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Can your waifu dance?

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Can your waifu dance?
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only in the OPs
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Dunno, but given her degree of flexibility and body control, I can only assume so.
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Dunno, but she can keep a beat.
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Platinum Disco.webm
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Bird a best
That is way to much force being used to brush. It's also kind of pointless to move the bristles back and forth across the front surface of your teeth. The point of brushing is to very, very gently work the tips of the bristles under your gumline, to keep anything from ever being able to build up into a plaque there. Brushing too hard will hurt your gums. Brushing the flat surface of your teeth is just pointless. I know anime isn't always entirely devoted to public health, but I think that ED really dropped the ball.
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dancing queen.jpg
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Like no one else.
my wife in the middle
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It's now stuck in my head.

But yes, Bird is way up there.
She can dance if she wants to
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Why would she leave her friends behind?
>devoted to public health, but I think that ED really dropped the ball.

That was OP also you have autism
She's probably a bit too uncoordinated for anything too fast. Would probably enjoy slower stuff though.

You are now imagining slow dancing with you're waifu
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This one doesn't slow dance.
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Yes, and it will mind fuck the fuck Oit of your brain at he same time
Oh and this 2
>can my waifu dance
You big silly goose.
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Suzuka EXCEED.gif
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here you dumbass.webm
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sayaka breakdance.gif
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She definitely can.
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It's dubious whether or not this qualifies as dancing.
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I haven't seen KLK, but if this bitch can dance but not Shadow, your waifu definitely a shit.
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Oh yeah? well can your waifu chew?
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You have great taste, and Osaka can dance.
Why is she always chewing?
I shall niw fap to my ducku.
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Dance thread?
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Bird's expression is full of, "Oh shit he saw me dancing and singing that song in my room."
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excited monkey.gif
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Don't think she really has the dexterity.
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don't know, but she can sing
Notice how her left leg becomes a right leg.
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Of course she can dance.

I can't
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Tsukihi dance.gif
1MB, 500x281px
Yes. Also, good taste.

So, no?
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Only grill to be double posted.

This is now a Bird dance thread.
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Well it is a mating dance at the very least.
File: 1441999494183.gif (2MB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She does it for a living.
File: RiasGremory.gif (262KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it seems so
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>no Temari
>no Tenten

I haven't kept up with Naruto in 6+ years, but goddamn Naruto waifufags have lost touch.
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I wouldn't call siestas a tradition. It's just the spanish word for nap.
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While I have no canon evidence to back it up, I'm gonna say yes.

Most likely.
You bet your ass.

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Thread images: 40

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