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Spicy Wolf

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She's a God I would worship for the rest of my life
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I take my Waifu wherever I go <3
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Wolf pussy?
Holo had just finished Cole’s leftover portion of fried beans after managing to calm Lawrence down about the situation they were in. Stuck in the middle of a fight between two great companies, it was all he could do to keep his wits about him. As ever the Wisewolf, when he brought himself to the window to look out onto the street alongside her, she sat on his lap; an attempt to tease him yet also distract his currently disturbed mind. As he put his arms around her waist and hugged tighter, a pressure formed in her abdomen and dropped through her system. She had no time to react as his hug squeezed her, making her let out a bassy gust of air. Lawrence felt a warmth on his lap as he froze, unsure of how to respond to this. Holo’s mind felt slight embarrassment, yet she was not about to show it to him in a time like this. She cocked her head to the side and gave him a soft smile:

“Did you think my bodily functions were different somehow?” she said as the smell reached both their noses. Lawrence made a slight grimace, but felt something unusual in his loins. Not wanting to lose this awkward moment to her, he collected himself and responded.
“No, but I may have expected a female as fair as yourself to have a bit more control over them.”

It would seem like Holo was now the one caught in a trap, but she was aware of the growing problem he had in his lap, and she knew it wasn’t solely from her rear placed on him. She had a feeling it was what came out of it. How much fun could she have with this? She weighed how far she could push things; she clearly won this battle the moment he lost control of his body, it was just a matter of choosing the path to victory.

“Perhaps it is you who should control his functions more readily.” Holo replied, wiggling her rear and glancing down for a brief moment. How could he respond to this? The scent still hung in the air, and his member’s growth only sped up thanks to her wiggling. His mind was racing, not only thinking about how to out maneuver her on this one, but why he reacted the way he did. There was no way that could have turned him on, that disgusting of an act, it was impossible.

“It stayed down just fine until I passed gas. Was it the warmth that tickled your senses? Or perhaps...did my scent intoxicate you?” Holo said, delivering that last line with a seductive tone. Her stomach lurched again, and more pressure formed in her midsection. Lawrence was unable to respond, for what could he say? All he knew right now is that he was obviously turned on, and Holo continued to grind her rear against his erection with a devious smile. His arms were still wrapped around her waist, holding her close to his chest. She stopped her grinding and turned sideways to face him. Bringing her face to his ear, she whispered to him:

“I was unaware of such perversions. I feel another one and it is uncomfortable here. Follow me to the bed.”
She got up off his lap and walked to the side of the bed across from Cole’s. Lawrence sat where he was for a short time, his face pink and confused, yet he complied. Holo, trying to tease him further, bent over slightly and wrapped her arms around her stomach, making a face like she had a terrible ache that wanted out. She stuck her tongue out at him and smiled before lying face down on the bed. Unsure of what to do next, Lawrence just sat at the edge of the bed until Holo lifted her tail up. She felt the gas bubble leave her abdomen and push against her anus. It was a huge pressure and she realized it must have been from the fried beans that she finished. She spoke in a strained voice,

“I am going to release again in ten seconds.” hugging the pillow and clenching tightly. Lawrence was beside himself with confusion, but he could not ignore the possibility that this was a hidden fetish. He would still try and get in some response however.

“You do realize that the outhouse is just out back, right?”

He was making this too easy for her.

“I am just passing gas, what did you imagine I was going to do?”
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theres only one God I worship
Oh my
How could a man respond to such a thing? He relented, and brought his face close to her shapely rear clad in her black town pants, and closed his eyes. Partly to try and save some dignity, and partly because he wasn’t sure if he wanted that going over his eyes. Holo sensed his slight breathing and knew he was in position. Her heart rate increased as she felt her grip weaken. Why am I nervous as well? She was just toying with him, but something else about this made her excited. She felt the gas there, all she would have to do is relax her lower half, and the rotten fumes would wash over the fool’s face. He would be forced to take it in, his nose is right there. Her thoughts were causing her to derive another type of enjoyment out of this: pleasure. She spread her legs just a bit more, put her face into the pillow, waited until he exhaled again...


A long, silent, airy fart parted her rosebud and blew upwards over Lawrence’s face. This time he noticed the smell before the warmth. It was rank, and quite honestly smelled like he walked by a freshly used outhouse in the summer. He grimaced again, but remained where he was, taking in slow, deep breaths. She was a giant wolf after all, a giant wolf that loved to drink, eat multiple portions of meat in one sitting, and generally thought not a care for the effects that such a lifestyle would take on her system. It was no wonder it smelled this bad. He was starting to feel lightheaded from the fumes, either as a dopamine high for doing something so incredibly wrong combined with the smell, or from literal lack of oxygen. As it began to dissipate, Holo’s tail wagged slightly, her face still buried in the pillow. It seems she’s enjoying it as well... Lawrence thought, but he soon noticed her body shaking, along with the sound of muffled laughing.
“I did not think you would honestly do it, but you did!” she said between quiet laughing fits. “Was the smell pleasant? Did it meet your expectations?” A toothy grin accompanied her remark; it was then Lawrence realized he had just made an incredible fool of himself. Spurned on by his confusion and solid member, he just acted. Feeling shame and remorse wash over him, he tried to quiet her down to at least save face in front of Cole.

“If you keep that up you’ll wake him.” Lawrence said as he suddenly realized he might be able to turn this around if he was daring enough. “And besides, it didn’t smell bad at all. I expected something far worse the way you feast every day.” He had placed the trap, he couldn’t get out of the fact that he enjoyed it at this point, so he might as well act nonchalant about it and joke around. If she continues jesting and this predicament ends, he’s won, and if she somehow takes that as a challenge...he did not want to think about where this could end up but for now that would also mean he won.

“Is that a challenge?” The words struck a deep fear inside him. What had he gotten himself into?

“Are you really going to try and win even at something like this?”
“But is this not what you want me to say? You acted of your own accord, and once again you will willingly follow your instincts.” Holo said as she knelt on the bed next to Lawrence. She moved close to him again, and this time her smile turned into an expression of dominance: “Lie down.” Lawrence closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He realized this was not the proper time to start something like this at all, if ever, but he was under incredible stress from his guild worries. When you’re at the end of your rope, anything else seems insignificant. He took Holo’s place and lied down face up on the bed. Holo immediately crawled on top of him and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his chest underneath. He looked away as it was happening, he was hard pressed to look her in the eyes in this pitiful state, longing for something so crude. After his shirt was off, Holo reversed her position and sat on his chest away from him. He was treated to a breathtaking view of her rear, that looked larger than normal from this angle. Her tail rested next to his face, and her legs were straddling both sides of his chest. She noticed the large bulge that wanted to break free from her point of view, and cupped one of her hands around it.

“Yes, I do believe I was right when I said this position suits me.” She felt a surprise pressure once again on her lower abdomen, which signaled it was time to have some more fun. Lawrence tensed up as she gripped his crotch through his pants and proceeded to fondle it, the sensations making him desire release. She did this for a time, then slid herself back even more, so that the middle of her ass was now resting on Lawrence’s nose.
The softness of her cheeks, even through the pants was heavenly. He took a breath and was treated to a scent that was a combination of sweat and hints of the previous fart. He stayed like this for what seemed like eternity, basking in the scent between her cheeks while his crotch was fondled by her small, delicate hands. It wasn’t until she stopped her movement that he was brought out of his bliss.

“I am going to pass again, you are free to get up or stay there. The choice is all on you, it matters not to me what you choose.” Holo said as he was left to quickly think about his options. Was he really going to lie there and take one directly on his face? What the hell am I doing? Any sensible person would jump up the moment someone told them this! He couldn’t help but have a mental battle between his logical self and his current, dopamine high self. As he battled it out he realized he wouldn’t have much time when he heard the unmistakable sound of grunting.

Ungh... nnh... unnhn.

Holo was purposely making noises to most likely play with him and serve as a warning that he better decide. He felt her anus dilate and contract with each grunt, pressing hard against his nose. He couldn’t do this, there are just some things that go too far, and he wasn’t about to degrade himself this much. As he made a motion to lurch himself up, Holo quickly moved her arms back and held him down using her fingernails. The quick pain made him freeze, sure that he felt a trickle of blood from one or two spots that she dug into. She lifted herself ever so slightly and bore down.

Her rosebud dilated once more and let loose a warm gush of air over his nose that ended in a slightly wet tone. This one burned. As he inhaled, the sour stench felt like it set his nose hairs on fire. He could taste it in his mouth even though it had been closed. He felt sick and dizzy from taking in the entirety of her expulsion, yet by some insane paradox, his erection maintained its rigid stature, the muscle contracting violently the moment he inhaled.

“You took too long, and if you escaped I could not take your challenge. From the looks of it, I would say I won, am I wrong?” Holo said, tail wagging with the fur brushing over Lawrence’s forehead. He looked terrible and for a second felt bad for what she did, but only for a second. She let go of his arms and slid her pants forward, so that her entire rear was exposed to him. Milky white on the cheeks, leading to a dark crack that was unshaven, to be expected because wolves had no need to do so. She hovered over his face for a time, letting him take in the view while she unzipped his fly. Moving his undergarments out of the way, she freed his cock and began using her fingers to lightly stroke it. The reaction from him was immediate, as his legs tensed up, she could hear him moan slightly. This is what she was waiting for; Holo moved her ass down back onto his face while his mouth was slightly parted, placing her dark ring right onto his lips. A surprised “MMMph!” could be heard, and a sudden rocking to try and shake her off. Holo held her ground and felt another small pressure inside of her. This one felt hot as it quickly moved to her opening. Wasting no time, she relaxed herself:

Another silent one hissed right into his waiting mouth. It tasted sour, but Holo’s quick handjob in combination with her fart caused him to let out another deep sigh. He wouldn’t admit it later, but he was in heaven right now. He felt high off of her gas and the lightheadedness combined with the pleasure coming from his groin created a weird dreamlike sensation. He was brought out of it though when he heard a rather large bubbling coming from Holo’s abdomen, causing her to freeze. Up above, she clutched her stomach with her other hand and made a grimace. Ugh, I suppose all this was not entirely from Cole’s leftovers. Holo stomach churned and felt another, distinctively solid pressure drop through her system. Holo then realized that it’s true she’s been constipated for the last three days, yet ignored it, hoping the problem would fix itself. No matter, I’ll finish this fool off, then use the facilities. While thinking that, Lawrence did the unthinkable. She felt a warm, wet, velvety sensation push at her clenched ring that could only be his tongue. She made a quiet yelp in response to the feeling, shocked he would do something like that. Each movement sent shivers up her back, and for a while she just sat there enjoying his work. It wasn’t until she felt another uncomfortable pressure that she spoke to him:

“Hey you, that is quite amazing work you’re doing back there, I’ll admit. But...” she wasn’t quite sure how to word this, so she decided to be blunt, “I have an urgent need to defecate, so stimulating me there is not the wisest thing you could do right now.” Lawrence immediately withdrew his tongue and returned to just having his lips rest on her anus. He motioned to get up but Holo once again held him down by the arms like before.
“Relax, I am not so masochistic as to use you for my enjoyment, but I intend to finish you off first. Lie there and release quickly for me.” Holo said as she loosened her grip on his arms then slid herself forward a bit to have an easier time getting at him. She was now seated at the very top of his chest, her rosebud just off the edge where it slopes down to his neck. She gripped his cock again and began to deftly stroke up and down. Lawrence closed his eyes and enjoyed the amazing sensation that was flowing through his lower parts, and focused on trying to cum.


Holo cut three short popping farts in succession and stopped her handjob. He could see her rosebud puckering, then clenching up in an erratic pattern. Up above, her free hand clutched her stomach again. Her bowels moved once more and the farts she thought would free some space, did nothing more but make way for her waste. She just sat there for a short time, struggling to take control, when Lawrence spoke up for the first time in a while:

“Wouldn’t it just be better to go now? I don’t mean to ruin the moment, but if you’re having trouble it would be more comfortable for you, and...watching the movements of your ring knowing what’s causing it is making me uneasy.” He knew Holo wouldn’t do something like that on purpose, but what about accidentally? That was not something he wanted to have to clean up, much less off of himself. Upon hearing this, Holo removed her hand from her stomach and immediately went back to work.
No let the man do his work
Lawrence tensed up again and felt his orgasm start to rise once more. She seemed determined to be the master of her own bowels, and not being able to finish might be somewhat of an insult to her. It felt amazing, but his gaze stayed transfixed on her asshole, which would pucker every now and then, only to quickly clench tightly up. He couldn’t focus on his cock with this much riding on the line, his thoughts weren’t focused. He started to panic: Don’t think about that, just think about releasing...wait no! Think about orgasm, don’t think about any type of release, focus on the feeling...focus.


He heard Holo whine as her movements sped up even more. Yes, this was it, this speed would easily take him to climax, he felt his orgasm rising.
“Will you hurry up!” Holo said through gritted teeth, which brought him back out of his focus, silently cursing her. He heard a soft crackling noise and opened his eyes. Her ring was now puckered and ever so slightly widening. He closed his eyes again and focused on cumming.
He was close, he could feel it, yet just as he was about to climax Holo stopped and made a loud high pitched grunt that was half a whine.

“I see now...you’re taking so much time because you want me to -uhng- defecate on you.” Holo said with her hand clenching hard onto Lawrence’s member, sweating with the exhertion of keeping three days worth of waste inside her. Lawrence violently protested and tried to launch himself up, but nails once more found a place in his side.

“I am holding it for your own sake right now, one more movement like that and I will take it as an invitation to relieve myself.” Holo said angrily and she slid back, ever closer to his face. Lawrence froze because he wasn’t sure if that was an empty threat or not. The smell of feces already wafted to his nose from her partially open asshole, barely able to see a dark brown mass trying with all its might to force its way out. Her body was trembling ever so slightly, her tail rigid and unmoving; she was literally on the brink of taking what he’d imagine would be a satisfying dump for her, yet a nightmare from where he was laying.

“What exactly would you have me do to prevent you from doing this?” Lawrence tried speaking as calmly as possible.

“Take those lips of yours, and kiss my cheeks. And be careful about it, too much force may cause me to lose it.” Holo grinned through her pained expression. Even now she would have fun toying with him. Seeing nothing else to do, he gently brought his lips to her right cheek, then her left, planting a soft kiss on them. For a moment he forgot about the situation and became lost in a trance to the clean, soft, womanly part of her buttocks. He went back and planted a multitude of kisses, something Holo didn’t expect which caused her to let out another whine. He continued to do this until he began to hear a truly terrifying sound:

*ccrrckle* - fffst
His kisses were making her slowly relax her muscles, which granted her mess more leeway to crawl out, allowing a small fart to escape around it as well. The smell of rotten eggs and dung washed over Lawrence’s face, causing him to grimace even though his cock betrayed him by tightening.

“Graaaaaaaaaaah!!” Holo grunted loudly. At first Lawrence immediately closed his eyes and prepared himself, but after a few seconds he dared to open one eye. She had managed to force the tip back inside of her, so that all he was looking at now was a light brown ring. Had he actually managed to get away from this ordeal clean?

“Do not...*pant* think this means I am through. I want to have more fun.” With that statement Holo slid back even further, so that his mouth was barely touching the spot where a steaming load was just moments ago. “You will kiss it.” Holo said very matter-of-factly. Lawrence shuddered with an exasperated sigh:

“As you say, but please, after this will you stop playing with it? Look, you’re right, I’m oddly aroused by this entire situation, but...the idea of having my face or mouth covered with your droppings is my limit.”

“So you say. Now you shall kiss it, right in the center. It’s true that I cannot ignore how much more eager you were to place your lips there before you knew what lurked on the other side.” Holo allowed her tail to wag just a bit, which was some comforting evidence that she managed to regain a semblance of control. He decided right then and there that he was going to one up her. He drew his lips to her lightly trembling anus and placed a slow, deliberate kiss on it, lingering there for a few seconds before removing them.
He could sense her arousal flow through her body as he went back and placed another, wetter kiss on her ring. When he went back and placed a third, he felt her anus twitching and bulging slightly. He was making her lose control again through the stimulation his mouth was causing. He remembered reading when he was younger actually that parents would lick the anuses of their newborn pups to stimulate them to excrete, perhaps this was triggering the same instinct?

“Y-you...” Was all Holo could say. From her end, each kiss sent a wave of relaxation and energy into her bottom, making her highly aware of every nerve on her opening. A hand subconsciously placed itself on her crotch that was now warm and dripping with fluids. As she began to finger and rub herself, the desperate feeling of needing to go caused sparks to surge in her mind. She became aware of the weight pressing against her from the inside, the dull pain in her abdomen that signified how full she was, her tense sphincter muscles constantly relaxing and clenching; the nerves in that area were all sending urgent signals to her brain to evacuate, causing her pain earlier. Now however, Lawrence’s kisses right where her muscles were straining the most turned that pain into pleasure; massaging her poor tired and overworked anus.
She was panting now, bobbing herself gently up and down in time to his kisses while she rubbed herself quicker, tweaking and kneading her clit with everything she had, getting her fingers absolutely slathered in her milky juices. She wanted to do it, each time he planted a kiss where he lingered there for more than a few seconds, the thought of pushing with all her might popped into her head. How good it would feel to allow everything out at the same time a kiss was suckling there. Her body started feeling hot and her arms and legs began to tingle. She involuntarily began to push each time his lips greeted her again, and she noticed that his member couldn’t be harder.
wat the fak
Do it, do it, do it, DO IT. Were her thoughts right before he forced his lips there once more. This time he not only kept it there, but sent her a heavenly sensation when he stuck his tongue out to move it in circles, and sucked hard.

“HNNNGHAH” Holo let out a loud grunt, her legs absolutely shaking, sweat dripping down her body. She felt her asshole blossom outwards making way for the massive turd that she sucked in not long ago.
<3 you anon
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>local deviant artist ruins everything
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This is why Holo a shit. Best girl right here.
This thread has filled me with a strange combination of laughter, indignation, fascination, and pity
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>walk into thread hoping for cute horo pics

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My condolences
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>Someone put through the time to write this
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