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Tama will never win
>introduced a new character with same name as the title
>people think anyone else has a chance

Imagine if Suzuka lost Suzuka
>Tama will never win
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I dunno, Fuuka 1.0's death seemed to throw me off the idea that the character with her name in the title would win.
Fuuka 2.0's also a bit of a departure from usual Seo main heroines, as she's older than the MC and her tits are huge(the winning girl's usual either small, or kind of moderate).

Having said that, if Fuuka Aoi doesn't end up paired off with Yuu, Seo'll have to do something else with her to make her make her seem like a big enough deal to justify giving her the same name as the previous title character.
But if he doesn't, it wouldn't really be the first time Seo's taken his plot in a direction that's dumb & unsatisfying.
Is she auditioning for a SHAFT role or is her neck just broken?
Koyuki should have dibs on Haruna since they're childhood friends. And she already got rejected once, two times would be too harsh imo
When is Seo gonna draw full out Hentai?
Wow, this series is really dead.
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I thought it was already worse than that, I recall someone here once described her as not only losing, but losing every chapter.
This series after fuuka died has become so stupid. Stupid boobs and hentai. Just end already this series seo
File: YotsHaitus2.jpg (265KB, 1090x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think a lot of mangaka tend to start off doing porn doujins, then eventually move onto professional, non-smut work, but I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing it in reverse.
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Personally, I want it to keep going at least as long as Suzuka, as this is the first time in a Seo manga that the main girl has been my favourite.
Because the poll results are pretty low?
You might be right, but I suppose there's always a chance that there's just been a general downturn in the number of people writing in for these things.

Are Character polls still done through write-in votes,or have they switched to doing it online?
Didn't Fuuka die?

I haven't read this shit series because my heart and brain can't handle the rage and sadness.

did she come back alive by some amazing magic
Wheel of truck.
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>stupid boobs and hentai
>inplying that's not why we read seo in the first place
...she's about 200 pounds too light to be amerifat weaboo & not enough makeup to cover up all the pockmarks, etc
Right now Seo is probably being locked up in a basement by his editor and publisher just to churn out more delicious art with stupid plot.
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low power level.png
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she's only a casual
I was thinking of getting into this
Is it a harem manga?
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I'm not sure what it takes to qualify as a harem manga these days, but I'd probably say yes.
The main character's a fairly average guy, and a good chunk of the cast are attractive girls who're reomantically interested in him for various dubious reasons.
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>dat everything
New contender for best girl, step right up.
>Shelly is a weeb

Sasuga, Seo.
>Learning fluent Japanese from anime
Yea no. Cute line tho Seo-chan.

Also when is it time for the next bus scene?
Do yourself a favour and start with Suzuka, then go with Kimi no Iru Machi to end up at this series. Seo is srsly the best.
Kimi no iru machi and suzuka is the best. Fuuka is crap music plot
Seo gonna do something crazy and be like "Fuuka was never about Fuuka 1.0 in the first place. It was 2.0's story all along hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!"

I feel bad though. If Yuu ends up with 2.0 he's gonna think about his first girlfriend everytime his says his wife's name, she a total kek.
Why couldn't Yuu be a normal musician and start doing heroine and having massive amounts of sex after his girlfriend died?
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fu2 bai.png
247KB, 437x537px
You know, I never seem to call, or think of this girl as "Fuuka". It's always either NewFuuka(which I've sort of phased out), Fuuka2.0, or very occasionally Aoi.
I wonder if that'll ever change through the course of the series?
This Fuuka has the bigger Fuukas tho
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Fuuka OptionsB.jpg
125KB, 640x1024px
>Wheel of truck.
if this thing ever gets an anime, that has to be the name of the song that plays during the second cour.
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417KB, 871x1080px
Kimi no Iru Machi is amazing, if only for the fact that about 80 chapters from the end you can visibly discern the point where Seo Kouji died and was replaced by an ecchi manga bioroid clone.
My dick is fucking Happy. The only reason I read SEO shit is because he can draw some nice women. Fuck you Seo just make Hentai already.
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>a normal musician and start doing heroine and having massive amounts of sex
it'd alienate the audience.

yes, that's why I like her better than the first one.
>sub > subs
The bitch is fine by me.
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>best anything
Out of all those good options, you chose the worse one, even the goth chick is miles better
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Becoming a drug addict and then being saved by a waifu is the purest form of love
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Fuuka Aoi.jpg
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how big do you think her Shelleys are? Bigger than Red Fuuka's fuukas?
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3 (3).png
1MB, 767x2520px
Remember how Suzuka had that weird fantasy ending that made about as much sense as end of evangelion?
File: Suzuka similar.jpg (476KB, 1311x2023px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Suzuka similar.jpg
476KB, 1311x2023px
That was more of an epilogue than an ending, really.
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>Seo is srsly the best.
why didn't Suzuka get an abortion? Do abortions damage you enough to influence your jump height?
I mean fuuka was gonna die anyway, why throw away your Olympic career?
>why didn't Suzuka get an abortion?
She got one years later.
File: 143698ffff0724045.png (2MB, 1146x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1146x1200px
Someone said that Yamato and Suzuka got separated after Fuuka's death was that just bullshit or true?
>Suzuka's pregnancy was the only thing keeping her with Yamato
>she actually thought her husband was a huge faggot
>has been sleeping with Hattori for years
>second child is Hattori's
>but it's cool because Yamato is plowing Honoka too
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2 (1).jpg
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Threadly reminder that Chika-chan was the smartest goddamn character in all of Seo's canon.
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Fuuka was stillborn and Suzuka died in childbirth
>Yamato plunged into depression, had an accident and ended up in a coma
>The whole series is his coma dream
>Yuu is his dreamself, intended as self-criticism. Yuu's initially shy and delicate nature is Yamato's perception of himself as weak for not being able to protect his family
>Other characters represent his memories and parts of his psyche
>Idol singer girl is altered memory of Honoka. A girl who he knew at childhood and had a crush on him, and is now famous. Also, feminine long-haired girl
>Gay kid is altered form of his popular, womanizing best friend. Gay here because he couldn't bear the thought of the guy competing with him for Fuuka's affections
>Fuuka dies by truck, just like Suzuka's crush did.
>Fuuka's death is actually an attempt to rouse him from his contented fantasy world, and force him to face reality.
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Seo truth file.png
12KB, 866x185px
We already discussed this anon-kun!
Sigmund pls go fuck your mother.
if her womb remains still for long enough, I shall
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kimi no xmachi.png
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I kinda hoped the ending would imply that Haruto & Yuzuki would carry on breaking up and getting back together throughout the rest of their lives.
When they picked that long distance relationship thing back up after Haruto got a job I really really wanted him to fall in love with a terminally ill girl and leave Yuzuki.
The kicker would be if they banged before she was supposed to die and impregnated her which gave her the willpower to beat her illness and become healthy.
>"If you're by my side, I know I can fight through this!!"
>essentially proves Haruto trying to NTR his girlfriend is how he lost against cancer

casuals aren't into pistachio midgets
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Thread images: 26

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