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Delinquent manga thread

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post delinquent shit
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Well I was also considering making a thread because the other one really died out way too early and I was barely catching up with the past 3 KKOW chapters. Also love this fucking chapter.
It died out really early... Was pretty surprised to see it gone when I went to notify people of some TL work I finished
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Yeah same. Speaking of which. I found such a goddamn obscure delinquent manga it doesn't even show up in MangaUpdates, not sure if it's old or new because CDJapan lists 2013 as release date but who knows if that's the manga's publication year or not. Tokko Fuku Kyo Hashi Kyoku by FURUSAWA Yuu, he does appear on MU and apparently has various delinquent oriented manga and bosozoku for the most part, dope shit.
It also has an OVA
My nignog.
I tried implementing the tags on the chart if anyone remembers that, sort of like Bosozoku, Yankii, Sports, etc. But it didn't turn out too good because many manga just happen to have 1 single tag so it looks pretty ugly. Like KKOW is simply a Yankii manga, it has no bosozoku, Yakuza, sukeban or anything like that plays a major part.

I was thinking maybe add as well demographic tags (shounen, seinen, shoujo..) just so those with a single tag wouldn't so so lonely but not sure if it's worth the trouble.
Your working on a chart? I would put KKOW under Comedy as well as Yankee
Nah I'm not adding tags like Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama or anything like that because I already sorted that out in some other way. The idea of the tags were to categorize the different types of delinquents, like Bosozoku which refers to bike gangs, while yankii are simply your normal delinquents, and Sukeban to refer to girl oriented delinquents, also Yakuza and a couple more.
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It's sometimes hard to believe all of this shit was actually real.
Oh... I see! Hyped to see it finished! Good Luck!
> Furyƍ were tough guys who deliberately wore traditional Japanese sandals or slippers, workmen's nikkapokka pants and the loudest, ugliest Aloha shirts they could find. This was a serious affront to mainstream Japanese society, for even though Aloha shirts have close ties with Japan, when post-war Japanese youth began to "re-import" them from the United States, wearing one was seen as an insult to all things Japanese and as embodying the ways of Japan's conquerors.

Now ya'll know why Mitsuhashi dresses the way he does and uses Hawaiian shirts.
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It really is man
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That suits Mitsuhashi pretty well.
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Is that other blonde behind Takashi a chick?
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I've always really wondered who that is but I've never seen that character yet and I'm on V6.
Man his drawings have really improved since that chapter
For anyone who wants to read it, the images for the dump should still be on the archive.
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I'll have to re-read it all once I pick it back up because I don't remember shit other than him getting his gang.
I had to do the same thing
Some of those guys look more hispanic than Japanese.
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Bottom left does.
Art looks interesting, is it scanlated?
Only 33 chapters and dropped. I think it looks really bad thought.
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Drop 01.jpg
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Is drop any good? Is any of it scanlated?
It's not very good, at least for me but it doesn't matter because it barely has a few chapters translated, you're better off looking for something else, maybe try Clover?
I have an mkv of this movie, anyone want it?
What movie? And yes.
The Drop movie I'm guessing, think it's even on youtube, I remember closing it after the first 10 minutes or something, don't remember why but it wasn't very good.
Damn didn't even know there was a movie.
Live action thought, just abut any delinquent manga has a live action.
News to me. I know Be-bop, crows, blue spring and roku blues had some. Also wtf is up with japan and bluray? Drop came out in 09 and didn't even get one.
Next time you find out about a delinquent manga just check for a live action and you'll find it 90% of the time.
Oh wow, Funimation released the Drop movie. Should pick up a copy.
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 18

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