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This is a thread for Perrine. No other Strike Witches allowed.

This is a blue board which means that it's for everybody (Safe For Work content only). If you see any adult content, please report it.

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This is a thread for Perrine.

No other Strike Witches allowed.
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Firstly, what do you like most about her?
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tsun tsun megane
>Eila x Perrine will never be an actual thing
it hurts
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Finns and Frenchies are too different.
Just made me wonder, how are there no spurdo edits of her?
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Because everything about her is equally perfect.
>almost hoverhand on Perrine hips
What's with these god awful threads lately?
You should do one in >>>/c/, seriously.
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Will buy 3
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Perrine by the poolside, nothing strange going on at all.
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>that pool
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Perrine x Lynette
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I would post more but all i have left is lewd.
Then post on /h/.
there a thread? Also isnt i seen as loli?
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Eila braided.png
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Gee make a thread on >>>/c/, >>>/e/ or >>>/h/ then and not fucking /a/.
This is not anime or manga discussing at all just imagedumping..
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I hope she has a lovely paddle.
Then lets talk and learn somethings then.
We can talk about how yoshika is a traitor and needs to be court martialed and shot.
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For what?
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We have helma.us already for that and the /u/ general that has lasted 172 days by now and shows and proves how perfect it is for slow discussions since we've talked about almost everything there is to in last SIX years.
I had a link forever ago but its locked now right?
She disobeyed direct orders and went to the enemy and almost got her superior officer killed or almost paralyzed for life.
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blonde eila.jpg
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Uh what? No, no it's not locked. Why would it be?
In case you meant the password thing that was added months ago, it's only for the General discussion and oekaki board.
If you need to access those boards the password is aliveandwell.
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Someone has never dealt with child soldiers before. But sure shoot the kid in the head for it see how the world reacts to it.

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Perrine-based energy is the future.
She is the best.
I very much want to cuddle Perrine forever.
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Fuck you and your rules.
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Ordered three already.
Post bedtime or pajama Perrine please.
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So cute!
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Sure is >>>/c/ posting here. Are mods sleeping in?
It's eerie how copy of a thread this is to the previous one. Talk about drones and same OP.
>>>/wsr/ might be up your alley or just visiting some boorus.
i have this on a poster in my room
I've only seen season one, is Perrine feature heavily enough to continue?
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chibi sanyaa.jpg
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Sure is. Third OVA will make you incredibly happy if you happen to like Perrine a lot.
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I'll just get the third OVA for now.
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Why not just start S2? I guess it really doesn't matter, but you'll miss the Perrine Pirate episode.
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Too much procrastination material.
S2 has some Perrine butt in episode 7.

Stop tempting me.

Why do we have to "tempt" you to watch the witches? Do you not love them or something?
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Eila x Perrine.png
1MB, 1000x1000px
If you like Perrine a lot then just goddamn watch the second season, movie and third OVA already.
It's not that hard nor does it take much time. Jesus fuck already with these 30 minute bumps.

I'll get to it later, I have exams and an essay coming up.
Oh look the usual circlejerking namefags are here. Can't have a decent witch thread without those faggots!
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Don't let the faggots interrupt Perrine time.

What is you're favorite Perrine moment?
Thread posts: 52
Thread images: 36

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