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Mosquito Girl Slice of Life

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She's living a slice of life show now.

After getting blown away by Saitama, she's found by a 22 year old ronin who wants to create board games that will be fun, and that anyone can enjoy.

He brings her back to his apartment and nurses her back to health. Initially she planned to use him until she got better, and then continue her rampage, but she was touched by his kindness and decides to stay a little longer.

Although since she regenerated, she's taken on a bit more of a human appearance, she still can't go out too often without causing panic in the neighbourhood, so in the mean time, she stays at home browsing the internet on his computer, or learning the rules of the board games he has so she can play with him when he's home.

Scenes in the show would include:
>MC accidently cuts his finger while cooking.
>Seeing him injured, mosquito girl takes his finger and puts it in her mouth and begins sucking on it.
>MC tells her that she doesn't need to do something embarrassing like that, and that he just needs to put a bandaid on it.
>Mosquito Girl tells him that that's no good, and to leave all matters concerning his blood to her, after taking the finger out of her mouth.
Monster Attacks:
>Monster comes to the neighbourhood to wreak havoc while ronin ins away at a part-time job.
>Monster slowly gets closer to the apartment and looks like he wants to destroy it.
>Mosquito Girl reluctantly goes out to stop the monster and protect the Ronin's home.
>She has a difficult time beating the monster since she hasn't had much blood to drink in a while, but eventually manages to defeat it.
>After defeating the monster she notices a group of humans have arrived on the scene.
>Believing that she's just another monster, they band together and start trying to fight her.
>She doesn't care for any other humans anyways so she shrugs it off, and gets ready for another fight.
>Suddenly little girl stands in between the group and stops them from attacking, saying that she saved everyone: "S-Stop being so mean to onee-chan! She was just trying to help!" the little girl screams.
>Mosquito girl is slightly taken aback by this event, and tells the group of humans that she's not interested anymore, and that she has better things to do than to waste her time fighting them, so she walks away.
Getting a part-time job:
>Mosquito is in the apartment waiting for the Ronin to come home, bored of being on the internet all day.
>Ronin comes home and starts to make dinner
>It's a meager meal, and he apologies since expenses have been rather tight this month because of the recent monster attacks.
>Mosquito Girl suddenly remembers about the little girl that she encountered after defeating the monster, and then suggests that she get a part time job as a hero to help out with the expenses, but then quickly shoots down her own idea since she wouldn't be fit to be a hero anyways.
>Ronin says that he thinks she'd be quite popular as a hero, and encourages her to pursue it.
And thus begins Mosquito Girl's daily adventures as a C-Rank Hero.
Literally the only good part of OPM

keep going, im enjoying it
I don't like Mosquito Girl's face at all in the anime, can someone tell me what looks off about it? There's something definitely wrong, but I can't put my finger on it.
Where do I subscribe?
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Set in-between the events of the Buu Saga and the Beerus Saga, a young man named Ryo Shin has searched a long time for the fabled Dragonballs for one reason and one reason only; to wish back to life one person; a beautiful alien girl he had seen on television years ago. But when he brings the alien girl back from the dead he gets more than what he expected.
Zangya, last of the Race of Hera, is back. And she wants to take over the world. However, unlike her former master, she seeks to do things much differently than him…
File: 1444974655897.jpg (418KB, 624x1162px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Despite being evil, Zangya is actually quite pleasant to be around; very polite, well-spoken, cool, and somewhat sarcastic. Having learned from her former master Bojack’s mistakes, she plans to take over the world in a much more covert fashion; having watched how humanity fawns over the extremely popular Mr. Satan, she gets the idea of becoming what he is… a celebrity. Being open about her existence as an alien, and presumably the last of her kind, Zangya plans to use her exotic beauty and powers to help the people of Earth; in her point of view, the Earth is her home now, and she wishes to do what she can to protect it. Of course, it’s all an ulterior motive to eventually take over the world, not through destruction or death, but through sympathy and charisma. And Zangya has plenty of both to spare. But time will tell if her time on Earth and its true heroes will soften the Mistress of Cruelty…
File: 1412423423971.jpg (123KB, 1181x1748px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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His name literally means “conscience,” as he serves as the moral compass for the newly resurrected Zangya. Having brought her back to life, Zangya repays Ryo by sparing his life. But he becomes her closest, if not her only friend in the entire Earth; not necessarily a love interest, though there could be hints to that. A genuinely good person, his influence on the world and people may end up rubbing off onto the alien Zangya as time goes by.
Rinko was rendered an orphan due to her parents and big brother dying in a car wreck several months ago. But one day when all seemed hopeless, the strange yet beautiful alien girl named Zangya spotted her begging for food because she was hungry, and she offered to feed her, taking her in as a result. Forevery grateful, Rinko has become undeniable loyal to Zangya, and Zangya has found herself caring for the child as well. Though she knows having Rinko around will help garner more sympathy amongst Earth's people, as well as ensure that some of the Z-Fighters don't get the idea of putting an end to Zangya's covert plans of world domination... after all, if she dies, where will Rinko go?

And that's all I got at this point.
Day of testing:
>Mosquito still self-conscious about her decision to become a hero.
>Ronin won't be able to be there for the test, but he cheers her on, reassuring her that she'll do fine, and presents her with a mask to wear.
>Mosquito happily accepts the mask and says she'll try her best.
>Mosquito gets lost around the test site, and wanders around.
>Saitama sees her, and asks if she's lost.
>Mosquito jumps back, ready to fight.
>Saitama being Saitama doesn't remember Mosquito, but notices the paper in her hand, and assumes that she's here for the Hero test.
>Mistaking her jumping back for being nervous, Saitama tells her that the registration area is over there, and wishes her good luck.
>"T-Thanks, you too.." Mosquito says with a sigh of relief. It looks like the mask helped in hiding who she was, she thinks to herself. And so, with application in hand, she goes to register for the test.
>Although she isn't as strong as she was before due to not drinking so much blood, she manages to pass the tests and become a C rank hero.
>brain dead moefags only enjoyed Fan service villain

I'm surprised.

Not even in the top 3 of girls of OPM.
First day as a hero:
>Ronin and Mosquito Girl leave the apartment together for a new day of work.
>After saying bye to Ronin, Mosquito Girl starts to walk around the neighborhood, looking for work.
>How ever, even with the mask on, features such as her wings, make her seem intimidating, and people assume that she's a monster looking for a fight.
>Because of that, rather than doing work as a hero on her first day, she ends up having to fight off Rank C heroes.
>Evening comes, and she hasn't managed to do a single heroic thing at all. With a sigh of defeat she heads home back to the apartment while thinking about what she should tell the Ronin since she wasn't able to make any money today. Maybe she should start looking for another job, she thinks.
>After taking a minute to gather herself at the door, she opens it up.
>Ronin is sitting at the table, and lets off a party popper.
>Mosquito Girl asks what's going on.
>Turns out Ronin got special permission to leave work early today, and spent most of the afternoon back at the apartment setting up a small party for them.
>Ronin says it's to celebrate her first job, and also a welcoming party since they didn't have a proper one since she started living there.
>Mosquito Girl blushes. "But what about the living expenses? You didn't have to this far for a girl like me." She says
>Ronin says that today's a special day and that they'll manage, so she doesn't have to worry about it, at least for today.
>She sits down to eat cake with the Ronin.
>Ronin gives a toast, and they talk. Ronin reminisces about his first job, and all the failures/struggles that he had to go through while being new at the job.
>Ronin's stories cheers her up and Mosquito Girl thinks that maybe she'll keep trying, for one more day at least.
>"T-Thank you.." She says quietly.
>Ronin who had been happily munching down on the food, looks up with his mouth full of cake, and asks if she just said something.
>"Nevermind that, your face is all dirty." Mosquito Girl says while wiping food off of his mouth with her finger.
Daily Hero Adventures:
>Mosquito still goes out to look for work as a hero.
>She still gets into fights with other Rank C heroes, but during this time she also has managed to accomplish some simple heroic duties such as stopping purse snatchers, but every time she goes to do things like returning the purse to the original owner, they run off scared.
>Working as hero is hard.
Return of the Little Girl:
>While walking down the road looking for some work to do, she hears a little girl yelling. She turns to the direction of the scream, and suddenly a dog jumps into her arms.
>"Ah~! It's you!!" She hears a little girl say.
>Putting the dog aside, she sees a familiar little girl in front of her. It's the one that stopped the humans from attacking her a few weeks ago.
>"Is this yours?" Mosquito Girl says while returning the dog.
>"Yeah, it is! Thank you onee-chan!" The little girl says happily. The Little Girl scolds the dog, and then looks back up at Mosquito Girl. Noticing the mask, the Little Girl asks excitedly if she became a hero.
>Slightly happy that someone finally recognized her a hero, Mosquito Girl proudly says with her chest puffed out, that she did indeed become one, and since she's a busy hero, she needs to get going.
>As she turns to walk away, she hears the little girl say "W-Wait!"
>"What is it? I'm a very busy hero you know." Mosquito Girl says.
>"Hero Onee-chan, can you play with me today?" The Little Girl asks.
>Mosquito Girl doesn't want to stick around with the little girl for too long because she'll probably get caught up in a fight with another C Rank hero, but after much pestering from the Little Girl, she acquiesces, and agrees to go to the park with the little girl.
>They go to the park, and play. While talking to the girl, she finds out that her parents often end up working late into the night, and so she doesn't see them a lot, and because she often goes straight home from school by herself after she's done for the day, she doesn't have very many friends.
>"It's okay though, I'm good girl, and I'm not lonely at all! I have my doggy here with me to keep my company too." The Little Girl says while smiling.
>Mosquito Girl also learns that during that time when the Monster attacked, it was about to get the Little Girl and her dog when Mosquito Girl stepped out just in time to stop him.
>All this autism

Yeah. The Zangya idea was better.
I suppose that's true; I'll stop here, it's gotten pretty long-winded anyways. Thanks for reading everyone.
For what it's worth I enjoyed it.
didn't she get completely splattered? how did she get nursed back from that?
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holy fucking fanfiction
C-rank? Come on! Make her at least B-Rank considering her special case, being a monster and all, and being able to fly qualifies her to B-Rank.
I see the problem

you have shit taste
What the fuck is this fanfiction shit?
Get the fuck >>>/out/
Why do people write stories line by line in greentext?
I'm very drunk and I'm trying to decide whether this thread actually exists or my subconscious is just making up weird shit again
bringing CYOA back?
>shitposting on an imaginary thread
Sounds fun.
>not shitposting in your dreams and waking nightmares
you need to truly devote yourself to your craft
Because it's easy, able to be quickly to churned out, and since it's just a bullet point story, it's quick to read as well. All you need to do is set up the general framework, and the readers will fill in the rest themselves. Each post could've been 2 - 3 times longer if written properly with more exposition.
If it had been written in paragraph form, without the greentext, the flow of the story would have been exactly the same.

You do not need "more exposition," even though that word doesn't mean what you think it does.
You know what you must do. The dog has to die.
Exposition: A comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.
The act of expounding, setting forth, or explaining:

What else does it mean, if not that? Am I missing something?

>If it had been written in paragraph form, without the greentext, the flow of the story would have been exactly the same.
I feel like it would've had been more long winded than it already was. Instead of X happens, and then Y happens, I'd need to add in sentences that assist in the transition between the ideas. The opening post, I suppose could easily have been in paragraph form without needing much change, but the following posts would've been longer. Though this may simply be due to my weakness as a writer I suppose.
Transitional words or conjunctive adverbs aren't exposition. They aren't exactly explanations for anything, as exposition is in the non-narrative meaning.

You don't even need any of these transitional words in something like >>134900426. That shit reads completely fine in normal prose because all the breaks come in the form of dialogue breaks. It's just in greentext for some reason.

Something like >>134899804 also reads completely fine just translated.

Greentext is just a weird thing to me. It's moved so far away from just being used for quoting text and I don't really know why.
>Transitional words or conjunctive adverbs aren't exposition. They aren't exactly explanations for anything, as exposition is in the non-narrative meaning.
Usually I would add a lot more descriptions to set up the scene which is what I mean when I speak about exposition, rather than what I mentioned earlier which is just to describe the actions of the characters which is what I do when using green text. For me at least, I get very easily carried away while writing.

Though reading the posts I suppose they could've worked in the form of a paragraph without changing too much. Looks like I ended up writing too much anyways even though I was using green text to try to keep it short. I'll keep that in mind, and try using paragraphs next time in case I end up writing something else on the board.

>It's moved so far away from just being used for quoting text and I don't really know why.
It's easy to use, more importantly, much less daunting than a wall of text, and usually the points are short. Usually when I see a paragraph, I automatically just enter "skim mode" and fly through the text.

With green text, it's more like how information is displayed on a power point presentation. Bullet points are short, concise; each idea is separated and organized. So it's quick to read, and the readers don't get bored so quickly.

Using my posts as an example, originally it started off that way (short, and simple), and it just became the convention for the rest of the posts to be made even though it wasn't as short anymore.

I hope that makes sense.
This is the most pathetic thread I've ever seen. This is why /a/ is the laughing stock of 4chan.
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 7

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