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How I stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon

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Dear /a/, why nobody in this board talks about this excellent doujin?
probably because we have a separate board for that, fuck off
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Not the same anon, but Which board /v/?
'Cause there's literally no board where manhwa is acceptable.

this is not gook comic btw, the artist's a jap
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Most manga/anime that are decent or mediocre are never discussed. Only the popular ones attract cancer and upcoming ones have some decent discussion every once in a while.
You have to have played DQ5 to enjoy it and the name scares most people off, I guess.
If you're gonna call all amateur (web) manga doujin, then Onani Master Kurosawa, Molester Man, OPM (ONE) are all doujin too.
I just started reading it and I love it. Is there anything important I'll miss if I've only played DQV until a bit after you get back from fairy land and after you escape from being a slave?
they are doujin

I don't know who says otherwise
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It's good. What else is there to discuss? Also, some /a/nons might not like it because it reminds them of their pitiful NEET existence. Art could use some cleaning up though, very sketchy.
Most people think doujin are exclusively fan-made manga that use the same characters (hence the name 同人 = same people) as an existing manga. The correct term would be amateur manga (アマチュア漫画).
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Some characters from the other games make cameos. The grown-up tiger pet that's hiding near a town is in the comic, a few big bad appearances, probably nothing too bad. Monster recruitment is an important part of the game, and Monster Gramps takes care of them for you.
It's very nice, but there isn't much to say about it.
Do most people not realize that it's just some amateur work made by someone in their free time without any pay or why do they rate the art with the same criteria they use for licensed manga drawn by professionals with the help of assistants? The art in Bonfire NEET is godly compared to most amateur stuff.
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And here I thought it got suddenly very /a/-related when this happened.
This is wrong on multiple levels. First off, 同人 (doujin) refers to "同じ趣味や志をもった人、仲間、集団ないし共同体のことである。"(from Wikipedia). If you can't read Japanese, this says the same thing on the English page: "a group of people or friends who share an interest, activity, hobbies, or achievement."

What does that mean? Doujin are just groups of amateurs. Doujinshi 同人誌 (shi/誌 being the character for magazine, etc.) are works made by amateurs. Those works can be manga, which are simply cartoon drawings in story form. Regardless of whether it's based on existing work or not, manga made by amateurs is doujinshi.
I stand corrected. Then, does the name come from the fact that most doujin are made by circles/clubs for conventions like Comiket?
Yeah, it basically comes from the assumption that published manga are made by one person and his/her assistants who all do it as a job, whereas when amateurs make stuff, they have to do it together to actually get it done, and it has to be out of a shared interest and passion
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What the fuck are you talking about. Doujin is self-published work i.e. without a publisher. 同人 means fucking Circle -your groups and clubs etc. 誌 means document/magazine. And no, running amateur through google translate to get アマチュア (A-MA-CHU-A) then sticking it next to 誌 does not make it 'correct' much less an acceptable term to the elevens.
>b-but they call circles 'サークル'
Yes but Doujin is a more general term encompassing Circles and other such groups geared toward some interest.
>b-but those dow-jeans go to those printing shops to print their 'サークル漫画', then wouldn't that mean that they're being published by that printing shop chain/company?
No you fucking autist, they still decide everything themselves such design, editing, marketing, and all that shit that established publishers do.

Is this really the current level of /a/?
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