiaki, you're in low spirits as usual. Are you not having fun?"

"Hm...... no, that's not the case......"
Thanks anon
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"I'm not good at swimming, so I need to make great preparations for entering the sea"

"Now I'll focus my mind"
"I see"

"But Chiaki, if you make such an unpleasant face, you'll worry everyone around you"

"That won't be good. What should I do?"
"Start from form"

"We'll should make it seem that you're having fun!"
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"And now you look as if you're gonna enjoy the sea for sure"
"I guess so. So I'll focus...."

"What're you doing? Chiaki!"

"You can't! People who are excited to be on the beach don't stand around idly! You gotta get into the sea!"

"Kana, they misunderstood me. There's an astounding gap between my appearance and emotions"
"What a problem"

"Let's make it seem like you still don't feel like going into the sea"

"Okay okay. If you put on your clothes and sit down....."
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"Hey Chiaki, what're you doing?"

"Let's get that thing off and get in the sea quickly"
"No no no"

"They worried over me too much. They stripped me at once"
"We're in a pinch...."

"If you focus yourself, you gotta make a pose like it"
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"Kana..... aren't they looking at me?"
They're curious about what you're doing"

"I'll go let the play, so get prepared quickly"


"Chiaki, are you not going into the sea?
"Haruka nee-sama"
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"I'll go after a little bit"

"Is that so? I'll go ahead then"

"I gotta go huh....."



"The pose of someone who decided to prepare for getting into the sea!"
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"I wanna eat some shaved ice"
"Then let's get up at once"

"Chiaki, do you wanna eat some shaved ice together?"

"The pose of approving shaved ice!"

"Haruka, what's that pose?"
"A pose which says my head hurts from the shaved ice....."
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Yes, this is the cola pose
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204 'It's a problem'

"Now, the problem. Can you write rose in kanji?"
"It's essential for difficult kanji"

"How's this"
Clap clap
"Whoaaaa, amazing! I don't know if it's right or wrong though"
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"Uchida, can you write 'rose'?"
"Huh? Rose?"

"I think I drew it pretty well"
Clap clap
"Ohh, that's amazing! That wasn't what I meant though"

"She said rose didn't she!?"

"Now what're you drawing?"
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"Chiaki! Do you know what this is?"

"Then I'll.... try guessing at what Chiaki's thinking"

" 'Is there some benefit in me understanding this?' "
"The correct answer is that shop's strawberry shortcake!"

"Ohhhh, that shop's cakes are delicious huh"
"Yeah yeah. They're not too sweet and they're delicious"

"When you're talking about sweets, the words 'not too sweet' are used often"
Thanks anon, I'm overjoyed.
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" 'Its not sweet, so where're the sweets in that!' "


" 'It's certainly necessary for it to not be too sweet' "

"Why did you deny my opinion once?"
"Chiaki, do you hate Uchida?"

"I don't hate you per se. I will put the answer to that problem on hold"
"It would be fine if you said you like me!"
I'll be back. Need to do something
We'll wait anon
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Curse thee, reversed images

"Ah.... now then"

"The bathroom?"
"How did you know?'

"Uchida, you're easy to understand"
"Yes, you really are"

"Too bad! That is incorrect"

"Just go"
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"I'll be a fairy do a dance in the cubicle"
"Go to the bathroom"

"Huuuuh, I understand various things here......."

"Somehow, I feel as if I've anticipated everything and grew afraid of it...."

"Mako-chan, people can't understand everything about those around them!"

"In the first place. even if people know about you, they don't understand you enough!"
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"For example, Mako-chan... you're aware of it right?"
"A.....about what?"

"Your butt has been making noise for a while now!"
"I didn't notice! How immodest!"

"And have you noticed as well, Kana?"

"Your belly has been making a lot of noise for a while now!"
"It really is! How immodest!"

"I'm not making a noise anywhere"
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"Have you noticed? You're making a seemingly spiteful face there"

"Here's a problem. What'll you do when this goes toward you?"

"I'm back..... ow!"
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205 'Rhinoceros beetle'

"Huh? A rhinoceros beetle? What's up with that?"
"It seems Touma caught it in the park"
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"There are Rhinoceros beetles in the park over there?"
"It might have fled from a house somewhere"

"You're keeping him here?"
"It's fine. Raising a living being will be very great for her diligence"

"Alright! I gotta decide on a name"

"Rodriguez is nice!"
"Why is it Hispanic?"
"If it's not a very strong sounding name, it'll seem as if he'll fail to live up to it....."

"Does a perfect name not exist......"
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"Oh? What's that black thing?"
"Oh Natsuki"

"It's the Rhinoceros beetle that Touma caught"
"Heeey, we can keep him right?"


"It's fine Natsuki. Raising a living thing is educational....."
"Then if Touma gets tired of it, can you keep it in her stead?"
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"I won't get tired of it! I've even decided on a name!"

"Natsuki! You wanna stay here right?"
"Who are you talking to? I'm here you know"

"How do you even care for rhinoceros beetles?"

"You put dirt in a roughly 20cm tank, but a mat is fine as well. The most important part is making the dirt most with a spray. As for food....."
"Whoaaaaa. Aniki, you're surprisingly knowledgeable...."

"That's right I remembered. Natsuki fussed about wanting to keep a rhinoceros beetle before....."
"Forget that"
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"Oh yeah Natsuki! Aren't you hungry?"
"Oh yeah, I forgot"

"Today's snack is a melon I got as a gift"

"Huh? There's a gap in my melon...."

"That part is here"
"What? Why are you holding it?"

"This is the portion for that rhinoceros beetle. Keeping a pet means you split your own food...."
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"That was my plan"

"Natsukiii, was that delicious?"

"It seems she's aware of it"
"That girl.... she's that well prepared...."
"Natsuki, you weren't giving him your watermelons, but gave him cucumbers"

"It's because you didn't close the sliding screen...."
"It's an old house so it's bent all over the place....."
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186KB, 1497x2142px

"When I let my sight off Natsuki for just a moment..... he went missing!"

"Did he run? Did you not close the lid?"
"Well you see...... he hated the small container?"

"Natsukiiiii! Good luck out theeereee!"
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162KB, 1497x2142px
"Shut up! I'm fine!"
"It's not you"

"Huh? Kana. Weren't you making a fuss about the rhinoceros beetle running away this morning?"
"There was no way Vajra 2 ran away right? He just went on a walk right?"

"Kay. In you go"

"He hasn't eaten any cucumbers at all huh"
"Did get picky about his food during his walk......?"
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File: CCF_0075.jpg (49KB, 1485x2147px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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206 'Wish 3 times'

"I'm hungry huh"
"Are there no snacks or anything?"

"I'll go boil some ramen. Anybody want some?"

"Kana, you're able to boil ramen now huh...."
"Leave the noodles to me!"
Haruka is such a saemon daemon
Thanks anon
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"Oh, Kana-chan, that's moon viewing udon! You're so unfair!"
"If you want them, go get an egg yourself from the kitchen"

"Where's the moon viewing part in moon viewing udon?"
"Um... isn't it because the egg looks like a full moon?"

"Speaking of which, tonight's the 15th night. It's the day of the moon viewing"

"What is the moon viewing in the first place?"
"Mako-chan, you don't know what it means in the first place?"
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148KB, 1484x2147px
"Okay, Mako-chan"
"The moon viewing day..... is looking at the moon"

"That's it....?"

"Compared to Halloween and Setsubun, it's a greatly plain festival huh...."
"It's not really a festival"

[TN: Yay to Mako-chan for being stupid enough to spare TL notes]
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"What a wonderful moon viewing set, Haruka nee-sama,"

"Oh. It's a bunny"

"What're you writing, Mako-chan?"
"I thought of something nice"
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"When you see the moon, you might see a shooting star right? I'll think of a bunch of wishes for that moment"

"A wish on a shooting star....?"

"Mako-chan.... do you think that your wish will be granted without an effort?"
"Huh!? Then Kana, what do you so your wish can be granted....?"

"The time to see a shooting star is a small window.... reciting your wish 3 times is the correct way to make a wish"

"People's wishes are divided generally into 3 ! Fame! Money! Authority! Put them together and you get 'a mistress'!" [TN: Take the first character of fame (め), money (か), authority (け) and you get mistress (めかけ)]
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"I compiled this practice so I could recite this charm 3 times quickly....."
"What amazing authority!"
"It's an unpleasant charm...."

"Oh a crab"

"Mistress mistress mistress!"
"Terrific! Terrific! Yeaaah!"
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"Oh a stegosaurus"

"Uchida! You alright with not practicing to say your wishes?"
"Huh? Me?"

"I won't say what I'm wishing for"

"Look, in that time a prince on a white horse will appear and he can grant all my wishes without me saying anything"
"Oh. He'll come from the moon on Pegasus"
"You are such an annoying girl"

File: CCF_0083.jpg (164KB, 1499x2157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 1499x2157px
"We'll wish together on the star for our dreams right!?"
"I'm hungry. Let's eat dumplings"
"Is there a pegasus on the moon?"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"You people are a greedy bunch! Be quiet, you morons!"
"We're sorry......."

"It's pretty huh"
thank you for threads like this
picked up anime and so far its very enjoyable
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207 'Contrasting to appearance'

"What a tasty looking persimmon. Autumn's nice"
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139KB, 1483x2139px
"So bitter!"

"Kana, that's an astringent persimmon. Haruka nee-sama's making dried persimmons it seems"
"Tell me that first!"

"Even though its appearance looked tasty---- I can't be deceived huh"

"I bought a 24 paint set!"

"I thought I'd try and put some genuine effort in my paintings"
"Form before function huh"
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>form before function
Holy shit Keiko is savage
Which minami would you ke?
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"If there are a few colors, even just looking at it will be enjoyable"
"Appearances are important huh"

"You cannot be deceived by appearances!"

"This is the work of affection from an artest who collected expensive equipment!"
"Hey Kana!? You still chose that scribble!?"

"Keiko, what in the world do you think this picture is?"
"Huh ummmmmm, a stray dog hungry for blood....?"
Akira or Mako-chan
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"Keiko, in contrast to your appearance, you make severe mistakes....."
"Huh!? I was wrong!?"

"This may not look like it, but it's a cat!"
"Kana........stop already......"

"S sorry Riko. You must think my eyes are strange don't you......"

"You were clearly mistaken. The degree of the glasses might not fit you"
"I guess so. I might see better if I take them off"
File: CCF_0088.jpg (144KB, 1483x2139px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 1483x2139px
"I feel as if my field of vision became somewhat clear"
"You can definitely see a cat now huh!"

"Keiko! Once again, what is this?"
"A cat!"
"Enough with the cats already!"

"Ahh.... egg custard has a relaxing taste...."
File: CCF_0089.jpg (134KB, 1483x2138px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 1483x2138px
"What's wrong Chiaki?"

"Was the taste of the egg custard weird?"
"What's this? Are you making a shocked expression here?"

"Okay, did you..... think that the bitter ginkgo was a chestnut.... got careless and ate it?"

"I knew that for a while now! I did! About the egg custard having ginkgo nuts!"
File: CCF_0090.jpg (170KB, 1483x2139px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170KB, 1483x2139px

"Makoto-kun! You just touched my butt, didn't you!?"

"Oh my bad. My broom hit you"
"It did? Reaaally?"

"Try thinking hard about it, Uchida. Is there any merit in me touching your butt?"
File: CCF_0091.jpg (167KB, 1483x2139px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 1483x2139px
"Makoto-kun, in contrast to your appearance, you're a pervert huh"
"Wh why am I a pervert"

"I knew it for a while now. I knew it in a previous life before I met you"

"That you are a pervert!"
"Was I a pervert from that long ago!?
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Stray dog
Makoto BTFO
File: CCF_0093.jpg (53KB, 1483x2143px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 1483x2143px
Uchida got BTFO
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208 'Point'

"I went to that bread store that I've been curious about"

"Yeah. It's delicious"

"They made a point card. Someone want it?"
File: CCF_0095.jpg (154KB, 1494x2143px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154KB, 1494x2143px
"Every time you go shopping in that store you get a point. When you get 10 points...."

"Huh? What was it? I forgot"

"Heeeeey, Chiaki. Lend me your eraser!"

"Minus 1 point!"
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144KB, 1483x2143px
"Point? What point?"
"Dunno.... I wonder what point"

"How many points do I have now? If there's a minus, does something bad happen?"

"Dunno.... I wonder what'll happen....."

"What the heck kind of points is that.....?"
Does anyone know what has happened to Hosaka in the story? Since the raw sources kept drying up, I've had a hard time following this series since almost 5 years ago.
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"The runny nose won't stop..."
"You caught a cold?"

"There's a cold going around now huh. Here's a tissue"


"Thanks Touma! I'll give you 10 points"
"T ten points!?"
File: CCF_0098.jpg (151KB, 1492x2143px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 1492x2143px
"The points went up huh...."

"Chiaki! Are there any problems you're having?
"Huh? Not really......."

"I know! As thanks for the eraser I'll lend you my ruler!"
"I have one so I'm fine...."

"Where're you going?"
"The bathroom for a bit...."

"If you're going to the toilet, I'll carry you there!"
"What excessive attentiveness! Minus 100 points!"

Nothing happens.
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"Touma, did something happen? It got noisy......"

"I seem to have made Chiaki mad....."

"You really did.... her face is all red, she's shivering and fell prostrate. She's mad huh"

"It's a terrible fever!"
File: CCF_0100.jpg (165KB, 1500x2158px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 1500x2158px
"Get a good hold of yourself!"

"A cold huh"

"If gets her rest, she'll be fine"
"Thank god"

"Touma...... thanks. 1000 points!"
"What's with these points!?"
File: CCF_0101.jpg (149KB, 1500x2158px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 1500x2158px
"For getting 1000 points, I'll give this to you"

"Is this......?'

"A bread store stamp card..... I've already gathered 9 points. After one more point...... one more!"

"Idiot! Get better quickly so you can get it yourself!"
"Uugh it hurts....."
Ahhh, I'm tired. I'll continue this when I get up. We're about 10 chapters from finishing
Thanks so much, would be great if a typesetter teamed up with you though.
File: 1266356474367.gif (420KB, 320x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
420KB, 320x180px
Thank you, anon!
Thanks OP.
I need to get back in to this.
Mako chan is a pure
he din do nuffin
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