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Anime redflags thread: >"WE NEED THIS OBSCURE CLUB TO

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Anime redflags thread:

But those shows can be good. Chihayafuru comes to mind. As long as there are good things after they get the club members together then it's fine.
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>has flashbacks to earlier scenes in the current episode

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>genre: psychological
>guy meets girl
>girl instantly lusts after his cock for no good reason
>promise made in early childhood
5:1 female to male ratio
Guy transfers to all girls school
Girl automatically the alpha
Tsundere shit
Cow tits
Forced fan service

All dropped
>cute boys in the OP
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>Shonen series
>M-main Character Sama... C-could it be?
>T-that mark on your arm...
>You... you are a member of he great clan!?!?!
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Fuck off
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>Magical Fantasy School Battle Harem
>MC was just a normal high school boy...BUT THEN...
>When the MC only pays attention to one girl therefore nullifying any chances for another competitor to win
Why is this allowed?
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I honestly can't think of a time when I've seen this tagline in a PV. That's more a Western thing. The actual idea of having a girl pop up and start the plot happens a lot, but I don't get why that's so offensive. Obviously a lot of romance stories are going to begin when the two people meet.
I hate it when they go on and on about just how "average" they are. We get it, the MC has no personality.
This really irritates me. Especially when they repeat like 5 lines of dialogue that you can't possibly have forgotten in the last 7 minutes.
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MC has a childhood friend who secretly likes him but is not honest with herself so she sometimes gets mad at him if he prods her enough to let her get embarrassed. He also happens to have a sister who might have a brother complex but is ambiguous about it but she's more open to him and openly flirts with MC to get on childhood friend's nerves. He also has a very energetic lady friend at high school who happens to be someone he has been classmates with since middle school until now. What he doesn't know she likes him too but she's shy about it especially when MC's beautiful childhood friend is around. What he also is not aware of is that a girl from his past transfers to his school to claim him as her husband because of an event in the past when he protected her from bullies for that one time before leaving to never meet until now and she has fallen for him ever since.

MC just wants to live a normal regular life and become a mangaka... until a beautiful busty blonde girl drops from a portal into his room! She says he made a contract with him (not to his knowledge) when he was young when he wished (he can't remember what he wished for so he has to remember for the girl's sake) on a shooting star with his father and mother (who are on a business trip as the story begins.) Now he has to juggle his normal school life, and this new magical girl he made a contract with (she also happens to have amnesia so they both don't know what the contract is for!) and having to deal with the shenanigans of the girls in his life.
I threw up a little
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>I'm just a regular high school student
*pans to sky*
any form of memory loss at any point in the series instantly lowers the show's quality
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 10

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