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>main character is over powered as hell >enemy is only

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>main character is over powered as hell
>enemy is only a threat because MC is holding back and threatens to kill MC and his friends
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Why does the market hate well-rounded protagonists? It's always some overpowered sententious tool from some shitty LN that every character worships, or some generic jackass from some shitty harem manga.

It's not like Japan can't write a balanced protagonist either.
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Would Kenshin fall under that category? While he does hold himself back he more than capable of taking out any with the reversed blade.
Because Japs have to self-insert and a weak protag reminds them of themselves.
But the the main problem is the exact opposite, where the protagonist isn't weak, but is just stupidly strong.
this medium is for losers, honestly
The mummy required Kenshin and the cop to double team him and they could still only manage to hold on to a draw until his time limit was up and he died from his blood overheating.
Yes. He would literally win every fight he had with ease if he was using a proper blade.
Japs propably won't eagerly buy something that isn't pandering to their faggotness.
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The problem is that we get four dozen shows a season and the vast majority of male protagonists exist at either end of the spectrum.

There is the basic assumption in fiction that the hero will live to fight another day, right?

So you're obligated to make the fight scenes interesting.

That's why Indiana Jones takes a fucking bruising every time the soundtrack gets brassy, and why every brawl pushes him to his absolute limits before he turns the table.

That's why Golgo 13 spends so much time going over the details of the job, why it's happening, how we got to this point, and him doing the setup for the assassination like some kind of inverse Sherlock Holmes.

Instead they've made your heroes so powerful that it's five minutes of some inane lecturing from the hero to the villain before a fight with barely any real weight to it because nothing really registers as a threat, or the guy is such a juvenile dullard you can't really get invested when the swords are drawn.
or you're just a fucking fedora tipper faggot.
Kenshin had the advantage of making the Master the stupidly OP main character.
He would still have won most fights merely by going for the lethal.
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The new trend is to have time limits placed on the OP protagonist.
Shit's fucking dumb, what's so bad about having a character apply himself and naturally progress from zero to hero?
People love the underdog story.
But nah, it's just a guy so strong that the only way to make any fight interesting is to make his super special technique have stupid special limitations.
It's fucking annoying when you know the MC could take on this smug faggot easily but then you have to suffer through another spineless routine because he "can't use his full power".
Goddamn, don't these writers know that if they make the protagonist so strong from the beginning that they're forced to put chains around them to make their action scenes carry some kind of suspense then they're doing wrong?
Go back to reddit faggot
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