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High Fantasy Edition.

Only high fantasy allowed
A girl fall in love with a boy.

Said girl is actually a great mage and capable of communicating with other world.
Why do you do this? You know exactly what im talking about.
The boy is from different race, and unable to confess since racial boundaries exist in that world.
Random medieval fantasy setting slice of life with different stories about different characters in different countries. Some last 1 episode some are arcs of 2-3 episodes.

Some could be about a group or various groups of adventurers crawling dungeons.

One could be about the daily duties of a city guard.

Some episodes about diplomatic conflicts between elves and human nations.

Some episodes about a slave hunter who starts to realize he is living his life wrongly

An episode about the daily basics of dwarven blacksmith in a human city

A random assassin doing dirty jobs to pay for his daughter expensive medicine.

Some episode about [introduce your favorite NPC character here] doing [introduce your favorite NPC character here] things.
A page falls in loveth with a girl.

Cannot confesseth, he be granted by a devs ex machina vith the girl's homing pigeon. Minding not the pecvliar pigeon post, at once he sends post to her and be joyed to know she hath a crvsheth on him as well.

However, as day passeth, when he recovnts his confession, she be only baffled. He learns the girl he senth the pigeon to be not the same girl he fell in loveth with. In fact, the girl existeth not in this realm, but in a different one, who had changed eyes with the mage's owneth parralel self, who be blissfully obliviovs of her feelings.

Antics ensve as the pair cometh to agree to aid each other their darkest, most private secrets in ordereth to equip the oth'r with the arms they needeth to conqver the heart of their other selves. While they chaseth their lov'd ones, DRAMA ensves as they begineth to fall in love with each other instead and questioneth the NATURE of LOVETH.
A man and his box turtle, aptly named Venroe Fick, sets forth on a journey to etch their names on the ripping realities at the edge of the world guarded by a heaving mass of sentient hive deemed the Dominion who lumbers around the realm's outer reaches. Garnering the blessings of David, One True Turtle God, they stride towards their destiny.

During this two man exodus does their faith get tested. Traversing the Grand Disregard, a canyon trail where one can seemingly pop in and out of existence. Getting branded as heretics in an unfortunate encounter with the disciples of Mike, Loaf Supreme, during their trek in the forest where the trees bend to a peculiar degree. Sneaking pass the harsh border patrol in a nation of faceless folk whose mirrors show more than what one bargained for. Questioning the sheer impossibility of the quest and the man himself almost losing sanity to the complete ridiculousness of his circumstance that he is, in fact, talking to a box turtle called Venroe Fick. Facing off self proclaimed personifications of calamities untold. Pestering gods. Bribing fate.

They experience the world as it greets them with a hand shake of the fantastical and a hearty "Hello!" of total absurdity.
And they, out of common courtesy, greet it back in an equally otherworldly fashion in their own silly and dysfunctional way.

Along the way will they be joined by a mellow little sprite with her rustic mining golem listlessly going wherever they please, a bitter remnant from a war long past whose undead constructs still haunt his very soul or at least when he eats breakfast, a fallen angel in search of her wings, and a masterless lump of energy pure. All with their own questionable motivations no matter how petty or grand.

How far will a man and box turtle's bonds go? Until the world's end apparently.
A world where all characters have their class fixed when they born and therefore their destiny is also fixed.

If you are born to be a hero you are a hero, if you are born to be a baker you are a baker. In other words a world where NPC are stuck in their NPC roles.

Then there is a young fisher NPC that aims to be a hero, but he only is good fishing, is lv 99 fisher so he can even fish huge monsters with ease.

He have to deal with the laughts of the rest of the villages that makes fun of him because he wants to be a hero, until one day fisher meets a girl which assigned class is Demon Lord, but she doesn't want to, so both start a quest to change their destiny.

In their travels they know Paladins who want to run host clubs, princesses in disstress that want to become heroes, blacksmith that wants to be King, witches that want to become warriors, etc
Humen kids life goes to hell when aliens show up

Humen kid is alien jesus

Humen kids friend is alien antichrist

Humen kids brother was an alien that worked for the bad guys all along

season ends with kid going postal and mowing down everybody in sight with an LMG
The world sport is playing with battling tops that you can somehow control.
Oh wait.
Shidare Kizuki, was once a normal guy living his life when suddenly after saving a girl from thugs who was later revealed as a goddess from an alternate universe, teleports him into her world.
When he arrived, He fell downfrom the sky straight to what seemed to be a training ground. "A man that came from the sky? Impossible!"
As soon as this incident happened, he was admitted in Romanica Academy which specializes in training Excavaliers, who possess their individual War Maidens in battle.

After knowing how to summon one, Shidare wnt to an abandoned shrine and started the ritual
The ritual is a great success,but he was surprised to see the same silver-haired woman who brought him into this world, Venus, the goddess of love.
He was then challenged by the strongest among the 2nd year, which he managed to win.

How can Shidare cope with his new life as well be ready for the awakening of the Gods from the cosmos?
Unable to confess, she is gifted by magic with the boy's magical letter carrying owl they use to do correspondences with each other.


Sorry, I'm just bumping this for the r/a/dio thread.
It's basically Top Gun with mage-knights who ride dragons into battle.
I'd watch it.

Also, I'd like to see some erotic high fantasy, not silly erotic like QB or Bikini Warriors, more like Midnight Panther or Fencer of minerva.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 3

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