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It's a bit early, but let's start on some v10 trans-dumps since I just got free
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Fine Arts

"Come into the Fine Art club! Okay! Okay!"

"If we do that, is there anything good from it?"

"Fine Arts!! That is the art of becoming beautiful!! You can acquire this art!!"
[TN: A play on kanji by interpreting fine arts (美術 - bijutsu) with the art of becoming beautiful (美しくなる術)]

"That's a lie"
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Comic 1
Fine Arts 2

"Is it a lie?"
"Kei, what did you think fine arts is?"
"You believed me?"

"It's not impossible since the Fine arts advisor is this beautiful!! Since I am beautiful!!"

"Then we're going home"


Comic 2

"If you enter the fine arts club, umm well.... there are... good things"

"Look, here are instruments... you can form a band!"
"A band!?"

"She said band Takane! Seems interesting"
"Kei... this fine arts club isn't acting honestly anymore"

"What're you saying now"
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Comic 1

"So can you pay any instruments?"
"Well not really... just the guitar a bit"

"Oh but a keyboard would be nice huh., Since I can use it even by pounding the music in"

"Keyboard huh... well we have a pianica" [TN: A combo of a piano and a harmonica]
"A pianica!?"

"Well whatever, so Takane, what'll you do? Vocals?"
"Huh? Really? Then"
"It's fine, you may do vocals"
No it's about the pianica!"

Comic 2

"I'm fine with whatever. Like vocals"

"Whaaa~ so cu~rt"


"Don't do that...."
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Comic 1
Vocals 2
"Okay, let's have Sora do something"

"Isn't that sort of thing unfitting for her? For Sora..."
"Whaaaa-- really?"

"Since, like in anime, don't the characters who aren't suited for singing songs, sing in character songs? It'll be fine"


Comic 2

I'll play the Djembe
"Ohh the djembe's nice!"


"Sora Sora, that's wrong"

"You should hold the drum like this"
"Yeah, before that, it's a djembe"
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Comic 1
Vocals 3
"What're you guys doing!! May I join as well please!!"

"We're making a band, you wanna join Kate?"
"Whaat's thaat!! That's suuper interesting!!"

"Then, do vocals vocals"
"Wahooo! Vocaaal!! Yeaaah!!"

1) The voice, the concept of voice
2) Orally, one lets out a voice
3) One talks a lot, and fussy

Comic 2

"After that is that huh. A bass would be nice Takane"
"Me...? But there probably isn't a bass in the Fine Arts club"

"There is"
"A wooden bass!? (Contrabass)"

"No this is strange. Why is there a wooden bass here? This is a Fine Arts club isn't it?"

"Ogi-san, you know nothing of the Fine Arts club huh"
"Well, you're surprised as well aren't you Kei? Don't equivocally discuss this"
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"On djembe Kajiwara Sora!!"

"On pianica Kirishima Kei!!"

"On wooden Bass Ogi Takane!!"

"And on vocals Kaaate!!"

"What's with this band honestly.... for some reason the template's a little out of place... I believe"

"That's great! We might make good music!"
"Ah... you like that sort of music huh Kei..."

"We also gotta decide on a name. What'll we do?"
"Do whatever you like"

"The 'as soon as we're done' go homers"
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Wooden bass
"Huh? What's with that go home club name?"
"I guess so, then it's about time we go home"


"While we go home and make music, we're gonna be practicing with these instruments"

"Then everyone should do it properly on their own okay?"
"Well even if I go home I have no wooden bass"

"Oh you can take that back with you. It's mine so I'll lend it to you"

"Okay, there's also a case so here you go"

Wobble... wobble...
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Comic 1

"Then excuse us"
"Huh? Oh okay, later"

"Hm? Huh? Are they entering the club...?

"They never asked about it.....right?"
"Yup I didn't hear anything as well"

"Well whatever, they'll probably come again"
"Sensei, your enthusiasm is always tapering huh"

Comic 2
Eating repulsive things

Our cat doesn't seem well
Did it eat anything bad I wonder



"A cat that barfed a boot. End!!"
Clap clap clap clap clap
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"What? What's wrong?"

My sleeve
"Huh? What's wrong with it?"

"There's a sleeve inside the sleeve...."

Layered clothes that come off all at once If I wear it like this, sometimes you'll mess up like this"
"Because you're being lazy...."
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Comic 1

"What're you pulling in your hand for?"
"It's cold"



"What's that?"
"The scene where the hand comes out when a robot transforms into its human form"

Comic 2

"Ah I thought of some good harassment"
"What? That's sudden"

"Well when I saw the sesame in the bento you're eating, Negishi-kun, it just..."
"Sesame? What kind of harassment is that?"

"No there's no need"
"Say it. I'm curious"

"When you eat sesame, 'sesame looks just like small fly larvae' is what I'll say"
"Don't say it"
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Comic 1
Coffee Break
Coffee beans

"Break!! Break!!"

"Okay I broke the coffee beans up"

"That's the kind of image I have of a coffee break"
"That master is amazing"

Comic 2
Stray cat
"What? The cat in your house went missing again Kate?"

"Yes, he hasn't come back for about a week already"

"Stray cat means lost cat in English!!"

"...huh? A stray cat wasn't an alley cat?"
"Oh I see..."
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Comic 1
Stray Cat 2

An alley cat is 'stray cat' in English, a direct translation for 'lost cat'

Since it's called a lost cat, it means there is a home it should return to

But if there was a home, it would just be a lost cat and not an alley cat

So what does it all mean, so what does it all mean
"See Kate? Sora's all confused"
"My bad"

Comic 2
Long hair kind

"Speaking of which, my Mop looks like a lost cat doesn't he"

"Since his fur is long, I have to brush it or else it's no good"

"What a coincidence, my Spot is also the long hair kind"

"As expected is it that? Did you also want to sit in a chair and pet your cat holding a glass in one hand, Takane?"
"Am I the boss of an evil organization?"
Keep up the good work anon.
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The owners

"Oh yeah, my Kuma also hasn't come back for a number of days now"
"Kamiya-senpai, does that happen often?

"Well, cats come back before long"
"But they may be picked up by someone and become someone else's"
"No way!"

"My Kuma is cute, so he might picked up and not come back"

"My Mop also well... is in the quite cute group as well huh. I'm worried"

"My Spot is somewhat beautiful and cute. What should I do"

"I'm worried"
"It's worrying"
"Sora... say something"

All cats are cute

"Oh... yeah"

At least there's more than one person here now
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"Okay, let's go look for them"
"Let us go!"

Let's go
"I guess so, I'll go"

"....Hazuki, are you?"
"Huh? Yeah"

"Hazuki, your assertiveness is weak. You haven't had much presence recently Speak up more"
"I...is that so?

"Its like you have the presence of Ooba-senpai"
"That much?"

"But the way you're saying it is rude to Ooba-senpai.... what'll you do if she hears?"
"Ohh I guess, but Ooba-senpai doesn't seem to be here today so we're fine"

"Then let's go look for cats"
"Ok I'm going"
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Comic 1

"But how should we search for them?"
If it's about the cats, ask the cats
"The cats?"

"Oh found a cat"
Oh! It's Gure

Hey Gure, have you seen Kuma, Spot, or Mop?

"So, did you get something?"
"This guy won't say anything but meow"
"As you'd expect"

Comic 2
We like cats

"Oh there's a cat there as well"


Woow so soft
"Yeah it's nice!"

"So soft yeah"
"......no progress....."
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Comic 1
Secret weapon

Okay, if that's the case I have to use my secret weapon
"Secret weapon!?"

"Sora, you were walking around with that?"

We'll search for Kuma, Spot, and Mop with this as bait
"Th...they'll come?"

10 minutes later
Meow meow meow
".....no progress"

Comic 2
Homing instincts

When they were petting kitties the day ended
"We didn't find our cats huh"
"Well of course"

"That's okay, animals have a homing instinct so they'll come back to your home"
"....I guess"

And that night Ogi-san's cat Mop came back
"Welcome back Mop!"

"Homing instinct huh... I don't know how it works but it's amazing"
I think it is better to not translate Buchi's name, since it is more known that way.
Ok then, just tell the editor that
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Only the clothes one happens to wear [TN: The expression (着の身着のまま - ki no mi ki no mama) is an idiom for 'Only the clothes one happens to wear'. But it is expressed in romanji in some places for pronunciation jokes]

"What does 'ki no mi ki no mama' mean?"
" 'Only the clothes one happens to wear'?"

"Ki no mi means 'Fruit of the tree' right?"

"Then it's 'As a tree' I guess?"

"So it's about the fruit of a tree while it's a tree?"
"Hm? ...Hm?"
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Comic 1

"Good afternoon"
"Oh good afternoon"

"I it's nice to meet you I'm Asou Natsumi"
"No it's me it's me Ooba"

Comic 2

"Huh? Ooba....senpai?"

"Look.... see?"

"Ah! Ooba-senpai!"

"I knew that if I change my hairstyle nobody'd notice it was me"
"Huh? No not your hairstyle..."
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Comic 1

"Huh? What?"
"No I didn't notice because you're wearing glasses"

"No way... even though I wore them sometimes before, they weren't noticed!"

"My presence is unnoticeable that much!"

"No that's probably because your glasses were hidden by your hair and we couldn't see them right?"

Comic 2

"Look, what if you wear them so that they can be seen?"
"So that they can be seen?"

"Like this?"

"Why are you wearing them above your hair?"
"Because you can see them"
"It's better if you move out your bangs"
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Comic 1
Hay fever


"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, it mostly seems to be hay fever"

"Maybe pollen came in from somewhere? I'll put a mask on"

Ah! There's a person I don't know here!
"Huh? This pattern again?"

Comic 2
Pollen show [TN: Play on words between 花粉症 (kafunshou - hay fever) and 花粉ショー (kafunshou - pollen show)]

Hay fever.... When I think that hay fever is a pollen show, I think that it's a little fun"

A pollen show, the big moment of pollen that announces the spring


"That isn't fun at all"
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Comic 1
Line of sight

"What is it this time"

"My glasses are getting fogged up because of the mask!"

"It's hard to see in front!!"

"It's hard to see in front!!"
"That's also because of your bangs"

Comic 2

Okay, my hair is okay

"Oh? What's wrong Tsukki? Your appearance"
"Oh Kuga"

"If you wanna make your character darker, it'll be great if you put on this horse mask"
"Okay, I have no plans to put that on"
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Comic 1
Glasses girl [TN: Meganekko is fine too]

"Hmmm, Tsukki, you're a meganekko huh"
"Wagh, you didn't notice either Kugachi?"

When one says 'meganekko', it looks like a giant plant" [TN: Also pronounced 'meganekko']

A raddish!?

"What's she thinking of this time?"

Comic 2

Giant plant [TN: Can also use 'megnekko']
"I see, a giant plant is a raddish"

"More importantly, isn't 'eyes are plants' a more interesting way of reading it?"
Eyes are plants [TN: Same pronunciation]
"Eyes are plants?"

Space space

"Nononono! Scary! Scary! Let's stop imagining it"
Yeah yeah
Bless you, OP.
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Comic 1
"Hmmmm I had a feeling my forelocks are a problem"

"I'll put on a hair tie. Huh? ....none?"

"What do I do, it's hard to see in front...."

"Hateful are forelocks?"
"It's hard to see in front" [TN: Same pronunciation. I rearranged the sentence to get as close to the pun as possible]

Comic 2
Hair band

"These forelocks are my policy, but they get in the way"
"Yeah, they do"

"Then will you use this?"
"A hair band?"

"Since I don't know who you are, can I put on a label?"
"It's hard to see in front. More like I can't see"
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Comic 1
Hairband 2

"A hairband? When I hear 'hairband' my body gets itchy"

"Huh? Why?"
"You don't know that either!"

"It's hair band! Hair band! Mosquito injection!" [TN: Both are pronounced かちゅうしゃ (kachuusha) in Japanese]

"Negishi-kun's interesting right?"

Comic 2

"Oh there's a trophy here"

"Leaving it as it is.... I have no choice, I'll put it away"

"There we go"

"This is a true catastrophe!!"
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Ah, yeah, someone offered better raws and to help edit. Someone also offered to help translate, if you want to work with him. Just leave an email.
You mean the translator from the last thread?

An anon TL offered to help out with whoever started dumping translations of sketchbook, whom I presume is the same as this thread.
File: img_026.jpg (188KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I recall there was an editor and typesetter. Not a TL though
Shit forgot translations

The generic name of the Pelicaniformes class and the Fregatidae family, living in the tropics on a large scale, and normally takes it's food while normally flying with its flight ability. There are 5 kinds in the Fregatidae class: The great frigatebird, the lesser frigatebird, the magnificent frigatebird, the white field frigatebird, and the Ascension frigatebird

The 'Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So' of cooking
Sugar (sato), salt (shio), vinegar (su), soy sauce (seuyu or shoyu), and miso. And if seasonings are placed in this order, it's said to be good. But this order is not necessarily limited to be the best, so put them to your tastes

Getting your body caught between the springs is scary

Manybar goldfish (TN: Known as 'ojisan' in Japanese)
Since it seems like a grandpa with a beard [it's called] ojisan. By the way, the joke is 'Oh! The Sun!', but the pronunciation of the beginning of 'sun' is a consonant so the pronunciation of 'The' is not 'Ji' but 'Za'. Just making sure
File: img_027.jpg (207KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207KB, 1500x2154px



"This is a cotton swab!!"
"Why does this happen!"
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Youme Town

"When I see these billboards, the place of destination seems like there's a sky and it's romantic"

Shopping Mall
Dogs, Cat, pet supplies

"Do those sort [make it feel] there's an underground?"
"Yup, it goes better than the sky huh, the underground"


"And that?"
"That's like ascending to the sky then falling underground"

"This place"
"Not really"

"If I don't take a special route, it'll be the ground of a no good phantom"
"It's a romance that seems like a fairy tale land"
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Comic 1
The heart is washed

"The expression 'the heart is washed' doesn't seem fitting for some reason"
"Huh why?"

"It gives a really active feeling I feel...."

"Okaay, let's watch the heart!"
"Take out the dirt!"

"----and that's what it feels"
"When you wash things, you don't get fired up huh"

Comic 2
The heart appears [TN: Same pronunciation as the first title (kokoro arawareru)]

I thought that this is how you write 'the heart being washed' "
"It says 'appears' "

The image of a closed off heart opens and comes out a little

If you see a beautiful thing, the heart appears
"Well, we don't know some things... I guess"

"If you make it into a painting, it's like this"
"That's wrong"
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Comic 1

"Why are zombies strong?"
"That's abrupt"

"In RPGs, zombies have high offensive ability and physical strength right?"
"That's true"

'Their muscles are rotten and they can't move. They're dying"
"More like they're dead"

They tried asking the specialist
"Who's the specialist"

Comic 2

"I don't know much about zombies"
"I see"

"Oh! Kuga-senpai, since it's you you should know"
"Huh? Why?"

"It seems you like the horror type"
"Huh? Why?"

"Why... you don't know? I don't know though"
"Huh? Ummm.... ....huh?"
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Comic 1
Power of imagination

"The talk of horror stories, which she doesn't like, jilted her and her pace is thrown off...."
"You okay, Kokage-kun?"
"Ugh.... I.... I'm fine"

"Kuga-senpai, are you not good with scary things?"

"What they call the artist spirit is the abundant part of the power of imagination. You can also make scary things into reality, but you feel fear"

"How's that?"
"Isn't that okay?"

Comic 2

"I'm more curious about the skeleton type more than zombies"

"Loo, they have no muscles. How do they move?"
"Hm that's true"

"Probably, the muscles are packed inside like an arthropod"

"Wagh! Skeletons are scary!!"
"It's like a crab! How delicious!!"
"I discovered a person whose power of imagination doesn't connect to fear"
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"It's done! A balloon expanding hat!"

"Balloon expanding hat? A crow?"
"A frigatebird"

"Let me explain, a frigatebird is...."
"I know just about what it is. it's that bird whose throat expands"

[TN: What Kamiya's saying is word for word from >>134070033 on frigatebirds]
"Sorry I don't know that much"

"Don't research the product object that much"
"I heard it from Kurihara-san"

"So, how do you use that?"
"Okay, you wear it like this"

"If you blow a red balloon and expand it through blowing, it'll look like a frigatebird!"
"Yeah... looks like"

"Huh? That's it. It's just a hat"
"I see..."
File: img_033.jpg (268KB, 1494x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
Glass slipper

"Fairy tales are actually scary aren't they"
Like Cinderella?

"Cinderella? How's that scary?"
The glass slippers

They're glass slippers. If something broke in tempo, there'll be some great damage on the foot

"Wagh scary! It made me shudder"

Comic 2
Reinforced glass

"That's definitely it. They're shows that were made with reinforced glass"
"Reinforced glass!?"

"Then you're Cinderella! You match the reinforced glass slippers"

"You match the reinforced glass slippers!!"

"That somehow destroyed the atmosphere"
"The prince is annoying..."
File: img_034.jpg (272KB, 1494x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272KB, 1494x2154px
Comic 1

"When I look at a cucumber, I think there isn't a situation it meets"

"Hmm... I don't know what you mean"

"Cucumber is an English word"

"An emergency bar. A bar that meets the emergency" [TN: Play on words with cucumber and 'kyuukanbaa']
"There isn't a situation it meets!!"

Comic 2

"There's a bird nest over there!"
"It's true, is there a bird there?"

"The birds in that nest seem to have left already"
"A nest that left the nest....was it!?"

"Left the nest, left the nest, left the nest, left the nest"

"Left the nest, left the nest, left the nest, left the nest"
"I don't know what they mean, [or why] they're fired up..."

Last one for me for the night. I'll be back in about 6-7 hours. Hopefully thread's still up so I can finish volume 10. Otherwise I'll finish it either next week or open a new thread.

Oh I remember him now. I think he was asking where I got my raws. But that's about it. I already have raws for 9-11.
Thanks anon have a good night
Thanks anon
Somehow I slept through the whole thing.
But yeah typesetter here, as
said, someone offered some bigger raws, so I've only done chapters for raws that were cleaned, which is 124 and 125. Hopefully edit/qc anon will show up today. I uploaded them as v0 for now, with the idea that there won't be v3s this week.


Thanks anon
You wouldn't Negishi.
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337KB, 496x548px
Based negishi
Can't leave the art club to any ole wuss.
The wussiest of the wusses

S2 when?
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Morning. Gonna try to finish this


"Unknown potato tempura!!"

"Huh? What?"
"Unknown potato!"

"I don't really know, but it's definitely a rare potato! Unknown potato!"

"That's a sweet potato isn't it?" [TN: Sounds similar to unknown potato in Japanese]
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Comic 1

"Why is children in the plural form!?"

"~ren is plural right?"

"Then is that it? If there were many children would it be 'children-ren'?"

"And if all the children were together would it be 'Chilren-ren-ren and ren' ?
"Okay let's calm down"

Comic 2

"Indeed in the beginning children seemed like the plural form"

"But that's an old story, and now it's simply used for the singular as well"
"Ohh is that so"

"Then was the expression earlier possible?"
"A while ago it was children an... re...chilre....children-ren...re...ren...this is hard!!"

"This is a true 'renble' huh"
Qc anon here. Just checking in. I'll be back after a few hours of sleep. Also, I agree with >>134066155 about the names. People would likely recognize it easier that way.
Are these raws from the same site as you got the volume 9 ones from?
File: img_037.jpg (258KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258KB, 1500x2154px
Comic 1
Phonetic characters

"But the 'ren' character in the plural is like this right?"
"Long ago it seems that they wrote it either way"

"But one day, the character 'tomo' became generally used"
"Ohh. But now it's expressed a lot in hiragana huh"

"There's a critical opinion on using the character 'tomo'. For some reason, the character 'tomo' is differentiated by the servitude implication, so for safety the hiragana notation [usage] increased"

"If you don't like the 'tomo' character that much, I applied other kanji. Fierce angry tiger" [TN: Same pronunciation as children (こども kodomo)]
"How strong!!"

Comic 2
"Then I'll try assigning kanji for 'child'!"

"Like this"
"Tea immersed person!?"

"Sora huh...."
"Is it about Kajiwara-san?"

I see. I'll take note of that from now on

No these are the Nyaa raws. They're actually decent quality so I used them
Love you OP. Thanks for doing this
File: img_038.jpg (244KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 1500x2154px
OH title for comic 2 is 'Phonetic characters 2'

Comic 1
Phonetic characters 3

"And chidren is written like this!"
"You're still continuing!?"

"And what's with this kanji!?"
"Falling in love each time it falls!! In general, it has same meaning as 'seven trips, eight rises'!!" [TN: Expression for 'the ups and downs of life']

"So children are in other words..."

"In other words... um... ahh...."
"Yeah, you should think before you speak Kate"

Comic 2
Bon festival

"Oh mom? Yeah... yeah..."

"Okay, I have some business for the bon festival so I'll go back. Yeah....yeah... later"

"Kasugano, you're not going back for the bon.... huh"
"Why're you saying it like it's buried water? [TN: Asakura is playing on the expression 復水盆に帰らず (fukusui bon ni kaerazu - that's water under the bridge) but omitted the 'water' part. Kasugano caught her on that]
File: img_039.jpg (248KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248KB, 1500x2154px
My bad, it's not 'buried water' but 'spilled water'

Comic 1
Spilled water


"Now let us try returning the spilled water into the bucket" [TN: Playing on the same expression]
"Let's try"

"Okay, we tried putting it back"
"Good job Ryou-chan"

"But the water's all cloudy. The volume also decreased"
"You think so as well? But"

"Even if the volume decrease, the impurities increases, so it's a plus-minus zero on a feeling level!!"
"I see!!"
"On a feeling level...?"
File: img_040.jpg (238KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sa-shi-su-se-so [TN: See note]

"The sa-shi-su-se-so of cooking!! Let's try saying them!!"

"Okay 'sa'!!"
"Huh? Me? S...sugar"

" 'Shi'!!"
" 'Su'!!"

" 'Se'!!"
"Se? Umm...?"
" 'So'!!"
"Wagh... s...salt?"

"Okay Tori-chan!! 'Se'!!"
"Huh!? Umm.. soy sauce"

" 'So'!!"
"So!? Umm...."

"O..other things!!" [TN: 'sono hoka' in Japanese]

"Okay, I also got Tori-chan to turn into a boke"
"Nice job Hazuki"
File: img_041.jpg (275KB, 1494x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275KB, 1494x2154px
Sa-shi-su-se-so 2

"The sa-shi-su-se-so of cooking!! I'll do it too!!"

"Okay, Kate your turn!! Boke it well!!"

" 'Sa'!!"
"Sugar soy sauce!!"
"Right off the bat..."

" 'Shi'!!"
"Soy sauce!!"

" 'Su'!!"
"Vinegar soy sauce!!"

" 'Se'!!"
"Soy sauce!!"

" 'So'!!"
"Soy sauce!!"

"It's all soy sauce!!"
"They're in high spirits..."
File: img_042.jpg (252KB, 1494x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252KB, 1494x2154px
Comic 1
Pumpkin insect cage

"I did it!! An insect cage made of pumpkin!!"
"Oh the charm is nice"

"Let's try putting some bugs in"
"I have some ladybugs here, look"
"Oh but these might go out from the cracks"
"Let's try contracting the bamboo skewers then"

It became like a bamboo screen
"I can't see anything inside"

Comic 2

"I'm cutting a pear, but what form would you like it?"
"A star would be nice, a star"

"A star? That seems difficult..."
"You can do it Ryou-chan!!"

"Can't be helped"

"Okay, a person shape"
"Th...this isn't a person!!"
File: LAND OF THE QUEEN.png (375KB, 481x635px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375KB, 481x635px
>65 post
>10 IP's
File: img_043.jpg (242KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
242KB, 1500x2154px


"An expander!? Is this it!?"
"Huh? What's wrong?"

"Yeah, I've heard the name 'expander' before, and it was this"
"What did you think it was?"

"Panda extract..I guess? A really precious thing"
"Really precious?"

"If you drink it you can become a panda"
well most of the posts are from the translator doing the work and everyone else is just letting him get on with it, it's not that surprising really.
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Comic 1


"Hey Takane, what do think an alien is?"
"An alien?"

"There's one here"

"Oh, speaking of which, in front of the convenience store there was...."
"Don't throw it off, that's helpless isn't it?"

Comic 2
Intelligent life forms outside the earth

"What I wanted to say is since earth is a thing in space, humans are aliens"
"Oh I see"

"Okay let me change the question. Intelligent life forms outside the earth..."

"Oh, Intelligent life forms outside the earth are all written in kanji and it's seems super difficult huh"

"Speaking of everything in kanji, don't you think that the privatization law for new rice fields is euphonic?" [TN: This law [墾田永年私財法 - konden einen shizai hou] was instituted in 743 during Nara Japan]
"The question changed completely..."
File: img_045.jpg (229KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229KB, 1500x2154px
Comic 1
Alien 2

What're you talking about
"Oh Sora"
"It's about the existence of aliens"

"Are there?"
"There are here. An alien"

"Taking over the world is simple!"

Woah woah

Comic 2
Alien 3
"It's a joke a joke, we're talking about how earthlings and aliens are the same thing"
Beat beat

"Or is it something else? Do I look like an alien?"
Don't be absurd

"I have deceived you human, Raawr"

Woah woah
"I said it's a joke"
File: img_046.jpg (227KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227KB, 1500x2154px
Comic 1
Alien 4

"So, what do you think of aliens Kuga-senpai?"
"Huh? What's this all of a sudden?"

"Well I thought senpai is afraid of that sort of thing"
"You purposely came to the fine arts room to ask that?"

"I'm not particularly afraid of aliens. Even if there were, they don't seem to be a real harm"

"One thing or another, we won't be invaded, so at best those guys'll probably make a crop circle in a mountain pass"
"Don't underestimate aliens"

Comic 2
Alien 5

"But those guys will come from UFOs to beam their lights down like 'bam bam' and abduct you"
"They're both calling aliens 'those guys' "

"What'll they do when we're abducted?"

"Well they'll perform human experiments... and, umm... erase our memories and return us to our former lives"

"So they aren't a real harm"
"I guess so"
"Is it...really?"
File: img_047.jpg (239KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239KB, 1500x2154px
Comic 1
Alien 6

"In general, beams of light descending from UFOs would make a scene, but how'll that happen?"

"It stands out too much"
"Well yeah"

"Do they want to be stealthy, do they want to be noticed, which is it?"
"Who knows?"

"They may be shy, but do they want to give the feel of being noticed, even though they're aliens? Aren't they idiots?"
"Idiots are suddenly being called idiots"

Comic 2
Alien 7

"So in other words, if you put it all together they're aliens"

"They make crop circles, are shy, are people who want attention, and are idiots"

"But their power of science which lets them easily come to Earth!"

"Is there such a thing!"
"Umm... okay"
File: img_048.jpg (253KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
Plaster figure

"Ah! The Brutus!"

"It's about time to give up on the Brutus right?"
"Is that really the problem?"

Comic 2
Plaster figure 2

"Oh but if we put it back together it can work"
"Wha? Kamiya-san. you can fix this?"

"It may not go back to normal, but I'll try"

"It didn't go back..."
"Actually, if that's the skill, it could have gone back to normal..."
File: img_049.jpg (238KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 1500x2154px
Plastic bottle

"When I drink plastic bottled beverages down the middle"

"It's difficult when you hit the ceiling and drink it from the end. Like this"
It hits here

"Well, carn't be helped when you're in a car, get it?" [TN: Intentional for the pun]


"When I said 'carn't' it was the 'car' part. Hahahahaha"

"Oh umm, you use a plastic bottle in a car, you unwrap it when you need something to hit...."
"...and that heart?"

"A post to chisel (Hard to drink)"
File: img_050.jpg (236KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1

"Asou-san, you're pretty good"

"But what're you doing? Is there a name?"

"Broom balancing?"

"Tsukommi practice!!"
"What're you doing!"
"Seems hard to balance"

Comic 2
Balance 2

"Oh Asou-san, what're you doing? I'll do it too!"
File: img_051.jpg (110KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110KB, 1500x2154px
Forgot the ellipsis in comic 1 panel 4. It should be 'Wh...why!"
File: img_052.jpg (191KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Razorback clam
I have still not eaten one

Sea cow
If I make it easier to understand, its [part of] the shellfish group which doesn't have a shell. Otherwise, even if there was a shell, it's small and buried inside the body. It's too bad there are many unknown varieties of feeding habits and breeding is difficult

Sea hare
If I make it easier to understand, its [part of] the shellfish group which doesn't have a shell. Strictlly speaking the sheet shell is hidden in the back. If you poke it, purple juice comes out. It's called 'amefurashi' in kanji. Depending on the region it's called a sea cow. In Chinese it's called a 'sea hare'. In English it's a sea hare.

Sea noodles (Umisoumen)
The eggs of the sea hair. It is not edible. Actually it tastes bad and has poison. Sea noodles made for eating is a seaweed (umizoumen) and is a completely different thing.

On a different tack, should I slow down to let the typesetting catch up? Or keep going
It's up to you. I'm waiting on someone to clean the rest of volume 9 raws (though I could potentially do it myself). I could start on volume 10 I guess. If you want to power through and finish the volume you can, and I'll just have a larger backlog. If you want to stop, that's also fine. I doubt I'll catch up to where you are this week anyway.
I'll see what I can do. How's the typesetting going so far?
for where I'm up to. Basically just waiting to finish those chapters so I can release them.
File: img_053.jpg (301KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301KB, 1500x2154px


"It's the summer! The sea!"

"The waves are strong and we can't swim"
"Uuugh... the wind's also string... sand got in my eyes..."

"That's for looking into the sea you know"
"Sand was going into my eyes"
File: img_054.jpg (226KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
Common Orient Clam

"Sensei, the seashore over there is calm"

"But there are rocks all over and it seems hard to swim..."
"But there are lots of living creatures. Look, an orient clam"

"Huh? What'll you do with that, eat it?"
"No way I won't do that"

"I'm gonna try to throw it and see how many times it'll skip on the surface"
"That was more trivial than I thought"

Comic 2
Manybar goldfish [TN: Also called Ojisan]

"Out in front there seem to be ojisan"
"Huh...? Well it seems like it's for ojisan"

"Kurihara-san seem to have caught their children"
"Huh? What's she doing?"

"Well, she seems to have let them go back to the sea"
"Huh!? They're okay!!"

A type of fish from the Perciformes order and Mulidae family. The origin of the name is the beard on the face
File: img_055.jpg (254KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254KB, 1500x2154px

There are holes open in on the surface of the ground



"There we go"
"She took something out!?"

"They're called razorback clams. If you put salt on them they come out of their holes"

"Okay, let's set the well curb by the caught razorback clam and play with it"
"Even there they're doing trivial things...."
Being Ooba is suffering.
Kate a cute.
All girls best girl.

That is all.
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Sea cow
"Are there any sea cows?"
"Sea cows?"

"Sea cows"

"Sora, we say they're sea cows but they're not cows"
Huh? Then what are they?

"Huh? ....umm, hey... huh?"
"It's hard to explain..."

"Kurihara-senpai, what is a sea cow?"
"Saying it simply, they're part of a group of shellfish that don't have a shell"

"Their antennae are like cow horns, so they're called sea cows"

"According to the region, they stand out like cat ears, so they're called sea cats I hear"
Sea cats!?

"Huh? The sea cat is a bird's name..." [TN: Another name for the black-tailed gull, which cries 'Nyaaa' hence the name]
"Naming overlap in the animal kingdom is an everyday occurrence, so don't worry about that "
File: img_057.jpg (259KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
Sea hare

"There's a strange thing here, what is it?"
"Huh? what is it what is it?"

"Wagh what is this!? A sea cow!?"

"No this is a sea hare!"
"A sea hare? It's not a sea cow?"

"Thought by region it's also called a sea cow... but a sea cow is a little different, in terms of taxonomy as well it's difficult..."
"Another unclear answer..."

Comic 2
Sea hare 2

This is a cow...?
"A sea hare, a sea hare"

"If you write it in kanji, it's 'rain tiger' so it wouldn't be a cow but I tiger I guess?" [TN: In Japanese it's 雨虎 (amefurashi)]

"But in Chinese it's 'sea hare', so it can also be a rabbit?" [TN: Chinese is the same naming as English]

If I think of it that way, it's a little cute
"Yup, sea hares are cute indeed"
"Are they.... I wonder..."
Kate is slightly more best
File: img_058.jpg (221KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
Sea noodles

"What is this yellow thing?"
"Oh sea noodles!"

"Sea noodles?"
"The eggs of sea hares"

You call it sea noodles, but it's like mont blanc. Sea mont blanc
"I guess so, since it's yellow"

Even though it's the sea, it's mont blanc (a mountain). This is interesting.

Comic 2
Sea noodles 2

"But mont blanc means white mountain in French doesn't it"
What's this

Sea noodles aren't white, so I want to call them Sea mont blanc... on the other hand, even though it's white if that's the case, it's all the more sea noodles


Then how about Sea hiyashi chuuka
"Even if you say 'then'..."
Ooba is cute
Kate is cute
all girls is cute

this is objective fact
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Comic 1
Sea noodles 3

"By the way, can you eat sea noodles?"
"No you can't. Normally"

"Huh? Sea noodles aren't edible?"
"Oh, those sea noodles"

"The sea noodles that are edible are seaweed sea noodles. You can't eat the sea noodles which are eggs of sea hares."

"Though they have the same name..."
"Don't mind the overlap of names in the animal kingdom"

Comic 2

"Kajiwara-san, you wanna try looking? The middle of the sea is interesting"

"I feel as if I became a god looking down on the lower world'
File: img_060.jpg (250KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250KB, 1500x2154px
As a note, you can replace them with English names if you want

Comic 1
~ of the sea

"When you say cow of the sea, it's sea cow. When you say it's the pig of the sea, sea pig" [TN: Dolphin in English]

"When you sea horse of the sea, it's 'tatsunootoshigo' in Japanese but it's seahorse in English"

"Oh! There it is!"


Comic 2
~ of the sea 2

"When you say moon of the sea, sea moon" [TN: Jellyfish in English]
"When you say star of the sea, sea star"

"Then the sun of the sea?"
"Sea urchin?"

"That's the nut of the sea"
"Then this ojisan?"
"Ojisan? Why!?"

[TN: The pronunciation is 'Ou ji san']
"That's impossible!"
I'll be back. I just need to do something quickly.
that's cool, take your time.
Slept longer than intended. Here's QC stuff.

Chapter 124

Page 66

Strip 1

The TN isn't here. [TN: Play on similarity pronunciation of みずかげろう (mizu kagerou) and 水掛け論 (mizu kakeron)]

Page 67

Question for TL. What did the line "A not very great limit." mean in the second panel?

"Even if it's a little" >"Even if it's just barely"

Strip 2

"The expiration date on this Ichimi has passed."

The third panel sounds a bit awkward. "So even though it was new, I refilled it" seems like a non-sequitur. Can you clear this up for me please?

"So how long will this be good for?"

Page 68

Strip 1

The first box is missing it's text. "Pet shop"

Page 69

Strip 1

TL, is "Some million yen" supposed to be "One million yen?"

possesses -> possessed

I think "Telescope Eye" should be left in Japanese. It flows better with the joke of the strip.

"No, no, it's not a goldfish..."

Page 71

Strip 1

Commas after the "Oh"s in the first and second panel.

The exchange in the third panel is a murky.

"It was 20% off in the beginning. I was going to buy, but before I did, it became half off.

"So when you heard that, you came back to exchange them, huh?

Page 72

Strip 1

"But where did he hear such a pronunciation?

Strip 2

"The toothpick, just when one is lost on the road, at an intersection."

"The toothpick and us, who're lost in the middle of an intersection..."
>The first box is missing it's text. "Pet shop"

I feel bad about missing that first time around. How did I leave a box just blank...
Another thing. The translator said to replace "Powah!" with "Pawah!" on page 72.
File: img_061.jpg (206KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 1500x2154px
Back for a little


Ant-like bee

"Oh, it's an ant-like bee"
"An ant-like bee?"

"What's that, a form of thanks?"
"That's something different"

"It's just a weird ant"
"That's why it's am 'ant-like' bee"
right yeah.
I have to sleep now. If you and the TL both read through the typeset chapters, I'll fix stuff when I wake up and then release the two.
File: img_062.jpg (230KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230KB, 1500x2154px
Comic 1
Cut out board

"Oh, it's that thing where you put your face in the hole and take a picture!"
"It really is!"

"Hey Tsukki, take mine take mine"
"Okay that's fine"

"Is it really okay?:
"It is!"

Comic 2
Cut out board 2

"Next is my turn"


"Is that okay?"
"It is"
File: img_063.jpg (285KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285KB, 1500x2154px
Comic 1

"An unusual melody from the fine arts room!?"

"No Kate, if you're gonna say that it's an enchanting melody isn't it?"

"A....an enchanting melody!!"
"No sorry, this is an unusual one"

Comic 2

"Good afternoon"

"It's Natsumi, Hazuki, and the our vocalist Kate"

Let me explain
Kate, Kei, Takane, and Sora have formed a band called 'The 'as soon as we're done' go homers'! They also have no considerable goal!

"I'll ask again, but this is a fine arts club right?"
"It is... probably! For convenience! I am part of the go home club though!!"
Chapter 125

Page 77

Strip 1

Comma after "Oh" in third panel.

Strip 2

Comma after "Ohh" in the second panel.

Page 78

Strip 1

"Lepidoptera, and the..."

Remove "If" in the 4th panel.

Page 79

Strip 1

Typo in second panel "Ther" -> "There"

Page 80

Strip 1

"For some reason, doesn't that expression have a bad connotation...?"

Pages 82

"-butterfly" was "[~ butterfly]" in the transalation. I think the latter better conveys the idea of adding "butterfly" to the end of the name.


Summary of translator questions.

Page 67

Strip 1

"A not very great limit" sounds strange. What does he mean here?

Strip 2

"I exhausted the contents, so even though it was new, I refilled it." The second half of this sentence lacks a clear subject.

Page 69

Strip 1

Is "some million yen" supposed to be "one million yen?"

Strip 2

I think it would be better for the joke to leave "Telescope Eye" in Japanese. What is the Japanese name?
I'll look at them
File: img_064.jpg (234KB, 1500x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234KB, 1500x2154px
Comic 1

"Are you practicing for the band? I heard unusual music awhile ago"

"Unusual huh, Kate.... you could have said that wrapped in oblaat" [TN: Expression for 'more discretely']

"A~n unu~sua~l so~und~"

Comic 2
Member addition

"A band huh, seems interesting"
"Oh Natsumi, you're gonna join?"

"Ok ok! We'll join!"
"Hm? ...huh? I got dragged as well...?"

"Okay, for you Natsumi, we'll have you use the metronome"

"....how do I practice with this? How to hold it?"
"No, that was a joke"
Isn't the first strip missing it's last line?
Strip 1
My bad it's a mistranslation. He means 'Unless it's not very good'

Strip 2
He's talking about the Ichimi

Strip 1
It's not specifically one but they specifically says several million. You can rearrange it to better English though

Strip 2
The English word is actually Telescope Eye. In Japanese it would be Demakin.

Oh my bad. Kei says "That's a vibrato"
File: img_065.jpg (252KB, 1494x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252KB, 1494x2154px

"Natsumi, is there any instrument you wanna play?"
"Huh? What....when you tell me, umm..."

"Then what kind of instrument do you like?"
"I'd like a pipe organ I guess"

"Ohh a pipe organ, how nice"
"As expected I can't prepare for that"

"Okay, then as a substitute, you can use this zampoña"
"A zampoña!?"

"There certainly are a lot of pipes"
"Moreover, I think that instrument suits you Natsumi"

"Huh? Why?"

"That zampoña is a bass zampoña. They call it a zampoña toyo" [TN: In Hakata dialect, it literally says 'this is called a zampoña]

File: img_066.jpg (238KB, 1494x2154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 1494x2154px
Comic 1

"Then what'll you play Hazuki?"
"Huh? I... am fine with a recorder or a guitar..."

"Oh a guitar's nice. Now we have a few instruments that are specialized in Japanese and accompaniment..."

"Then use this guitar"
"Oh... thanks"
"I think I should be glad that it's a normal instrument..."

"Sorry, it's somewhat normal"
"Oh that's something to apologize for..."

Comic 2
Sheet music

"So, what're we doing for music?"
"Oh oh, for music...."

"Here we go! I made some, how is it?"

"Ohh, Kei, you can write scores"
"I made it on DTM and just output it though"

"But I can't read scores"
"Oh I can't read them either"
"Me neither. If there's a sound generator , let's listen to it and copy them by ear"
Thanks for more translations.
Ok. New revisions are as follows.

Page 67

Strip 1

"Even if you're bad, you can eat it anyways"

"Unless it's not very good."

Page 69

Strip 1

"...so the expensive ones can be worth millions of yen"

Strip 2

Telescope Eye -> Demakin

The second strip of page 67 still needs work. The subject of the line wavers too much, so I can't come to a clear understanding of it.

I exhausted the contents, (of the old bottle)
so even though it was new, (the Ichimi he bought)
I refilled it." (the old bottle)

This version means that he bought a new bottle, but for some reason went through the trouble of pouring the new bottle's contents into the old bottle. Is this right, or am I still missing something? If the former, then I'll just rephrase the line a bit.
If it has to be specific, let me rephrase that:
I exhausted the contents [of this bottle] at once even though it was new [ie. I just bought it], so I filled [this bottle] up [with another matter]
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Sheet music 2

"It can't be helped, I'll record it and pass it around another day"
"Okay, please do"

"Oh you even composed it up to the lyrics"

"Yeah yeah I did my best and thought up of English lyrics. How is it?"

"Oh it's good it's good. Kate's doing the vocals so isn't it fine?"

"Okay then. I'll pass the score along to Kate"
"Oh! Thank you!"

"Um... but I'm sorry, can you read it out for me?"

"Oh sorry sorry. Umm.. Ahh cat has nine lives..."
"Huh!? Nonono, not the English but the musical scale right!? Whaaaaa!?"
>[with another matter]
That's the part I needed. The rest of my confusion was just grammar, but without that information, the connotation of "refill" just makes his action look redundant.

"I finished the original contents off quickly, so I refilled it. It's fine."
Is this good for you?
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Comic 1
"We call the substances that cause allergies allergens"

"If you turn it into kanji, it's like this"
[TN: The kanji on the board board means 'cause of ruin' but reads 'arerugen']
"That's probably wrong"

"It's this isn't it?"
[TN: Now it reads 'field of ruin']
"That's also probably wrong"

"No no it's like this"
[TN: Now it reads 'Appearing like an evil ghost']
"That is the only one that's definitely wrong"

Comic 2
10 bundles for 1

"10 bundles for 1, it's better not to differentiate various things but make them into one"

"Something this diverse world can't simply delineate. something it should first want to shift its attention to individually"

"Those are zipper bags"

"Zipper one karaage" [TN: Same Japanese pronunciation as expression (jyupaahitokaraage)]

I'm done for the night. I'll continue if the thread's still up. Otherwise, maybe editor-anon, typesetter-anon, and I can organize some specific time for me to create threads so that we can report progress on a regular basis. Would that be okay?

That's good. Thanks anon
thanks bro
I'll keep the thread alive until the TS wakes up and then that kind of thing can be decided on. With how much I'm on /a/, and how long these threads stay alive, there's practically no way I'll miss one, so it's up for the two of you to decide.
Same here honestly. I'm monitoring these threads for at least 12-18 hours a day whenever I'm awake depending on my workload. So I guess we're just waiting for TS's answer then
Thanks anon
The furigana in the sketchbooks trigger my autismo.
I'm awake then, lets see what we've got.
Alright, these seem all good.

Chapter 124

Chapter 125

Do you want to give them one last look, or should I sling them on batoto now?
oh and yes, I did this one too. I didn't miss it.

For me, it would be helpful to have a specific day I should look out for threads on. Specific times aren't really important, but this one did start just after I went to sleep on Friday.
I like to double check to make first. I think the chapters on uploaded on Batoto last time weren't the final versions, so I want to make sure this time. Please give me a few minutes.
*make sure first

A QC'er making a typo can't be good.
Because we started at v0 this week, I believe we will succeed in not having a v3. Very few changes.

Chapter 124

Strip 1

Missing the other comma after "Oh" in the first panel.

I missed an error in the 4th panel. Change "what would you do" to "what will you do" here.
both on page 71 right? Alright, if that's that I'll upload them now.
Ah, yes. Sorry about that. Also, since the decision about when to have threads was basically left up to you, what is your preference on the matter?
I'm most free to work on things over the weekends anyway, so next Friday/Saturday is good with me. Probably a couple of hours earlier than it was started this week if possible because then I can check in and post what I've managed to get done over the week before I go to sleep.
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