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One of the most ridiculous manga I've read in a while
Rape Zombie

Rape Zombies everywhere
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>the only heterosexual non-rapist was killed off in the beginning
>based Kumo didn't come back in the very last chapter as deus ex machina big bad

drop it now. It would have been so much better as Father/Daughteru assassins and not softcore forced-yuri humiliation b-movie porn.
What a fucking horrible ending.
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Someone needs to make a "Do it for him" picture for Kumo
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I know
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Alice got defiled harder
>losing your virginity in a crazed school orgy
best way, I can't think of a better way
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Dinoponero didn't have it too rough because EVERYONE WAS DOING IT

But Alice was lesbian bad guy seduced and tongue stabbed. That hurts on an emotional level.

why couldn't we protect that smile?
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Screw this...
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I wonder if the mad man will someday get a sequel done.
So how this end?
Was it suddenly canned?
Or the girls got any resolution or all of them were raped?
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He's still got killing bites ect ect
Rape zombies were a plan by big bads to counteract japan's declining birthrates.

that's all i got from spoiler anons.
Can someone tell me what happened to the centipede? I remember her being cute.
wait... did Alice got raped?
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did this manga end?
Got raped offscreen. Yep. ...Oh WELL.
Even worse Yuri'd

Arachnid is het-phobe propaganda.
It ended a few days ago. The rape zombie apocalypse happened, most of the surviving characters are either missing or raped or both and Alice left Goki to kick ass on her own.
more like anti-hetero vanilla. Yuri, gangrape, NTR are welcomed
Yeah I need to start reading this now
Yeah but it's only hetero gangrape.
>still no Kumo alive and coming to save his daughteru from rape apocalypse
>Alice left Goki to kick ass on her own
Shame, I was hoping Goki would get a sex scene with Alice.
wasn't her real father other assassin?
From the raws it looked like Alice was afraid of her autism powers going out of control and killing Goki if they ever had sex.
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13 (1).jpg
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I don't remember but her real uncle was a rapist who was trying to rape her.
Suzumebachi was the real father.
Fucking horrible plot twist when all is said and done. That dude looked like a ntr manga jobber.
does this guy have any h-manga?
kabutomushi best.
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The author and artist are completely separate entities, the author tends to write these NatGeo fighting mangas and then source them out to a mangaka.

I know the artist who does killing bites has some spice&wolf doujin
Is the spinoff manga still going?
this is bad
we need both author's perversion and artist's skill
Yeah this is actually incredibly stupid. It had potential too, if it went even slightly towards realism instead of being full power level shounen shit it could've been fine. But no, we can't have nice things. Instead we get the dumbest villains ever, the dumbest power ups ever and the dumbest everything. It's literally impossible to suspend your belief with this shit, every time you try another chapter just entirely shits on everything that's happened so far.

I don't read this, but I remember a sequence where some chick reveals she has a literal heart of steel.

I don't think you were supposed to take this nearly as seriously as you did.
>I don't think you were supposed to take this nearly as seriously as you did.

Yeah I realized this after certain point but it's just in my nature to at least give it the benefit of the doubt that it could happen. But even then this was just extra retarded and I've read some retarded shit in my life. This was h-doujin-tier retarded.
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You could say panties on head retarded.
There was a rape apocolypse? I thought this was just a female terraformars. Was the rapers their version of johjs?
Cockroach is literally the only good thing about this manga.
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Gay rapist Kamen Rider is bretty close second though.
Killing bite is an amazing manga and i hope to see more translated. There was a kb thread last summer and it lead to some nice anons to translate more.

As far as my understanding goes for killing bites, there are for more issues around than raws and willing translators.
Killing Bites has a male everyman protagonist but still turns into a yurifest rape drama. C'mon. Can this dude just write one haremshit? I need some detox.
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beetle girl.jpg
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Her disappearance from the ending was a low blow I wasn't expecting. At least we still have her in the prequel.

Yes. Pic related is the lastest chapter.
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>sequel gets done
>resurrected evil uncle is plot twist boss
so who is left unraped?
I would love that.
Yup, Goki seems to be the only one who wasn't raped, maybe some girls who were killed first didn't get raped either.

Alice got phantasy het-raped and yuri raped for real.

I bet Goki would love to be raped by Alice.
rape is like saying hello?
Sex is like saying hello, so I don't see what's the big deal about rape because basically it's like saying fuck you.
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Thread images: 19

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