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What should I expect here /a/? will it be just expulsions or

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What should I expect here /a/?
will it be just expulsions or will it have some nice gore?
No one dies.

It was fun anyway.
wolverine skeleton
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How not to watch this series:
A gritty, bloody suspense thriller featuring high school girl assassins.

How to watch this series:
A yuri slapstick comedy. Also, titanium. It's debatable whether the comedy was intended, though.
This is one of those shows that was infinitely better when watched together with /a/, too.
Don't be fooled by the dark colors and edgy smug angry looking character designs.
It's not a serious show and you'll fucking regret it if you try to take it seriously. It's a fun watch otherwise.
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It was fun to watch it with /a/.
The endings are nice. If you don't take anything serious in this you might as well watch it.
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>Nio has her own board now
Is this good or bad?
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Fuck you. Nio a cute.
You should expect hardcore yuri action.

And zero assassinations, despite the show being about assassins.
got bored of it, and dropped it at ep 3 i think
was thinking of picking it back up but no one dies and yuri is very close to non existant
Expect to be disappointed
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Pretty sure the manga has more yuri action than the anime. Though I haven't followed the manga in ages now.
(Was referring specifically to the "hardcore yuri action".)
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The Romeo and Juliet episode was very good.
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Can't she be both at the same time?
>hardcore yuri action
>not a single kiss

Is this seriously what yurifags enjoy? This shit sucked
I want to make Tokaku-san feel like a woman.

How should I go about my daring endeavor?
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Step 1, be Haru Ichinose.
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How can something this cute can be considered trash?
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What is step 2?

2. Get anally raped by Tokaku-san.
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This. I miss you guys
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Akuma no Riddle threads were the highlight of that season for me.

Sadly I lost all my screenshots and pics.
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I got some, but I'm on the same boat as you
Oh those threads were fun. Remember this?
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This. Threads made the season. threads made the show
Oh man, good times
Titanium ribs, Tokaku-san
>only assassin to actually kill anyone
>/a/ forgets her
Yeah, the "Holy fucking shit" near the middle is mine even.
>long hair

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This thread is making me download the blurays just so I can go back and screencap everything I lost again.
No one died even if you killed them.
Honestly AnR was very good. i don't get why people critisise is so much.
The characters were all unique and I was personally anticipating what will come next.
I guess it was because yuri fans expected some more yuri and got nothing. So it lost both yuri fans and action fans
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Why was Tokaku-san so hot?
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It's mostly but not fully because the ending was retarded as fuck
Can we get some Isuke in here?
Why did the school allow this girl to dress in this way?

This clearly violates the dress code.
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Then the dress code is wrong.
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Because you're a faggot who likes men
Tokaku-san a cute.

A CUTE I tell you.
I want Haruki to lick Isuke-sama's bellybutton!
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>those tokakus
No, you

True pure maidens like me have superior taste
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Tokaku actually has some nice Tokakus, the question is how does she hides them when in uniform
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>10/10 artstyle
>Interesting and vivid characters
>Shit setting
>Shit story
>Shit plot
>Shit twists

Why oh why.
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Probably they're detachable
To be fair I thought they handled the shitty plot fairly well. The episodic "assassin of the week" style made it clear that it was all about showing off the cure grills instead of drawing attention to the retarded story and even the ending paved the way for that 10/10 OVA.
I haven't watched the OVA yet. What's it about?
Beach assassination competition.
Really, really gay beach assassination competition.
>assassination game on an isolated tropical island
>"onsen" means "hot spring"
Truly a forgetable series. I totally forgot about this show until you came up with this thread.
I heard nips love it though.
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I wonder if the manga will diverge from the show.
Isn't it finished?
No. Chapter 40 just came out.
Says it's ongoing and on manga updates. It shows that: 4th volume due on 23.01.2016

I still feel it will most likely be something very similar.
Thread posts: 68
Thread images: 35

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