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july 11 2016.jpg
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213 days to go
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I want to properly tie up Chiri and do lewd things to her.
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Good evening, Zetsubou.
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You're my favorite anon.
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Wait a minute, haven't you skipped a chapter?
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I don't think so, yesterday was 300, and this should be 301.
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God dammit you're right. I didn't notice.

Nah that anon's right, I fucked up.

This is chapter 30X, though.
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I'll dump 301 now. Finished
Disregard what I posted, I suck dicks.
Nah, you should be fine, I think.

I always preferred this original ending to the evil Kafuka forced transfusion one anyway.
Ehh, why not just dump 301 tomorrow?
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I just finished watching the first few seasons of this show, I liked it well enough but I don't see why it has such a dedicated fanbase here. I mean, it was funny, but not enough to meet a good comedy standard. And before anyone plays the 2japanese4u card, I liked Joshiraku a lot more.
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Eh. I guess I'll do that then.
>I liked Joshiraku a lot more.

Fair enough, considering they're by the same author. I've pretty much got the opposite opinion of you though.
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red thread.jpg
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Cheers for today's chapter!
It's a bit of a bother, but that's the best way to go about it, I think. Besides, 30X is "One Possibility" anyway. Let's just say we got that out of the way first before the ending.
Regardless, thanks as always for the chapter.

And from me, here's chapter 245's page 13 typeset.
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Hmm, disregard that. The text on Kaere's bubble is badly spaced out. I fixed it up in a way I think looks better.
Sorry about that. I'm still learning. Figures I shouldn't rush like I did that one.
Typesetting is the perfect combination of being incredibly dull and being just hard enough that you can't just do it on autopilot
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Were you the same anon who did the other chapter 13 pages, or was that the typesetting anon who is doing the chapters?
I've never seen this show but I see these threads all the time, what happens when it gets to 0?
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The threads will stop
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No kidding. I respect typesetter-kun a lot for his work after trying it out.

Nope. I'm a newbie to this. I'm sure it shows to typesetter-kun. I've just done these few page 13s, and the Kakushigoto chapter I'll dump when we run out of chapters that I did a couple days ago.

Here's another page 13, from chapter 249, done just now. Hopefully no errors.
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Every day until you turn pure.

Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 28

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