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New year, new volume
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I would have uploaded the cover and the first page but I'm not at my usual place so the internet is shit now and the files are too big
Got some v0 chapters here ready for QC. Well two and an omake at least.

Chapter 130 v0

Chapter 131 v0

Chapter 131.5 v0

When it comes to releasing, I'll probably put 131.5 in with 131, but maybe others would prefer it a different way.
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"Hm? What's wrong Sora?"

"Hm? Breaststroke?"

"Hm? Umm... a monkey?"

"Ermmmm, this is difficult Sora"
She was just clearing away the spiderwebs she was caught in
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Comic 1

"Ohh, it's a chameleon"
"It is, so he's Chame-chan"

"What an easy name to remember. In any case, though that may be true, the name is limiting"

"So, this one here is Leon-kun"

"Hmm. What an easy... a confusing name!"
Kame-chan [TN: The chameleon]

Comic 2

"Tsukki's house... There are a lot of umbrellas"

"Yup. The weather report said it was sunny but we met with the rain at our destination so we had no choice but to buy those umbrellas"

"But all of them are quite nice"
"They're pretty much new products"

"That's it right? When you bought them the rain stopped all of a sudden right?"
These raws look pretty nice actually.
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Comic 1

"The traffic's pretty congested huh"
"There are way too many cars in Japan"

"They need to invent flying cars faster"
Like this

"No no, on a realistic level it would probably be like this"

"From an artistic perspective it seems extremely difficult"
"Is it...?"

Comic 2
"Well... that's how it would end up huh"

The source roulette was kind to me when I got it. I'll upload the cover next time because it was literally too high quality to upload
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Comic 1

"Recently, I've come to see tractors as cute"
"Huh? Why?"

"The tiger" [TN: Japanese name is 虎 (tora)]



Comic 2

"Your drawing is pale.... what [kind of] pencil are you using?"
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Thanks OP
There's like more than enough material for season 2 now, just do it pls.
>that pantsu shot

Nice nice.
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Natsumi is eroi
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Comic 1
Banana Chips

"What're you doing Sensei?"
"Hmm, I'm testing what'll happen if you put banana chips [back] into hot water"

"It's already been dipped for an hour, oh, but it became soft. Okay, let's try eating it"

"Ugh....eww... there's.... no taste..."

"Right... what? You're done it before?"
"I have"

Comic 2
Banana chips 2

"Look, you have to try doing it as many times [as possible] [or] you won't understand right? As for me,"

"I threw my common sense out and accepted human ignorance, I can make free ideas and have expanded my field [of thought]. Furthermore, I can continue advancing modestly, but I think I can make people wealthy"

That's the theory

"So have you dipped banana chips into hot water and eaten them?"
"I have?"
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Comic 1
Stone baked potatoes

"Stone baked potatoes"

"Are stones you bake them on really stones?"

"Potato...baked stones?"

"Potato baked stones"
"Stone baked potatoes"

Comic 2
The art of memory

"Umm... the chemical symbol of silicon... umm... I remembered it from the play on words" [TN: ケイ素 (keiso - silicon) & 元素 (genso - chemical element)]

"My...umm, horizon....hm? Lover... boat? What was it? My boat.... my boat!?"

"Hm? So what was it!? In the end what was the chemical symbol? Actually, is silicon even related to all this!?"

Collecting them from the back
"Okaay we're done"
In the last panel of the first comic it should be
>"Potato baked stones"
>"Potato baked stones..."
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Splittable chopsticks

"Wagh, the chopsticks split horribly, it'll be a little hard to use it like this huh... I'll take one more"

"Really again... Can't be helped, one more..."

"Okay, this time it split properly"

"What's up Furuya"
"You're fine with that?"

The two long parts
"There was that usage as well huh..."
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"Oh, Asou-san, there's a promenade over here"

"If I make conversation with these senpai who find faults out of nowhere, this'll be a pattern where they carry the pace. Okay, here I'll..."

"It's too small for a promenade. Isn't it just a mountain pass?"

"A mountain...pass!?"

"I couldn't get a[n approving] pass"

"It can't be helped. It wasn't promenaded as a promenade"
[TN: There's a play on words here between 遊歩道 (yuuhodou - promenade) and とゆーほど (to yuu hodo - to call [something]) but I can't think of a way to carry the pun so I made something as close as possible to it]


"I feel as if I lost even though it was pointless..."

Huh, thanks for catching that.
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The sketchbook manga and anime were some of the things that kept me entertained during my army service over eight years ago. Haven't had anything to do with the series since, surprised that it's still alive and ongoing. The comedy girls were my favourite, I used to absolutely adore them.

Rereading and rewatching this now, and it's like I'm in a time warp. A lot of associations with it that I had forgotten keep popping into my mind. Thoughts from a different time and place. It's weird, but also very cool. Stupid amounts of nostalgia.

Thanks for translating these and reminding me that this exists. Keep up the good work.
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Oh that should be 146 huh. My bad


Gure and the bicycle



The tire is spinning. He is surprised

Shiver shiver
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Comic 1

"A hat"
"A hat"

"The feared inverted anemone human"
"Woaah, scary"

Comic 2
Hat 2

"It's no use. I can't see in front of me too much"
"I...I see..."

"How about parting your bangs and wearing it?"
"Parting my bangs?"

"Like this?"
"Who are you"
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Comic 1
Grass Whistle

Grass whistle


Munch munch

Comic 2
Grass whistle 2


Shiver shiver
"Hm? What's wrong?"
Tsukki is cute
I'm up, so checking now. Generally the omake is put with the last chapter of the volume.
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Comic 1
Herd of hairy caterpillars

Hairy Caterpillars

"W...waaaghhh! Caterpillars! Scary!"

The caterpillars got scared and bent their bodies. The plants shook

She got traumatized

Comic 2
Fluffy Sparrows [TN: Common name is Ramie Moth. If you want to change it, leave a note at the third panel]

"Ohh, those were fluffy sparrow larvae"
"Fluffy sparrows?"

"When they sense danger, they shake their bodies a lot"
"I see. If they do that they will emotionally drive their enemies to a corner"
"No, that's not the case..."

"But it's such a cute name"
"Yup. Since they look like sparrows who fluff up in the winter, the name stuck"

"Huh? They do!? Where!?"
"No, it's their adult form okay?"
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Comic 1

"Huh? But weren't the larvae of the sparrow family not hairy caterpillars but hornworms?" [TN: The sparrow class is the Japanese form of the hawk moth family]
"Yup. They are"

"Look, the fluffy sparrow isn't from the sparrow class"
"That so? It's [getting] complicated again"

"Then, how about the white speckled sparrow and the peach sparrow we see often?"
"Those are from the sparrow family"

"Then the cobalt sparrow?"
"Those are pearl spot fish" [TN: Japanese 'Suzumedai']

Comic 2

"How are hairy caterpillars and hornworms different?"

"Hairy caterpillars are hornworms with hair that sprouted"

"In reality they're not much different aside from sprouting hair huh"
"That's right!"
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Comic 1
Lead clothes

"I also want some lead clothes"
"Lead clothes? What're those?"

"Look, the one piece the president often wears"

"The president wears a one piece...!?"

"Hey, what're you thinking? These. Boiler [clothes]. This is also a kind of one piece"
"Ohh that"

Comic 2
Lead Clothes 2

"Yaaay, I got some lead clothes!"

"With this, I can do work in the dirty clay room and be completely okay"
"Don't call it dirty"

"Even if I do this"

"I'm completely fine!"
"Your hair is full of dirt Kate"
Okay, I have to sleep now, so I'll do fixes in the morning I guess.
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Comic 1

"What does extra mean?"
"It means the sort of meaning like 'too much' or 'special' "

"Oh, it's different from what I thought"
"What? You thought it was like the X of a tiger? Oh, [or] an extract that if you drink you'll become a tiger?"

"Whatever, Takane you're so insightful"
"Kei, it's because you're so predictable...."

Comic 2
Case by case

"Ughh. So I'll draw out my predictability it's more like that. That or playing by ear according to time and condition in a case by case [situation]"

"What is"

"Anyhow, that would be 'A case! A case!' LIke in Hakata-ben" [TN: In Hakata-ben, 'bai' is an emphatic sentence ending]

"Whatever, Takane you're so insightful"
"Kei, it's because you're so predictable...."
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Comic 1
"Oh this, this looks tasty"
"Hm Let's have a look"

"The greedy special"

"Let's pick something else since I don't want to be thought of as greedy"

Comic 2

ATM Corner

"If one thinks that those characters are an abbreviation for 'atomic' then it would seem like a nuclear [spot]"
"That'd be scary"

"It's okay it's okay"
"It's okay it's okay, probably"

I'm taking a break a bit but I'll be back soon. Hopefully thread will be alive so that we can have time to release this by the time the thread dies
Why Kei isn't in the anime?
Because she showed up too late
This QC is going to be a headache. Please bare with me if I'm a bit slow.

Chapter 130

Page 117

"Wait, my way of asking was bad." -> "Wait, I phrased that badly."

Page 119

Strip 1

"Inside are chestnuts!!"

Strip 2

"Is what I feigned, but it's really chestnuts."

"Is what I feigned, but it's really sea urchin."

"Is what I feigned, but it's really just pudding dipped in soy sauce!!"

Page 120

Strip 2

4th panel "Can't you?" -> "Couldn't you?"

Page 123

Strip 2

Panel 2

"Because a compromise would result in unforgivable sushi quality."

Page 124

Strip 1

"That's normal in that situation." -> "That's normal in this situation."

TL Things

Page 121

Sora's final head movement is untranslated.

Page 123

Strip 1

Was there a reason for leaving the "nori" untranslated here?

Strip 2
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Have enough time to put out one more



At night I return to my room. In the middle of pitch darkness, I search for the string of the lamp by groping [for it]

I know it's around this area, but it's like there's nothing

Like there's nothing

Like there's nothing
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Comic 1
Kera [TN: Common name is mole cricket]

"Oh, what's this bug?"
"A kera"

"Ohh a kera"
"Yup a kera"

"An insect" [TN: Japanese 'mushikera']

"You're not wrong, but you are"
"That so?"

Comic 2
Tobikera [TN: Common name: Cassis fly]

"Oh it flew!"
"Ohh then it's really a tobikera"


This kind of bug
*Nothing to do with a kera

"Tobikera...? What?"
"Ohhh I want a friend I could tell my stories to"
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Comic 1

"I haven't seen any cats recently"
"Me neither"

"Then let me show you something nice"

"Tadaa a Dirhagus foveolatus" [TN: There is no possible translation for this japanese name nor is there a common name. But it looks like a cat for some reason]

"Woaah, a cat's face"
"--so where did this thing come from?"

Comic 2

"Liver: 100 grams for 10 yen! Cheap!"

"It's good for my body so today I'll make boiled liver"

Liver: 47 yen
Ginger: 99 yen

"In the end the ginger was expensive..."
Whoops. I must have cut off the TL questions on accident. Reposting.

TL Things

Page 121

Sora's final head movement is untranslated.

Page 123

Strip 1

Was there a reason for leaving the "nori" untranslated here?

Strip 2

"We're not compromising right away" sounds a bit awkward. Do you have any other suggestions for this?

Page 124

Strip 2

What was the original joke here? Could it be made into a TL note?

Also, "I preformed that dear matter." doesn't sound right. Can you check this?
File: 36829316.jpg (832KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
832KB, 1024x768px
Thanks again and are you gonna upload a mega of all the chapters these threads have done up until now whenever? Also GA Anon translator guy, please.

The thread when
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Comic 1
The northern star

"What're you reading?"
"A book about constellations"

"If you try thinking about it I don't know much about constellations"
"That's true. I only know how to search for the Northern star"

'How do you search for it?"
"First you find the big dipper or the constellation Cassiopeia ..."

"....and it should be near midway.... Well, you might be able to find it even with that, but I don't remember..."

Comic 2
Ursa Major

The big dipper
The Northern Star
Cassiopeia constellation

"You find it like this"
"Ohh that's right! That's how"

"Huh? What're the stars around the big dipper?"
"The big dipper is part of the Ursa Major constellation. It's the tail part"

"The bear has a long tail..."
"He has a long tail..."

She's brimming with excitement

Strip 1
Not really. It was sort of an in the moment thing since it's on the packet. You can translate it as seaweed if you wish.

Strip 2
"Don't make a compromise right away" or something

It can be if you wish. She's making a lame pun. Asakura-sensei then says something along the line of 'You did that disappointing line'. I was probably doing this on a sleep high sorry.
I gotta go somewhere unfortunately. But I'll be back to finish the rest of it in maybe 3-4 hours. Hopefully thread will still be up by then.
What happened to scorebook?
Page 121

It's best to leave that as is then.

Page 123

Strip 1

I would prefer it, if the TS can.

Strip 2

Okay then

Add a "Yes," before "because a compromise would result in unforgivable sushi quality."

The inquired about line should read something like, "Quit trying to compromise already."

Page 124

By "original joke, I was actually asking for the original pun Sensei was trying to make so it could TL noted.

Asakura's revised line is perfect.

Don't worry about the thread. People are always willing to feign conversation to keep it alive while we're translating.

Did anyone else even read it. Honestly, it's strange to even see the author writing a different work than Sketchbook. If I had to guess, it died a quiet death.
This manga looks super comfy.
QC things. (1/2)

Chapter 131

Page 125

"Many people..." -> "Too many people..."

Page 126

Strip 2

"There are many people here, so..."

Page 127

Strip 1

Was the original TL note too long? I'd prefer it be put in at the bottom, just for the sake of having it.

"TN: A Giza 10 is a 10 yen coin with jagged edges manufactured between 1951 and 1958. It's considered a collectible to most"

Page 128

"Two cups, double meter, one cup." Unless the translator tells me I'm wrong, change this to "Two bows, two claps, one bow."

I'd also say change the second panel to "First the two bows."

Page 131

Strip 1

Second panel "must" -> "most"

4th panel

"But first on a gloabl scale is Everest!!"

"2nd is...!!" "2nd..." "Umm... 2nd...!!"

Page 132

Strip 2

Panel 5

"Just as one would think"
Questions for the TL

Page 127

Strip 2

"Gonna empty my whole wallet full of 5 yen coins!" makes it seem like her wallet is filled with nothing but 5 yen coins. Is that the intention of the line, or can it be changed to "Gonna empty all of my wallet's 5 yen coin out!"

Kate didn't actually throw a coin here, did she? Does here final line have any actual relevance to her, or can it be reworded to be talking about the situation in general? Or could it be that she just wanted to fit in a pun here.

Page 128

Strip 1

"two cups, double meter, one cup."

What? Are you quite sure on this translation?

二拝二拍一拝 is the original Japanese as far as I can tell. I believe I recognize this as the name of one of Suwako's spellcards in MoF. There it was translated as "Two bows, two claps, one bow" which is a line I've see in many other things as well. Google translated "two claps" as "two beats" which I guess could be mistaken for "double meter," but I'm so curious to know where "two cups" came from?

Honestly, I don't think this needs the TL note. I see that Hazuki doesn't know what it is, but isn't it quite famous?

Page 130

This, however, could use a TL note. Or just a wikipedia link if you feel like it.

Page 132

I don't think "spread out" really fits here. Could you check on that. What does Benten-sama mean here by "You're still young!" here? Does he mean to call her naive/inexperienced, or is it possible that "crumpled" be replaced with the synonym "wrinkled" here so that Sora inadvertently be calling him old here, and that is his response. Also, for what reason does he seem like Benten-sama?

Page 134

"She is the silhouette of supremacy in the final years." Please clarify this line for me. I don't have a clue what this means.
I read it and it was pretty funny to me. It seemed to be more of a comedy manga than a slice of life so i guess thats the reason why people didn't read it.
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780KB, 1104x1600px
Stole some time to put in 1-2 pages.

Comic 1
Ursa Minor

"Oh, is this a part of the Northern Star or something? It also has the shape of a dipper"

"Yeah, even though the big dipper is called that, in regard to this one it's called the little dipper. The tail tip of Ursa Minor is also the Northern Star"

"The ear here has a long tail as well"
Ursa Minor

"Actually, this is a squirrel"
"A squirrel..."

Comic 2

"Speaking of which, why is the constellation Cassiopeia named that?"
"I wonder. Its characteristic form...what is it?"

"It's the name of an ancient Ethiopian princess"
"An ancient Ethiopian princess!?"


"Don't apply the shape as it is"

If you mean the original joke for 124, it's 'あがりをおあがり' (agari wo o-agari) which basically means "Draw the green tea'

I'll get to your questions in the next one
Take your time. I'm gonna be a while trying to figure out the omake.
File: 025.png (808KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
808KB, 1104x1600px
Comic 1

"But normally constellations are modelled from their form right?"

"Then I see the Hercules constellation as a frog"
"A frog!?"


"A frog..."
"A crushed frog..."

Comic 2
Secluded frog [TN: Common name: Surinam toad]

"This looks somewhat like a secluded frog"
"Secluded frog?"

"That sort of flattish frog does exist. The technical name is a Pipa Pipa"
"Pipa Pipa is a cute name"

"What kind [of frog] is it? Alright! Let's try looking it up on the net!"


Good luck. I've gotta leave again now. But I'll give a good thought about your questions as well. Be back in an hour or two again
This one was a doozy. I almost asked for an entire re-translation.


Page 136

"What did ya come to buy?" -> "Ya here to get something?"

Page 137

1st panel

"Yeah... just for few of the half price dishes... Yup."

2nd panel

"It'll be half price soon, won't it

5th panel

"But if I get a late start, won't they all be taken?"

6th panel

Page 138

3rd panel

"You know that?" -> "You can tell?"

4th panel

"There're the rest, right?" -> There'll be some left, right?

5th panel

"kid" -> "kids"

Page 139

1st panel

"And the expensive sushi has 3 packs remaining, the cheap one has 5."

"Sha can't refuse..." -> "She can't refuse..."

4th panel

"she'd as the employee" -> "she'd ask the employee"

"There are those kinds of people, right?

Page 142

"Demand and supply being in perfect alignment is really an amazing thing, huh..."
Questions for TL

Page 137

3rd panel

"Frankly, if I wait, I feel as if there won't be a great cut in price."

I'm not 100 percent sure I get what she's thinking here. Is she saying that if she waits too close to the 20% offs, the people won't come out and make them 50% off, or does she mean that she just won't feel as if they're 50% off for some reason?

"Well, if you don't mind too much. What if you leisurely wait?"

What is she suggesting here?

Page 139

1st panel

You translated it as, "the matter of buying of not being able to think of buying that bento is completely different."

The typesetter put "the matter of not being able to think of buying that bento is completely different."

I don't understand either version. Please help.

5th panel

When Asou says "she" does "she" refer to Hazuki? Hazuki answers like this is about her next page.

Page 144

Panel 4

"Ah, they're not thinking anything" Does she actually mean this, or does she mean something like "they're not paying attention."
>tfw GA is ending
TS here, awake and ready to get to work. I'll put in what you've got so far and wait for TL to come back for the rest.
Good luck my man
Oh right,
>Was the original TL note too long?

Kind of in this situation. I don't like haivng to use 2 lines for a note inbetween panels because it's kind of hard to fit and make it still readable. I put the full thing in now though.
>I don't like haivng to use 2 lines for a note inbetween panels because it's kind of hard to fit and make it still readable.

I understand. For situations like this though, I would assume the TL note can be put at the bottom because it isn't imperative for reading the strip.
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944KB, 1104x1600px
I'm back

Comic 1
Secluded Frog 2
"What's that!? The horror! The horror!"

"Secluded frogs, you see, as the name suggests are babysitting frogs. The eggs on the parent's back are buried, and within that structure the tadpoles hatch."

"Bit by bit the holes open on the back and they are raised there until they become little frogs"
"Say that beforehand!!"

"Was it that disgusting...?"
"Okay then, let's try looking at it"
"Let's try looking at it"

Comic 2
Midwife frogs [TN: In Japanese 'Sanba frog'.
"Secluded frogs huh. Babysitting frogs huh. They're amazin..."
"In addition, there's also one called a sanba frog"

"Samba frog..."
"Ohh, what kinda [frog] is it?"

"A frog that twines its eggs on its feet and until the eggs hatch, it looks burdened"

"Sora, it's different from that samba"

As long as there's less than 2 TL notes it should be okay

127 strip 2
Yes I like that

128 Strip 1
Was it? I never got that far in MoF sadly. I interpreted it as drinks of sake cups but I think you're right about the claps. 拝 means bow. So you're right. My fault.

If you think so. It's basically the Seven Good Fortune Gods who come visit towns on the New Year and Benten-sama is the god of knowledge and arts. If you lay an image of the gods under your pillow on New Years eve they'll supposedly appear and one of the gods bless you with fortune in whatever area they control. So if Benten-sama blesses you you get fortune in arts for the whole year.

I think he means 'I'm still young'. 敷く means to spread out, but I interpret it as she laid it out flat on the pillow and it became crumpled when she laid on it.

I think I was confused by the kanji here. I'll retranslate it. 'She thinks that the kitsune is the supreme shadow picture'. I don't know if that's the part you're referring to or not though.
File: 027.png (897KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
White Stew

Making white stew

"Nee-chan, the mushrooms?"
They weren't selling them

I don't know whether this will be a substitute, but I bought shiitake
"It won't"

'Kinoko' in English means 'mushroom'. [Therefore] even shiitake are mushrooms.
"You really feel like putting them in?"

Comic 2

White Stew with Shiitake

"Shiitake surprisingly works"
Yup it does

"But if Nee-chan influences it, somehow it becomes Japanese-like"

"Is there some problem with it?"
File: 028.png (214KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 1104x1600px

Oh I didn't notice your second part for 127 here. I think she refrained from it in the last minute. I'll try retranslating the line again:

"Letting go of all the luck you had in your hand on your own"

It does kind of feel like she's reprimanding sensei a bit but I think she just wants her word in as well.
Page 127

Does this mean that the TL needs to be changed to say luck instead of fate? If so, I'll rewrite the line.

Page 128


Page 130

>It's basically the Seven Good Fortune Gods who come visit towns on the New Year.

This is what I think needed the TL note. Everything else is stated in the strip itself.

Page 132

If he's referring to himself, then I think wrinkled is better in place of crumpled. They're both the same in terms of pieces of paper, but wrinkled can also mean old, which is how he seemed to take Sora's comment.

Page 134

Yeah, that's perfect.

Let's go with that

Let's go with that
Okay then.

Page 127

4th panel

"You let go of all the luck in your hand"

Note: Luck is pronounced similarly to 5 yen coin (go en)

Now all that's left are the omake questions.
What should I put for the note on page 130?

just Note: the Seven Good Fortune Gods who visit towns on the New Year?
With some help from Wikipedia.
Note: The Seven Treasure Gods are believed to visit towns on New Years and distribute gifts to worthy people.
TL here. Go with what >>135616915 says. In other news, science pages hurt my brain
Just going over everything on chapter 130 now.
Page 120, strip 2, panel 3

It says we can't bring in living fish. Is that right? I feel like maybe it should say raw fish. I'm also thinking
On a hygenic level -> For hygiene reasons
Qc'er here.

I thought living fish made sense, but I know so little about seafood that had to look up sea urchin just to understand the pudding with soy sauce joke, so I can't make a call on this.

I didn't change "On a hygienic level" simply on the basis that "It's Ryou/Fuu," so I'm fine with that suggestion.
File: 029.png (470KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fluffy Sparrow (Adult)
A moth that had the name 'sparrow' stuck to it. But they aren't part of the sparrow class [TN: Scientific name Sphingidae] but the night class [TN: Scientific name Noctuidae]. It's a simple moth, but the light blue on the hindwing makes it a little pretty. Though you can't see it if the wings don't open. They often eat the sap.

Fluffy Sparrow (Larva)
Ramies which grow en masse by the riverside and are often increasing in large numbers. If you scare them they sway slowly. When they eat up the ramie, they crawl around the nearby roads. Their color is poisonous but they are not. Traumatic.

Chimney clothes [TN: My fault. So 017 here uses the wrong translation]
Boiler clothes. The so called one piece. In the main work, it is the work clothes the president often wars. If you write it in kanji it is 煙管服.

Flying Kera [TN: Common name: caddis fly]
An insect of the Trichoptera order. The appearance is similar to a moth. Most of the larvae are aquatic, make their nests [there], and are hidden inside it. They walk about similar to the bagworms.

Raw fish sounds better. The hygiene line you made also has better English flow.
Hmmm I'll leave that choice for 'living fish' to consensus. Both sort of work out I guess.
Well my thought was they'd bring raw fish but they couldn't keep it from going off hence sensei's line about the fridge.
After running it though Google.

生 = Living
魚 = Fish
生魚 = Raw Fish
I'd say change it.
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1MB, 1104x1600px
1-2 more for the night


"I can see a really small boat. What was it again Natsumi?"
"Huh? What?"

"A word that comes out often in art...ummm. If I'm correct.... bunker..."

Bunker: A machine gun made with reinforced concrete. A defensive encampment equipped with artillery.

"That's right. The bunker principle" [TN: Japanese 'touchika hou']
"You mean perspective?" [TN: Japanese 'enkin hou']
Just making sure you know. The rest of the QC questions are here >>135611988
File: 031.png (796KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
796KB, 1104x1600px
Comic 1
Very [TN: Japanese 'bari']
"You fiiishing?"
"Yes very fishing"

(Meaning) exceedingly, immensely. In general it has the same meaning as 'chikappa' in Hakata-ben

"It really doesn't look like very fishing though"
"Whatever, it's very fishing"

"Look, this is a very sea bream"
"What's that. It's just the fish's name..."

Comic 2
Burr [TN: Japanese 'bari']

"But, why with tongs..."
"The fillet here's got poison. Don't wanna touch."

"But I wanna eat it. So I was thinkin to bring it home"
"Ohhh. Is it good?"

"That's right. Nacchan, bring some home as well. Look got about three of em"
"Ya mean it ain't!?"

137 panel 3
She means that she's aiming for the better deals. If she waits she's getting the worse one, ie. the 20% ones.

137 Panel 5
I'm gonna admit that Hakata-ben isn't the most clear of languages. But the general gist is that Natsumi is trying to suggest for Hazuki to relax a bit.

139 panel 1
I had somewhat of a problem with this line as well. I'll try rearranging the sentence a bit because the line partitions in walls of text can be undecipherable.
'If that's the case, buying that bento is a different, unthinkable matter altogether"

She basically spent the prior parts of the sentence analyzing a woman's needs from the contents of her cart so she's trying to summarize her analyses into a compact statement.

139 panel 5
She's referring to the lady

144 panel 4
The latter. The idea is that they're not thinking about what she's saying
For 137 panel 5, the 'unthinkable' is actually neg. potential so it should be 'different matter altogether that I can't think of'
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Mistake on comic 2 title. It should just be 'Bari'

Comic 1

"Speaking of, Nacchan, why're you here?"
"Well, I hear there're kittens on the coast So I came with everyone"

"Taadahh, I, Minamo, have come to take pictures of cats!!"
"Ohh, the girl that was here before"

"Today I brought a foxtail"
"Where are the cats"
"Ohh, some time ago... who...?"

"It's been a while"
"You didn't come for the cats did you?"

Comic 2
Mottled Spinefoot

"Woah, are those mottled spinefeet?"
"Mottled spinefeet? Ohh, Bari"
Mottled Spinefeet (Standard Japanese name) = Bari (Common name)

"You eating these right? Isn't it better to cut the fillet and take [out] the organs?"
"Ohh I was"

"But I don't have the tools"

"And I do"
"You are somewhat amazing
>If she waits she's getting the worse one, ie. the 20% ones.
Okay, this cleared up a misunderstanding I got from watching Ben-to. I thought all of the left-overs were put half off, not just some of them.

Do you mean for page 139?
Yeah 139 sorry

As for the bento, it depends on the store. Some pick certain ones. Others do all. It really depends
File: 033.png (861KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
861KB, 1104x1600px
Comic 1

"Okay, if you take the intestines out of the mottled spinefish while it's fresh, the fishy smell is also reduced and you can eat it nicely"
"Is that so"

"Oh, this is the poisonous fillet huh. A lethal weapon"
"Oh that's dangerous. If you get pricked it'll hurt quite a bit okay?"

"Huh? What? It just hurts? It's dull poison, nothing to be feared"

"If you're careless, that'll give you weeks of pain"
"Craaap. That's real scary..."

Comic 2

"Agh... the string broke! I lost my device!"

"Now I can't fish no more"
"No no, it's too early to give up"

"Just wait a little please. Devices have surrendered to the sea before"

"Okay, I've gathered some"
"That much......."
Okay. This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. But that might mean I misunderstood something, so please check.

Page 137

3rd panel

"Frankly, I feel that if I wait too long, there won't be any left.

4th panel

Change "but" to "and."

5th panel

"No need to worry so much. Why not just wait calmly?" Is this fine?

Page 139

1st panel

"If that's the case, then it's a whole different matter that I can't predict."

Also, change the last bubble of this panel to, "There's the possibility that she'll get two expensive and two cheap sushi, but the most likely outcome is that she'll get 4 of the cheap ones."

2nd panel

"I'm also aiming for those.

4th panel

"But if someone's that worried, they could put them into their cart and ask the employee to stick the half off seal on for them."

Page 144

Panel 4

"Ah, they're not paying attention!!"

If these are fine then everything is ready for v2.
thanks again. Yer doing god's work.
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My bad it's not surrendered, but 'Devices have fallen into the sea before'


"I recovered some trash and made economy with ecology that's kind to even your wallet:
"Well that may be true"

"Woah, what's this? Shrimp?"
"That's a lure called 'egi'"

"I don't it in detail, but it's something to lure squid"
"Ohh, squid fishing?"

"Pretty much. Squid fishing huh... that'd [also] be called 'eging'"

"Since' you're using egi, you put on the 'ing'!?"

"By the way, fishing for aji with a lure is called 'ajing' If it's Mebaru then mebaring"

"This is nothing less than a naming sense! How wonderful!"
"Would that be a praise?"

Sure, I'm down with that
File: 035.png (839KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
839KB, 1104x1600px
Comic 1

"Well, but I understand that kind of naming"

"At my place, we call entering the bath 'furouing' and getting sleep 'suiming' " [TN: I used the Japanese names because if I used the English versions (ie. bathing, sleeping), she'd sound really stupid. But at the same time, she'd sound like Kei. So I'll leave the call to the QC/TS]

"I...I see"

Comic 2

"But wait. I don't use lures so much. I got hooks, but I got no bait"

"Bait huh.... then wait a little"


"Which'll you use?"
"You are really amazing..."
File: 036.png (871KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
871KB, 1104x1600px
Comic 1

"Oh you got something"
"Ohh, what's this?"

"Anahaze? The color's kinda strange. The sides of the mouth's got blue on it"

"Even though it's delicious, because of that color it's one fish that's hard to put on a dinner table"

"Well, I don't have the desire to eat it as well... Ya want it?"
"Thanks for the meal!"

Comic 2
Anahaze 2

"You...'re gonna eat it now?"

"The white body's got blue all over it somehow. Can you really eat it?"
"Thanks for the meal"

"Ohh delicious"
"You're amazing...."
File: 037.png (902KB, 1104x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
902KB, 1104x1600px
Comic 1
Anahaze 3

Afterwards, he caught a lot of anahaze

"Oh! This is delicious!"
"It works it works"
"Ohh surprising!"
"Woah, you guys can eat those"

"What's this, Ueno-san's beig surprisingly delicate. It's pretty good"
"Blue ain't a color of food"

"If ya think and see the world as black and white, it'll be fine"
"Ya think I can skillfully mimic that?"

Comic 2

"What's wrong, it's easy. The only one who can't is Ueno-san"
"No impossible"

"The cats!?"

And I'm done for the night. I might put up more if there's still a thread when I get up, but this is it for now
Alright, I'll go over everything once more in the Omake to make sure I didn't forget anything, and then I'll upload them all for final checks.
Page 137 again,
It looks like you started a change for the 6th panel in this post but never actually got round to it, is it okay in it's current form?
It's okay. I don't know why I wrote that.
Alright then, v1s to be checked for any errors, and then we can release the rest of volume 9.

Chapter 130

Chapter 131

File: 6140799.jpg (265KB, 800x454px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265KB, 800x454px
Yeah but I'm thankful that the manga is up to date with translations. The one niche series Yen Press translates decently fast which is bizarre.
Chapter 130

Page 124
The specifics for the bad pun were never gotten. I guess it's fine.

Chapter 131

Page 132

"crumpled" -> "wrinkled"

"I'm not a crumple!!" -> "I'm not wrinkled!"

"You're still young!!" -> "I'm still young!!"


Page 139

Panel 1

"thatshe'll" -> "that she'll"

Besides the pun, I think everything else is fine.
Oh I forgot to re-export page 132 after fixing it, my bad.
I was wondering on that one. Still, it's better than just missing all the fixes entirely.
shall I hold off in case of a pun explanation, or just release them?
Just release them. The pun isn't vital to the chapter, so I'll let it go. Please post them to mega for me.
Okay then.

Chapter 130

Chapter 131+Omake

Also if this guy is still around, yes, you can have this

And with that it looks like volume 9 is done.
File: 1394868530936.jpg (56KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 600x600px
Always around, thanks friend.
I just realized I hadn't been checking for this. Sorry.

List of missing periods.

Chapter 130
Page 137, Panel 3
Page 139, Strip 1, Panel 3
Chapter 131
Page 125, Panel 3
Page 127, Strip 1, Panel 4
Page 128, Strip 1, Panel 3
Page 129, Strip 1, Panels 2/3
Whoops, my bad. I'd been doing alright at not forgetting those up until now. Fixed versions done.



And all the chapters we've done
Okay. Everything seems good on them. If the thread lives, I guess the translator will do more chapters, but I'm going to sleep for now. I'm happy we finished a volume.
Cool, well they're pending on batoto now

I applied for contributor, but apparently the person in charge of approving that is AWOL.
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