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Toriko 349

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The plot thickens. I was afraid that the author would rush the ending a few months ago but I like the current pace.

Who's that 3rd demon sitting with Toriko's red and blue demons?
Acacia's? Has the ponytail
Chiyo seeing her son's soul was really touching.
>son's soul can't even remember her and only remembers his memories about food
Toriko has always been weirdly paced. Remember at the end of the Human World arc when Toriko set off to rescue Komatsu, then immediately cut to two years later when Toriko and Komatsu had been living together inside a giant tree in the gourmet world?

I get the feeling that Shima thinks his audience are idiots with ADHD. He's afraid they won't sit through a slow arc about souls and cooking unless they know something epic happening in the background.
So are you gonna dump the chapter or what?
uh, no, the thread was just to discuss the chapter. Do people usually dump chapters in Toriko threads?
I knew, the table had 3 seats the first time we saw the blue oni.
yes, it creates more discussion.
>uh, no, the thread was just to discuss the chapter
You newfags disgust me.
then feel free to do it, I'm going to bed
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Ok sure, why not.
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Don Slime is still the best, news at 11.
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This chapter reminded me of my drug usages.

Its very well done scene.
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>Moon King's stomach is the otherworld

Well, then.
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Why are these two so gay?
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If anyone wants it, I'll dump 348 too, since nobody posted a thread for it last week.
Might as well go for it. Thank you.
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Ok then.
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Anyone know any good recipes for granite?
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Who is the winged demon together with Toriko's two demons? For some reason we aren't shown his face, does Toriko have third powerup?Or maybe it is Star(since Toriko is travelling with him)?
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>Get to the last page
>Captcha becomes and cycles through some unreadable garbage

Love you too.
Thanks, anon.
Glad Shima ended up not ditching this arc, it's pretty neat.
Shame he won't stay demon-mode for whole arc.

And now this is just bullshit. Komatsu being Gourmet Jesus so hard that mystical ingredients just go to him to get 120% cooked

I kinda assumed Komatsus demon.

So the "restaurant" Torikos demons chill at is an actual place and is actually filled with demons. And it even seems to be a metaphor for Earth.

Well, fuck that I just want Komatsu x Kaka x Forese cooking triangle. Maybe with a little Gourmet Demon Komatsu flavour.
Starjun's demon has darker skin, doesn't he? It could just be some random demon Red and Blue knew long ago.
I bet News is actually a specific tree on the Sky Deer's back.
>Spend decades or centuries getting gud at cooking
>Spend virtual years in Blue Grill to perfect your cooking technique and obtain unbreakable utensils
>Mentally prepare yourself for the soul world's insane cooking requirements
>The moment you enter, you start to forget everything except your growing hunger
>Space out and just stare at the afterlife stars while your friends run around like madmen panicking

Someone really didn't think this through.
>420 eat it
I feel bad for the guy that gets the flatworm demon as his cell devil. That thing just looks goofy.
Well Tommyrod's demon is still there at least.
This guy just hanging around in various scenes will always be great.
Toriko has always been shit-eating insane, but it's even more insane these past few months I think.
Remember when Toriko was good and not so ridiculous and rushed? Good times.
thats pretty cool
Atom better be absolutely insane to top shit like this.
Thread posts: 66
Thread images: 39

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